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Indica fans know when they have a good thing, and they will find it in Nicole Kush. Although the strain requires a little extra effort to grow, cultivators get rewarded handsomely with large yields and sticky buds. Those buds hold a hefty 22% THC content within them that impart a myriad of positive vibes and relaxing sensations sure to be enjoyed by even the most seasoned cannabis smoker. The rich terpene quantity reveals a delicious sweet berry flavor and light earthen aroma that will make a fan out of you, as it did with us. Coming as a feminized seed removes any worry of growing unwanted male plants that can ruin your harvest so you can focus on doing what’s needed, taking care of your Nicole Kush plants. With Weed Seeds, you can trust that you are ordering the finest quality genetics available. Your seed will turn from one small kernel to a bright blooming plant loaded with buds ripe for curing that will keep your stash box loaded for months to come.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield450-600g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsCramps, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, PMS, Stress
EffectsCalming, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsDiesel, Earthy, Musk, Pungent, Sweet
Terpenesb-Ocimene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Nerol

Nicole Kush Seeds For Sale USA

At first glance, the name Nicole Kush may generate thoughts of someone famous. The name has French and Greek origins and means people of victory. Rumor has it that this strain was named after the original cultivator’s girlfriend. Perhaps it was in an attempt to appease wrongdoing or was a gesture of admiration. It is more likely that her genetics played a role in her moniker and the name was derived from one of her parents. While she sounds pretty, in reality, the name is not as important as the strain and how it makes you feel.

Nicole Kush, or NK for short, is the love child of the legendary Kosher Kush and Nicole Indica strains. Both of these award-winning strains have a loyal following. Kosher Kush holds the prestigious title of Best Indica Strain at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup, Best Indica, and Best Overall Strain at the following year’s competition. Nicole Indica was awarded Best Overall Strain at the 420 Growers Cup of 2015.

The traits inherited from both of its parents has made Nicole Kush one of the most flavorful and powerful cannabis strains out there. The first puff lays the groundwork for what smokers know is the imminent arrival of something special and the strain shows up when it’s called upon. An intoxicating but pleasurable sensation of release arises, followed quickly by happiness and the abandonment of worry. Some may think the flavor has a lot to do with the immediate sensations of the strain and they would not be wrong. Your taste buds are in for a treat with a sweet berry-like zing laced with an earthy dankness that will hearken memories of handmade Afghan hashish. Breathing it deeply through the nose delivers a fresh burst of floral and earth that awakens the olfactory senses and widens the eyes. Those eyes will not stay wide for long though, as the strain’s effects begin to fully kick in and smokers may want to close their eyes and ponder random thoughts. The potent 23% THC level relaxes the body and soul making that random thought pondering easy to do. This herb is best enjoyed from a sitting position on the couch, otherwise, you may just have to submit to gravity and lie down for a quick power nap.

Nicole Kush Fem seeds are readily available at Weed Seeds in feminized form, guaranteeing that your plants will grow into females that produce healthy harvests. Smelling as good as she is pretty when growing, our Nicole Kush seeds will produce rich, heavy harvests that average one pound or slightly more. She does not grow very tall and is generally under 4 feet in height which makes her very well suited for confined indoor spaces. The stout stature also lends well to guerilla-grows when outdoor cultivators do not want their crop attracting any attention. When all is said and done, our Nicole Kush strain offers exceptional yields while being relatively easy to cultivate either outdoors or inside. Check out the Weed Seeds online catalog today to order your very own Nicole Kush feminized seeds.

What Makes Feminized Nicole Kush Strain Popular?

Nicole OG Kush is an indica dominant hybrid blend known for its ability to offer an invigorating and uplifting high that’s strong, but not overpowering. It’s particularly known for its ability to provide complete and utter relaxation on the body, brain and the mind. Just a bit of this flower will have you feeling like you’re floating on the clouds and time is standing still. The high is long lasting and one of the most calming weeds you can find, and makes it very easy to get some rest at the end of the night. Smokers also love Nicole Kush because it’s a much more potent strain, and you can usually find a bud of this weed testing at about 23%, with some samples testing up to 25%. It was first bred by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam, the hometown of many internationally recognized strains that first got popular by passing through the doors of the many Dutch coffee shops lining the streets. The flavors of this strain are just as impressive, combining a mild spiciness with an abundance of fruit and a strong diesel quality as well. These feminized seeds will make it exceptionally easy to grow these plants, as it completely eliminates the need to separate males from females, and thus the yield of this variety will be much more generous than others without this trait. This strain can be enjoyed any time but may be best smoked later in the evening.

OG Nicole Feminized Medicinal Uses

It’s often said that sometimes the non-medicinal properties of cannabis can provide healing effects on their own. Through combinations of herbal aromas or flavors, they can provide a calming experience on the mind simply by chemically interacting with your brain. Some plants you’ve heard of that actually do this are lavender, mint or eucalyptus, and this is much the same with cannabis. When you encounter the earthy and enticing aromas offered by Nicole Kush, it will give you a preliminary feeling of relaxation before you even have a taste of it. Since this is a rather high THC strain, the psychoactive effects of this weed are strong, and you’ll feel the most medicinal benefit when it comes to dealing with psychological disorders, but there’s no shortage of aid for physical pain as well. Many medicinal users that have tried OG Nicole have said that it has a strong ability to provoke an appetite. Just a bit of this weed will give you serious munchies, and that’s a big help to those with weak appetites or regular nausea. Nicole Kush has also been said to be a great anti-anxiety strain, with not even large doses provoking any sort of panic or paranoia. It’s also been said to work well for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or insomnia, as this is a very powerful indica strain that will have you feeling sleepy in no time. It may also help with minor pains from problems such as migraines, arthritis or aches and soreness from work or injuries.

Nicole OG Kush Strain Review

Nicole Kush is a delightful strain to work with from start to finish, and with several beneficial traits helping you along the way, is only easy to moderate to grow. One of these traits is the feminization, which will give you only female seeds, but take away the ability to breed your plants. This is less overall labor and generally beneficial unless you want to be breeding. What earns it the moderate difficulty is the photoperiod nature, which requires a bit more extra work and oversight from the grower. Once this plant is harvested, in no later than nine to ten weeks after planting, you can expect a very generous yield. Nicole Kush yields usually range from 450g to 600g per square meter from indoor plants, and up to 500g to 600g per plant from plants grown outdoors, of course depending on how well they are taken care of. The THC content will usually be as high as 23%, with prime examples of this strain reaching as high as 25%. The flavors are broad, and many smokers say they experience something slightly different than the last. Some flavors include diesel, earth, spices, sweetness, and notes of flower and herbs. The buds will usually bear colors of a brighter green with numerous orange pistils, and a unique trait of calyxes taking on a bluer hue when they begin to mature. As with many other strains, cooler colors can be brought out by growing plants in slightly cooler temperatures.

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Weed Seeds is proud to provide these seeds originating all the way from Amsterdam to our American customers. Through several years of cannabis activists, it’s now possible to experience these unique international strains right on home soil. You can order some of these very seeds for your own from Weed Seeds USA and have them come straight to your doorstep, no passport required. To begin the process, all it takes is creating an account. This isn’t a necessary step, but it will allow you to skip a large part of the ordering process next time, and you can choose to have offers on cheap seeds sent straight to your email, so you never miss out on savings. Once you’ve chosen your seeds, choose the quantity you’d like and add them into your cart. This step would be the perfect time to check if your cart qualifies for our free shipping options. You can then proceed to payment, which can be done through several different methods. We can accept Debit, Venmo or Zelle through an option on our payment page to get in contact with a team member. Credit is accepted online through the Mesh platform, as well as cryptocurrency. We offer options for several different cryptocurrencies, and this includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Any information we ask for will never be shared or sold to anyone. After the ordering is done, your seeds will be sent right to your home in discreet and secure packaging.

How to Germinate Nicole Kush Photo Fem Seeds

Germinating Nicoles Kush cannabis seeds couldn’t be made easier through a proven method. It works for nearly any kind of seed, even for regular plants, and we’ve found that this is the best method specifically for our Nicole Kush Photo Fem seeds. This method is the paper towel method, and it requires you to get only a few things from around your house and have a few days of patience. To prepare, get some water, whether distilled, purified or tap water, some paper towel and a surface such as a dinner plate. Step one requires you only to dampen some paper towel and stick it onto your plate. Get your seeds, break that package open and place them onto your paper towel. You can use tweezers here to prevent damage being done to any of your seeds. If you’d also like to add some fish emulsion or rooting solution to your seeds to help them sprout, you can do that at this step as well. Once this is done, dampen another piece of paper towel and place it on top of your seeds. You can then cover this with something like another upside down dinner plate, then store it somewhere that will stay dark and warm. This can be a pantry, cupboard or drawer, as long as it stays at a neutral temperature and humidity. Check on your seeds over the next one to five days, and when you see roots beginning to sprout, you may take them out of germination and plant them into your growing medium.

Is OG Nicole Strain Easy To Grow?

Nicole Kush is relatively easy to grow, which means that novice growers may take a shot with these seeds and will likely achieve generous success. Several qualities of this strain will help growers along the way. The feminization of these seeds is best for growers looking for a large amount of product from their plants. This strain is photoperiod, which will require its grower to suddenly reduce lighting hours at a certain age to mimic the changing of the seasons. This is what will begin the plant’s flowering phase, which is where it begins growing all of the THC filled buds soon to be dried and cured into Nicole Kush weed. This strain follows the indica growth pattern of lower and wider vegetative growth and will best utilize the Sea of Green method of growth. To do this, you should grow your plants closer together from the beginning. As they grow through the vegetative phase, train their branches into each other to form one large canopy of vegetation. This will make the best use of not only the nutrients and light you are giving your plants, but also the space they have to grow as many buds as possible and produce the maximum yield. The conditions best for these plants are a temperature of around 70° to 80° Fahrenheit, with a relative humidity of 40% to 50%, which should then be lowered to 30% in increments once the flowering stage has begun.

Nicole Kush Seed Bank

One of the greatest benefits of the modern cannabis industry is the ability to acquire seeds from all over the world. With this strain coming all the way from Europe, it would’ve never been possible for Americans to get their hands on it without the help of professional breeders spreading the good word about the benefits of cannabis. One of the most unique parts of this strain are its flavors. If you’ve found a strain that offers a certain flavor profile you enjoy most, you can search through all of our 500+ seeds based on flavors, which we provide filters for in our seed search. There are many other categories we provide, like for autoflowering or photoperiod seeds, which will partly determine just how much attention the grower needs to pay to their plants for them to begin flowering. We also carry seeds that are specifically higher in THC and CBD, which are both also sorted under their respective categories. Feminized seeds will eliminate all male seeds from your order, which can be great for reducing labor and maximizing yield but disallows breeding of any kind to occur without male plants. Seeds containing males can be found under the regular seeds category, and will give growers the opportunity to begin breeding their own cannabis and mixing any strains they like together to get the perfect combination. Some other categories include 710 seeds or 420 seeds, growing difficulties ranging from beginner to intermediate or advanced, fast flowering seeds, or seeds based on growing environment, such as indoors, outdoors or in grow tents.

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The seeds we provide to our customers are of the highest quality, and this is assured by doing our business with American growers and breeders. By sourcing our seeds only from America, this allows us not only to make sure that our products are being produced legally and ethically, but also that we’re supporting the same people that support us. When you spend American dollars with Weed Seeds USA, they go straight back to the country that we all love, because we believe that’s what benefits us the most. Our seeds are of such high quality that we can be sure they will always sprout when being germinated, which is why we offer our germination guarantee. If you’re browsing our website or creating an order and you come across a problem, or you come up with a suggestion that can help us improve the website or your experience, please get in contact with our customer support team. Our trained team can provide the answers to any questions you might have and take all constructive feedback on your experience with us. To get in contact with our team, simply call one of our members at 1 (844) 807-1234, any time between 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. If you’d like to send us an email itself, you can do so at Create A Support Request. If neither of these options work for you, we also offer a callback option so you can choose a time that works best.

How to Grow Nicole Kush Photoperiod Female Marijuana

Experienced cannabis cultivators will find Nicole Kush rather easy to grow, however, newbies may find their skills tested when they attempt to cultivate this strain. Do not let that deter you from attempting though, after all, the best way to develop gardening skills is to increase the challenge. Starting with the strains’ temperature requirements, NK prefers a comfortable 70-80°F with little fluctuation and relative humidity between 40% to 50% that must be decreased below 30% during the flowering cycle. Indoor cultivators will have full control over environmental conditions, but outdoor growers will be at the mercy of mother nature. If you choose to plant them in an alfresco setup, be sure to sow your seeds in sunny, dry climates like California or Arizona. Nicole Kush will grow in more northern climates, but yields will slightly decrease.

Growing like a wild bush, NK needs plenty of lateral room to spread, and the more room it has, the more potential budding sites will occur. It needs regular maintenance which includes weekly trims. The foliage can grow quite bushy and needs to be knocked back consistently but not severely in order to encourage airflow and allow for full light penetration. Soil should be of excellent quality, organic, and fortified with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to provide basic nutrition. Boost nutrition with organic fertilizer throughout the plant’s life, stopping 3 weeks before harvest so any residues have time to flush out and the natural flavors and aromas of the strain will not be interfered with. Doing everything right will earn indoor cultivators yields up to 500 grams and outdoor cultivators can reap as much as 600 grams come harvest time.

Nicole Kush Photo Fem Strain Seeds Flowering Time

If patience is not your strong suit, then Nicole Kush has your back with a short flowering time of just 8-10 weeks. Despite the challenging nature of the strain’s cultivation, the reward is highly worth the effort put in. Indoor cultivators can score as much as a pound of dank weed and outdoor cultivators can reap up to 600 grams. The flowers produced by the strain burst out from the branches like popcorn exploding from a pot. With bright green with even brighter neon green accents, the buds develop rather fast and quickly and become entangled with fiery orange pistils. As they mature, a frosty coating of crystals blot out the green and will leave curious fingers feeling sticky. Right about this time the resins begin to show themselves around the base of the sugar leaves, taking on the look of dripping syrup. It’s a good thing it only takes 8-10 weeks to finish as the temptation to experience the buds before your eyes increases, but the virtue of patience is required at this stage.

Nicole OG Photoperiod Feminized Marijuana Medical Benefits

Nicole Kush has many proven medical applications. In regard to physical ailments, the strain’s potent THC level can aid in the temporary relief of chronic pain, acute pain, and minor pains like headaches or sore muscles. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat arthritis and fibromyalgia. The analgesic qualities can help to relieve migraines, treat the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, and ease the pain associated with multiple sclerosis. If your headspace needs some help, Nicole Kush possesses anxiolytic properties that can reduce stress, calm anxiety, and provide temporary relief from mild depression. As always though, talk to your doctor before attempting to self-medicate with Nicole Kush or any other cannabis strains. Most cannabis strains have minimal side effects, however, diagnosed medical conditions should always be treated with doctors’ advice and patient safety in mind.

Typical Flavors, Fragrances, and Effects

Nicole Kush sports the tasty terpenes known as Humelene and Pinene resulting in the impressive flavoring of sweet berries that becomes instantly noticeable from the first puff on a joint of rolled-up buds. Those same terpenes gifted the strain with a light earthen aroma that hangs in the air long after the joint has been extinguished. You may just find yourself blurting out, does anyone else smell blue? You will probably get a resounding yes, followed by puzzled looks as to why they are in agreement with the question. The strain’s effects begin quite quickly and clear up any confusion associated with the aromas in the air. Trademarked by its hard-hitting elevated sense of happiness, Nicole Kush gets better as the hours continue to pass. Worries will fade away and will be replaced with an introspective thought process that is best described as a state of wonderful wonderment. Not stopping in the cranium, Nicole Kush makes her way down the body delivering a heavy limbed, lazy feeling that beckons smokers to the couch. Eyelids begin to feel heavy and a sort of meditation like snooze comes on, giving you a chance to find your peace and place in the world. Bring a cool drink with you to fight off cottonmouth and a tasty snack to quell the munchies. These side effects tend to come on strong in short order.

Buy Bulk Nicole Kush Photo Feminized Seeds Online

For-profit cultivators understand better than anyone that producing a reliable, predictable product contributes to a business’s success as much as protecting its bottom line. Buying Nicole Kush seeds in bulk from Weed Seeds will help on both those fronts. Every seed is sourced from a singular batch, meaning the last seed planted will grow exactly the same as the first. When customers count on you, you can count on our seeds to help.

Buying bulk also means you will never unexpectedly run out of seeds. No one likes having to take time out of their busy day to fight traffic and go shopping for seeds that you may not find, or only be able to buy in limited quantities at inflated prices. Weed Seeds wants to see home-based cultivators grow their best weed and craft growing businesses to succeed beyond their expectations. We offer hundreds of strains at bulk pricing, including sativas, hybrids, and indicas. They are available in regular, feminized, and autoflower versions including Nicole Kush feminized seeds.

Thinking about seed breeding or creating your very own hybrid strain? You can do it with bulk seeds. Dozens of generations can be needed to perfect a new hybrid before it can be brought to the public, meaning you will need dozens of individual strain seeds to make that happen. Buying bulk seeds will give you the supply you need to do it in the most cost effective form.

Buy Nicoles Kush Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds

Buying Nicole Kush in bulk saves you big bucks but there are other important savings that happen along the way. More specifically, time. The time wasted by growing inferior quality seeds from multiple batches with unpredictable results. If you grow for profit, Weed Seeds can provide consistent results that you and your customers have come to expect. It’s far cheaper than constantly buying small seed counts which can leave you running short at the worst time. Avoid the hassle and save yourself some bucks by purchasing bulk Nicole Kush seeds.

Nicole OG Photoperiod Fem Seeds For Sale Online

Ordering Nicole Kush seeds from Weed Seeds saves you the disappointment of not finding what you are looking for at the store, or worse, finding lesser quality. We make it easy to have seeds delivered right to your door with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. Check out our massive selection in our online catalog. Once you have ordered, we will immediately prepare your selections in special packaging that protects them from harm and preserves their viability. In just a few days your seeds will arrive ready to grow and you will have saved yourself time and the needless stress of running out to the store. No one in your neighborhood needs to know your business and we make an effort to protect your privacy. Our packaging is plain, nondescript, and never reveals its contents. Buying cannabis seeds online from Weed Seeds is the smartest way to go.

Similar Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Below are 5 strains with similar genetics that we have hand-picked to grow alongside Nicole Kush. Sharing comparable growth traits and cultivation requirements, these feminized seeds will thrive in similar environments making the cultivation of multiple strains much easier.

Lemon Kush Photo Fem is a crowd favorite and famed for its immense lemon herbal flavor and strong citrus odor when smoked. Although it is considered to be mostly indica, some smokers may be surprised by its sativa-like delivery of creative, focused energy while relaxing every muscle in the body. This strain can be challenging for novice growers but the reward for the risk is one pound yields