Monkey OG Seeds

If you are looking to plant some seriously High THC% Seeds, you have found the right page. Monkey OG is a 26% monster marijuana, guaranteed to be more of a King Kong than a Curious George. This Banana Kush/OG Banana cross is sure to have any grower jumping for joy as the heavy yields of super frosty, banana flavoured buds are enough to make anyone swing from the rafters. Exciting, fragrant, flavourful and intensely satisfying, the psychotropic effects of Monkey OG come on strong, amplifying and clarifying the sounds of your surrounding jungle and boosting the auras of all natural phenomena. Relaxing to all physical and emotional senses, this strain eases consumers through any afternoon, catastrophes become non-existent, and a mental clarity ensues, taking one on a journey through the creative. Talkative, uplifted and ready for rest, consumers can’t help but enjoy the earthy and tropical banana bud grown from these capable capsules from Weed Seeds USA.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Balanced
THC Percentageup to 26%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield400-450g per square meter
Outdoor Yield450g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCalming, Creative, Euphoric, Happiness, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsBanana, Earthy, Tropical
TerpenesLimonene, a-Myrcene, b-Pinene

Monkey OG Seeds For Sale USA

Buy Monkey OG Photo Fem strain seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds for a 26% THC marvel, designed to impress, time and again. Germination is easy and plants grow well indoors or out. In your controlled grow-space, 400-450g/m2 can be achieved in just 8-10 weeks from the flip and 450g per plant can be harvested in ideal outdoor conditions. Buying these seeds is a painless pursuit with Weed Seeds. We pride ourselves on our selection and our professionalism, so you get access to all the seeds you need, and all of your information is guaranteed secure. With Weed Seeds, you are part of the family, so buy Monkey OG Photo Fem seeds online in the USA for your home or commercial grows and grow your own big, beautiful basket of these banana buds.

Monkey Og Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

No matter what type of grow ops you’re into, whether home, commercial, medicinal or recreational, Weed Seeds has the volume you need and these Monkey Og photo fem seeds for sale are right up there with some of the most powerful in the land. Boasting up to 26% THC, this indica-heavy Banana Kush/Banana OG hybrid is one of the greats. Access your secure Weed Seeds account from anywhere in the USA and enjoy multiple payment options, speedy shipping and the pinnacle of client care. We want the best for cannabis in this country because it is intrinsically capable of helping and healing weary masses. Call or click with Weed Seeds USA and get your garden ready because this mad monkey is ready to grow upon arrival.

Growing Monkey OG From Seed

Growing Monkey OG from seed is a fantastic experience, filled with all the wonder that a supercharged OG strain provides. This plant exhibits trademark indica structure and branching, is well-suited to a Sea of Green (SOG) in either soil or hydro and can yield monster harvests of high-grade, super frosty buds. These seeds have a high germination rate, sprout a female nearly one hundred percent of the time and flowering plants thrive in dry Mediterranean conditions. Pruning for light will be necessary in outdoor gardens and lollipopping your SOG crop will assist with the development of a tightly packed canopy. These plants boast a generous calyx-to-leaf ratio, making them really boom and stack up and, either indoors or out, these monkeys can yield up to 450 grams of sweet and tropical banana flavoured flowers.

Is Monkey OG Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Weed Seeds is here to help all cannabis cultivators to grow from seed and, when you are ready to home grow some top-notch Monkey OG marijuana, we are here to tell you that parenting this precious primate is easy to manage at home. We recommend employing Sea of Green for this one. Packing plants close together for a quick vegging cycle and an early flip means wise use of space, a faster rotation and this equates to more buds, more often. Outdoor gardens will need their cannabis started early inside, if you live in cooler climates and, for some, a greenhouse may be necessary. Prune stubborn fan leaves and lower branches away but be sure not to deplete the plants of their much needed photosynthesizing surfaces. Provide ample nutrients and protect from rain and wind. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, buy Monkey OG Photoperiod Feminized online from Weed Seeds USA and go to town!

What Makes Feminized Monkey OG Strain Popular?

Talk about a popular pot! If you want to find out for yourself, we have the seeds to make your grow op thrive. People love this strain for its OG effects and its stunning banana flavours and aromas. This Monkey OG strain delivers amazingly beautiful, colorful, dense buds and there is no mistaking the impact. Incredible euphoria, trippy kaleidoscopic dimensions weaving in and out of pure serenity. Not so bad, in the grand scheme of things! Freedom from a number of medicinal conditions is also a sure thing with this Monkey, as patients all over our country enjoy release from stress, cerebral and spinal pressure, anxiety and insomnia. Buy Female Monkey OG online for your garden and see why the cannabis curious all across America believe in the seeds that grow these trees.

Monkey OG Kush Feminized Medicinal Application

Government legislation aside, we all know that cannabis, no matter what the strain, is medicinal to someone, and Monkey OG Kush feminized ticks all the right boxes. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines and general stress are all on Kong’s hit list and cultivation is easy. Being consistently afflicted, day after day, by near nauseating pressure and pain gets old, fast. This strain is able to instantly change one’s scenery and perspective so that the weariness of dealing with harsh physical and psychological realities can be satiated. Smiles and laughter can become common with cannabis, something daily debilitation can all but completely ensnare and remove from one’s life. Weed is a wonder plant and Monkey OG Kush is one of those strains which can’t help but change your world for the better. Talk with your cannabis-informed doctor about what a gorgeous OG strain like this can do for you and take hold of Weed Seeds USA.

Effects of Monkey OG Kush

Monkey OG Kush is inherently calming and euphoric. Happiness, relaxation and creativity come on strong, couch-locking most users and, after the initial psychedelic and uplifting hit wanes, consumers are left sleepy and ready for a good night’s rest.

Fragrances of Monkey Kush

The fragrances of Monkey Kush are exciting, to say the least, and bear little resemblance to your average OG strain. Earthy and tropical, there is fruit in the air with this potent pot. Ripe banana peels and baked tarts, allspice and herbs – this OG strain boasts a rare profile. Buy Female Monkey Kush online from Weed Seeds USA and fill your grow space with the smell of the jungle.

Flavors of OG Monkey

The fragrances of OG Monkey are not where the story ends. Being so earthy, tropical and packed with all the nuanced flavours of the plantain family, this is an exciting mouthful. Be careful with this strain as it tastes so good that you’ll just want to keep puffing, but a deep lungful will bring about a cough and a buzz which can remind tokers of just how strong a strain this OG Monkey really is.

Microview of Monkey OG Pot Plant

In this day and age, we can thank our lucky stars for science and, thanks to the early efforts of early pioneers, like Roger Adams, that we are on track to understanding the many beneficial faces of cannabis. Terpenes and flavonoids are where this plant’s amazing array of fragrances and flavours come from, but there is more to these compounds than we can see on the surface, and this is the stuff which proves helpful to millions. Limonene, a-Myrcene and b-Pinene are among the top terps in this Monkey leaf, benefiting those that suffer with cancer, inflammation, anxiety, convulsions and stress. Take a few puffs or make an edible and not only experience a psychedelic kick, but the antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant compounds will continue to do their thing long after the high wanes.

Buy Monkey Og Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Those who love a good 420 chronic can get excited at the prospect of Monkey Og strain seeds for sale online. Everyone in the USA will someday be allowed to cultivate to their heart’s content and Weed Seeds has a collection designed to keep growers of all shapes and sizes happily cultivating for generations. Cannabis is deeply rooted in our country’s culture and the majority of citizens, over 20%, enjoy smoking weed. If you like growing special treats for your family, friends, patients or are into producing pot commercially for wide distribution, buy Monkey OG Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds and see what makes this capable capsule so darn special.

Monkey Og Photo Fem Bulk Seeds

If you happen to be a professional running a commercial garden and are looking to start a new rotation, Monkey Og photo fem bulk seeds might be your answer. Look no further than Weed Seeds USA for high-quality Monkey seeds designed to grow easily and branch profusely, making them a perfect candidate for your room of mothers. Running a business is an expensive enterprise, with endless demands on your time and energy, and buying wholesale can assist in decreasing the weight of managing grow operations great and small. You can access your account any time and shipping is speedy and nondescript. Weed Seeds USA has the selection and the professional experts necessary for you to stop worrying so much about seeds. Call or click today to let us know how you want your seeds served and they’ll be on their way in no time flat.

Grow Monkey OG Strain Seeds

Home grown ganja can be just as brilliant as any professionally grown strain and Monkey OG is one which can be managed by professionals and home hobbyists alike. Temperatures between 70 and 80F, humidity levels between 40-55%, rich soil and free-flowing air exchange will all contribute to your growing success. For those with limited space, this strain can make a great Sea of Green and, for those who have a wonderful full-sun location outside, these monkeys can become monsters. Grow Monkey OG strain seeds for a powerhouse banana-flavoured flower designed to flatten any comers. Call Weed Seeds or access your account today and dig into this tropical treat.

Monkey OG Seed Bank

For those who like our feature strain, have tried it before or are into something similar but not exactly this little monkey, we have put together a Monkey OG seed bank with a few strains similar in genetics to our feature. These include 710 Seed, great for concentrates and edibles, regular and Fem Seeds, pure indica and Hybrid Seeds. For a bit of a faster harvest, you may like to try OG Kush Fast Fem and, for OG heavy hitters, try True OG Fem and the powerfully potent Fire OG Fem. Consumers all over the country continue to enjoy the mind-blowing and award-winning sativa-dominant monster, 3 Kings OG Fem, and the sweet and tangy Lemon OG Fem is undeniable and makes a great companion for breeding. Weed Seeds has something for every grower, every consumer and any and every breeding idea, so hop on over and buy cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Monkey OG Seeds

Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy Monkey OG Photo Fem for your grow operation and see why this leaf continues to grow as a fan favorite in many corners of our nation. We want to help all cannabis curious consumers to learn how to grow from seed and we wish to support our beloved professionals to provide giant gobs of green to patients and recreationalists all across the country. You can buy Monkey OG Feminized online through your account, by or by calling Call US. We are open Monday to Friday from 9-5 CST and are always happy to hear about how your garden grows. Get in touch today and get this monster monkey marijuana growing as fast as you can say banana!

Monkey OG Seeds For Sale USA

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