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Our feminized Mimosa seeds are some of the queens of flavorful cannabis. Purchasing these seeds from Weed Seeds will give you some of the most tangy and zesty weed you’ll find, with yields and potency that shoot through the roof. The THC levels can be found as high as 30%, giving you an extremely strong smoke that’s marked by a rushing euphoria and a buzzing, invigorating sativa high. Yields are absolutely astounding at anywhere up to 700 grams per square meter if grown indoors, and up to 1700 grams to 2000 grams per plant when being grown outdoors.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 30%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield700g m/2
Outdoor Yield1700-2000g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Happy, Energy
Aromas & FlavorsSweet, Citrus, Orange, Pine
TerpenesAlpha-pinene, Linalool, Alpha Pinene, Limonene, Menthol, Beta Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Alpha Humulene, Terpinolene

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Mimosa pot seeds are some of the highest performing seeds you can find anywhere in North America. These seeds are truly the pinnacle of cannabis genetics, and they can give you huge yields and potency with relatively little effort involved. You only need to properly care for your plants, and by the time of harvest you’ll end up with bags of highly potent and tangy weed. The THC levels are some of the highest you’ll find in dried flower, with levels of up to 24-30%. This concentration of THC will have an extreme effect, and only chronic smokers should consume this weed without a bit of caution. While CBD levels are very low at only about < 1%, this extremely potent weed can still provide a lot of value to medicinal users, particularly in the psychological department. The uplifting effects can help alleviate the feelings of dread that users might feel from ailments such as depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD or anxiety. The yields of just a couple Mimosa seeds can produce more weed than you can deal with, at rates of up to 700g/m2 when they are being grown indoors. If you grow your seeds in a compatible climate, outdoor yields can reach anywhere between 1700-2000g per plant. The high that one might experience from this strain is relatively balanced between sativa and indica tendencies. It begins with a very strong euphoric sensation, but will then come down to a more relaxing and invigorating stone. The effects will last a very long time due to the intense potency of this variety. If you’ve got other strains catching your eye, you can always try the Weed Seeds 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack to get all the best seeds in our catalog at a reduced price.

How to Germinate Mimosa Photo Fem Seeds

When you’ve begun growing cannabis, there’s only one way to ensure that your plants will be able to make it through their first stages of growth. This is germination, and it should be done to every single marijuana seed you purchase. It not only helps your seeds sprout, but can accelerate their growth by giving them an easier time sprouting their roots and leaves, which will use less resources. Planting your cannabis seeds directly into dirt can sometimes cause them to die, as this is a relatively harsh method of doing so. Germinating the seeds will give them the perfect opportunity to start their growth somewhere that will be much easier to manage. To start germinating, you need some paper towel, normal water, and a surface like a dinner plate. First, you need to dampen your paper towel and place it on the plate. Then, get your package of seeds and move the seeds straight from the package onto the paper towel. You can then dampen a couple more pieces of paper towel and place them on top of your seeds. After this, cover your seeds with another object like a plate or bowl. You should have your seeds in such a way that they are in complete darkness, and they can be kept somewhere temperate such as a pantry or cupboard. The whole process of germinating your seeds can take up to two weeks, but they are typically ready to be planted within seven to ten days. During this time, you should check on your seeds every so often to ensure that they are in good shape. If your seeds become dry at all during germination, make sure to spray them with water so that they stay moist.

Growing Memosa From Seed From Seed At Home

Memosa cannabis seeds are not particularly hard to grow, which can make it possible for novice growers. These seeds don’t require any specific conditions or high maintenance, so they will be relatively simple to bring to harvest. The main thing you will want to be diligent about is the potency. Because these are such extremely strong seeds, the better you take care of them, the more THC you will get. This includes feeding them regularly with nutrients and minerals, specifically NPK nutrients, and also providing them with high amounts of light and water. In general, the more love you give your plants, the more love they’ll give back when they are harvested and dried. These seeds will do equally well being grown both indoors and outdoors, although outdoor growing will always provide higher yields. With an already immensely high yield strain, growing outdoors can give you up to two kilograms of product per plant as long as you live in the right climate to do so. If you live in a less friendly climate for Mimosa seeds, you can supplement the growing conditions with some artificial light or heat. You may also choose to grow them in a greenhouse if it proves to be an easier option for you. Should you decide to grow Mimosa cannabis plants indoors, their massive size may cause problems for some growers. You should make sure that you have more than enough space in your grow room to support these plants, as well as enough artificial lighting. These seeds can be grown in regular conditions of around 72 degrees to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. With such large yields, humidity should be lower at around 50% to 60% to stop mold from growing inside of your plants’ buds.

Flowering Time For Memmosa Feminized

Because of the massive yields of this strain, you might expect a long flowering time, but Memmosa weed is quite the opposite. After you’ve begun the flowering period, these plants will finish flowering in a time of only 9-10 weeks, which is about average across all cannabis strains. Of course, because these seeds are photoperiod seeds, the flowering stage won’t come on its own, and there’s a little bit of extra work that will be required to get your plants to harvest. Since photoperiod plants don’t start flowering on their own, you will have to do so by essentially tricking them into thinking the season is ending. This is done by simply adjusting your lighting at a certain point during their growth. You will have to reduce the lighting to about twelve hours per day, which tells your plants that the season is beginning to change, and they must begin flowering. To determine when you should start flowering, the average time of vegetative growth is about four to eight weeks, but it really comes down to whenever you think might be best. If your plants are still lacking in size by the time the flowering period comes, you may want to leave them in vegetative growth for another week or two. This can help massively improve your yields if you feel that your plants could be performing better. After flowering for about two and a half months, they will be ready to be harvested, dried and cured. You can harvest your plants by just chopping them from the bottom of the stem wherever they are growing. They should then be trimmed and hung in a drying room that has good airflow and a moderate temperature. The drying process will take about a week or two altogether, and you can then start curing.

What Makes Mimmosa Strain Popular?

Where many strains are loved for their high potency, great yields or a fantastic flavor, there’s simply no one job that Mimmosa is best at. It’s an astounding performer in every one of these categories, so both growers and smokers that love Mimosa seeds all have their own reasons. Some love this variety because of the flavor, which is arguably one of the most iconic aspects of it. The popular flavors of sweet orange, citrus and earthy pine gives this weed a flavor that can’t be replicated. These flavors are very aromatic, and they’ll become apparent early on in the vegetative growth stage when buds are first beginning to form. If the taste and smell doesn’t impress you, the potency certainly will, as this strain is one of the strongest you can find anywhere. It boasts THC levels of up to 30%, which is reaching near the top of the potencies you can find in dried bud. This can only get better as long as you’re taking good care of your plants, making for a weed that will waste most inexperienced smokers. Luckily, if you’re not that familiar with cannabis, it can still be enjoyed as long as it’s done cautiously. If you’re a cash crop grower, Mimosa seeds can be an amazing choice as they have some of the highest yields you can find on the market. These chronic seeds can produce kilograms of product to only a small handful of seeds, so planting even a few dozen can give you a large enough harvest for the rest of the year. Because these are also female seeds, you will only be growing female plants, which will maximize the potential harvest that you can get from this variety.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Mimosa Photo Fem

The flavors and aromas of Mimosa pot seeds are some of the most magnificent parts of this strain. They’re highly fragrant and will have the entire grow area smelling strongly of orange and lemon as well as pine and earthy herbs. This is because of the terpenes that are produced by this specific variety, many of which can be found all around nature. These terpenes often make an appearance in some of the most popular varieties, and if you’re familiar with the chemistry of marijuana you might have heard of some of them. Likely the most recognizable terpene in the mix is limonene, which is known for its strong and sweet lemon and citrus flavors. This comes as no surprise, because limonene is commonly found inside the peels of many different citrus fruits, as well as inside their trees. Alpha-pinene is another very common terpene, especially among cannabis plants. Alpha pinene will provide a strong woody flavor, although it’s more closely compared to cedar or pine. Terpenes like linalool and myrcene carry more unique flavors that don’t have any specific scent. Some things you’ll find these terpenes in include rosewood, thyme or basil. Other terpenes will possess a scent that serves to better enhance other terpenes, rather than providing a specific flavor of their own. Menthol and alpha humulene both provide scents that can be likened to mint, ginseng or ginger. Beta myrcene and terpinolene provide very earthy scents, as they are found in hops, lemongrass and some fruits. Lastly, beta caryophyllene provides a distinctly spicy flavor. This terpene is commonly found inside black pepper, cloves and oregano oil. While it doesn’t smell much like any one of these things, it adds the value of further enhancing the flavor of the present terpenes.

Effects of Memosa Feminized

The effects that you will feel after only a couple hits of Mimosa weed are potent and perfect for lovers of a strong hybrid – sativa. Because of the incredibly high levels of THC in this strain, the effects will be extremely fast acting and will likely last a very long time. This chronic strain should be used if you’re wanting to truly feel an epic stone, and if you’re feeling otherwise, you should enjoy Mimosa weed with caution. After you’ve begun smoking some of this bud, you’ll very quickly feel a highly euphoric sensation. The rushing, heady high will last for quite some time, allowing you time to contemplate on how a plant can get so strong. After you’ve begun coming down from the initial smoke, you’ll notice feelings of being irresistibly happy, as this strain is known to bring up your mood very effectively. As the stone wears on, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience much drowsiness due to the sativa genetics of this strain. You’ll much more likely feel a sense of increased energy, as the sativa keeps you awake and lucid throughout the whole high. Because of the buzzing high this weed can give you, it’s best used sometime during the day, although there’s never any limitations on when you can smoke your weed. You may find it somewhat difficult to sleep after a few hits of Mimosa, as the genotype might contribute to keeping you awake because of the invigorating effect. Smokers might want to be careful with sharing this strain with others, as it can have a rather extreme effect on those that are less experienced with this weed, especially if it’s from a particularly strong grow. The uplifting effects may help those that are dealing with problems such as depression, anxiety or PTSD.

Overview of Memmosa Photo Fem Stats

These American seeds boast outstanding statistics in every sense, making them always a perfect choice no matter what your growing goals might be. THC levels are always extremely high, with a low of 24% and a high of 30% or even more. These levels will always create a strong and heady high with a lasting euphoria. This will be followed by longer lasting effects typical of a sativa hybrid. CBD levels of this strain are much lower than the THC, at a level of only about 1%. This causes Mimosa to be a strain that’s better at numbing pain through brute force rather than the chemical relief that high CBD might be able to provide. While the THC is absolutely massive, many growers consider this variety to be about fifty percent indica and sativa, making for a rather balanced genetic profile, though smokers tend to report a stronger sense of sativa effects rather than indica. The yields are where this strain becomes truly astonishing, with yields of up to 700 grams per square meter when grown indoors. While this is already an impressive number, outdoor growing can provide you with up to 1700 grams to 2000 grams per plant. With such astounding yields, these seeds are perfect for anybody looking to make a bit of extra money with their plants. As these are also feminized seeds, you will only be able to grow female plants. This disallows the possibility of breeding your plants, but since female plants are the ones that grow all the bud, it will maximize the potential yields from your seeds. Buy Memosa in our always popular 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack to grow this strain alongside many different others, at a reduced price compared to our regular catalog rates.

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    My 4 plants are now 5 weeks into flowering and they smell amazing. One of my favorite smelling strains so far

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    started 5 seeds, all 5 cracked and have tiny roots growing

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    I’ve been looking for Mimosa seeds since i bought an 1/8 of weed at the dispensary

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