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Maui Waui Photo Fem is one of the all time, ultra famous, old school strains that’s been kicking it in the cannabis scene since the 1960’s. This perfectly balanced 14-19% THC hybrid – sativa blend is just the right potency for those uplifting, get your day started, happy, heady highs. When you’ve got things to do, places to be and people to see, this is the one for beating those lazy, down days when there’s no time to waste melting into the sofa for hours. When purchasing Mawi Wawi seeds from Weed Seeds USA you are guaranteed to be getting a top-quality seed product every time.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 19%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield350-450g m/2
Outdoor Yield900g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
EffectsEuphoria, Lively, Cheerful
Aromas & FlavorsLemon, Sweet, Citrus, Tropical
TerpenesLinalool, Caryophyllene oxide, Myrcene, Beta-Pinene, Limonene, Terpinolene, Alpha-Pinene, Humulene, Caryophyllene

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One way is to buy Mawi Wawi in our always popular 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack online. Not only do you get to try out this OG 60’s superstar, loved for decades by generations of the pickiest of pot puffers, but you also get to experience and enjoy a wide range of some of our other great Weed Seeds strains. Grab our 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack, expand your hippy herb horizons, and give some of these new gorgeous ganja strains a grow! A tropical flavor favorite, soaked with sweet lemony and mango tastes, makes smoking Maui Waui more of a Hawaiian vacation experience than just your average day at the park. We all know everyone is happier on vacation, so why not give yourself a mini-break with one deep pull of that magic Maui Mary Jane. Next stop, paradise. Euphoric, blissful, energized, get up and go focussed highs is what you get. Even the most mundane tasks will seem like a tropical Hawaiian breeze. No wonder this one was so popular with the 60’s surf bums. What better way to get out there, catch those early breakers, a perfect wave or two, and some heady, happy sativa highs. She’s easy to grow using the Sea of Green (SOG) method, utilizing a multitude of plants in a compact dense grow space. She can produce up to 450 grams per meter squared in just 9 to 11 weeks flip to flower. Even better al fresco, perfectly acclimatized to those temperate, tropical island zones over many generations, Mawi Wawi will blow out a solid 900 grams per plant, and that’s some serious dank. There’s more to the happy Hawaiian trope than just beaches and year-round sunshine, we are pretty sure Mauiwaui also has a hand in their laid back maxing and relaxing surfer vibe.

How to Germinate Maui Waui Photo Fem Seeds

If you happen to be so lucky to live in Hawaii, you can just walk out the back of your palapa, toss those Mauiwaui beans in the ground, and just let mother nature work her wonderweed magic. It’s that simple. But for the less fortunate 99%, there’s a bit more to it. Don’t be discouraged, once you harvest these herbal Hawaiian honeys, you’ll soon be right there along with them enjoying your own sweet paradise of the mind. Our 100% feminized Maui Waui seeds are simple to germinate, one only needs to take a few precautions and follow some basic instructions to guarantee a high success rate. We always start with the first rule of cannabis seed cultivation, do not touch your seeds with bare hands, period. The oils, germs and other microscopic nasties on our hands may contaminate your sensitive little seeds. Marijuana seeds are sterile and packaged to protect them from contamination, otherwise they may not germinate. There is nothing worse than losing your entire crop of seeds or seedlings from a mistake that could easily have been avoided. When working with seeds, always don sterile latex gloves, use sterilized instruments such as tweezers or spoons and avoid handling them too much. This one trick will lower the risk of contamination by about 90%. Choose a germination product best suited for the final growing medium in which your seedlings will be taking up residence, such as peat moss pucks for soil, rockwool cubes for hydroponics or perlite for larger scale operations. Next step, gently plant those little stones carefully, making sure they are lightly covered, protected, under low lighting, and kept slightly warm, just like a sunny spring day. Keep them slightly damp at all times, avoid over watering, and your tiny tropical girls will pop out and say hi within a few short days.

Growing Mawi Wawi From Seed From Seed At Home

When those tiny tropical temptations have reached the seedling stage, look a gorgeous glowing green, have sturdy little stems, and their white roots are poking out from the peatmoss pucks or other germination medium, your cannabis seeds have now graduated to the next step and it’s time for transplant. Whether using pots and soil, hydroponics, or another growing method such as tower or water bath, the procedure after transplanting will be pretty much the same. If using pots and soil just be sure to choose a high quality, organic, sterile soil that has been stored indoors in order to avoid any outside contamination. The next two weeks is when your plants will be in their vegetative phase. During the vegetative growth cycle, they will be kept under an 18/6 light to dark flip using a springtime color spectrum of bright blue/white lights and a nitrogen rich feeding schedule. This is when they will be in full charged photosynthesis, developing those large light guzzling fan leaves, strong stalks, healthy solid root balls and quickly reach a size of about ¾ their final harvest height. Once ready for the flowering phase, a few simple changes in environment and feeding schedule will have them on their way to developing those luscious, dank, frosted, trichome rich, resin drenched nugs within approximately 10 weeks. This is when the fun begins, anticipating the solid 450g/sqm of fabulous and freaky Mawiwawi flowers to come. Change out your lighting to a late summer/fall, bluish-red light spectrum, switch to a 12/12 day/night flip and follow the flowering fertilization program for a potassium rich feeding routine and that’s it, the golden ticket to harvest time. A little pruning and branch training, watching heat and humidity levels, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, you’ll be on a trippy, tropical vacation in no time.

Flowering Time For Mauiwaui Feminized

Mauiwaui Feminized sativa hybrid has a slightly longer flowering time then some of the other newer strains as she’s from an older, more mellow generation, born before the faster developing new kids started showing up on the block. No worries though mate, just sit back, chill, catch a wave or two and let her do her thing. Once you’ve experienced the otherworldly, euphoric, heady highs, you’ll realize she’s well worth the 9-11 week wait. Grown outdoors and left to her own devices, ideally in the white hot Hawaiian tropic sun, this island native thrives and can reach tall, lanky, sativa tree level heights. It’s like wandering through a tropical rainforest of dank deliciousness reeking of mango and pineapple in a resin drenched cannabis canopy. In her natural element, Maui Waui can pop off a mind-boggling yield of up to 900g per plant. There’s no wonder this one is still with us after almost eight decades of fun. When growing indoors there are some processes to follow, such as changing out the light spectrum to a more red/blue color range, and switching the light timers to the seasonal shorter days and longer nights of summer flower and fall harvest. Putting them on a standard 12/12 photo flip, along with a flowering fertilization schedule that goes from nitrogen rich vegetative salts to a more potassium heavy mix the nearer they are to harvest. Some people use special mineral bud boosters in the last week of feeding for that extra oomph and weight. Whether this makes a difference or not is still up for debate, but some professional growers swear by it, try for yourself and see, the proof is in the results. Once those Mawis reach the wowie stage with heavy, rich, dense, frosty golden trichome covered nugs, they will be ready to pluck.

What Makes Mawiwawi Strain Popular?

All the way from the island shores of Pacific Polynesia, this one quickly took the weed world by storm. This heavenly Hawaiian treat has graced us with the pleasure of her sweet tropical pineapple flavors and fresh fruity, high energy, euphoric highs for decades. She’s been on the weed scene so long her countless awards are too numerous to list. Everyone knows the infamous Mawiwawi, light, loving, and creative, she fully encapsulates that carefree 60’s surfer, hippy vibe. Think of tropical shores, deserted beaches, waving palms and the lazy life of hammock lounging while you partake of some sweet smoky haze on those hot tropical days. Maui Waui loves that rich volcanic island soil and the hot, wet, humid heat of monsoon season. A true gift from paradise the fruity fresh citrus and pineapple flavors really come through with the strong Limonene and Linalool terpene profile. At an almost 80% sativa phenotype genetic blend, this hybrid really hits those heady sativa highs and gets the creative tropical fruit scented juices flowing. Great for the wake and bakers, she gets you up and energized, chasing those winter blues away. From the first deep pull off this smooth, fruity, old school sativa ganja great you’ll feel the chill, irie vibes of catching that perfect Hawaiian pipe. Be forewarned, there’s a definite chance of some serious munchies ahead. Gather some of your favorite snacks and keep them close, you’ll be glad you did once those killer stones kick in. Whoever said inbreeding is a bad thing hasn’t tried this beauty. With generation upon generation of locked down island life, these old school Mawiwawi OG genetics have reached the pinnacle of the cannabinoid and terpene game. Let’s not mess with perfection, when you just can’t get enough of that sweet Mary Jane, this one is a true legend.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Maui Waui Photo Fem

Hawaiian Maui Waui Photo Fem sativa hybrid is one of the most famous and well known sativa strains in the world today. From Tokyo to London Town, everyone has heard of or partaken of this legendary, luscious Hawaiian herb. A lush, tropical citrus like aroma that is a pleasure to smoke, combined with the fruity pineapple and herbal flavors, create a succulent sultry experience similar to biting into a perfectly sun ripened sticky-sweet, Hawaiian pineapple. Inspiring and refreshing, the exquisite tastes explode in your mouth like a fresh pina colada served beach side. The spectacular array of enticing terpenes blend perfectly to create a smooth, delectable, mouthwatering smoking sensation. A deep draw off the bong, filling one’s lungs with the intoxicating tropical terpenes of Maui Waui is not an experience one wants to miss. Top notes of Linalool and Limonene lead the pack with their potent pucker of lemon and citrus sumptuousness, it’s no wonder this old school Hawaiian haze has been satisfying hippy herb cravings since the summer of ‘69. Sweet and spicy, the intoxicating Caryophyllene and Caryophyllene oxide terpenes add beautiful earthy, herbal, rosemary and clove scents, offsetting the cloying fruitiness of the sweeter citrusy flavors. Terpinolene imparts an enticing array of nutmeg and sage, intermingled with a soft, floaty lilac perfume. Cooling and piney, Beta-Pinene has a fresh minty, eucalyptus aroma, and Humulene rounding it out with earthy spicy undertones. This tantalizing terpene tornado of tropical flavors and scrumptious layers of earthy goodness is one satisfying smoking experience. If you were around for the good old ganja grass days, this island OG has long been on your radar, but if you have yet to experience Maui Waui, it’s definitely one for the bucket list. This Queen of Cannabis is still shining like the Hawaiian sun!

Effects of Mawi Wawi Feminized

When you buy yourself some Mawi Wawi female seeds you are in for a treat. Imparting those lively and cheerful highs, these divine, dank little darlings will grow up to be some of the frostiest, most crystalline, euphoria inducing, good times ganja nuggets you’ve ever blazed. One satisfied customer reported being so motivated he cleaned his entire house in one go, got the munchies, ate a whole chicken then promptly polished off a chocolate cake as a reward. Sounds to us like a very accomplished Maui Waui inspired day. Great for those heady, energizing and uplifting highs, you won’t be disappointed with this OG strain. The uplifting, giggly, sociable, happy buzz is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon attacking those mundane chores with renewed vigor, or just hit the beach for an early morning surf session if that’s your jam. Mauiwaui makes everything seem fun. The extensive terpene profile not only imparts a lovely tropical blend of tastes and aromas, but they also contribute to some of the amazing medicinal and curative benefits genus cannabis is known for. With Myrcene topping the list as always, being one of the most prolific terpenes in the marijuana lexicon, it is known to be a highly effective anti-ageing, antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, just to name a few of the multitude of health benefits. This one takes the pain away in more ways than one. Mostly responsible for the energizing get up and go effects of Mawiwawi, Alpha Pinene heightens your attention, alertness and enables one to focus on the task at hand. Terpineol kills it with some potent anti-ulcer and cancer preventative compounds. Also, a great hypertensive, it’s a powerful addition to the already off the charts line up of terrific terpenes on display with this miraculous Mauiwaui OG Mary Jane.

Overview of Mauiwaui Photo Fem Stats

Queen of the scene since the 60’s and maybe earlier, Maui Waui is one of the oldest and most famous sativa hybrids to grace us with her presence. Generations of happy, hippy herb lovers still pay reverence to this glorious OG of OG’s. The pleasant THC cannabinoid profile of 14-19% and < 1% CBD gives Mawiwawi a lively, fun, uplifting, old school sativa hybrid high. A seemingly endless list of potent and powerful terpenes takes this one to another level of flavors, aromas, curatives and medicinal properties. It’s no joke that she’s made an appearance at every pot party since before your grandparents were born. Island born and bred, Maui Waui has reached that genetic inbred perfection to become the true legend she is today. Great for growing in the tropical outdoors she can hit yields of over 900 grams per plant. You’ll be swimming in mountains of sultry, sticky-sweet, pineapple scented, crystalline, resin drenched trichome nugs for as far as the eye can see. Recreate that tropical atmosphere indoors and in just 9-11 weeks, flip to flower, you’ll be pulling 350-450/m2 easy. Those old school, laid back, Hawaiian beach bums knew a thing or two, kicking back, catching that perfect roller, enjoying a spliff on the beach was the good life. Those were definitely the days, and with Wowi Mawi you can revisit them anytime you like, it’s as though you were actually there. Lemony sweet, tropical pineapple and mango scented clouds of chronic will send you straight to that happy, carefree place, and we think it’s time you treated yourself to a tropical mini-break. All you have to do is pick up some cheap seeds from our extensive seed catalog, toss a few Maui Waui beans into your basket, and you’re off to paradise before you know it.

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    Maui WOWI gotta love that sativa leaves such a good looking bunch. got 3 of these going in the back garden and all three are massive. Serious amount of bud sites. going to get some uber weight off of these monsters.

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