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Master Kush is a potent powerhouse of piney potential. The lovechild of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, this cannabis is capable of dealing well with any medicinal application as well as taking recreational users on a psychedelic thrill-ride not for the faint of heart. Effects are felt immediately, generally before the first inhale evoking creativity and collaborative energies when taken in small doses. Larger doses bring inevitable couch-lock, but experienced users take this as an opportunity to have a refresh and that usually does the trick, though the second stone will be that much heavier. Relatively easy to grow, it doesn’t take an advanced horticulturist to navigate these seeds. We have them available for bulk or retail purchase and are happy to answer any questions or to address any concerns you may have.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500g per plant
Flower Time6-8 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress
EffectsHappiness, Relaxing, Sleepy
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Pine, Pungent
TerpenesLimonene, a-Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene

Master Kush Seeds For Sale USA

A name like Master should pique anyone’s curiosity and that it is a Kush, well that is just the cat’s meow. This piney, spicy, citrusy and earthy blend of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1 has taken home the Cannabis Cup win a total of three times. This strain has also won some International Cups and has been vouched-for by rapper and cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dog throughout his career. Master Kush is a tetraploid strain which, as opposed to diploid strains, means it has four sets of its parent’s chromosomes instead of the usual two in a pair. What this means is elevated THC and terpene potency, enriched flavours and a powerful and complex stone. This is a wonder weed for most seasoned tokers, carrying with it all forms of enjoyment and fulfilling intricacy usually skimmed over by those with less experience. There is no mistaking the fact that a classic weed is being smoked when Master Kush is in the air and users would do well to remember that the thick smoke of this strain can carry for up to a couple blocks!

Our first donor, Hindu Kush, is known globally as one of the greatest strains for breeding because of its purity. This fantastic flower is so loved and special a beast that countless strains around the world have it to thank for their entire lineage. As the name suggests, this strain’s motherland is the foothills of the mountainous Hindu Kush region of Northeast Asia. Cousins to this amazing weed are Afghan and Indian landrace strains and all of them are famous for their use in the production of hash, recreational and ceremonial. Earthy, piney and spicy, with hints of grape, lavender and sandalwood are trademarks for these landrace strains and lend well to growing due to their hardiness and durability. Exposed to cooler temperatures, these weeds can take on some beautiful purple and bluish hues, making for some gorgeous bags of green. Hindu Kush is a beautiful rainbow looking bud with a thick coating of frosty trichomes and a sturdy nature. Buds can get dense and hard when cured, so buds like this need a grinder. Thank you, Hindu Kush, for all the great weeds you have given us and for the comfort which comes from smoking your lovely nugs. You are welcome here any time!

Skunk #1 is a bit of a different monster. Being bred through the combination of three serious landrace strains, Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold and Afghan, has made a 65/35 indica which carries some serious strength and solidity. This is another matriarch strain to many award-winners around today and has bagged a number of awards herself. Sweet and piney with a hint of citrus and honey, this is certain to be a strain welcome on the tongue and nose. These buds are dense and covered in sticky crystals, so much so that you can hear the joint snap, crackle and pop as you enjoy every puff. Highs are incredible and powerful, heavy and relaxing, making this a great weed to wind down with at the end of the day. Though couch-lock is common, moderate use can bring with it a creativity and clarity which is often stomped-out when this weed is taken in larger doses. Overall a very good weed, famous in its origin, lineage and progeny, Skunk #1 is most certainly a welcome donor for Master Kush.

Combining these strains has produced something truly remarkable and capable of taking-on any number of recreational and medicinal challengers. This is a hard-hitting, highly uplifting and heavily sedating weed, set to please tokers of all experience levels. That these seeds are feminized is just another bonus to add to the bunch.

Feminization is the process through which female seeds are made. Heavily soaked early on with Silver Thiosulfate, female plants will produce pollen-sacs and the ensuing pollen is used to fertilize for seeds. This means that female plants are being fertilized by female pollen, resulting in all-female seeds, nearly every time. Earlier methods like colloidal silver and cold-shock served to produce a lot more hermaphroditic seeds than anything, so recent advances in feminization are welcome.

Overall, we have a great weed, capable of flattening anyone and, in most states, we can grow our own. Seeds are legal all across the country, in whatever amount you like, for trade, sale, collection and transport. Though regulations surrounding cultivation and possession vary across the nation, seeds are not so regulated. So, if Master Kush sounds like something you’d like to try your hand at, order now through Weed Seeds or Call US. We are always just a call or a click away and are available 9am-6pm Mon-Fri for any questions you may have.

What Makes Feminized Master Kush Strain Popular?

Not only is Master Kush a strain with a phenomenal flavor and a high potency, but there is something special about this strain that you won’t find in many others. The trait that made this strain so popular is a gift of modern genetic engineering that doesn’t require the use of any special equipment or genetic modification, and is done using a simple chemical found in the flowers of the Autumn Crocus. The name of this mysterious genetic trait is polyploidy, and it means that this strain contains not two sets of its parents’ chromosomes, but four. The effect that this process has on cannabis is like adding a supercharger to your car. Polyploidal cannabis possesses both increased potency and terpenes from both of its parents, making this strain uniquely stronger in comparison to all other strains that don’t have this trait. This helps to produce a higher potency of up to 23% THC, and a stronger flavor and aroma that are expressed in notes of wood or pine, citrus, and spices. These traits have won Master Kush Photo Fem several first-place Cannabis Cup awards, as well as some international cups. The parents that made this possible are Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, two famous strains known for their strong flavors, pleasant effects, and numerous child strains. This strain is the perfect example of how humans can use cannabis genetics to our advantage, and the magic that figuring out exactly how these miracle plants work can create.

Wellness Application of OG Master Feminized

Some strains of cannabis produce an aroma or flavor that has nearly curative capabilities all on its own. Master Kush OG is one of the strains that holds this power, with the entirety of its pungent and earthy profile producing a flavor that’s akin to an incense stick. Just getting a whiff of this strain will activate dopamine and give you a sense of comfort in anticipation of what you’re about to experience. Aside from the smell, Master Kush has a lot more under its black belt in terms of medicinal properties. The stronger 23% THC will help medicinal users deal with many different illnesses or disorders both psychological and physical. Many medicinal users have said that Master Kush is great for any type of pain. Whether in the joints or muscles, a specific point on the body due to injury, or pain in the head from headaches or migraines, this strain is said to do away with it fast. The very euphoric high that Master Kush provides can help those dealing with moderate to severe anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder get away from those negative thoughts that are always difficult to navigate without a bit of help. The most success has been found with using Master Kush weed for sleep. Many sufferers of insomnia have found that this strain gives them significant weight on the eyelids, allowing them a chance to get to sleep for the night and have a much-needed recharge.

Master OG Kush Strain Review

OG Master is a classic strain that is not only a delight to smoke but is found by many to be easy – moderate to grow with only a little extra attention or care required. It’s the everyday pot of many, and with a high that can be enjoyed in moderate amounts even during the day, it’s no wonder how it got to be in such high demand. Once you’ve finished growing your plants and the harvest is done, your yields will be considerable compared to many other strains. Growers can expect to get around 1.3 oz per square foot when they’re growing these plants indoors, and up to 18 oz per plant when being grown outdoors. This is all expected in a very short flowering period of fewer than two months, usually only six to eight weeks. The THC found in this strain usually doesn’t exceed 23%, making for a potent weed that still allows for some control over the intensity of your high. The incredible flavors exhibit an earthy profile or a generally woody character. Some flavors have been described as citrus, pine, lemongrass, and moss. The colors found in these plants are darker and cooler and can be a mix between dark green and bluer notes, with numerous amber or brown pistils throughout. These dense nugs will provide a high that’s fully relaxing, yet still offers a sharpening of the senses and a possible spike in creative freedom for those artists among us.

Buy Master Kush Photo Fem Seeds in the USA

Getting a pack of these genetically unique seeds is easy when ordering through Weed Seeds. It takes only a couple of steps to begin your order and start benefiting from the hard work of the breeders who made these seeds what they are. To start your order you first have to find your seeds. If you’ve made your decision, choose your quantity and add it to your cart. We offer a free shipping option over a certain order amount, so be sure to check if your cart qualifies. Once you’ve got all the seeds you want, proceed to order payment. We offer many different transaction options for our customers to take advantage of. This includes many forms of cryptocurrency, such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. We can accept credit online through the Mesh payment platform. We also have an option on our payment page to get in contact with one of our team members, if you want to pay with Zelle, Venmo, or debit. Weed Seeds takes privacy seriously, and we only ask for the required information to complete your order. We won’t share this information or sell it to anyone. Once your order has been processed and your seeds have been sent out for shipping, you can expect them to arrive at your doorstep in two weeks or less. We send all of our seeds in discreet packaging to assure you keep your business only to yourself.

How to Germinate Master Kush Photo Fem Seeds

Germinating Master Kush Photo Fem seeds is very easy. There is no complicated equipment or procedures involved, and it requires only a few different items that you can find around your house and about one to five days of waiting. It takes only the simple paper towel method to start germinating these seeds, which involves only some paper towels, a surface such as a tray or a dinner plate, and some water. The first step to this method is wetting a piece of your paper towel. Be sure to only dampen it, as you don’t want to leave excess water under your seeds. Place the damp paper towel onto your plate. If you have a rooting solution to help your seeds begin growing, you can use it at this step as well. You can now place your seeds from the package onto the paper towel. You can do this using a pair of tweezers, which will help prevent accidentally damaging seeds, but it’s not necessary. Once your seeds have been placed, make sure they have at least an inch or two of space between them to sprout. Dampen another piece of paper towel and place it on top of your seeds. This is all it takes, and you can now cover your seeds with another plate or other surface, and place them somewhere dark and warm such as a cupboard or drawer. Check on them over the next five days, and once they begin to sprout, you can remove them and plant them into your growing medium of choice.

Is OG Master Strain Easy To Grow?

Master OG Kush is considered easy-moderate to grow by many of those growers familiar with it. Our version of Master Kush Photo Fem offers feminized seeds, which will help those growers who don’t want to deal with male plants, which could severely reduce yields by pollinating females. Something about these Master Kush cannabis seeds that every grower should know is that they are photoperiod seeds. During the vegetative phase of these plants’ life, they will require a sudden reduction in lighting hours to begin their flowering phase. This is necessary, and they will not begin until the grower has made this change. To do this, give these plants up to twenty-four hours of light per day, with the sweet spot being around eighteen to twenty-two hours. After a few weeks of vegetation, switch to twelve hours per day to begin their flowering phase. The small stature of these plants makes the Sea of Green (SOG) method the best way to go about growing them. To do this, place several plants close together. As they grow through vegetation, train their branches together through a combination of trimming and tying with string to create one large canopy. This method will allow you to get the best yield out of these plants. As for the growing conditions, anywhere between 68° to 80° Fahrenheit and relative humidity of 50% to 60% will keep these plants happy. Consider lowering humidity down to about 40% to 45% during flowering to discourage the growth of mold.

Master Kush Seed Bank

These marvelous Master Kush pot seeds are just a sample of some of the incredible abilities of the seeds found in the Weed Seeds seed bank. While Master Kush is one of the most unique strains we have, there are many more varieties like it when it comes to some of the magnificent traits this strain holds. Feminized seeds are abundant at Weed Seeds, and give our customers who are interested in growing the opportunity to grow a truly enormous amount of bud from even a simpler strain. Photoperiod seeds are also a huge hit, allowing growers familiar with this trait to grow massive plants resulting in even bigger yields, given some rules are followed to keep your plants happy. For growers who would like a bit less work, we offer auto-flowering seeds. These could be considered the opposite of photoperiod seeds and will begin flowering at a certain age no matter what. Some other varieties we carry include CBD seeds, which usually contain either mostly CBD or at least a 1:1 ratio to THC. Our 710 seeds have been bred to be extremely resinous and make a great candidate for extracting oils or tinctures. Our 420 seed section is where you’ll find all the dank strains that produce buds to cure into wonderful weed for smoking with friends. If you’d like the opportunity to create your own strain, you can purchase regular seeds, which contain both males and females, allowing growers to master the craft of cannabis breeding.

Contact Weed Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Master Kush

The seeds you’ll find at Weed Seeds come from only the best growers and breeders we can find. Every seed is produced using only the highest quality methods of production. When we source our seeds, they’re only coming from geneticists and breeders located at home in America. This not only ensures the quality of our products but also that they are being produced ethically. It also allows our customers the opportunity to support the country and economy they love by simply purchasing cannabis seeds with us. It takes the helpful feedback of our customers to continue optimizing our entire online platform. Based on suggestions from our customers, we consistently redesign and tune our platform to give you the best online experience possible. Our customer support team is here not only to take your feedback but to help you along the way with any step of your ordering process. If you have some suggestions you’d like to make, or a question you need to be answered by our team members, we’ve provided several ways to get in contact with them, all of which can be found through the contact form on our website. Our team is available by phone at Call US any time between 9 am to 5 pm CST, from Monday to Friday. If you’d like to communicate by email instead, you can send us an email any time at Create A Support Request. If you have a particularly busy schedule, you can even take advantage of our callback options to make it work for you.

Grow Master Kush Photoperiod Female From Seed

Master Kush is a relatively short and sturdy plant, making it perfect for a Sea of Green (SOG) cultivation style. Landrace genes make this plant fairly resistant to mold and disease and this is nice because these buds can get super dense and sticky. Growers can see success with this plant inside or out but, if growing alfresco, she needs sunny, warm and dry days and relative nighttime temperatures. Some protection may be necessary for an outdoor grow, like a fence or hoop-tunnel, depending on what type of weather your crop is up against. Nutrient-rich soil works best, whether you’re growing inside or out and this will maximize the complex flavour profile of these buds.

Inside, the sea of green you create needs lots of food and light. After just a couple weeks of vegetation and, after clones are taken, flip to a 12/12 light cycle for flowering. 600watts per square yard should be fine, making sure that they are not too close to the foliage. Too much light will make for scorch and nutrient uptake and efficiency problems which are very hard to climb back from. Flushing your plants for the last few weeks of flowering is an important step in ensuring your buds are balanced and tasty and that all the chemical feeds are leached out prior to clipping and curing.

Overall a great strain to watch grow, not too stinky and a big budder, clip and prune for light and health, provide basic nutrients and a healthy environment and you will not be disappointed.

Flowering Time For Master Kush Photo Fem

Rich, dense buds can be harvested anywhere from 7-9 weeks inside, depending on what level of stone you like in your weed. As Master Kush is a super stoney weed, it may benefit growers to clip a bit earlier than they would with other weeds, unless the couch-lock is what you’re looking for. Well-grown indoor gardens should produce about 400 grams per square yard in 9 weeks and outdoor grows should harvest up to 500 grams by September or October.

Trimming these buds properly is important but should not take a master. Trim to their natural shape, removing fan-leaves and tips of frosties. Hang in 70 degrees with sufficient but not powerful ventilation and dry until stems snap cleanly without bending. We recommend jarring this weed up for a couple weeks in the darkness. After that, go to town! What we have found useful is by no means the be all end all of information, to be sure. As with any situation in life, there are many ways to execute the moment, so we urge you to go forth, investigate for yourself, experiment a little and have fun making your own mental encyclopedia of marijuana horticulture knowledge.

Master Photoperiod Feminized Pot Medical Application

Because of how hard-hitting this incredible strain can be, it is recommended that, for maximum benefit, those using the Master to crush symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD take it easy. This weed has such strong analgesic properties that relaxation of the muscles, leading to freedom from spasms, tremors and seizures can be felt almost immediately. Any tightness or minor aches and pains are gone within minutes and this blend can also help with cramping and pain associated with menstrual cycles.

Many people suffer from everything under the sun and that can bring some crippling psychological afflictions as well. When the pain, seizures, discomfort are removed, oftentimes users experience a release from severe mental pressures as well. The amount of energy it takes to cope with chronic conditions is astronomical and Master Kush is capable of relieving it all.

Effects, Fragrance, and Flavors

Master Kush buds cure dark and dusty with lots of sticky crystals and bright, shimmering undersides. Grown outdoors, she may take on some purple or blue hues, depending on the weather. Hairs of deep saffron wrap around the entirety of these nugs and stems don’t take over. Upon opening the bag, cannabis-lovers are instantly greeted with heavy scents of moss, pine and fuel. Firing these buds up brings a rich blast of pine-sap and sour citrus, earth and wood.

Almost immediately, sometimes before the first exhale, users are granted a glimpse into what this weed is capable of. Spinny cerebral buzzes and pressures are often dizzying for a moment before relaxing into an externally obvious alteration in mood, posture, outlook and everything else. As thick, pungent smoke fills the air and lungs, users begin to feel uplifted and giddy and, though creativity can last for a couple hours, Master Kush brings the fog and laziness, the slow and serene euphoria any good, clean indica is known for. Though couch-lock is common a few hours in, it is not inevitable and a quick puff or two when things are starting to slow down tends to liven it all right back up.

Buy Wholesale Master Kush Photo Feminized Online

It doesn’t matter if you are a home grower who likes to collect great strains or a commercial grower or breeder constantly in need of a basis for growing or experimenting for the masses – we have the seeds for you. Whereas ordering five or ten seeds is always exciting, when cost matters, it pays to shop bulk. Master Kush is a fantastic strain, and we have heaps of seeds for anyone looking to up their game or increase the size of their collection. Why pay ten when you can pay two, right, and we are happy to sell you these powerhouse weed seeds for cheap! We get that running a business can be exhausting, financially as well as physically. That is why we offer a lower price point the more you buy. We have the seeds, and we want to move them in a manner which benefits everyone.

No longer do you have to search for seeds, navigate new payment methods, wait for a few bags of seeds. Now you can have all the seeds you need on hand at a price which will never break the bank. Call or click today and say goodbye to stress.

Find Master Kush OG Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds

When you want to find Master Kush Fem strain seeds for sale online, look no further than Weed Seeds. We are a U.S.-based distributor, wholesale and retail, of the world’s finest strains. There is no widely-loved strain we won’t tackle and we like to help you, the grower, home, commercial or retail to be able to enjoy the bounty these seeds provide. A lower price point means that you make more money. Sound good? Call or click today to get high-volume seeds at a price that won’t break the bank!

Master Photoperiod Fem Seeds Online

Called ‘Master’ for a reason, it is plain to see that this is one heck of a strain. Being the offspring of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, Master Kush brings a welcome breed of stone to the world of weed. If you like what you hear and want to give this strain a shot, let us know how many seeds you would like to order, and we will return your message to confirm. We walk you through our secure payment options and get your order to you quickly and discreetly. All of our orders are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee, so you know that we take good care of all of our seeds. Call or click today to get all the Master Kush Fem strain seeds you can handle!

Similar Strains For Sale in the USA

Okay, so Master Kush Fem is one of those strains that everyone wants to grow, and we sometimes run out. That sucks, we know! However, we have lots of members of the infamous Kush family available and, for those times when we need to restock, here are some killer strains designed to flatten anyone!

Lemon Kush Photo Fem is a 50/50 blend of Master Kush and Lemon Joy. When you want a great cerebral high with a nice foggy stone towards the end (and maybe some munchies) this is a tasty strain which gets the job done.

Ocean-grown OG Kush Photo Fem is a timeless strain which has been instrumental in generating some of the best hybrids alive anywhere. Dense, trichome-laden buds boasting upwards of 25% THC deliver an intoxicating and exhilarating buzz to tokers of all experience levels.

Hindu Kush Photo Fem is the primary donor to many indicas and hybrids around the world, including our feature, Master Kush. Hailing from the mountains, this one is hardy, sturdy, sweet and spicy. All the things a grower wants from a good weed.

A genius blend of Kosher Kush and Nicole varieties, Nicole Kush Photo Fem is a high-THC, 75/25 indica designed for recreational enjoyment at heart. Potent and powerful but not over-the-top, users experience uplifted moods and soothing stones.

Blackberry Kush Photo Fem is an 80/20 indica which has been hailed as one of the tastiest of the Kush lineup. One of the most colorful weeds out there, buds exhibit blues, purples, bright, fiery greens and even black. The couch-lock is unavoidable and accompanied by a flowing serenity unlike any other.

Overall, we hope that you have enjoyed this read. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns and are well-equipped to deliver top-quality seeds to you, no matter where you are across the Nation. Click or call today for your next bag of some of the best seeds in the world!

Master Kush Seeds For Sale USA

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