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Maple Leaf Bud is a descendent of one of the strains nearly lost in the Cold War. Thankfully it was smuggled out of Mazir-I-Sharif before the cannabis culture of the area was wiped out by the Soviets. The genetic line has been preserved and this beauty plant is a result of these efforts made long ago. The herb, aptly named for its leaf shape, is an indica dominant option perfect for evening use. Moderate, but still potent, THC levels sit at 15 to 18% and are paired with CBD content around 1%. This constitutional meld creates a strain that offers euphoric recreational effects alongside profound therapeutic benefits. The genetics also contribute to robust and resilient plants that are perfect for home grow ops. If you buy Maple Leaf Photo Fem seeds online in the USA through Weed Seeds, you can be sure you are getting the unadulterated genetics of this well-loved strain!

Order Maple Leaf Photo Fem Seeds Online

Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 18%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield200-300g per square meter
Outdoor Yield300g per plant
Flower Time7-8 weeks
Wellness BenefitsInsomnia
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsBerry, Butter, Citrus , Earthy, Orange, Pungent, Sweet, Vanilla, Woody
TerpenesLimonene, a-Pinene, Linalool, a-Cedrene

Maple Leaf Seeds For Sale USA

Maple Leaf Photo Fem is a tasty herb that will yield awesome results with little effort. If you want to buy Maple Leaf Photo Fem seeds online in the USA, do so through Weed Seeds! We have superior marijuana seeds that have been grown by master gardeners dedicated to genetic purity. By storing our seeds in the ideal conditions, both in our warehouse and in transport, we are able to retain their germination viability and offer guarantees! When you buy through Weed Seeds, you can rest assured you are getting the best seeds on the market along with excellent customer support. We are here to help you every step of the way and are happiest when our customers approach their home grow both with quality seeds and confidence!

Maple Leaf Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

When you are ready to buy Female Maple Leaf online, you can get them paid for and on the way to your house with a few clicks. Browse through the comprehensive online catalogue at Weed Seeds to find the perfect strains to meet your unique needs and add them into your virtual cart. You will notice a $10 shipping fee added to your bill, unless you order other strains like Afghan Kush Fem or Afghan Kush X Super Skunk Fem to beef up your tab to $200 or more to qualify for free delivery. Once you have completed your order, you can pay using one of our secure payment options, including but not limited to credit and Bitcoin. From there, all you need to do is wait while your seeds are delivered right to your front door. Take the wait time to set your grow op up for its new plants!

Growing Maple Leaf From Seed

A first time grow from seed can feel daunting, but when you buy Female Maple Leaf Bud online through Weed Seeds knowing they are guaranteed to germinate, you can approach your grow with confidence. There are several suitable methods for breaking your seedlings free of their shells, including soil cubes which provide easy transfers of your delicate new growth, and germination stations which allow for precise moisture control. You can also use the paper towel technique, where you place your seeds in between two damp paper towels on a plate and sandwich them with a second plate face down. This creates a perfect dome to sprout your seeds in a day or two and can be done without leaving the house or purchasing equipment. No matter what you choose, know you will be getting your grow operation successfully underway.

Is Maple Leaf Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Big Maple Leaf is appropriate for new and veteran gardeners alike. The bushy plants sprawl laterally and require trimming and pruning for airflow, but they stay relatively short and easy to fit into various grow spaces. While this herb grows well in and outdoors, it will thrive best in a controlled indoor environment. Using hydroponics, where water systems carry nutrients to the plants, paired with the Sea of Green (SOG) technique can shorten the growth time without compromising the generous yields. The Sea of Green is a method where you grow multiple plants together, usually in clusters of 4, and stretch the canopy to allow light penetration to all the plant limbs. These two growing tricks can help your plants generate between 200 and 300 grams per square meter! If you opt to grow in the garden, you can harvest up to 300 grams per plant. The plants flower over a short 7 to 8 weeks and, thanks to their sturdy structure and natural resilience, they can tolerate both warm and cool climates.

What Makes Feminized Maple Leaf Strain Popular?

This strain is perhaps most widely recognized for its ability to release tension from a long day and lull you into deep sleep. However, the fact it is easy to grow is another popular trait. One of the aspects that contribute to this growing ease, is that these seeds are feminized. When you buy feminized seeds over regular 710 seeds, you are sure to get budding females from every seed. No need to watch for or weed out males to avoid accidental pollination and seedy yields. Just the stress-free joy of watching as your females bloom and generate heavy yields of curable nugs.

Maple Leaves Feminized Medicinal Uses

The medical potential from marijuana comes from each strain’s unique mix of THC, CBD and terpenes. Maple Leaves dominant terpene is Myrcene and it carries an abundance of therapeutic value. It holds anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which make this a suitable strain to relieve pain. It also builds on the euphoric quality of the THC content creating an uplifting high that can relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress. The indica genetics mixed with Myrcene contribute sedative qualities to this herb making it a great option for battling sleep disorders, like insomnia, as well. All of these benefits are delivered with few adverse side effects. Often, they are limited to dry eyes and mouth which can be managed easily by staying hydrated. Overindulgence could lead to headaches or paranoia, but if you stay within the recommended dose, you should be just fine!

Effects of Maple Leaves

This psychedelic and relaxing ride is characteristic of its indica heritage. The initial effects are cerebral. A sweet, euphoric quality will settle into a calming full body stone. A tingling sensation will spread through the limbs and leave the entirety of your physical form soothed and at ease. It is likely to culminate in a deeply sleepy state that is best met with snuggling into bed. Reserve this option for evening use, as it is sure to leave you too relaxed to do much!

Fragrances of Maple Leaf Bud

The aroma of this cannabis plant is amongst its most appealing traits. The complex profile consists of a pungent earth, exotic wood, sweet vanilla and tart citrus fruits. The experience for the olfactory system is complex and intriguing. You are sure to catch a whiff and not be able to resist at least one puff!

Flavors of Big Maple Leaf

When you roll a joint with Maple Leaf and inhale the buttery smoke, your palate will come alive with an incredible blend of delectable flavors. Pungent earth and wood set the stage but are brightened with bursts of tangy citrus and sweet berries that dance on the taste buds. Your tongue will also detect a hint of vanilla which lingers after you exhale.

Microview of Maple Leaf Marijuana Plant

This hardy plant born from female chronic seeds is a treat to grow, making it no surprise that it is finding its way into many home grow operations. While a little pruning and attention to light are necessary, the delicious and potent rewards are well worth the little bit of extra effort. The result is powerful nugs that offer an alluring aroma and delightful flavor profile. These buds offer a happy, relaxing high that is sure to alleviate tension and allow you to rest peacefully. The effects can be helpful in managing health conditions making it a popular choice for recreational and medical tokers alike. Overall, this a plant worth having access too, and there is no better way to ensure steady supplies than embarking on a grow from seed!

Buy Maple Leaf Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Maple Leaf is an appropriate strain for beginners, despite needing a little extra effort to bring it to maturation. The word “photo” in its name is an indication of its specific growing requirements. If you are adding this into your grow ops, you will need to adjust their light exposure to help them move from their vegetation stage into their flowering process. Photoperiod plants are dependent on these light shifts to produce the curable sticky nugs. Breeders discovered that adding ruderalis genetics into the mix creates a plant that flowers automatically without these controlled light conditions. Try growing an autoflower strain like Auto Afghan Fem to challenge your green thumb and see the difference!

Maple Leaf Photo Fem Bulk Seeds

When you love a good home grow for your personal stash, it is not a giant leap to move onto bigger things. If you want to shift into large scale grow operations, we can help you get started! We offer our 420 seeds in bulk at wholesale prices to keep your initial financial investment a little more reasonable. A lot of people do not have the space or the legal freedom to grow at home, so they rely on people like you to stock the dispensary shelves. You can buy Maple Leaf Photoperiod Feminized online and grow them alongside other awesome strains like Gold Leaf Fem and Afghan Fem to keep your customers rolling in options!

Grow Maple Leaf Seeds

Choose to buy Maple Leaf Feminized online through Weed Seeds, and you will not only get some of the very best ganja seeds on the market, you will also get a wealth of information to help you have an enjoyable and fruitful home grow. You can sift through our blog to find articles on different growing techniques and equipment as well as tips on growing indoors or out. There is advice for managing common growing issues and tricks for growing on a budget. If you are left with any questions after perusing all this material, do not hesitate to reach out to speak to one of our helpful team members. We are here to support you in whatever way we can!

Maple Leaf Seed Bank

Weed Seeds is an online cannabis seed bank where you can purchase premium pot seeds. We have a huge selection of 450 different strains. You can select based on your level of gardening expertise, your specific medical issues or your recreational needs. We have female, photoperiod, regular and autoflowering seeds, all of which bring something different to your home grow experience. We also have Huge THC Seeds if you are looking for a mind-bending, psychedelic high or CBD heavy strains that offer a plethora of therapeutic benefits without the cerebral buzz. If you are looking for Indica Seeds that will lull you to sleep, like Maple Leaf, sativa dominant options that are perfect for wake and baking to start your day off energized, or hybrid strains that offer the best of both worlds, we have lots of options.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Maple Leaf Chronic Seeds

Maple Leaf Photo Fem is a great addition to any home grow operation. Do not let your fear of being a new grower stand in the way of you adding this beauty into your home grown stash. We have a great team of knowledgeable customer service representatives happy to assist you in answering questions and addressing concerns. You can reach us through our online contact form or give us a call at Call US. We are available between 9am and 5pm CST on Monday through Friday. Between our quality product and exceptional support, you are sure to be happy when you opt to buy chronic seeds from Weed Seeds USA.

Maple Leaf Seeds For Sale USA

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Maple Leaf Seeds

Maple Leaf Bud is a descendent of one of the strains nearly lost in the Cold War. Thankfully it was smuggled out of Mazir-I-Sharif before the cannabis culture of the area was wiped out by the Soviets. The genetic line has been preserved and this beauty plant is a result of these efforts made long ago. The herb, aptly named for its leaf shape, is an indica dom