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If you are looking for a truly mind-bending experience without having to partake in the use of the hallucinogenic LSD, then this sativa dominant, high THC bud might be just the right choice for you. The psychoactive impact from this potent and pungent herb will enhance your experience of sights and sounds while lifting the mood and locking your body into the couch for some deep and rejuvenating relaxation. Thanks to this strain’s roots in the turbulent weather of the Afghanistan mountain ranges, the plants are extremely resilient to common issues and are strong enough to be grown in almost any environment. Their robust nature makes them a suitable plant for any level of growing experience, and they offer abundant rewards for your efforts. If you want to ensure steady access to these powerful nugs, order some seeds and start your home grow operation now!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield450-550g per square meter
Outdoor Yield50-150g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Hypertension, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Focus, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Skunk, Sweet

LSD Seeds For Sale USA

If you are looking for a sativa dominant weed with a high THC content that offers some awesome, trippy, psychoactive effects, LSD Fem is true to its name and could be an awesome option for you. The use of this powerful plant leads to euphoric and energetic effects that offer more than a good time. A few puffs from this potent, sweet, and pungent herb can support symptoms associated with a variety of mental and physical health concerns. One of the parents of this bud, Mazar-I-Sharif, has its origins in the mountain regions of Afghanistan. Its development in less than ideal conditions has created a resilient plant that can be grown in or outdoors with success. The other parent, Skunk #1, is known for its mind-bending and euphoric highs.

Buying seeds that are feminized, like the LSD strain, makes it easier during the starting stages of cultivation. Regular seeds require monitoring and weeding because you need to remove the male plants before they have a chance to pollinate the females and interrupt their bud development. Feminized seeds have two x chromosomes and are sure to grow into female plants. This optimizes your space and maximizes your yields, all with less effort!

The weed seed market is fairly saturated, so how does one decide which company to order from? Quality and variety are definitely important, however, we believe it is also integral to offer adequate support to customers who are embarking on the process. At Weed Seeds, we pride ourselves on our premium seeds and exceptional customer service. Our seeds are sourced from reputable and experienced growers who are committed to providing genetically pure, superior cannabis seeds. We make sure to store these awesome seeds in the perfect conditions to retain their viability. By maintaining these conditions while we transport them to your home, we are able to offer high germination guarantees, so you can feel confident in your purchase. It can feel impersonal shopping online and intimidating to grow without being able to speak to an expert, so we also have a team of educated customer service representatives that are available through an online contact form or over the phone. We are more than happy to address any concerns or answer any questions that come up as you go through your home growing journey. You will not be disappointed if you choose to acquire your seeds through

Now, let us delve a little deeper into the specifics of what LSD offers and how to go about growing it!

What Makes Feminized LSD Strain Popular?

Experiencing a true psychedelic adventure is rare in a cannabis experience, though there have been some powerhouse psychotropics over the years and the LSD strain is one of them. It is popular for more than its incredible buzz, and when you choose to sow these feminized seeds, it just might be you who becomes the popular topic.

This is an award-winner, having taken home first place indica in the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup. The high THC and larger CBD contents make this weed and wonder for anyone blessed enough to bounce off of these genes. Known for a trippy experience, LSD also offers one of the most unique bouquets in cannabis. Mixed citrus, earthy chestnut, and musky herbaceousness twist and turn throughout your forest of taste buds, delighting the tongue along with the thinker. Though this sweet weed is indica-dominant, it is close to balanced and, at a 55/45 ratio, this botanical provides the energy to match your mental environment.

Growers love the simplicity of this strain. Thanks to its natural resistance to pests and diseases, LSD is a go-to in both beginner and advanced cultivation circles alike. That this plant remains small and manageable while delivering over a pound per is another fine point of popularity with sweet LSD. If this sounds like a strain you might like to try, stick around and learn more about LSD photo fem from Weed Seeds USA.

Medicinal Application of L S D Feminized

Where some strains are as simple as the stone they deliver, some offer a whole lot more, and L S D is not just another trippy weed. Yes, consumers enjoy a cornucopia of uplifting, energizing, and euphoric effects, but those are not just for recreational markets. We are talking about the medicinal applications of marijuana, what they mean to this strain, and CBD levels of 2-5% help to make LSD even more versatile than one might think of a trippy weed.

Stress is a killer and is most likely the primary reason people use pot. It manifests in many forms and, when it builds up, we sometimes don’t know how stressed we are. This strain is known for alleviating much of your unwanted and unneeded pressure. It is also an apt botanical for depression and social anxiety disorders, as it is so intense that any old triggers can be re-examined and reworked through LSD’s immutably instantaneous psychological arousal.

Believe it or not, this nearly balanced beast is also adept at killing pain. Muscle spasms, joint pain, arthritis, migraines, and more are all on track to be sated by LSD. This freedom of pain-free movement is often accompanied by a rush of positive energy so stimulating that this strain is also known for combatting weariness and frustrating fatigue. As the haze ensues and the effects of physical affliction are diminished, LSD reveals to you all those things the unaided eye just can’t see.

LSD Bud Strain Review

Originally bred in the Netherlands, LSD Bud is a cross between Mazar-i-Sharif and Skunk #1. Mazar is an incredible hybrid born in Afghanistan and Skunk #1, a genetic cornerstone of many hybrid strains. What these two lovebirds have created is one of the rarest and most exciting strains in the world of weed.

Easy to germinate, these seeds grow  fast, and plants rarely reach over a couple of feet. Don’t let the small stature fool you! Well-grown LSD plants are capable of producing approximately twenty-one ounces per yard inside and eighteen ounces per plant al fresco. LSD exhibits colors ranging from the darkest of greens to the brightest of pinks and purples, so exposing plants to cool nighttime temperatures is a good idea. Dense and sticky, tough and trippy, these buds are amongst the most satisfying anywhere. Fresh citrus, bitter and sour herbs, earthy and roasted tree nuts, and a skunky musk make this marijuana a monster to the olfactory array.

Intense euphoria and a trippiness bordering on kaleidoscopic make LSD a toke to try and its medicinal side is no small wonder either. This strain is growable by anyone, delivers twenty-one-ounce hauls on small, sturdy structures in just eight to ten weeks, and is reported to be of such broad-scale benefit that just about anyone can find a friend in LSD. This is not a strain for rookies though, as the high THC count and accompanying terpene profile can green out a newcomer in a wink.

Buy LSD Photo Fem Seeds in the USA

The LSD marijuana strain is of such terrific power that choosing to buy LSD photo fem seeds online in the USA is a decision no grower should take lightly. Of course, we think everyone should try every weed so that we might all have a chance at cracking the codes of our health and wellness. Time-consuming delineation aside, if your mind’s made up, there is only one distributor that covers all the bases while maintaining your professional anonymity and that’s Weed Seeds USA.

We serve all types of clients from all corners, and whether you want to up the integrity of the trippiest selections category in your collection, or grow this monster for future high-flying experience, Weed Seeds USA has you covered. We protect your information, offer comprehensive product information pages, simple shopping, and secure checkout. We offer Zelle, Venmo, and debit services, credit services through Mesh and we accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Souvenir seeds are a big deal, especially with the popularity of pot products on such a rise. We ship everywhere within the US and our packaging is always the epitome of discrete. We offer wholesale options and deals on larger orders, and we work with small-scale growers and individuals as well. We can be reached online, through your account, by phone, or by email. Whatever you need from Weed Seeds USA, we will always be here doing our best for America.

How to Germinate LSD Photo Fem Seeds

There is no doubt that LSD is a special breed of weed. Indeed, few strains can boast the insane effects and complex bouquet of this musky treat and, if you want to grow it, you have to germinate these stones before the magic happens. We consider all stages of a plant’s development special, so here we are to show you how to tickle your LSD seeds in all the right ways.

Though LSD plants are capable of handling just about anything, their seeds are not. However, there are things you can do to help germination along. Take a small glass, add a few drops of seaweed solution and fill with water. Deposit your seeds in the solution and soak them in a cupboard overnight. Remove the glass from the cupboard and pour seeds and solution over a paper towel on a plate. Fold another towel over the top, making sure to leave space for air, and get rid of the extra solution. Place back in the cupboard and in a couple of days, you will see that taproots have emerged, and it is time for planting.

The main point to waking up a seed, the definition of germination, is that it needs warmth, oxygen, and humidity. When these three steps of growing have been brought into the right kind of balance, all sorts of marvelous things happen, one of them being that you can now plant some LSD.

Is L S D Strain Easy To Grow?

For anyone wondering whether the LSD strain is easy to grow, we assure you it is. Some sites claim that LSD is easy – moderate to grow, but we find there are few strains simpler, the only easier aspect being a shorter budding phase. Resistance to mold, pests and diseases have this indica heavy hybrid loving almost any environment, and that eight to ten-week flowering cycle sees it finished for October outside.

There are a million and one types of growers out there and they can grow this strain indoors or outdoors, in a tent, greenhouse, or the open air, and do just fine. As long as your basics are in place, there should be no problems with your LSD grow. When you cultivate using soil, coir, hydro, HID, or LED, organic or inorganic, this strain will explode. Set up your environment to mimic that of the balmy Mediterranean, maintain high humidity throughout vegging, and drop it for flowers. These genetics do best between temperatures of 68 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and need air flowing to keep stalks strong.

This plant is rather small and short, but it will do well no matter how you train it. You can prune for light, and spread branching out in a Sea of Green (SOG). The SOG technique involves growing many small cannabis plants instead of just a few bigger plants. The advantage is that you can harvest more quickly because each plant doesn’t have to get nearly as large to support the same total number of bud sites. If you maintain high light levels and apt feeding schedules, your LSD will be trippy indeed. Trichomes stack up to envelop colorful buds in a thick blanket of frost and are where all that high test cannabinoid magic happens.

LSD Seed Bank

LSD is an astonishing botanical to cultivate. Not only is this strain small, manageable, adaptable, and easy to grow, but it delivers massive hauls boasting some of the rarest and cherished qualities in cannabis. This photo fem is just one of the over 500 contemporary, ancient, exciting, and award-winning strains in our collection, so no matter what you need from the seed bank at Weed Seeds USA, we have it.

Grow the next 420 or 710 revolutions with our huge selection of strains known for concentrated cannabinoid contents and afternoon delights. We offer a wide selection of autoflowers, fast flowering strains, regular and feminized seeds of all indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties. Whatever type of ratio you are looking for can be found here as well, whether indica/sativa or THC/CBD. Beginner seeds are here by the score, as are cost-effective and wellness-inspired seeds. Whether you choose to grow inside or outside, we have seeds aimed at making the most out of any taste and environment.

LSD hails from royalty but you do not need to wear a crown to enjoy this strain or any of the regal beans we have in our seed bank. We offer Skunk #1 regular and photo fem seeds, Mazar, Afghan, Hindu Kush, and other regional favorites. We not only offer hundreds of the sturdiest seeds in the business, but we also offer swiftness and security to go with them. We protect our clients and are always updating our collection. When it’s LSD you like, or any of its relatives, hit us up at Weed Seeds USA.

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Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy feminized LSD today by calling Call US, or by accessing your private Weed Seeds account, or by shooting us an email at Create A Support Request. There is nothing quite like landing on a strain as popular, cherished, exciting, and explosive as LSD photo fem, so reach out online anytime or call us from nine to five, Monday-Friday, central daylight time.

If you need a hand in understanding what a strain like this requires, fear not, it’s simple, and getting your hands on some is just as quick. If you haven’t yet signed up, that is step number one. Whether you call us or utilize our professionally designed online storefront, we need to gather some basic personal and shipping information. As we mentioned previously, we never sell our clients out, so your important details are always safe with us. Shipping to everywhere in the US, we extend that to include the rest of North America for massive bulk orders.

Contacting a team of experts who take care to provide the best seeds shouldn’t be a nuisance. So we make it simple and safe, quiet and quick. Though we mention a two-week grace period, clients have received orders in as little as a week. Every order comes with a tracking number and a customer satisfaction guarantee. With Weed Seeds USA, there is no better time to order your new batch of super high test LSD cannabis seeds.

LSD Photoperiod Female Homegrown Weed

LSD Fem is a perfect strain to cultivate, especially if you are new to the growing scene. The ease of growing these plants is unrivaled. The genetics from the resilient, mountain-grown, Mazar-I-Sharif makes for a plant that is tolerant of weather and temperature shifts. These plants are also naturally resistant to pests and disease and require only basic care. The extra step by breeders to feminize these seeds made it so the initial stages of the growing process are relieved of the efforts of watching for, and weeding out males. These plants stay small in stature, reaching a height of only 2 feet, which means they are easy to fit in most indoor setups or to find a spot for in your garden. In a lot of places where growing weed is legal, you are required to keep your plants out of the public eye, which is easy when your plants are so little! Do not assume that their short build means the yields are tiny, as they can produce quite a hefty harvest of sticky nugs through their lateral sprawl. If you have the option to grow inside or outdoors, you may want to consider an indoor grow because of the control you have to create the perfect environment for them to thrive. These are photoperiod plants, which means they rely on fluctuations in light intensity and time intervals to be encouraged into their blooming stage. This naturally occurs in mother nature as long summer days wane to the darkness of fall. However, an indoor setup will require light bulbs and timers to mimic these conditions. Using 600-1000 Watt HPS/LED bulbs will serve them best. The sticky nugs this plant produces are exceptionally pungent. An air purifying system with a carbon filter will help to keep your operation discreet! At the end of their relatively short life cycle, you can anticipate collecting up to 2 ounces per square foot.

If you prefer to grow outdoors with your hands in the soil, this is a good strain to grow since it can thrive in most environments with ease. It is robust and resilient to issues commonly faced in a garden setup. A successful outdoor grow operation can yield a whopping 21 ounces of curable buds per plant.

Flowering Time For LSD Photo Fem Marijuana

The densely packed nugs take only 7 to 9 weeks to mature. Watch as they develop purple-hued leaves, gorgeous bright orange pistils, and a thick layer of sparkling trichomes. If you are growing outdoors, expect to harvest in mid-September. While these plants tolerate temperature fluctuations to some extent, they will be damaged by more severe cold and frost. Collecting before the first frost will ensure a hefty, healthy yield of resin-rich, curable nugs!

Trippy Photoperiod Feminized Pot Medical Application

This strain can be helpful in managing symptoms associated with a variety of mental and physical health conditions. It is exceptionally potent and boasts some seriously mind-bending properties though, so to experience the best effects, moderate use is recommended. One tiny puff will likely be enough to provide relief, where more might just overwhelm you. Reach for LSD Fem if you need help relaxing and letting go of stress. The happy, euphoric impacts are successfully applied to those who suffer from depression as well. The body-soothing properties are applicable to chronic aches and pains. With anti-inflammatory effects, this can be a great option for conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. The wild ride that LSD takes its users on culminates with a deep mental and physical tranquility that must be met with sleep. Because of the strain’s ability to lull people to bed, it is also favored among those with sleep disorders like insomnia.

One of the benefits of turning to marijuana to manage health conditions is the shortlist of adverse side effects, most of which are easily managed or even eradicated. When you opt to use traditional pharmaceuticals, you are often given a long list of potential risks. With LSD Fem, the most common side effects are dry eyes and cottonmouth. These mild inconveniences are a result of dehydration and they can be mitigated by drinking a lot of fluids before, during, and after lighting up. The high THC levels and extreme psychedelic properties can lead to a few more severe consequences, such as dizziness, paranoia, and panic attacks. However, these symptoms are most commonly seen in people with THC sensitivities or those who ignore the recommended dosage. If these persist even with moderate use, we suggest switching to a milder strain.

Fragrance, Flavors, and Effects

The effects from LSD Fem are not for the faint of heart. The initial cerebral buzz is trippy and extreme. It has the potential to overwhelm even a veteran toker, so approach this potent herb with caution. Some seasoned smokers will experience the initial kick with enhanced focus and a flow of creative juices. However, most will be hit with some confusion as the psychedelic properties distort vision and invigorate a flood of thoughts. This hybrid is a nearly balanced sativa and indica bud, so once that intense cognitive buzz starts to wear off a bit, the heavy body stone will kick in. Expect a tingling, numbing sensation to sweep through the muscles, ligaments, and bones leaving you happily snuggled into the couch for the remainder of the ride.

Though this intense high is unmanageable even for some experienced users, overusing will commonly just result in a deep sleep, rather than more serious implications that can occur when overdosing on synthetic drugs.

Buy Bulk LSD Photo Feminized in the USA

Growing small scale from home can be a lot of fun. It can be cost-effective and allows for a personalized stash of easily accessible nugs. However, not everyone has space, time, or legal freedom to grow at home. Those people rely on commercial growers to keep dispensary shelves stocked with their favorite strains at reasonable prices. If you are one of those entrepreneurs who has taken it upon themselves to grow on a large scale, we are here to help. We have a vast selection of seeds that we sell in bulk. Each of our options come with a detailed description similar to this so you can find the best strains to include in your offerings. Find a mix of award-winning classics and new to market strains that are quickly gaining popularity. If you opt to purchase LSD Fem seeds, the simplicity of growing and the quick flowering time will ensure you have lots of quality nugs to send to your stores. The best part? Our bulk seeds are all sold at reduced prices. Our wholesale prices allow you to save money in your grow-operation and pass those savings on to your stores and customers!

L.S.D. Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds

If you are looking for quality seeds with high germination rates at discounted prices, check out our wholesale section. You can quickly order and pay for your seeds in a few clicks and use the time they are being delivered to tend to other things. The ease of growing the LSD strain, paired with the high germination success will ensure your investment of time and resources is well compensated. If you are looking to grow on the commercial level, we, at Weed Seeds, can set you up for success!

Trippy Photoperiod Fem Seeds Online

Ready to get started? The process is easy! Our comprehensive online seed catalog has categories and detailed descriptions that make it easy for you to maneuver and select the perfect seeds. If LSD Fem has made its way into your heart, simply add it to your cart to get the purchasing process underway. From here, you can select your method of payment and feel safe entering your information knowing it is secured. After this, all there is to do is wait with bated breath while your seeds make their way from our facility to your doorstep. We deliver in discrete packages, so you do not need to worry about anyone getting wind of what you are up to, unless, of course, you have a super pungent strain growing in the garden! Your home-grow is just a few clicks away, how exciting!

Similar Seeds For Sale in the USA

There are a lot of seed options out there, so if LSD Fem does not meet your criteria, you are not out of luck. Here are a few alternatives with similar genetics that may better suit you.

Gorilla Glue #4 Photo Fem is another hybrid strain with super high THC levels that commonly sit around 27%. This is a photoperiod plant, however, you can find these seeds in the autoflowering option as well. Autoflowering seeds are ones that flower automatically depending on where they are in their life cycle rather than dependent on fluctuations in light. Either way, the indica genetics make for a small plant that is relatively easy to grow and covered with sticky trichomes. The effects are profoundly uplifting and happy, for both the mind and body.

If you want a happy, chatty high that is delivered on spicy and sweet flavored smoke, try the White Widow Photo Fem strain. This is a mostly indica strain with 22% THC content. This award-winning strain is loved by recreational users looking to unwind after a long day and for medical patients looking for support for conditions such as arthritis, insomnia, and stress. This is one of those beautiful plants that develop purple hues when exposed to brief periods of cooler temperatures. They grow to be pretty tall though, sometimes as high as 8 feet when unrestricted, so certain techniques will need to be applied to manage their height!

If you are looking for a fast flowering, pure indica bud, try Purple Kush Photo Fem. This genetic marvel has a flavor profile with hints of berry, grape, and earth with undertones of spicy and sweet. The delicious herb brings on a relaxing, soothing mental and physical high that will culminate in a deep, restful sleep. This bud can be grown in or outside with success. The bitter leaves keep pests and parasites at bay, making outdoor growing an even easier process.

Another high THC, sativa heavy option is the Bruce Banner Photo Fem strain. At one point, this beauty was considered the most potent cannabis in the world by the High Times Cannabis Cup. Despite this claim to fame, its impacts are not likely to overwhelm. You can expect a potent cerebral buzz and soothing body stone that alleviate stress and pain. These plants are resilient and easy to grow in or outdoors as well. A perfect option for a novice!

Super Silver Haze Photo Fem is a citrus and skunk scented bud that offers the characteristic sativa effects. Expect energy, euphoria, increased mental focus, and creative flow. This buzz can be applied to health struggles like depression, anxiety, migraines, inflammation, and stress. This is another bud that has taken home multiple awards over the years, including first place in the High Times Cannabis Cups of ‘97, ‘98, and ‘99. This world-renowned bud is a little tricky to cultivate, though well worth the extra efforts. It requires a diet rich in iron, magnesium, and zinc, as well as constant monitoring.

Perhaps you still are not sold or wish to add other strains as well so your stash can rise to any occasion. Keep browsing and feel free to get in touch if you need a hand making decisions. We look forward to being a part of your home growing journey!

LSD Seeds For Sale USA