Low Ryder Autoflower Seeds

This strain is an easy to grow plant that is perfect for the beginner or advanced cultivators. Growing this weed outdoors can you get a yield of 60-90 grams per plant and indoors can reach up to 50 grams. The THC content can hit between 14-20% and can grow up to a foot tall. With a flowering stage between 8 to 10 weeks, these nugs will be ready to dry and cure in October but can be harvested all year round as well. The flavors are unreal with each toke giving your taste buds a treat. With a lemon and pine mix, it tastes like a lemon tart you would eat at Christmas time. For medical marijuana patients, this weed helps people with anxiety, depression, stress, and migraines feel at peace for a few hours. With astonishing flavors and scents, these weed plants take up very little space and need very little maintenance to thrive. With knowing all of this, how could you say no? Luckily, Weed Seeds has Auto Lowryder Fem and will help get you started on your awesome cultivating game.

Low Ryder Autoflower Seeds For Sale USA

THC Percentageup to 14%
Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
Indoor Yield100g per square meter
Outdoor Yield150g per plant
Flower Time9 - 11 Weeks
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Wellness BenefitsDepression, Insomnia, Nausea, Pain, Stress
EffectsArousing, Euphoric, Happiness, Relaxing, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Woody

Buy Lowryder Autoflower Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Being the Granddaddy of the autoflowering strains out there, Auto Lowryder Fem is a must-try for marijuana users everywhere. This strain is known around the cannabis world for being the first dank and true autoflowering weed. Picking this weed to grow would be a great idea for beginner and advanced growers. It is a heavy-hitting, flavorful, and fast-growing plant that has huge potential for anyone willing to give it a go. It’s small enough that if you want to grow a few plants discreetly, you could easily do so. Positive attributes including epic potency have been passed down from the parents, Williams Winder and Northern Lights #2. On the other side, the flavorful Mexican Rudy passes on its short and stocky and delicious traits. By combining these 3 heavy-hitters, you wind up with an autoflowering seed that is still hot on the market after all this time. These cannabis seeds grow into a short and stocky plant and the nugs hold flavorful punches. The lemony and piney flavors take over as soon as the smoke hits your tastebuds. Growing these marijuana plants indoors can yield up to 50 grams and outdoors can reach up to 90 grams per plant. With a flowering period of 8-10 weeks, they can grow up to 1.5 tall which is optimal for growers who do not have a lot of space. For medicinal cannabis users, this weed has many benefits that help people all over the world. This is a 50/50 hybrid meaning it gives off a well-balanced indica and sativa high.  For recreational marijuana consumers, the high makes you focused and creative having your mind run wild in the wind. Once that begins to wear off, the sleep and sedated vibes come to play. This is an easy to grow weed and does not take up lots of space. With a heavy-hitting high, this strain is a welcome addition to the garden. When you make the great decision to cultivate this dank strain, you can be sure that Weed Seeds will have super potent seeds delivered right to your front door. The quicker you get your order in, the faster you get to smoke your potent marijuana.

What Makes Autoflower Lowryder Strain Popular?

As with most strains available through the reputable Weed Seeds seedbank, there are several qualities of the Lowryder herb that make it stand out from the rest. However, the main thing this strain is known for across the globe is being the original auto-flowering strain. The small, sweet plant that burgeons from the Lowrider seeds has a delicious flavor profile and outstanding effects, but the fact that these flowers blossom without a complicated, curated light environment is what makes this an ever popular strain for a home grow operation. The addition of ruderalis genetics contributes to the ability of this plant to flower without fuss, but they also bring a robust stature to these beauties. The extra strength of their stalks and limbs makes for a hardy plant that can hold up in the face of wind, rain, and beginner cultivation mishaps. With little effort, you can collect a modest but powerful yield of gorgeous, gooey, delightfully tangy buds. The soothing, yet uplifting scent of citrus alludes to the calming, soothing and happy stone that is about to take over your mind and body moments after your session with these easily grown, beautiful buds. The uplifting effects are well received by recreational tokers and have proven to provide relief for some common health conditions as well. This plant holds its ranks in the weed community with its easy cultivation requirements and the resulting cute nugs. The plethora of amazing qualities and benefits is the cherry on top.

Wellness Application of Lowrider Autoflower

If you are looking for a supremely supportive plant, try buying some seeds and adding Lowryder into your homegrown stash. The more modest THC content, sitting around 15%, makes this a welcome addition to everyone’s medicinal marijuana stash, whether they be veteran tokers or new to the scene. It provides some profound therapeutic potential to its tokers without sending them out into space with high concentrations of the psychoactive ingredient of the marijuana plant. Combined with a modest CBD content and a list of healing terpenes, this herb can support you in managing symptoms of a sizable list of health conditions. The uplifting, euphoric effects from a session with Lowryder can free up the minds of those who suffer the swirling thoughts of anxiety and low moods of depression. The mild CBD levels and part indica genetics also contribute to a body soothing stone that instills deep relaxation. This tension-relieving quality may work to reduce muscle spasms and pain. Those who struggle with inflammatory conditions like arthritis or migraines also often find relief with this uplifting, zesty herb. The effects tend to culminate in deep sleepiness which makes it a suitable option for folks with sleep disturbances like insomnia. As your eyelids become heavy, deep, rejuvenating sleep will be nearly impossible to resist. The best part is, all this medical potential comes with few risks. Often the most discomfort users experience is dry mouth and itchy eyes, which can be assuaged with drinking water and applying eye drops!

Low Rider Strain Review

Low Rider Auto Fem is a mix of the tasty William’s Wonder, the notorious Northern Lights #2, and a hardy Mexican ruderalis. This well-balanced hybrid cultivar carries a mild THC content of around fourteen percent. Although still powerful, it will not knock the socks off a newbie or aggravate a THC sensitivity. This combined with modest levels of 0.2% CBD creates an herb with both recreational and medicinal value. The stone starts with energy and euphoria, climaxes with a focused and relaxed mind, and wraps up with deep sedation that will send you off to bed beautifully. This wonderful high is delivered on pastel green buds that taste like sour citrus and sweet pine. It can help manage various psychological and physical discomforts or can simply be used to elevate the mood of anyone who needs a boost! While this herb will grow well indoors, out in the garden, or safe in the greenhouse, it always thrives in temperate, sunny, and cool climatic conditions. This versatility, paired with the natural resilience that comes from the addition of ruderalis genetics, makes this an ideal strain choice for any home grow operation. Your flowers will become ready for collection somewhere between eight and ten weeks and should be harvested before the outdoor temperatures drop too low and put your plants at risk. The yields of these magnificent, first-rate buds are moderate and can be easily cultivated by a brand-new grower. You can expect around two ounces per square meter indoors and two to three ounces per plant in the garden.

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In this technological day and age, it is possible to have nearly anything you desire dropped at your doorstep without even needing to get out of bed. If you are shopping for marijuana seeds, why not save yourself the time it takes to travel to the store and avoid long lines and lame conversations with strangers. With Weed Seeds, you can pay for your weed from your device in the comfort of your home. Weed Seeds provides a simple and safe virtual shopping experience. We have an impressive collection of seeds and we have divided them up into categories to help minimize your shopping time. We include a list of noteworthy traits for each seed option to assist you in finding a strain that will meet all of your needs, whether it be a suitable choice to match your growing experience or an herb that has the flavor profile you long for. If you have decided you want certain seeds, simply click on them to add them to your virtual cart. Once you have made all your selections and are ready to purchase, you can make a payment using one of our secure options. We accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. You have the option to pay with a credit card or give us a call and we can assist you in processing Venmo, Zelle, or debit. After that, all that you have left to do is wait. We deliver promptly in unmarked packages to protect your privacy. We even provide a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your seeds as they make their way to your home!

How to Germinate Lowryder Auto Fem Seeds

Low Ryder seeds from Weed Seeds are guaranteed to sprout, thanks to our careful storage practices and quality of seed care. Like with any other seed, a combination of optimal temperatures, humidity content, oxygen levels, and time collide to assist a seedling to burst from its shell, often after it has lain dormant for some time. There are a few popular methods that are commonly used to encourage this process, with the most well-loved being the paper towel technique. You start this procedure by laying a damp paper towel on top of a dinner plate. Scatter your seeds out about an inch apart on the towel and then cover them with a second. Put a second plate lip down on top to create a lid. This container will hold the moisture content and assist your plants in burgeoning in a day or two. This is a free method that provides consistent, desirable results. If, however, you are concerned about damaging these delicate taproots while transplanting them into the soil in which they will mature into the budding beauties, you may wish to try the soil cube. With this tool, you can press the seed directly into the damp soil and wait for it to sprout. Once the plant has made an appearance, you can transport the entire unit to the garden or the pot in the indoor space where it will live out the rest of its life.

Is Lowrider Strain Easy To Grow?

The plant born from Lowryder seeds is considered easy – moderate to grow. It is a popular option for brand new and experienced growers alike, as it has a built-in resilience to pests, diseases, and mold and thrives with basic care. The fruits of your labor are impressive. Beautiful light green buds with orange pistils coated in sticky, sparkling resin will grace the grow space. At this stage of the game, your nostrils will be overwhelmed with the scents of citrus and spice, thanks to the rich terpenes held in this glistening layer. These plants will flourish in indoor or outdoor grow spaces as long as they are warm! Temperatures between seventy and eighty degrees Fahrenheit will suit them perfectly, especially when paired with a humidity content between fifty-five and sixty percent. Providing adequate airflow will keep them healthy so take your time to prune away the excess foliage. The Sea of Green (SOG) method can be used to boost the production of these gorgeous plants as well. Spread the canopy so light and air can wash over the lower branches and assist in the production of more healthy bud sites and buds. While eight hours of light per day is plenty, bumping it up to twelve or more hours can elevate their health and production. No changes need to be made to the light environment to encourage flowering, and these hardy plants can brace the buds without added support like cages. Make sure to collect your buds in their eighth week to capture the highest potency and richest flavors.

Lowryder Seed Bank

Weed Seeds is a virtual seed bank with more than 500 different seed options. All of our seeds are of the same exceptional quality and can be purchased from the comfort of your home. While Lowryder is a powerful strain with many alluring traits, you may wish to either keep browsing to expand the variety of herbs in your homegrown stash or opt for another option altogether. Our site is a breeze to navigate, as you can limit your search by clicking into specific categories. Whether you are interested in regular seeds for a hefty seed harvest, or feminized seeds to ensure a large yield of smokable buds, we have you covered. We also provide photoperiod seeds that take a little longer to flower but produce generous terpene profiles and amazing effects. We offer auto-flowering strains that are hardy, resilient, and flower automatically. There are indoor and outdoor seeds that will thrive in their respective environments and beginner seeds with simple growth requirements which cater beautifully to novice growers. Our impressive collection also includes a wide array of indicas for unwinding at the end of a busy day. Our sativas are an excellent choice for getting you up and moving in the morning and our balanced hybrids carry qualities from both extremes. We have 420 seeds that are known for producing the best nugs possible for a session and 710 seeds that offer some resin-rich beauties ideal for extraction. With all of these options and more, you are sure to find a plant that will meet your expectations.

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Now that you have a pretty good idea about the many benefits of adding this herb into your home grow and having its delicious nugs readily on hand, you probably cannot wait to get on with buying the seeds to get the journey started! Ordering online through Weed Seeds is a simple process made easier by our exceptional customer support. While you can simply sift through our selection, pay, and have your seeds delivered to your door without speaking to anyone, you also have the invitation to get in touch with one of our passionate team members for assistance. Sometimes it can be hard to choose from the long list of seed options, or you may struggle with the virtual shopping experience or simply wish to clarify something, in which case you can speak to our team via our online contact form. There is also the option to give us a call at Call US or schedule a time when it would be convenient for you to have us call you. Our goal is to make your cultivation experience a pleasant one, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns. We can assist you in ordering over the phone as well if you prefer to divulge your personal information to a real person. You would be hard-pressed to find a company that brings you superior pot seeds as well as lots of valuable support, and Weed Seeds prides itself on offering both!

Learn to Grow Lowryder Autoflower Female

Growing Auto Lowryder Fem strain from Weed Seeds is a pleasure and offers big rewards. Because this weed is the OG of autoflowering seeds, it does not require any external cues to begin the flowering process. These plants do not grow over a foot tall and can thrive in many locations. You want to keep them in a sunny location when growing outdoors. For beginner cultivators, these marijuana plants can be a great strain to get started with. They are easy to grow whether they are planted indoors or outdoors. Creating a suitable space to grow indoors does not have to be difficult. Your space can be a closet, tent, cabinet, spare room, or a windowsill. Since this plant does grow quick, it does not produce as many buds compared to big sativa plants. Planting many seeds at a time will increase your end yield and help you produce more weed quicker.

Past cultivators have discovered that the Sea of Green (SOG) method is a smashing success when it comes to this strain. This is the process where you cultivate many plants and grow for a short period of time. It only takes a short 5 weeks to get a crop and this means you can start new crops right away making for a rewarding process. After 5weeks, you will be ready to cure and dry 0.16 ounces per plant.

When growing this strain outdoors in a sunny and warm location, you will end up with bigger yields per plant than indoors. By producing 2-3 ounces per plant, the flowering process is a short 60 days making you be able to have multiple crops during the year. Be wary of the weather as it is a tough plant but will not survive if there is frost such as in the northern hemisphere. That being said, it can withstand some pretty severe weather changes making it a perfect seed for beginner growers and people living in uncertain weather locations. This strain is a fast flowering, easy to grow marijuana, and is not sensitive to rougher conditions. It produces a good product for the small plant that it is and offers a great high in return. When you are ready to order this strain to your front door, head over to Weed Seeds to get the ganja seeds of your dreams as soon as possible.

Harvesting Lowryder Auto Fem Strain

Most autoflowering seeds have a shorter flowering process and with Auto Lowryder Fem strain seeds it is the same case. This plant does not need a lot of extra attention, just basic trimming and pruning to prevent moisture from building up. Following a short flowering period of 8-10 weeks, you can harvest these plants all year long as long as they do not hit frost.

Medicinal Application For Lowrider Autoflower Feminized

Far too few people are aware of the potential medicinal uses of this many-sided herb. More than just being famous for being the grandaddy autoflowering seed, Auto Lowrider Fem is also known for its medical benefits. It is helpful for people dealing with psychological battles by uplifting their mood. For conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress, this weed will help release the negative thoughts and replace them with uplifting ones. Since the weed is a 50/50 hybrid, the sativa takes over just as much as the indica, helping recreation and medical users stay focused while having a few tokes for the other benefits. For patients with ADD, ADHD, and hyperactivity this weed can help you relax your mind and body by putting your go-go mind into chill mode. Those pains and aches can take a toll on a person’s day, making it drag along while the pain gets worse. After a sesh of this marijuana, the pain will ease. It can assist with migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more by helping users go about their daily life pain-free. Patients undergoing chemotherapy can use this weed to help them get an appetite and stay away from being nauseous or vomiting.

Alone with smoking most marijuana, it can come with some unwanted side effects if not consumed with caution. Red eyes and cottonmouth are typically common after smoking some ganja. To avoid and ease these mild inconveniences, enjoy a refreshing drink and stay hydrated during your session. For first time smokers, take in small doses to make sure you do not get overwhelmed. Anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia are possible when smoked in high doses, so be cautious about the amount you intake.

Flavours, Fragrance, and Effects

The odor has been known to hold a variety of scents when it comes to each plant. Some plants smell like a fresh pine tree in the forest, while others have more of a flowery freshness. People have described it as the smell of Christmas making it very appetizing. After breaking apart the nugs as you prepare to get your high on, your senses will be hit with a citrusy scent that you will not miss. The flavor is not far off from the aroma it gives off, as the second it touches your mouth you will be speechless from the overwhelming delicious flavor. Smoother than your morning tea and honey, it will flow down your throat giving you a sensational feeling. Along with the lemony flavors, it has other notes such as pine to be detected as well making for an enjoyable smoke sesh. As smoke floods your mouth you will taste a lemony dessert tart that will have your tastebuds craving another.

With THC levels reaching up to 14-20% the effects give off a cerebral buzz. The high will hit you slowly making it a perfect strain for people who can get overwhelmed. Recreation users find the high to be upbeat and creative giving them the energy to go about their day. Typically, it’s best to start your sesh in small doses to let the effects take place comfortably. A few minutes after your first toke you will slowly feel the sensations creeping down your spine. While the stress-free vibes start to take over your body, the head cloud will not be an issue when smoking this weed. The high will keep you focused and alert enough to go about your daily activities. Be ready for the slumber punch to hit you after a few hours of an uplifting high. Since this weed is a 50/50 hybrid, it offers a balanced body and mental high.

Buy Wholesale Lowryder Auto Feminized Online

Ordering your cannabis seeds has never been more convenient than it is with Weed Seeds online seed bank. When looking for the perfect marijuana seeds such as Auto Lowryder Fem at Weed Seeds, experience the convenience of having them delivered right to your front door. Our user friendly website makes online shopping as stressless as can. Our seeds come with a germination guarantee, so you know your seeds are coming from a trusted location and will thrive with basic TLC. Auto Lowryder Fem is perfect for beginner growers looking to get started with a dank seed that will flower automatically. With most things, the more you buy the cheaper they get. Choosing Weed Seeds for your online seed bank means ordering will be quick and easy making your job smooth as cutting a pie. The excitement starts when you open up our catalog and start looking at all the delicious strains we have to offer.

Lowryder Auto Feminized Wholesale Seeds

This strain is known for being the OG autoflowering seed, and for that reason alone you should want to give it a shot! When you are ready to order these dank 420 seeds head to Weed Seeds online seed bank to get the most potent seeds around. With a germination guarantee, you can be sure the seeds will flower and thrive to their potential. Our shipping and handling are quick and convenient making your search for the best cannabis seeds over. By having a huge selection of dank weed seeds available at all times, we try and please all of our customers. Weed Seeds offers high-quality with unreal genetics.

Lowryder Autoflower Fem Seeds Online

Ordering weed seeds online is becoming the new norm nowadays, as going to a big-time dispensary can be a long shot for the strong genetic strains. The options are limited when it comes to your local dispensaries as they only have so much in stock. You can not be sure how long the seeds have been sitting there or how many times they have been handled which could affect the overall viability of the seeds. When you order online from Weed Seeds, you can see our huge variety of different 420 seeds. With our germination guarantee and super strong genetics, we make buying ganja seeds as easy as can be. With quick shipping and handling, we can have your seeds delivered in just weeks. It can be overwhelming with the whole process of ordering the perfect weed seeds, but our user-friendly website and staff make the whole process convenient as can be.

Similar Strain Seeds For Sale in the USA

If you are looking for strains with similarities to Auto Lowryder Fem strain, look no further as Weed Seeds has a huge variety of potent seeds to offer. One would be Blueberry Auto Fem that has unreal berry flavors. This weed has been a blessing to the medical marijuana world as it helps ease anxiety, depression, migraines, stress, and therefore is able to help people feel at peace for hours.

Another super dank indica dominant strain would be Critical Fast Bud Auto Fem to give your hand at. Be prepared to be put into a sedative state after having a sesh of this weed as the effects will have you relaxed to the max. The flavors are sweet like your morning honey tea, making it a delightful smoke all around.

Most people in the cannabis world have heard of this strain as it’s been super popular since the day it was created. A sativa dominant with stellar THC levels of 25%, Bruce Banner Auto Fem can grow up to 500 grams of the dankest weed around. Giving off giddy and uplifting effects, this strain has made a name for itself in the marijuana game.

Gelato Auto Fem is a great strain for anyone to grow whether you are a beginner or a pro. For medical marijuana users, this weed helps ease muscle spasms, depression, stress, and much more.

Impressing cannabis users for decades, Northern Light Auto Fem from Weed Seeds will have