Lemon Skunk Seeds

After they’ve been dried and cured, the strong lemon aromas you’ll find on these buds will make them irresistible. The tangy citrus flavors and notes of pine and skunk signify that you’re in for a fantastic smoke. They provide very high potency levels of up to 20%, giving the smoker a strong set of effects. Enormous yields of up to 850 grams per square meter can be achieved with only basic care. Purchasing the Weed Seeds Lemon Skunk seeds will secure you with some of the finest tasting, most famous weed in all of cannabis history.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 19%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield750-850g m/2
Outdoor Yield750-850g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
EffectsRelaxing, Body
Aromas & FlavorsCitrus, Fruity, Lemon
TerpenesAlpha Pinene, Limonene, Terpinolene, Beta Caryophyllene, Beta Phellandrene, Camphene, Linalool, Humele, Beta Farnesene, Alpha Bisabolol

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It’s no secret that Lemons Skunk plants do one thing particularly well, and that is their flavor. The outstanding lemon flavors are all thanks to a huge concentration of limonene, one of the strongest citrus flavored terpenes in cannabis. This gives the buds of these plants potent and fragrant flavors of sweet citrus, lemon or lime zest, and notes such as skunk, pine, cedar and herbs. Just the smell of the buds can put you in a better mood, and if that doesn’t work then lighting them up certainly will. With a very high potency of anywhere between 15-19% THC, you will feel the effects of this weed fast and strong. It will provide a largely heady and psychoactive high for the first while of your session, with a full-body relaxing sensation later on as the THC begins to dissipate. CBD levels are only around < 2%, which will provide some limited therapeutic ability. The yields are always massive and can sometimes leave you with more weed than you know what to do with. If you grow Lemon Skunk seeds indoors, your plants can leave you with up to 750-850g/m2. Growing them outdoors will give them stronger natural sunlight and can lead to much larger gains of up to 750-850g per plant. As they are photoperiod seeds, you must keep track of your plants as they grow and manually begin the flowering period if you are growing under artificial lights. You can buy Lemons Skunk in our always popular 120 Seed Any Strains Mixed Pack to get the opportunity to grow this famous strain alongside many others. This will provide you with more than enough cheap seeds for a growing season at a reduced cost, making for very high returns per seed.

How to Germinate Lemon Skunk Photo Fem Seeds

In order to start growing your Lemon Skunk seeds, you’ll first have to germinate them. It’s typically not a good idea to plant your cannabis seeds without germinating them first, as germination will give them a much easier start to the very first parts of their life cycles. Seeds can have a significantly lower rate of germination if they are not germinated using a reliable method. The method that we’ve chosen for Lemon Skunk seeds is the paper towel method, and it’s one of the most common and dependable methods out there. You only need to have some paper towel, some water and a surface that you can use to keep your seeds on. This can be a dinner plate or a tray, anything that’s flat and can be covered. To start, dampen a couple pieces of paper towel and place them onto your surface. Keep your seeds in the package until you are ready to germinate them, and at this step, you can move your seeds directly from the package to the paper towel. After this, you can dampen another few pieces of paper towel and lay them on top of the seeds. You can then cover them with a large bowl or other cover, as long as they are in full darkness. When this is done, your seeds will begin germinating and you can plant them in the next seven to ten days. During this time, you should check your seeds once every day or two to ensure that the paper towels are still moist. If your seeds dry out, it’s unlikely they will be able to sprout their roots. Luckily when they are still seeds, all they need is water, so it’s easy to make sure they sprout.

Growing Lemons Skunk From Seed From Seed At Home

Growing Lemon Skunk seeds is very easy and won’t pose many difficulties for any grower. This is a strain that’s perfectly accessible by beginners, so even if it’s your first time growing, you can cultivate these seeds. The classic strain has fantastic genetics that will allow it to grow either indoors or outdoors with relative ease. If growing indoors, you will have more control over the growing environment that your plants are developing in. If growing outdoors, you may experience better yields, as plants usually have more room and natural sunlight to grow. However, plants outside will be exposed to environmental threats, where plants being grown indoors will be protected from bad weather. Whatever method you choose, try to make sure that your plants have at least eighteen hours of light per day. If you are indoor growing your weed, you will have to adjust the lighting hours of your plants when you have determined that it is time for them to start flowering. Photoperiod plants will do this automatically if being grown outside with natural light, though you may want to supplement them with artificial lights temporarily. You should keep your plants in temperatures of at least 68 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This strain can do better in a wider range of environments, so experiment with the temperature. Higher temperatures will typically create better growth if the plant can handle it, so you should test and see what your pot plants are happy with. Humidity should be kept at regular levels of about 45% to 55%. This will help your plants retain moisture, keeping them more fully functioning and lessening stress on their system because of having to move water. This will also stop mold from growing which is typical of higher humidity plants.

Flowering Time For Skunk Lemon Feminized

Because our Skunk Lemon feminized seeds are photoperiod seeds, you will have to do some extra maintenance to get your plants to come to fruition. At a certain point during their vegetative growth, you will have to reduce the amount of light they are receiving. This will tell your plants that the season is changing and that it is time to start growing buds to reproduce. If growing these seeds under artificial lighting, you will need to change the timer so that they are receiving about twelve hours per day in order for the plants to begin their flowering stage. Of course, if you are growing in natural lighting, your plants will autonomously follow the pattern of the sun and you will not need to do this. When you’ve begun the flowering stage, this strain will take about 8-10 weeks to reach full maturity. All plants and grows are different, so it’s up to you to decide exactly when they should be harvested. Your plants will give you signs that they are ready to be harvested that you should look out for during the flowering phase. Some of these clues include the appearance of trichomes. These are the tiny, crystalline shapes covering the buds when they begin to reach maturity. If you see them beginning to turn a solid white color, the trichomes have reached their peak potency, and they should be harvested very soon. If you don’t harvest during this time, the trichomes will begin to turn amber, which means that the potency is beginning to decline with age. Harvesting your plants and immediately preparing them for drying and curing will help preserve both the potency and the flavors before they wear down into a less effective state.

What Makes Skunk Lemons Strain Popular?

Skunk Lemon weed is no new player in the cannabis industry. It’s been around for a long time, and it continues to impress both old and new smokers with its magnificent flavor and high potency. It was first created using two specific phenotypes of Skunk, although nobody is really sure what exactly the identity of the parent strains are. This classic strain first became popular because of its astounding flavors of lemons and other citrus fruits, as well as some sweet fruits and pine. The strain was one of the first widely known strains that popularized the lemon taste in cannabis, and after this was when numerous famous strains popped up featuring a distinct lemon flavor. Lemon Skunk is even one of the parents of many of those strains, which show just how beloved this variety is to the cannabis community. While the taste is incredible, the effects are just as enjoyable, and this is the reason why others love these seeds. The potency is relatively high at levels of up to 22%, making for strong and heady effects. The hybrid genetics are rather balanced between both of the major subspecies, sativa and indica, so there’s sensations lending from a bit of both in the mix. The bud of these seeds will give you a strong cerebral sensation when they are first smoked with an energizing euphoria. Some say that this feeling can lead to a bit of introspection of the self for the time being. After this, you’ll feel waves of relaxation running through your body, loosening the muscles and joints. This makes for a fairly strong body stone that many medicinal users have said helps to relieve significant pain. Additionally, Lemon Skunk has won countless awards throughout the years from various different cups and exhibitions for its outstanding genetics.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Lemon Skunk Photo Fem

You can’t mention anything about Lemon Skunk marijuana seeds without first talking about the flavor. This was one of the first mainstream lemon flavor weeds, and it’s so vivid that some relate it to smoking on a glass of iced lemonade. This is a variety that sweet tooth smokers will love, as the sweet and fruity citrus flavors will be tasted strongly on the tongue as you smoke it. The terpenes are what cause this lucid flavor profile, and limonene is one of the star terpenes of this strain. Limonene can be found in the peels and rinds of every citrus fruit as well as the barks of the trees they grow on. It occurs in many different places in nature, and as you may have guessed it smells exactly like citrus or lemons. This variety has a very high concentration of lemon terpenes, but there are some others that help to further enhance the flavor. Terpenes like linalool or beta phellandrene have a less specific flavor, and they may serve to enhance the current flavors rather than provide a specific note to the mix. This is also true of terpenes such as beta farnesene, which is also present in this variety. Alpha pinene is a fan favorite, and this terpene adds a distinct flavor of pine or cedar, as the bark of those trees is where this compound can usually be found. Other terpenes may have more earthy flavors, like terpinolene and camphene. These terpenes, as well as humele, are present in many grassy plants such as cannabis, sage, hops or lemongrass. They add a distinctly natural quality to the weed like earth or herbs. Finally, beta caryophyllene and alpha bisabolol provide a more specific and spicy flavor to their host. These terpenes can often be found in apples, ginger or cumin.

Effects of Lemons Skunk Feminized

The effects that this bud will provide to you are some of the best parts of both indica and sativa strains. This is a very balanced strain, so you’ll get an overall enjoyable, drifting experience without any severe couch locking from the indica or the paranoia and rushing from sativa. The potency is very high, however, so unless you’re already familiar with weed you should consume with caution, as getting too high typically isn’t fun for anybody. As you begin to smoke, you’ll feel a potent uplifting euphoria once the THC begins to go to work. This can give you that signature drifting feeling for a while after your first few hits, as the high THC will take a little while to start coming down from. After this, you can expect a strong sense of happiness and invigoration once you’ve settled in and started to relax. A little while after you’ve begun your session, a lot of the focus will come more to the body. This strain is known for inducing a strong body high later on after smoking, which can cause some smokers a bit of couch locking. If you’re familiar with your weed, this bud has little likelihood of causing much drowsiness. This doesn’t stop some smokers from using it purely as a nighttime strain simply because of its profoundly relaxing effects. If you’re not strongly affected by sativa strains, the tingling body high may make it much easier for you to get some rest. This is one of the rare strains that can truly be enjoyed at nearly any time of the day to much the same effect. It can be brought to a late night party or on an early morning road trip and it will still be highly enjoyable all the same.

Overview of Skunk Lemon Photo Fem Stats

Because of such amazing genetics, Skunk Lemons is simply one of those strains that does everything great. The statistics for this variety is fantastic, from the potency and the yields all the way down to the strength of the aroma and the flowering time. The potency of these plants are always very high at levels of 22%, which can qualify this variety as a chronic strain. Despite the high levels of THC, the CBD levels are much lower at only around 2%. The moderate CBD makes this strain a better pick for mentally numbing pain rather than helping cure it and leave you to go about your day. In spite of this fact, many medicinal users still rely on Lemon Skunk as the effects and even just the aromas can lift any mood, a benefit which can help relieve pain on its own. The yields are absolutely fantastic and will typically be easily achieved growing these seeds both inside or outside. If you choose to grow them indoors, you can expect a harvest of up to 750 grams to 850 grams per square meter. If instead you grow them outdoors, a much higher amount of 750 grams to 850 grams per plant can be harvested. As many consider a square meter to be about nine plants, the outdoor yield is significantly higher than the indoor yield. These massive yields will provide growers of any production size with enough weed to last them for the rest of the year and into the next growing season. If you’d like to try Lemon Skunk along with other superstar strains, you can purchase our 120 Seed Any Strains Mixed Pack to get a taste of many of the strains that are featured in our catalog.

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    Super sweet and sour indica for anyone that wants to still function lol Killed it in the grow space and now its time to kick back.

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Lemon Skunk Seeds

After they’ve been dried and cured, the strong lemon aromas you’ll find on these buds will make them irresistible. The tangy citrus flavors and notes of pine and skunk signify that you’re in for a fantastic smoke. They provide very high potency levels of up to 20%, giving the smoker a strong set of effects. Enormous yields of up to 850 grams per square meter can be achieved with only basic care. Purchasing the Weed Seeds Lemon Skunk seeds will secure you with some of the finest tasting, most famous weed in all of cannabis history.

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