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When life hands you lemons, go smoke some Lemon Pie. The sweet succulent sativa will get you lifted and gifted with a sense of euphoria and appreciation for life’s simple wonders. Some inexperienced smokers who venture into an extended bong session may catch themselves gazing out the window and daydreaming at the clouds for hours. Others may feel more of a kick from the lemon zest that gets them off the couch and rocking out some tunes or passionate lovemaking. When you are turning to cannabis for elevating your experiences, this Lemon Pie strain can be a nice accompaniment. Buy Lemon Pie Photo Reg seeds right here at Weed Seeds USA for some seriously strong seeds that will give you voluptuous yields of nice thick and stinky buds. The earthy and pungent skunky smell masked with a citrus splash is perfectly paired for your indoor grow room or outdoor garden.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 18%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield600g per plant
Flower Time10-12 weeks
Wellness BenefitsLack of Appetite, Muscle Spasms
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Diesel, Lemon, Orange, Pungent, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesOcimene, Caryophyllene, Limonene

Lemon Pie Marijuana Seeds For Sale USA

Lemon Pie Photo Reg is a tasty splash of sativa fun that will have your lips puckered and your heart singing for joy. Not everyone is interested or qualified to grow regular seeds because they take a few extra steps when growing. Primarily, it is the appearance of male plants that Lemon Pie growers need to be aware of. If you want great triple-A buds that reach 18% THC and 1% CBD, you absolutely need to keep males out of your crop. The pollen that males release can travel hundreds of yards to pollinate females, creating seedy buds that are not ideal for smoking. When you see small banana-shaped protrusions appearing near the plant’s nodes, you need to cull those bad boys as soon as possible. Some growers look for males so they can breed and create their own hybrid seeds and they turn to Regular Seeds since they give a 50/50 chance of male or female flowers. You can buy Male Lemon Pie online from Weed Seeds and safely get your hands on stellar genetics.

Lemon Pie Photo Reg Seeds For Sale

If you have tried to purchase a lemon strain from a cannabis dispensary, like Lemon Kush or Lemon Haze, you may be out of luck. These strains are so popular, they fly off the shelves. Why not create your own home grown citrusy paradise with this incredible strain of cannabis that you can grow from seed yourself? Not everyone loves the taste of pungent cheese or skunk cabbage when consuming their pot so the lemon-infused strains offer a nice alternative for those with a fruity inclination. When you buy Lemon Pie Photo Reg seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds you not only get superior genes, you support American seed breeders who have a high standard for quality and proper handling.

Growing Lemon Pie From Seed

Photoperiod strains, unlike auto-flowering strains, rely on a prescribed light cycle to grow. Seeds like warm, damp, and dark environments to germinate, simulating the underground in springtime. Once germinated, your plant will want as much light and nitrogen as possible to encourage a boom in vegetative growth. When you want them to flower, photoperiod plants will need a daylight cycle no longer than 12 hours, which for outdoor growers in the US occurs around the third week of September. If you plan to grow this lemon beauty outdoors, expect to harvest around 600 grams, or roughly 21 ounces, per plant. If you plant an average of 4 plants per square meter and use some mild pruning to train your plants right, you should get at least 500 grams per square meter. Make sure to plant your seeds indoors for 1-2 weeks after you germinate them in a moist paper towel. This ensures you have the best chance for success. For an option that doesn’t require a special light cycle treatment, try the close relative, Auto Lemon Haze Fem which can flower on its own in any light.

Is Lemon Pie Photoperiod Regular Easy To Grow At Home?

This weed plant, like all others, grows vigorously if given the right basic ingredients. If you use homemade organic compost in your home garden, this strain should thrive and give you bountiful results. For a hybrid-sativa leaning plant, the flowering time is average. If you want to make the process one step easier, you can opt for Original Lemon Pie Photo Fem seeds which have a different growing schedule but are 100% feminized.

What Makes Regular Lemon Pie Strain Popular?

With a name like Lemon Pie, this strain is hard to resist. The terpene limonene contributes to the delicious citrus flavor in these sativa plants. The lemony scent usually points to some kind of a tropical lineage and when your parents hail from far away lands with swaying palm trees, what’s not to like. These Lemon Pie Plants are no exception to the rule, having descended from Amnesia Haze which has Thai, Jamaican, and Hawaiian ancestors, and Skunk #1 which contains some Acapulco Gold and Mexican landrace genes. This strain is enjoyed primarily for its fruity taste and fun social-inspiring high. The Lemonade Pie seed has a huge retail value and will impress consumers both recreational and medicinal. You can feel it’s high quite quickly as a beginner, and experienced smokers still enjoy the strength of this strain, without getting so high that they feel completely burnt out and useless.

Wellness Application of Lemonade Pie Regular

For medical patients who need to loosen up some muscle spasms or mental blockages throughout the day, this zesty upper is a ticket to success. Free your body from pain with the indica influence of Afghan Kush and keep your possessive attitude moving forward, with no burnout or couchlock. This strain is appropriate for those new to a home grow or an experienced grow operation that targets medically relevant strains for American’s who need the best. After a session with this strain, the munchies will creep up which can be beneficial for those who struggle with a lack of appetite.

Effects of Lemonade Pie

Instantly, users will typically feel a fuzzy glow behind their eyes and nasal cavity which signifies awakening of your third eye and your creative epicenters. Beyond the first few minutes of blissful numbness, you may get a more focused buzz of energy geared toward perfecting an existing task or trying something completely new and different. For an all around uplifting, energizing, and creative strain, you can buy some Lemon Pie now and grow from seed to have your own buds in a matter of weeks.

Fragrances of Lemon Pie Bud

Although the home grow will certainly have more of a lemony scent to it, your neighbors will sniff out the fact that there is cannabis on-site. Other than the highly detectable limonene in this strain, there are some other fragrant terpenes. Ocimene is sweet and woody, and caryophyllene gives a spicy and peppery kick. The Lemon Pie bud can satisfy a lot of 420 consumers just based on the aroma since an enjoyable smell is a good indication that the strain is a good match for your biology. You can check out our 710 catalog where we have some stellar High THC% Seeds with a further-reaching cannabinoid range, but honestly this Shiela packs a wallop, so watch out and enjoy responsibly.

Flavors of Big Lemon Pie

If you were to fashion a medicated Lemon Meringue pie you may come close to the mix of sweet citrus and pungent diesel that is typical of this strain. Experienced palates can detect a twist of orange and spice, in addition to the dominant lemon flavor. If you are really stuck on the taste description of this strain but require something with a little more indica, consider either Lemon Kush Photo Fem, or Lemon Garlic Photo Fem which have a sweet citrus, diesel, lemon, orange, and spicy pungency.

Microview of Lemon Pie Strain Seeds

You can smell this plant from several yards away! The inviting essence keeps drawing you nearer until you are almost inhaling the buds right up your nostrils. This ranks among some of the most delicious marijuana you could possibly fathom, with crystal-covered buds worthy of any weed magazine cover shot. When good ganja is on your shopping list, buy Lemon Pie Photo Reg seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds and check that one off right away.

Buy Lemon Pie Strain Seeds Online in the USA

If you are like most chronic smokers, you are likely baked reading this and not in any shape to jump in your car and go shopping for seeds at your local pot shop. Who knows if the state you live in even carries cannabis seeds, let alone specific strains like Lemon Pie. You may come across a few mainstream Hybrid Seeds, but if you want to have something specialized and guaranteed fresh, why not just buy Male Lemon Pie Bud online from Weed Seeds USA and satisfy your urge to grow beautiful weed.

Lemon Pie Photo Reg Bulk Seeds

The desire to grow from seed may start small, like a windowsill project, but before you know it you’ve caught the bug and have applied for a 600-800 plant medical license to grow. Now that more and more states are becoming lenient with their weed legislation, there is an increased demand for clean, legally grown cannabis ready for the retail shelves. Once you are set up and ready to grow in bulk, we can hook you up with all of the wholesale seeds you need. We offer excellent rates and top-notch customer service.

Grow Lemon Pie Strain Seeds

To grow or not to grow is the first question, and then the flavor or strain you choose is entirely up to you. The modern grow op needs something recognizable, but not too mainstream to stay ahead of the game. With a solid sativa hybrid like Lemon Pie, you can really satisfy a wide gambit of smoker’s tastes, except for the hardcore indica crowd who needs something a lot sleepier. Buy Lemon Pie Regular online from Weed Seeds and get a kickstart on your competition with this year’s harvests. With the right nutrients and proper watering, your plants will thrive and you will see the wonders of this fresh and bright cannabis plant unfold before your red eyes. Give a little gentle training, like some Screen of Green (ScrOG) pruning, and your harvest will multiply by up to double. A ScrOG grow is suitable for small stealth grows.

Lemon Pie Seed Bank

When cannabis seeds are stored in retail environments, they aren’t always given the care that they deserve. A cool, dark environment like the back of your fridge in an airtight container is really the best place for them, ensuring they stay fresh and active for years. When you are supplying for busy grow ops, you need to stay on top of proper storage and handling to ensure a quality product gets through to the customer. Our service is legendary, and whether you order 10 Lemon Pie seeds or 1,000 Legend OG Photo Fem seeds, we treat each customer’s order like they are a platinum card member at our elite seed bank. Orders are often shipped for free if you meet our minimum cut off requirements.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Regular Lemon Pie Strain Seeds

Cultivating Lemon Pie Photo Reg is a rewarding challenge and is perfect for the novice level grower who loves their sativa strains. Growing regular seeds used to be considered old-fashioned but it is making a retro comeback as people expand on the homesteading trend to be entirely self-sufficient. You can buy Lemon Pie Photoperiod Regular online and keep your own stock of amazing cannabis bud on hand for smoking, vaping, or cooking with. Grow operations across the US are invited to order directly by email or through a telephone order placed by calling Call USBuy chronic seed from Weed Seeds USA and get a sense of relief by supporting your local cannabis economy.

Lemon Pie Marijuana Seeds For Sale USA

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  6. K. Fletchar

    I’m about half way through the grow and they are coming along nicely. It isn’t time for flowering yet but they are getting tall. Started 10 seeds, 4 turned male. I’m happy with the male to female ratio

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