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If an incredibly tasty, potent and invigorating sativa hybrid is what you need, Weed Seeds has the strain for you, and it’s called Lemon Haze fast photo fem. These seeds boast THC levels of up to 18% or more, making a potent smoke for any regular stoner. The yields are impressive at least and enormous at best, with rates of up to 500g/m2 when being grown indoors and up to 100-150g per plant when growing outdoors. Purchase Lemon Haze seeds today with Weed Seeds, and in less than a week you can begin growing your own weed full of THC and zesty citrus flavors.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 18%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield500g m/2
Outdoor Yield100-150g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
EffectsEnergizing, Euphoric, Focus, Happiness, Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsCitrus, Diesel
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene

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There’s simply no reason not to love our Lemon Hase Fast feminized seeds. They do nearly everything well, and the amount of yield they will provide makes these seeds a superb value for your dollar. Significantly high THC levels of 16-18% will create effects that hit quickly and last for a while, and they can be increased further through taking good care of your plants. With a CBD level of only about < 1%, Lemon Haze cannabis might not be the best at numbing pain, but it certainly serves its purpose in lifting the mood. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD or bipolar disorder may find a huge relief in using this strain to significantly improve their outlook and ward off negative energy. Just a few hits from a good strain can help remind you of the simple joys in life and allow the brain to get some much needed relaxation. This variety is less likely to provide a couch locking effect and much more of an invigorating sensation, as the sativa genes jump start your neurons and give you a floating high that won’t bring you down. A full harvest of Lemon Haze pot seeds will give you much more than you’ll need at rates of up to 100 grams to 150 grams per plant that’s being grown outdoors. If you grow your seeds indoors, rates of up to 500 grams per square meter can be achieved quite easily. The feminization of these seeds will ensure that every plant you grow will be a highly productive female marijuana plant. If you just can’t make your mind up between varieties, buy Lemon Hase Fast in our always popular 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack to get the opportunity to try this strain and even some others at a reduced cost.

How to Germinate Lemon Haze Fast Photo Fem Seeds

Lemon Haze seeds will be just as easy as any other strain when it comes to germinating the seeds. This is a necessary step in the growing journey, as it gives your seeds a chance to sprout their roots before being planted. Doing this can help give them a bit of a head start when growing, where many seeds might fail if they are directly planted without being germinated first. It’s very easy to do right from home, and you only need a few things you have around your house to get it done. The first step is to get some paper towel and dampen a few pieces. You can lay them onto a surface like a tray or a dinner plate, and then place your seeds from the package onto the paper towel. The paper towel will act almost like artificial dirt, allowing your seeds to directly receive moisture, since they don’t yet have leaves or roots to do so. Place the seeds a few inches apart on the paper towel, then you can dampen a few more pieces and place them on top of the seeds. You then need to store them in complete darkness, which you can do by just covering the seeds with another surface. They must be stored somewhere with a regular temperature and humidity, such as a closet or pantry. Keep them there for anywhere between seven to ten days, where you should then see small white roots beginning to emerge out of the bottom of the shells. Make sure that the seeds stay moist throughout the whole process, as drying out may kill them. When you see the first roots appearing, the seeds have successfully germinated and are ready to be planted into your soil or other growing medium.

Growing Lemon Hase Fast From Seed From Seed At Home

With a relatively easy difficulty of growing, Fast Lemon Haze is simple for growers of all skill levels to cultivate. It offers a relaxed pace of growth and doesn’t require any significant attention or care. Making sure that it’s growing in the proper conditions and being fed the right amount of nutrients and minerals will be more than enough to keep these minimalist plants happy. So, if you consider yourself a novice grower, Lemon Haze is ready to take you along every step of the way. With these marijuana seeds, you may grow them either indoors or outdoors while still remaining completely viable. These seeds are rather hardy and will do well in most outdoor climates as long as it’s not abnormally hot or cold. Because of this trait, outdoor growing will almost always produce a bigger yield, as plants will become significantly larger with unconfined space and the presence of powerful natural light. Lemon Haze seeds prefer a significantly more humid climate, so humidity levels should ideally be between 55% and 70%. The ideal temperatures for your seeds to grow in will range between 72 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with the higher end creating slightly faster development. One thing you will have to do when the time comes is switching your plants from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase. Because of the photoperiod genetics of these seeds, they will not begin flowering on their own and will follow lighting patterns indicating a change in the season. Keep track of your plants’ age, and when you’ve determined it’s time to start flowering, change the lighting schedule to about twelve hours per day. If you’d like to try growing this strain alongside some others, you can always try our 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack to start growing a family of all different types.

Flowering Time For Fast Lemon Haze Feminized

Photoperiod cannabis plants can provide the grower with a bit of variation in the growing timeline, especially when it comes time to start flowering. These are not autoflowering seeds, so they won’t start budding whenever they so choose. This has to be done manually by the grower, through means of reducing lighting hours suddenly. Your photoperiod pot will determine this as a change in season, beginning the flowering stage so that they may reproduce. There’s no need for this to be done if you are growing your plants outside, as it’s only necessary if you are using artificial light. Outdoor plants will follow the patterns of the sun, beginning their flowering period when they have determined it’s time to do so. When your plants begin flowering, they will start fully developing all of the buds that you will soon harvest from your plants. With the task of switching your plants’ lighting hours in mind, the flowering period for Lemon Haze seeds is typically recognized to be only about 8-10 weeks. This is a bit shorter among all other cannabis strains and will give you a full harvest of weed before the growing season is over. Because these are all feminized seeds, there’s no need to worry about separating any males before the flowering phase starts. There will be no male seeds in these packages, as they will only contain female seeds that will produce large amounts of bud in record time. When you’ve decided that your plants are fully mature and ready to harvest, just chop them right from the bottom of the stalk. All you need to do after this is trim down the plants and hang them in a temperate room to dry for anywhere between seven to ten days.

What Makes Lemons Haze Fast Strain Popular?

Lemon Haze has become one of the most popular hybrid varieties in the cannabis community for a few different reasons. One of the biggest reasons why smokers adore these American seeds is because of their magnificent flavors. The sweet and tangy citrus flavors this weed gives off will make your mouth water before you’ve even harvested your plants. Lemon Haze plants are known for filling the entire room they’re growing in with the sweet flavors of lemon, herbs and spice, and they become even more potent and fragrant after you’ve dried and cured the buds. High amounts of terpenes such as limonene are what allows the strain to be directly compared to fresh lemons and oranges. The strain also has an admirable potency at levels of up to 18%, which will typically be enough for any recreational smoker to enjoy. Some genotypes can reach up to 20% or more, making it a viable option for those chronic smokers looking for something strong. The effects also give the smoker some of the most enjoyable aspects of a sativa hybrid. With this bud, you can experience an energizing euphoria, as well as a distinct focus that may help you complete an artistic project or get some things done around the house. For these reasons, Lemon Haze has been name-dropped countless times in movies, music and other media, becoming a bit of a cultural classic, and one of the strains that defined what good weed is. Because of its impressive statistics and the irreplaceable flavor profile, this strain has won numerous awards reaching as far back as 2008. Its accolades include five first place awards and several second-place awards throughout the years, cementing its reputation as one of the most recognizable strains in the industry.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Lemon Haze Fast Photo Fem

The tastes and aromas you will soon get out of your Lemons Haze Fast cannabis seeds are to die for. They’re everything that a sweet tooth smoker will be looking for, as you’ll find many notes of sweet citrus and fruit flavors, along with a noticeable diesel undertone. The earthy and gassy flavors help to balance out the sour citrus, giving this strain a flavor that will make you want to keep on puffing. In a cannabis bud, the terpenes are what create every strain’s unique flavors and smells. A terpene is a compound found in almost every part of nature, and they’re what make up many of the scents that you are already familiar with. For example, you already know what limonene is, even if you’ve never heard of it. This terpene is created inside the rinds and peels of citrus fruits, particularly lemons, oranges and limes. Lemon Haze marijuana plants also produce huge amounts of limonene in their buds, making them smell distinctly like fresh lemons. Caryophyllene is another very notable terpene, and it’s extremely common among pot plants. This terpene can be found in a range of different plants, spanning herbs and spices to crop plants. The scent of caryophyllene is present in oregano, black pepper, clove oil and basil. The terpene will give your weed a much more earthy, spicy and herbal flavor, and it’s often associated with that strong diesel smell that many strains possess. In other words, it will generally improve the complexity of the flavor profile and give your weed a more robust fragrance. If you’re chasing a fantastic flavor in your cannabis, make sure that optimal nutrients and minerals are provided to your plants as they grow, as these are the very ingredients that they are creating terpenes out of.

Effects of Lemon Hase Fast Feminized

Some of the biggest fans of Lemon Haze chronic love this weed because of the perfect effects it can bestow on the user. This strain exemplifies an outstanding hybrid – sativa, so it’s no wonder how it’s gone on to win so many awards throughout the years. When smoking on this bud, you’ll get some of the trademark sativa effects that are balanced out by mild indica genetics. After only a few hits, you’ll experience the strong euphoric sensation that any potent weed will give you. Thanks to the sativa genes, the first few minutes of your session will provide a highly energizing euphoria rather than the reeling heady high you might get from an indica dominant strain. Once you’ve rode the high for a little while, it will begin to come down into a more relaxing state. You’ll feel an overall intense sense of happiness throughout the experience, as the high THC uplifts your mood and improves your outlook. If you’re able to resist the high amounts of THC, the sativa in this strain may give you an increased sense of focus. This is a very common strain among those that need to relax and increase their creative energy, and it’s become a favorite among many creatives, artists and musicians. The invigorating feeling that this pot can give you makes it a fantastic option for a wake and bake or midday strain, as it’s unlikely to bring on any drowsiness as the stone begins to wear off. You can share it with friends to stimulate conversation and make everyone in your circle a bit more giggly. The lucid high will be amazing for taking out Lemon Haze for a day on the water, at the beach or for a weekend night out.

Overview of Fast Lemon Haze Photo Fem Stats

Part of what makes these cheap seeds such a magnificent value are the well-rounded statistics of the strain. They’re all things potent, tasty and highly productive, so they’re an awesome first choice for the novice grower. It’s popular among experienced growers too. The THC levels are substantially high at levels of 18% or more, which can always be improved further by properly nourishing your plants. This rate can also be boosted through doing a proper drying and curing process, helping to further develop the THC and terpenes. The CBD is relatively low compared to the high THC, at a rate of only about 1%. For this reason, Lemon Haze isn’t a particularly good medicinal strain for physical ailments, although many people suffering from psychological problems may still find good value in this weed. The potential yields of these seeds are always phenomenal, with a full harvest providing up to 100 grams to 150 grams per plant if they are grown outdoors. Growing seeds indoors will naturally produce slightly lesser yields, at a rate of about 500 grams per square meter. As these are female seeds, you can expect near maximum yields, since every one of your plants will be female. This will also completely eliminate the risk of your female plants being pollinated by male plants, which can decimate your harvest. There are also added fast flowering genetics to these seeds, which will help speed up the process of flowering, giving you the ability to make a full return on your investment much faster than other strains. As a photoperiod strain, you may choose just how long you’d like your plants to spend in the vegetative stage and flowering stage, allowing you to control exactly how long you want your grow to last.

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Lemon Haze Fast Seeds

If an incredibly tasty, potent and invigorating sativa hybrid is what you need, Weed Seeds has the strain for you, and it’s called Lemon Haze fast photo fem. These seeds boast THC levels of up to 18% or more, making a potent smoke for any regular stoner. The yields are impressive at least and enormous at best, with rates of up to 500g/m2 when being grown indoors and up to 100-150g per plant when growing outdoors. Purchase Lemon Haze seeds today with Weed Seeds, and in less than a week you can begin growing your own weed full of THC and zesty citrus flavors.

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