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Lemon Diesel has made a name for itself in the weed community due to its delightfully pungent, tart flavor and slow building, relaxing body stone. It is well loved by recreational and medicinal users, thanks to its soaring THC levels around 23%, its modest 1% CBD and its abundant terpene profile. This combination makes for a powerful indica leaning strain that can soothe mental and physical health conditions while providing its toker with an uplifting, yet relaxing buzz. Because of its versatility and potency, this herb hit the top ten charts in the Emerald Cup growing competition in 2010, further developing its reputation in the eyes of the home cultivators. When you buy Lemon Diesel Photo Fem seeds online in the USA through Weed Seeds, you can get all the assistance you need as you embark on growing this gratifying strain and adding its copious nugs into your home grown stash.

Order Lemon Diesel Photo Fem Seeds Online

THC Percentageup to 23%
Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
Indoor Yield350-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield450g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Focus, Happiness
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Lemon, Pepper, Skunk
TerpenesOcimene, Caryophyllene, Limonene

Lemon Diesel Seeds For Sale USA

Get your tasty Lemon Diesel Photo Fem strain seeds through Weed Seeds if you want to ensure that you are getting some of the best seeds available. Our premium pot seeds are sourced from the masters. They are genetically pure, so you can trust their growth patterns and that, once matured, they will exhibit all the traits that make this strain so popular. We make it easier for you by storing our seeds in the finest conditions so we can guarantee germination success. When you buy 420 seeds from Weed Seeds USA, you not only get superior seeds, you also get knowledgeable customer support to assist you as you go through the steps of a home grow. You will not be disappointed when you choose us for all of your weed needs.

Lemon Diesel Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

Looking for an online seed shop through which to buy all the fabulous weed seeds for your home grow operation? Weed Seeds is an exceptional source! You can pick from 450 different strains and order from the comfort of your home with a few clicks on your device. We provide a safe and protected shopping experience by offering secure payment options and delivering in unmarked packages. If your order surpasses a dollar minimum, you can even have your chronic seeds delivered directly to your door with no extra charge. When you buy Female Lemon Diesel online, try adding Lemon Haze Diesel Fem and Lemon OG Fem to your bill to save the extra expense and experience growing a few tasty strains for your personal home grown stash!

Growing Lemon Diesel From Seed

A grow from seed may feel a little nerve wracking, as you want to make sure that your investment is met with abundant results. Thanks to our germination guarantees, you can try one of several methods and get the desired outcome. The paper towel technique is one of the most popular methods as it can be done without extra investment. By placing your seeds in between two damp paper towels and sandwiching them with two plates face to face, you create a moisture dome that will sprout life in 24 to 48 hours. The only downside is that the fresh, delicate seedlings need to be transplanted with the utmost care, so as not to damage them. For easy transfer, you could also buy soil cubes. You press your seed into the cube, wait for it to spring to life, and replant the whole cube in your garden or grow room! Regardless, your new plants will be well on their way in no time.

Is Lemon Diesel Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

This mold and pest resistant plant is a dream for home growers. Not only is it hardy and resilient, it offers up some significant yields and only takes between 8 and 10 weeks to flower. It grows well in or out and produces lime green buds glistening with terpene rich trichomes. If you opt for an indoor setup, the Sea of Green method can be applied to boost your production to a whopping 350 to 400 grams per square meter. The SOG technique is where you grow multiple plants together, usually sets of four, and open their canopy to increase light penetration. This paired with a nutrient rich diet can produce some magical results. Growing outdoors in a warm, sunny environment can bring you a generous crop of 450 grams per plant. If you are growing in northern places, make sure to harvest by mid-October to avoid cold damage to your beautiful buds.

What Makes Feminized Lemon Diesel Strain Popular?

The exceptionally uplifting, happy and medically valuable high are some of the main selling features for this tasty herb. However, the reason so many people are opting to add it into their home grow ops, is because these gorgeous plants are born from pure female seeds. This means that, when you buy Female Diesel Lemon online, every seed you plant has two X-chromosomes and will mature into a female plant. This is ideal for optimizing your grow space, as you do not need to worry about weeding out male plants and leaving barren plots in your garden. Plus, female ganja plants are the ones that produce the curable flowers that we smoke, so buying feminized ensures the heftiest harvests for beefing up your personal stash. If you are looking to produce seeds so you have them for future grows, you could buy Lemon Pie Reg to have male plants to pollinate your females resulting in the desired seedy yields!

Lemon x Diesel Feminized Medicinal Application

Lemon x Diesel has high THC, modest, yet powerful CBD and the terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and a-myrcene which join forces to create a potent herb that can be useful in mitigating a myriad of symptoms associated with a variety of health conditions. The clear headed, happy, focused high is perfect for stilling the mind and bringing positivity to those who suffer anxiety, depression or chronic stress. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can relieve pain from arthritis and migraines, and the energizing quality can support people who are weighed down with fatigue. Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, using pot as medicine is commonly only met with a few minor discomforts like dry eyes and cottonmouth. Stay hydrated to keep these at bay!

Effects of Lemon x Diesel

This strain is known for its slow, creeping build-up of effects. As is common with most strains, the initial impact is predominantly cerebral. A soothing sensation will leave you euphoric and focused. The uplifted high is melded with a burst of creative energy, perfect for tackling artistic projects. Using this strain with likeminded friends is ideal, as you will undoubtedly be hit with the desire to chat and giggle. While all this bliss is carrying on, a tingling sensation will slowly wash through the body eradicating tension without couchlocking. Despite its indica heavy genetics, the effects lean towards the invigorating sativa end of the spectrum. It boosts productivity and encourages the introvert to socialize!

Fragrances of Diesel Lemon

The aroma of Diesel x Lemon is a bizarre, yet delightful combination of diesel fuel and fruit. Notes of sweet berry and tangy citrus flood the olfactory system enticing those who catch a whiff of this blend into a session. Some nostrils will even detect a light floral scent that further contributes to the allure!

Flavors of Diesel x Lemon

As you light up and inhale the rich smoke of those Diesel Lemon buds, your palate will be pleasantly surprised by the abundant flavor profile. First, your taste buds will be brought to life with zesty bursts of citrus and pungent diesel. As the smoke swirls over your tongue, hints of sweet floral and fruit will settle in to rest long after your exhale.

Microview of Lemon Diesel Pot Plant

If you are looking for relief from mental and physical health conditions, or just want to try an invigorating herb that will give you the clarity of mind to tackle whatever your day holds, Lemon Diesel could be the perfect strain for you. When you can grow it at home without much fuss and yield hefty harvests of gorgeous, resin laden nugs, it would be a shame to not add it into your home grow!

Buy Lemon Diesel Strain Seeds Online in the USA

When you buy Lemon Diesel Photoperiod Feminized online to grow indoors, you will want to adequately prepare your space for these photoperiod bloomers. Photoperiod plants require changes in the duration of light and dark exposure in order to be brought through their vegetation stage and into their flowering process. With bulbs and timers, you can create the optimal conditions to encourage your 420 plants along. If you opt to grow outdoors, you can let mother nature take the reins. The shifting seasons create the perfect atmosphere for these babies to flourish. This might seem a bit overwhelming for the new grower, so you could always have a look at our autoflowering strain options to find an herb that flowers without fuss!

Lemon Diesel Photo Fem Bulk Seeds

Sometimes growing for a personal stash loses its appeal. Do not worry though, there is always the option to advance to a commercial grow. Thanks to those with large scale grow operations, the general public can have access to all the benefits of the marijuana plant. If you decide to try your hand at one of these substantial grows, you can buy Lemon Diesel Feminized online in bulk at wholesale prices through Weed Seeds. One of the luxuries of growing in a big space is that you can grow multiple strains at the same time. Give Lemon Tree Fem and Lemon Thai Kush Fem a plot next to your Lemon Diesel to develop your skill set and provide some options for your growing customer base!

Lemon Diesel Seeds Online

A grow from seed can be a rewarding journey, especially when you take some time to educate yourself before you get started. When you buy Lemon Diesel Photo Fem seeds online in the USA, you can sift through our blog for helpful tips and tricks to set yourself up for success. We have articles that give suggestions for in or outdoor grows, advice for managing common issues, and guidance for boosting bud production. You can find information on general terms to better understand your 710 plants and suggestions for keeping your home grow under budget. If you still have questions, reach out! Start your grow op off right by being in the know.

Lemon Diesel Seed Bank

If you are looking for a one stop weed shop, Weed Seeds online cannabis seed bank is the site for you! We have 450 different strains to suit your growing skills, meet your needs, and satisfy your preferences. We have clear categories and detailed strain descriptions to help you easily make selections for your home grow. There are autoflowering, photoperiod, regular and Fem Seeds, all of which require slightly different cultivation techniques. We have some of the best THC seeds brimming with psychedelic potential and heavy CBD seeds for profound medical relief without the cerebral high. We have a vast selection of indica dominant strains that are ideal for relaxing at the end of the day, sativa herbs that enliven your mind better than a cup of coffee, and Hybrid Seeds that bring a nice balanced mingling of the two. Whatever you are in the market for, we have you covered!

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Lemon Diesel Pot Seeds

Lemon Diesel Photo Fem is a heavy yielding strain that offers an abundance of benefits on fruity flavored smoke. It is a must try for any home grow op, so do not let any reservations hold you back from attempting a grow from seed. Our educated team is more than happy to assist you every step of the way. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about buying or growing your new seeds. We are available via online contact form, or by phone at Call US on Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm CST. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lemon Diesel Seeds For Sale USA

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    This strain is one of the best ive grown!…I”ve smoked and grown alot of strains in my life time, but this is one of the best strains. You wont be disappointed growing Lemon Diesel

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