Lavander Purple Kush Female Seeds

This graceful strain is a popular pick as a relaxant or sleep aid, and purchasing the seeds from Weed Seeds USA will guarantee you outstanding genetics, high yields and substantial potency. Our Lavender Purple Kush seeds usually have a potency of about 18-22%, which will give significant effects without coming on too strong. The buds will have you feeling completely relaxed and ready to end the day with a genetic profile that leans further into the indica side. These seeds are also high yielding, with indoor plants producing as much as 300g per square meter, and outdoor plants producing up to 300g per plant.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 22%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor YieldUp to 300g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 300g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Hunger, Sedation, Tingly
Aromas & FlavorsFlowery, Herbal, Lavender, Spice
Terpenesa-Humulene, Linalool, b-Caryophyllene

Lavander Purple Kush Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Growers who are looking for a nightcap strain will rejoice at the sight of a few Lavander Purple Kush buds, grown from the premium seeds provided by Weed Seeds USA. These seeds will produce ganja that’s strong but not too strong, at a potency of around eighteen to twenty two percent THC. The CBD is about on par with a THC-dominant variety, at levels of around < 1%. Given that this is a hybrid indica variety, you’ll get effects that help to release negative energy and calm the mind. No matter where you choose to grow these seeds, you’re always sure to get a very good yield. When grown indoors, the plants have been shown to produce up to 300g per square meter. You can get even higher yields with an outdoor grow, at levels of up to 300g to only a single plant. The flavor profile is reminiscent of the herb after which it’s named, along with a few other notes such as spices, pine and other earthy herbs. By reading further on, you’ll get to know a bit more about what this strain has to offer, how to grow it and what you can expect when your harvest is complete.

Germinate Lavender Purple Kush Female Weed Strain

If you want to make sure you’re going to have the best grow, you’ll want to first germinate your Lavender Kush seeds. This is the simple process of giving your seeds a better chance at making it into their first stage of growth. You can do this in one of many different ways, and every grower you ask will tell you a method that’s different from the last. You can choose to use the paper towel method, which is simple and requires nearly no materials but has a questionable success rate. For this, all you need to do is dampen some paper towel, place your seeds on the paper towel, then dampen another layer and place it on top. If you’d like to use a different method, there’s always the easy soaking method. This takes no time or materials at all, and has been shown to be somewhat successful. All this method requires you to do is place seeds in a glass of water for about a day, then plant them as usual. One of the most reliable methods requires you to purchase rooting cubes. Your pot seeds can be placed directly into these cubes for about a week, and the cubes can then be planted into your growing medium.

Grow Lavander Purple Kush Indica Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

To find out more about how any cannabis strain will grow, you will only have to know about its genes. This is easier than it sounds, as the genetics of a strain is one of the most basic information points in this industry. Inside a Lavander Purple Kush seed you’re going to find a genetic profile that’s heavier on indica. This is great news for novice growers, because indica heavy plants have a tendency to grow in a much more predictable and controllable fashion. With these seeds, you’ll get plants that likely won’t grow much taller than about five feet. They will also grow bushier lower to the ground, and will spread out laterally rather than the tall, reaching pattern that sativa plants have. Your potential yields when growing these seeds indoors can usually be as high as 300g m2. These hardy plants will also do very well outdoors, producing even higher yields at levels of up to 300g per plant. Growing these seeds will produce the finest results if you use the Sea of Green method. This process involves training your plants as they develop to grow into a canopy, using trimming and strings to tie branches together.

Why is Fem Lavander Purp Kush Marijuana Seed Popular

If you ask any grower about their favorite strain, they’ll usually tell you they love the yields, flavors or the effects that the buds can create. Lavender Purp Kush is great at all of these things, and this is what makes it one of the most popular picks in the Weed Seeds catalog. If you love weed with a good flavor, you’ll want to choose this strain for its floral and spicy notes. While these seeds possess a complex flavor profile, some smokers have said that it does in fact smell exactly like lavender when the buds are beginning to form. Another reason why growers like to add this variety to their operation is the naturally large yields it can create. There are higher production strains out there, but Lavander Purp plants will create more than enough weed for any one stoner. Growers have observed these plants producing yields as high as 300g per square meter indoors, and even 300g to one plant when grown outdoors. This strain, along with both of its parent strains, has gone on to win many awards as a result of such a perfect combination of high-quality genetics.

Flower Time For Lavander Purple Kush Feminized Weed Seed

Out of all the stages of growth of a cannabis plant, it’s easy to see why the flowering period would be any grower’s favorite. This is when the buds begin to start growing in much larger numbers and size, and after this stage is done, you’re ready to harvest your plants. With our Lavender Purple Kush seeds being a photoperiod variety, you’ll need to take one extra step to ensure a smooth flowering period. Growers will have to manually move their LPK plants into the flowering stage by reducing the amount of light the plants get. This will tell your plants that the season is starting to change, and they will begin redirecting their energy to growing the buds rather than their foliage. It should only take about twelve hours of light per day to give your plants the signal to begin flowering. After this is done, Lavender Purp Kush seeds will only take about 9-11 weeks to finish flowering. You can tell that your plants are ready for harvesting by paying attention to the color of the trichomes. When they’ve turned a solid, milky white hue rather than glossy, they have reached near full potency and it’s time to get harvesting.

Lavander Purple Kush Feminized Indica Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Much like you might expect from lavender itself, our Lavander Purple Kush seeds will provide effects that center around an incredibly calming and laid-back experience. This is because of a hybrid indica genetic profile, which is known to create some of the more relaxing effects of cannabis, compared to the high frequency effects of many sativa plants. The buds of this plant will give you an intense euphoria when first smoked, which will quickly wear off into a medium strength body stone. Smokers will likely feel a pressure in the head as well, as the moderate THC concentration gets to work on the brain. The extremely calming effect of this variety makes it a fantastic choice for an early night, as it will have you feeling ready for bed after only a few puffs. While it’s not known as much of a party strain, it can still help you and a few friends kick back and relax. This is a very popular variety for medicinal users, especially those who suffer from sleeping troubles or insomnia. The THC and mild CBD content will also help numb a bit of pain for those who suffer from injury, arthritis, chronic pains or even nausea.

Lavander Purple Kush Photo Fem Review

Purchasing the WS USA Lavender Purp seeds will give you a grow operation that’s easy to manage, productive enough to stock up your stash, and all things floral and potent. Growing the seeds is a breeze, and the added feminization will make things even easier by preventing the introduction of any male plants. They’ll grow relatively low and broad, making it simple to direct the growth of the plants. When your harvest is ready, your buds will have a brilliant hue of seafoam or teal green, with rather sparse brown or orange pistils. Many smokers say that the buds possess flavors similar to flowers, mint, spices and herbs, and others say that they smell exactly like lavender plants. Smoking the buds will give you much the same effect, at least after the initial buzz wears off. You’ll feel waves of relaxation moving throughout your body as the terpenes and the THC helps to bring down your energy for the day. Users suggest that you can be subject to a bit of couch locking with this strain, along with strong hunger. It makes a perfect choice for releasing some energy before you get ready to go to sleep.

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