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There’s no need to be secretive about this fire strain. While the name of this famous flower might be Confidential, it goes without saying that a delicious high-yielding auto flower such as this deserves to be spread with the world. This hybrid – indica has some impressive effects, and with 21% THC, this strain is nothing to scoff at. It’s hard to keep secret just how jam packed with terpenes this flower is, due to the fact that it’s overflowing with flavor and aromas. When you need auto-flowering seeds of the highest caliber, make sure to purchase from Weed Seeds USA.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 21%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield450-550g m/2
Outdoor Yield70-120g per plant
Flowering Time8-9 weeks
EffectsPowerful, Balanced, Euphoric, Relaxation
Flavors & AromasCitrus, Herbal, Pepper
TerpenesAlpha-pinene, Alpha Cedrene, Alpha Terpineol, Borneol, Camphene, Citral, D-Limonene, Eugenol, Fenchol, Linalool, Nerolidol, Orange Terpenes, Phytol, Terpinolene

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LA Top Secret might seem like a secret government operation, but we can assure you it’s actually one of the most well-known strains in the cannabis world. This strain became popular thanks to its abundant use with hip-hop stars such as Snoop Dogg. LA Top Secret has a THC level of 17-21% and CBD just a hair under <1%, making this strain a great choice for new and old seasoned smokers alike. As this is an autoflower style of cannabis seed, the flowering time is impressively short. While the yields outdoors might not be the most bountiful with at most 120 grams on each plant, the quick flowering makes up for it. Indoors though, this strain performs quite well, with growers able to get a yield of 550 grams per square meter when grown in the optimum conditions for this strain. Where this strain begins to stand apart from other flowers is in its effects. Its lineage is OG LA Affie crossed with Afghan, which makes this strain a 90% indica and 10% sativa. While its effects are incredibly sedating and relaxing, there is a slight hint of sativa that can make its presence known after a heavy session. Most indicas are known for putting people to sleep, and while this flower can achieve those effects, the high makes users feel incredibly relaxed, which can lead to sleep for some. The flavor of the cured flowers is also very noteworthy. There is a strong taste of lemon that will linger for hours as a bit of an aftertaste. This fragrant flower owes most of its incredible flavors and aromas to its massive terpene profile, with over 15 different terpenes nestled within its great big buds.

How to Germinate LA Confidential Auto Fem Seeds

There are a few different ways to germinate your Confidential seeds but the method we will go over today is the most common and easiest to follow. Once you have gotten single germination under your belt, you won’t ever forget as it’s a rather straightforward and simple method. To begin, you will need to gather a few household items that you should have around your house. Acquire a plate or any other flat surface that can handle getting a bit wet, a couple of sheets of paper towel and tweezers. We are trying to mimic the process seeds undergo while in the soil. With that in mind, take the first paper towel and get it damp, ensuring that it doesn’t get dripping wet as this might cause your seeds to drown. Now lay the paper towel flat on the plate. After the damp paper towel has been placed, grab your tweezers. It’s best not to handle your precious seeds with bare hands as the oil from them can damage the shell of the seeds. With your tweezers, place each seed an inch and a half apart. Once your seeds are all lined up in an orderly fashion, run the other sheet of paper towel under some water. Again, you don’t want it to be dripping wet. Place the damp sheet overtop of your seeds, being mindful not to leave any seeds uncovered. Once you have completed your paper towel and seed sandwich, find a nice dark area that isn’t too hot or cold. You will leave the seeds in complete darkness for two to seven days or until you notice that the seeds have popped a taproot. They should look like the sprouts you buy from the grocery store.

Growing L.A. Confidential From Seed From Seed At Home

Growing L.A. Confidential Auto is rather a stress-free process thanks to autoflower genetics. Indoor growers will be delighted to know that the yield they will be harvesting is quite spectacular for an autoflower strain, with yields ranging between 450-550g/m2. Outdoor growers will still be able to harvest their fair share with yields being 70-120g per plant, but for those wanting to produce larger quantities of weed, you should utilize indoor growing techniques. If you are truly gung-ho about growing outdoors, checking out our 1000 Autoflower Seed Pack is a fantastic way to supplement lower-yielding auto flowers with ones that yield more. One of the more positive attributes associated with this potent flower is the mold and mildew resistant aspects, making growing this secret strain relaxing since it’s so low maintenance. This specific strain was first produced in LA, if you hadn’t gathered that yet by the name. This implies that the preferred climate for this flower is hot and dry, much like the desert climate of Los Angeles. While the plant is undergoing its vegetative period, it will be beneficial to expose the plants to cool colors, such as blue or purple. This will allow the leaves to absorb as many nutrients as they can so that when the flowering time comes, your buds are giant, plump, and healthy. As this strain is an autoflower, there won’t be much work needed on your end. Once this plant has finished its vegetative stage, it will automatically move into flowering. Once your glorious plants have entered into their flowering mode, this is where the fun really begins. Sit back and get ready to watch your hard work bloom.

Flowering Time For Confidential Autoflower

We can tell you, in full confidence, that LA Confidential autoflower undergoes quick and rapid development. Once this strain hits its flowering phase, you can expect to be in the garden collecting your buds in 8-9 weeks. Two months turn around on a strain makes it fantastic for cultivators who want to maximize their yields. Many times, they can squeeze in two complete harvests into one growing season. Autoflowering cannabis is one of the top innovations to happen since breeders discovered how to feminize plants. Autoflowers are crossed with a member of the cannabaceae family, called cannabis ruderalis. You can consider it the lesser-known cousin of the cannabis sativa and cannabis indica varieties of weed. Cannabis ruderalis has some interesting differences from its other family members. The plants are always very short, have low THC, and will bloom independently of the photoperiod. While this species by itself is of little value, when breeders took the chance and bred a ruderalis with a normal cannabis plant, the results shocked them. The two species bred perfectly together, this allowed a fusion to occur, and thus the autoflower cannabis style you see today was born. While some sacrifices needed to be made, such as lower THC and sometimes a lesser yield, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Now we have the chance to plant autoflower cannabis seeds wherever we would like. As ruderalis has a much tougher genetic makeup, strains that have been crossed with it have incredible resistance to pests and other forms of cannabis diseases. Auto-flowering seeds really puts the weed into weed. If you were to sprinkle a handful of seeds into the soil outside, they would happily take root and burst forth with buds appearing after a certain amount of time instead of needing light to trigger the switch.

What Makes LA Top Secret Strain Popular?

One of the major reasons why this strain has taken the world by storm is all thanks to the massive celebrity praise it received when it first arrived on the scene. Hip-hop artists from Snoop Dogg to Cypress Hill endorsed this strain, raving about the stellar effects this plant has. People all over flocked to this flower once word got out that this strain had been endorsed by major stars. There are many other reasons why this flower has become a staple in many cannabis smokers’ diets. The indoor yields that this autoflower can produce are very enticing for farmers who need a quick turnaround. Oftentimes, growers can squeeze two harvests in the time it would normally take for one. With 21% THC as an autoflower, the THC content is extraordinary, and having around 1% CBD won’t be too strong for users who are just beginning their stoner journey. It’s also worth noting that this strain was named Strain of the Year by High Times in 2006. It came 1st in the indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008, as well as 1st in the Indica category at the IC420 Breeders Cup in 2005. When a strain gains that level of recognition, it’s not hard to see why all the stars in LA give praise to this award-winning flower. These awards are handed out not because of THC content but a mixture between effect and flavor. THC content isn’t everything. There are so many different aspects of cannabis that make it high, and some of the ultimate strains are rather average in THC. LA Secret is no different; once you are able to experience this incredible flower, you will see why. Don’t take our word for it, buy some American seeds and try growing them for yourself.

Fragrance and Flavors of LA Confidential Auto Fem

When a strain gains such popularity, many wonder why a certain strain takes the spotlight while others do not. In the case of LA Confidential, it’s easy to see why once you get a whiff of the aromas this pungent flower pumps out. While it is in its vegetative phase, not many smells will be produced by the strain, making some wonder what all the fuss is about. All those doubts get thrown all the window once this bud enters its flowering stage. Suddenly, one day, you might enter your growing space to be hit with an overpowering fragrance of citrus. This citrusy scent will flood your grow space, making it seem like you are working at a lemonade stand. It will seem like someone is squeezing fresh lemons every day while the plants develop. Once it’s time to crop down and begin the curing process, the citrus scent will slowly become much more balanced, with the aroma becoming more herbal. After the buds have been dried and cured properly and the chance arrives to sample your flower, you will find that the lemon citrus aroma has become the main flavor. Once you inhale, it will taste like you just took a headfirst dive into a pool of lemon and lime as the flavors assault your senses. However, as you exhale, your nose will begin to tingle, and you might sneeze as the flavor becomes somewhat spicy, with pepper undertones lingering as an aftertaste. Many cannabis users strive to find tasty strains that have an odd combination of flavors, and LA Confidential is definitely one of those buds. Once you get the scent of this strain, you will be able to identify it by nose alone since it has such a unique flavor profile.

Effects of L.A. Confidential Autoflower

LA Confidential has some very powerful effects that you might not expect from a strain with the THC percentage it has. While the THC content might not be as impressive as other strains, it’s not just the THC that creates the effects. Terpenes and other cannabinoids play a major role in how the high will affect users. Everyone also experiences the effects of different cannabis strains somewhat differently, as this hybrid leans indica heavily. The majority of users will feel the indica aspects. However, some users report a balanced effect that is a blissful blend of positive energy and massive waves of relaxation. Don’t count on this strain to give you boundless energy, as this flower is more geared towards helping users find relaxation than energy to get through the day. We recommend that users smoke this strain at the end of the day. It can help put users to sleep who might need a bit of a nudge to allow them to get a good night’s rest. One of the most reported effects this strain provides is a heavy sense of ecstasy. This euphoric sensation will be with you from the moment you first get to sample a wisp of vapor or smoke to the minute you get all comfy in your bed. This indica hybrid will have your eyes drooping right away, gently placing you into a calm and somewhat dreamy space. The hybrid aspect of this flower is rarely felt, but there are some users who have reported a feeling of cerebral charge happening. This brain buzz allows users who are lucky enough to experience it the chance to enter into a very creative space. If you want to experience the amazing effects for yourself why not buy L.A. Confidential in our always popular 1000 Autoflower Seed Pack.

Overview of Confidential Auto Fem Stats

Confidential truly came onto the scene and became a rockstar for the cannabis world. Besides being endorsed by celebrities worldwide, the stats on this award-winning strain make it clear that it’s a true winner. This strain can reach 21% THC, making it fantastic for smokers of all types, and since it has roughly 1% CBD, users won’t have to worry about getting too high. The yields are also incredible for indoor grows, with most cultivators able to pick anywhere from 450 grams all the way to 550 grams per square meter. Outdoor farmers might want to buy bulk pot seeds and grow a multitude as the yields will net at most 120 grams per plant. However, the flowering turnaround for this strain is superb, with most plants finishing in eight weeks. Where this strain really gets going is in its effects. As it’s a heavy indica hybrid, you can expect to feel sedated and relaxed throughout the whole experience. All the wonderful flavors of this strain come from the jam-packed terpene profile. Orange Terpenes and D-Limonene are responsible for the potent Citral aromas. Alpha-pinene, which comes from the pine tree, is also found in this strain. Linalool, which brings a very floral aroma to the mix, is also included. There is also Borneol, which comes from ginger and cooking sage. Alpha Terpineol, which is found in apples, is also in this strain, although in trace amounts. Camphene is the terpene found in nutmeg and also in this strain. Eugenol, which is also known as clove oil, is found in this plant. Fenchol is the terpene that is found in basil, and this cannabis strain has it in trace amounts as well. Phytol, found in green teas, is also found here, but in very small amounts. The same can be said of Terpinolene.

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  1. Desirae Bullock

    One of the classics in auto form. I wasn’t sold on autos when they first came out but they’re amazing when you find your rhythm. This strain is super fast and makes it easy to like growing weed again.

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LA Confidential Autoflower Seeds

There’s no need to be secretive about this fire strain. While the name of this famous flower might be Confidential, it goes without saying that a delicious high-yielding auto flower such as this deserves to be spread with the world. This hybrid – indica has some impressive effects, and with 21% THC, this strain is nothing to scoff at. It’s hard to keep secret just how jam packed with terpenes this flower is, due to the fact that it’s overflowing with flavor and aromas. When you need auto-flowering seeds of the highest caliber, make sure to purchase from Weed Seeds USA.

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