Kush Mints Female Seeds

A perfect mix between the ultra-famous Bubba Kush and Animal Mints genotypes has created the phenomenal Kush Mints Female seed strain. With a killer Kush 22-27% THC this one is true to its roots. The delectable chocolate chip mint cookie flavor sensation is like inhaling a girl scout cookie. Needless to say, it’s great for stimulating the appetite. The munchies are definitely on the horizon with this one. A beautifully balanced indica cross, this is one of Weed Seeds all-time best sellers. Kush Mints will produce some killer 500g/m2 crop outs of uplifting, happy, euphoric sensational smoke.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Balanced
THC PercentageUp to 27%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor YieldUp to 500g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 400g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks

Kush Mints Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Kush Mintz Feminized seeds are an indica Kush hybrid balanced with the sativa phenotype. A perfect blend of both the hardiness and high production of sativas along with the killer THC content of indica. Animal Mints clones cross pollinated with the Bubba Kush strain has led to some amazing Kush Mints offshoots such as the popular Animal Cookies and Wedding Cake hybrids. Kush Mints is shaping up to be part of a grand lineage. Packed with top terpenes such as Limonene and Myrcene, they make their presence known in the super minty refreshing flavors and aromas. The buds are coated in THC laden sugar crystal, golden amber pistols, and trichomes dripping in sticky-icky, automatic resin. A great way to start the day, like a refreshing cup of coffee, WSUS Kush mints is the perfect wake and bake blend. Just don’t overdo it and end up in Kushy couch-lock land, unless that’s your goal of course. Energizing your mind with the heady sativa brain boost, while relaxing the body in perfect synergy with that indica body stone. If you are curious to know more. Read on for more unique features, growing tips, germination and flowering times. Pick up one of WSUS best sellers, Kush Mints is the one!

Germinate Kush Mintz Female Weed Strain

Once you receive your Kush Mintz Female seeds, germination may seem intimidating at first. Seeds are ideally built for germination; nature has created the perfect little plant pod just waiting to burst to life. Exposed to a few simple conditions, they have brought forth the abundance of flora we see all around us in nature today. It really can’t be that difficult. Many people are under the false impression that cloning is the easier, faster way when it comes to cannabis cultivation, but they are misguided. It is a convenient option under certain circumstances, but it also runs the risk of bringing in diseased and infected plants. There are no guarantees, and each time a mother plant is cloned, the quality deteriorates. This is not the case with quality seeds. Germination is just a matter of mimicking the closest natural spring environment as possible. Warm, dark, moist conditions will most likely do the trick every time. Some options are the damp paper towel method while others may plant directly outside in the soil when the climate is right. Seedling trays and domes, peat moss pucks and even wet towels on paper plates sitting on a sunny window ledge can trigger those little beans to burst forth.

Grow Kush Mints Balanced Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

Kush Mints balanced hybrid fem strains are partial to indoor hydroponics growing. Great for those high production indoor operations they can pump out some primo product in a limited space. ScrOG, or Screen of Green method is a great technique for Kush Mints. The indica balanced Kush side of their genetic makeup tends to keep them to a lower stature, more compact growth pattern, great for smaller areas. Using the ScrOG method combined with Low Stress or Lollipop training will help get the most out of this strain in quality and yield. Pack as many Kush mint plants as possible into your grow space and utilizing a large, wide mesh screen stretched over the canopy. The screen offers support and training while allowing the buds as much light and air flow as possible. This will also prevent any excess stretching and enable growers to gain easier access to the plants. Hydroponics systems can be precisely dialed to this specific strain. Some automated systems will measure the exact nutrient uptake of the plants adjusting the water and fertilizer bath accordingly, right down to the ideal pH. Being finicky eaters, Kush Mints love this fertilizing technique and can produce a solid 400-500g m2 when in their element.

Why is Fem Kosh Mintz Marijuana Seed Popular

With an incredible nose, fem Kosh Mintz marijuana seeds have become stupendously popular on the recreational market. It’s all about the nose, the gassier the better. Legalization has made the days of the stealth, subtle mellow aromas a thing of the past, no need to hide from the Fuzz! Now people want you to know the quality of their stash the minute you walk in the door, no bunk weed here! Those gassy dank, Kush terpenes that blow out the nostrils is where it’s at and Kush Mint is one stank lady. This has made Kosh Mintz one of Weed Seeds most desirable seed strains in stock, so naturally, it’s hard to keep up with demand as her reputation precedes her. Beyond the pungent Kush diesel fuel that sizzles the olfactory senses, this one also offers the great taste of fresh baked 27% THC, chocolate mint cookies. You’ll think a girl scout troop just arrived on your doorstep. We aren’t the only ones to appreciate a good thing. Having won the Respect My Region 2021 Strain of the Year award, beating out 250 other top competitors, Kush Mint is a winner. Buy Kosh Mintz seeds at WSUS and get in on the action!

Flower Time For Kush Mints Feminized Weed Seed

Watching the Kush Mints buds come to life is a pleasure to the senses. As a fuzzy layer of thick golden trichomes and bright orange pistols surrounded by deep emerald green leaves appear. With its thick layer of trichomes, the kief content is very high with this strain. This makes it great for shatter, butter and other cannabis concoctions. As your garden flips into flower, one will need to make a few changes in the plant’s environment to help it along. Switching the day/night cycle to a 12/12 flip is the first priority. Leaving the plants in a 48 hr dark period is said to help speed up this process. Change out the lighting to reflect the late summer fall season to a predominantly red/blue light spectrum. Also dropping temperatures and humidity levels to around 40% RH and 65 to 85 degrees F respectively. This will trigger the plants hormones into bud production overdrive. With their slightly longer flowering phase at 9 to 11 weeks, be sure to give Kush Mints a good head start when growing outdoors. With the longer temperate growing season they should be right at home in Southern California, ideally hitting outdoor crops of up to 300-400g per plant.

Kush Mints Feminized Balanced Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Kush Mints has been described as a sweet and sour lemony pine with top notes of spearmint and a sugar cookie, snickerdoodle aftertaste that lingers on the tongue. Described as heady, lucid, focused and euphoric with a slow burn after effect of narcotic-like, pain free, body melting relief, the high is out of this world. Incredibly effective for those suffering chronic pain, arthritis, muscle cramps and tension, it also stimulates appetite and helps with all sorts of debilitating mood disorders. Energizing and uplifting, Kush Mints comes on like a freight train and slows to a steady haul. Once you hit that consistent train of energetic euphoria that keeps you going, Kush Mint will create that perfect all day energizing buzz. Kush Mints 22 to 27% THC levels work perfectly for those wake and bake days when you need to just get up and go. Considered a great daytime buzz among the indica lovers when they just need to get their to do list tackled. The Chocolate Chip mint ice cream flavor doesn’t hurt either, a spoon full of Kush Mint definitely helps the medicine go down. Descended from the original Afghani and OG Kush landrace phenotypes, this one takes you to another ancient exotic world of times past.

Kush Mints Photo Fem Review

Pulling a deep lung full of Kush Mints Photo Fem is like melting into the depths of source energy, guided by intuition and pure universal Love. Bred from a star-studded, award-winning lineage of the OG desert landraces, the genotypes Bubba Kush and Animal Mints gave birth to hybrid balanced Kush Mints. Embodied with that deep spiritual connection to the Earth through eons of timeless wisdom, one deep puff off the magic dragon and you’ll understand. A cerebral and heady balanced blend of 22-27% THC and < 1% CBD lets one enjoy the euphoric and uplifting energizing effects along with deep relaxing, pain relieving medicinal benefits. A great indoor grower, Kush Mint loves a nice hydroponic water bath, pulling 400-500g m2 indoors at 9 to 11 weeks in flower. In the right conditions, she will haul a solid 300-400g per plant al fresco as long as she’s well cared for. One of WSUSA most revered strains, Kush Mints is a must try. Somewhat new to the scene we know she is going to become one of a long lineages of award winning top strains to come the world over. Purchase some today and get in on the hype before it’s discovered by the masses.

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