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Our classic Jamaican photo fem ganja seeds from the Weed Seeds USA catalog provide the quintessential sativa experience. This is one of the oldest strains out there, and it’s only gotten better with age. This variety usually boasts THC levels of around 20-23% THC, with a fairly low concentration of CBD, at about 1%. Despite the low level of CBD, it’s still a common pick for pain relief, especially among older smokers. The plants are still outstanding at high production growth, providing as much as 400g per square meter when grown indoors, as well as up to 400g per plant when grown outdoors.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 23%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor YieldUp to 400g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 400g per plant
Flower Time10-12 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Happiness, Relaxing, Talkative, Uplifting
Aromas & FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Pungent, Skunk, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, a-Pinene, a-Myrcene

Jamaican Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

When you browse the Weed Seeds catalog for good sativa strains, Jamaican photo seeds will stand out as one of the dominant choices. These seeds grow the very same buds that smokers have enjoyed for longer than we can even guess, and they still continue to provide an incredible experience. As a hybrid sativa variety, you’re going to get a buzzing, high energy stone that will stick around for quite a while. The potency can be as high as 23% THC or more with these plants, which will be significantly potent for most smokers. While being strong on the THC side, it usually produces less CBD, at levels of around < 1%. This old-fashioned strain is a perfect choice for a wake and bake variety, or one to use when you’re partying or with a group of friends. The yields are always a force to be reckoned with, and growing Jamaican seeds indoors can give you a harvest of up to 400g per square meter. These plants can grow even larger outdoors, with yields as high as 400g per plant. The next sections on this article will tell you more about the growth patterns, effects and flavors you can expect with this timeless variety.

Germinate Jamaica Female Weed Strain

Germinating your Jamaica fem seeds before planting will help you ensure that you’re getting the strongest plants possible, as well as the highest yields. Fortunately, not every grower has to take this opportunity, but if you want to try and guarantee the best performance out of your cannabis seeds, it’s a good idea to do so. There are several ways you can do this and there’s no perfect option, so try to find one that you think will work best for you. Out of all the common methods, there are a few that seem to work with the most efficiency. One of these is using paper towels, which just requires you to dampen some paper towels and place your seeds between them. They should then be left in a dark and humid place for about a week. Another popular pot seed germination method is using rooting cubes, which are common for many other types of plants as well. These can be purchased at practically any garden center or home improvement store. You may also use the method of submerging seeds in water. The success rate of this method depends, but many growers have seen good progress from utilizing it.

Grow Jamaican Sativa Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

When you choose to begin growing some Jamaica cannabis seeds, you’re going to have a relatively simple experience. These seeds are a classic strain, originating from a certain place rather than two parent strains through crossbreeding. While there has been some genetic improvement in the modern age, our Jamaican sativa seeds remain similar to how they occur naturally. This will give you a growth pattern that’s explosive and tall, so this strain will innately be a bit more suited for outdoor growth. Any indoor growing of these seeds may cause your plants to quickly outgrow the area that they’re planted in, so try to grow outdoors if it’s an option for you. With large plants come large yields, and these seeds will work the exact same way. Should you grow them indoors successfully, your potential yields are around 400g m². If you grow outdoors instead in a climate that’s better suited to this seed type, you stand to gain even larger yields of up to 400g per plant. This can all be increased by just providing your plants with the right ingredients. A good mixture of light, water and nutrients can do wonders to increase both your yield size and the potency of your pot.

Why is Fem Jamacians Marijuana Seed Popular

There’s one very simple reason that draws many growers to Jamaican cannabis seeds. For some older smokers, this is one of the many strains that they first experienced when they were a teenager. Capturing that classic feeling again is as easy as purchasing some of the Jamaica seeds from WS USA. You can grow the very same weed that you first tried in the days of old, and the feeling of nostalgia can be an extremely powerful one. Alongside this one are many other classic strains in the WS seed bank, such as Afghan, Columbian Gold and Hindu Kush. Smoking those same buds can transport you back to a simpler time for a little while, giving any smoker a dose of the good old days. However, even if you’re younger there are still many reasons why you would want to try Jamaica ganja. This strain is known for a hashy, spicy flavor profile that will give you many different notes should you pay attention to the details. Smokers can pick up on notes of bold herbs, spices, wood notes, and even more detailed flavors like cacao or coffee. The smoky and savory aroma is exactly what makes this and so many other classic cannabis strains desirable.

Flower Time For Jamaican Feminized Weed Seed

Considering the flowering period will be an integral part of cultivating your own pot at home. When this happens, your plants enter a stage of growth that’s focused primarily on developing buds. If you’re growing cannabis at home, sometimes the budding period can be up to you, depending on what type of seed you have. Because our Jamaican seeds are a photoperiod variety, you’ll need to do a bit extra to get your plants to really start producing. Photoperiod plants will require information from their environment to begin flowering. This is easier than it sounds, because all we have to do as growers is reduce the amount of lighting they receive. This can be done by reducing lighting from levels as high as sixteen to twenty hours per day, down to only about twelve hours per day. This will get your plants to begin the flowering phase, which in the case of Jamacia seeds, should last about 10-12 weeks. When the end of the flowering period begins to approach, check for signs that your plants are about to reach maturity. Two of the most common signs are pistils curling up or turning brown or orange, and the trichomes that are covering the buds turning a frosty hue.

Jamaican Feminized Sativa Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

The WS Jamaica sativa seeds have a very peculiar set of effects that’s a result of their genetic ancestry. Because this is a classic strain, it can sometimes be overwhelming for those who are a bit more unfamiliar with cannabis, so it’s best to enjoy it responsibly. These seeds will give you effects that will feel like a blast from the past, as the sativa genes will give you a buzzing, high frequency stone. You’ll experience nearly no weight or couch locking from this strain, as it has a highly invigorating effect. Some smokers say that large doses of this strain can provide a nearly psychedelic experience, enhancing flavors, sounds, colors and physical sensations. This type of strain is usually a good choice to enjoy at a party or festival, as it provides a way to loosen up without losing too much energy before the end of the day. Some smokers choose to utilize high sativa strains for pain relief, as it helps take their mind off any regular aches or pains. These strains are also popular particularly among those who suffer from psychological disorders like anxiety, PTSD or depression, as it can help uplift the user for a little while.

Jamaican Photo Fem Review

The genes of the Jamaican photo fem seeds from Weed Seeds USA will make growing them a task that requires some work, but it’s nothing that even a novice grower couldn’t handle. These plants love high heat and humidity, so be sure they’re getting enough of both. The plants typically grow very tall and in a lanky fashion, which will require some training. This is usually best done with a method such as the Screen of Green method. In the end you’ll have buds that are typically a smaller size than most, but they usually grow at a higher number to make up for this fact. The buds are often bright green with bright orange pistils, and after drying and curing, they’ll typically be covered with a fine brown dust of aged trichomes. They’ll smell much like they taste, with notes of bold spices, strong herbs, wood notes and many other natural tones. Smoking the buds will give the user a rushing euphoric feeling, and it will wear off only a bit as the tingling, energizing high sets in. The stone will usually last for quite a long time, while causing very little drowsiness as the smoker starts to come down from the THC.

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