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If you want a strain that can satisfy your desire for both sativa and indica qualities, Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem is a perfect choice. Though heavy with indica genes, the high is a nice balance of energy and calm that is loved by recreational tokers and medical patients alike. Whether you need a little boost to get through your busy day or require a little assistance managing debilitating pain, this strain has you covered. Between the beautiful colors, enticing scent, and complex flavor, this strain is a delight for all the senses. It also happens to be relatively easy to grow. Make sure you have steady access to this alluring strain by cultivating it from home.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 28%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield500 to 600 grams per square meter
Outdoor Yield450-550g per plan
Flower Time8-10 Weeks
Wellness BenefitsDepression, Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Inflammation, Migraines, Pain, Stress
EffectsCreative, Euphoric, Focus, Happiness, Relaxing, Sedation
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Lemon, Pepper, Pine, Spice, Sweet, Woody
TerpenesOcimene, Terpinolene, Limonene, a-Pinene, Linalool, a-Myrcene, b-Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene, p-Cymene

Jack Herer Cookies Seeds For Sale USA

Perhaps you have been flip-flopping between buying sativa or indica seeds. Do you go for sativa seeds that will offer an invigorated and energized high suitable for starting your morning off with a vengeance or an indica bud that will help tension slip away and create a calm mental and physical buzz? When you choose Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem, you get a little of each in one tasty bud. A pair of iconic strains come together to create a hybrid that both invigorates the mind and soothes the body. Jack Herer is a world-renowned sativa dominant bud known for its uplifting and energizing effects. Blending it with the ever-popular indica heavy Girl Scout Cookies results in these sweet, tasty nugs and their balanced effects. These effects are desirable for recreational users who also get the added benefit of some profound therapeutic value. The dense buds are coated with sparkling trichomes which indicate the incredible potency of this powerful strain. THC content reaches up to 26%, so you know you will be experiencing some mind-bending properties with just a quick puff or two. By getting the best of both the sativa and indica worlds, it is no wonder that this strain is well-loved. The best way to make sure you always have Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem on hand is to grow it yourself. Luckily, the cultivation of these beautiful plants is relatively simple, making them a great addition to any home grow operation.

Breeders took the time to feminize these seeds as well, which contributes to their growing ease. Feminized seeds are created by stressing a female plant to produce pollen and using it to pollinate other female plants. This results in yields of pure female seeds. This eradicates the need to identify and weed out males to avoid accidental pollination and seedy yields. Instead, you can rest assured that all your seeds will grow into bud producing ladies, allowing you to reap the most curable bud for your efforts. This is great for beginner growers or to ensure you get the most from smaller growing spaces.

If you want to be confident you are getting the best quality seeds on the market, buying cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds is your best bet. We are dedicated to sourcing our genetically pure seeds from the most experienced and educated growers. We have tons of strain options, each with a detailed description similar to this, so you can easily select seeds for your unique needs. We store and transport our seeds in ideal conditions to retain their germination plausibility, to the point we even offer guarantees to our customers! Ordering online can feel pretty impersonal, but do not fret. Our awesome customer service team is accessible via contact form or phone to answer any questions you might have along the way. Having trouble deciding which seeds to order or how to best grow your plants? Speak to one of our experts who will be happy to assist you and become part of your journey!

What Makes Feminized Jack Herer Cookies Strain Popular?

Jack Herer the strain is as popular as Jack Herer the person thanks to the outstanding traits of both. He’s earned the title of hero and freedom fighter of the year, and it won the 7th High Times Cannabis Cup! Nine awards make it the pinnacle of distinction of any strain and rank it as one of the most award-winning varieties on record. It even bears the honor of being dispensed by Dutch drugstores as recognized medical-grade cannabis. Its notoriety vaulted to the top once Jack Herer Cookies seeds were included as a premium example of a high THC content strain. The impressive blend of equatorial sativa high and tremendous indica resin produced by Jack must be witnessed and tested to be believed. At their peak, the buds are so densely smothered with transparent trichomes they appear sugar-coated or glistening with dew. This expands to its spear and fan leaves and Jack’s stems and stalks.

Three of Jack’s four phenotypes are strongly sativa-dominated and the fourth possesses an indica-leaning growth pattern. Jack’s relatively compact size and dense, expansive, conical bud structure are suited to cash cropping. An active grower can produce a good yield with invested skill, though it’s rarely commercially sold. Most growers have watched succulent, supersize calyxes surge and ripen with such success but they’ve been hesitant to sell the buds. It is another example of one of the things money can’t buy. Jack’s feminized buds have an unusual terpene profile that comprises hints of humulene, caryophyllene, pine, and myrcene, constructing its distinct slightly spicy herbal flavor.

Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Feminized Medicinal Uses

Due to its vigorous blend of sativa and indica genes, Jack Herer Cookies offers the thoughtful therapeutic potential to a wide scope of individuals. Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer has a fairly considerable range of possible medicinal benefits, with the bulk dealing with psychological conditions. The strain has long been known for its particular effectiveness in assisting individuals struggling with anxiety and depression, and those managing chronic stress, ADHD, and PTSD. The breathtaking body buzz of Herer can naturally help focus awareness while settling the stomach, and increasing hunger but not the munchies, and dampening underlying pain.

Taking a large dose of Herer Cookies can aid with chronic pain, loss of appetite, nausea, or migraines. Alternative marijuana forms such as candies, concentrates, edibles, and live resin, are generally recommended to consume the greatest dose possible, with the least exertion. For other psychological conditions such as stress, it’s crucial to recognize that consuming excess quantities of any cannabis strain might cause one to exceed their comfort limits. Overconsumption of high THC levels can cause an increase in anxiety or paranoia, defeating the purpose of the stratospheric cerebral high. As you may suspect, the most common unfavorable reactions reported from consuming Jack Herer Cookies are dry mouth and eyes. Both of these are solved by staying properly hydrated before, during, and after administering Jack. Keeping a moisturizing eye drop on hand whenever there’s a plan to consume this gargantuan ganja is wise.

Jackie Girl Strain Review

A common trait to all Jackie Girl phenotypes is the dazzling double-edged power of a stratospheric mental high supported by a sensational body stone. Jack Herer Cookies showcases a separate but delectable bouquet, reminiscent of damp, skunky earth in an ancient, overgrown forest. This strain gives you a sense of connection to nature, initially luring you in with its aroma. Expect Jack to offer pine and woody notes that peak in unavoidably dank skunk genetic smells. The strain fit for a king is named in honor of the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. His tireless activism and landmark book reminds the world that marijuana has always been a valuable resource of humankind, and the planet can be saved with hemp!

Feminized Jack Cookie seeds are described by fans as the ideal blend of uniquely intoxicating aroma, high THC levels, and extraordinarily appealing flavor. Feminized Jackie Girl seeds are a cross of Haze, #5 Northern Lights, and Skunk Shiva, resulting in a well-balanced weed, roughly 55% sativa-dominant and 23% THC. Recreational users appreciate this strain for its exceptionally uplifting effects, while medical consumers value it for its range of therapeutic benefits, especially its possibilities in treating mental and physical ailments. As a highly admired figure in the cannabis industry, it was only natural that a breeder would christen a cultivar after him. This befitting tribute is the substantial sativa Jack Herer Fem that has become one of the planet’s most awarded and most famous marijuana strains.

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Jack Herer might be one of the most infamous characters in the cannabis community globally, but we understand not everyone wants that kind of attention. That’s why Weed Seeds USA allows you to purchase seeds named after one of the most recognized cannabis protagonists in history with complete discretion and privacy. We understand that cannabis cultivation isn’t legal everywhere, but we have ensured our souvenir seeds are. Whether you’re purchasing a pack of legendary Jack Herer Cookies for growing, or enthusiastically collecting seeds, you can do so with complete confidence anywhere in the US. The emperor may not wear clothes, but our seeds wear discreet, secure packaging to shield them from prying eyes or nosey neighbors and protect them on their journey from our vaults to you. This superior hybrid is available through our secure online platform, and we accept almost as many payment forms as Herer has won awards. This includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Dogecoin, Litecoin, all major credit cards, debit, Zelle, and Venmo.

When you buy cannabis seeds in bulk from Weed Seeds, you’re guaranteed the indisputable best price and complete purchasing privacy. Customer satisfaction never goes out of style, and neither does a strain like this. Whether you’re a collector, commercial grower, hobbyist, breeder, or just an avid home gardener, Weed Seeds can meet your bulk buying needs. We certify the information you share with us stays with us, and will never be sold, shared, or seen by anyone else. Get started selecting the finest Jack Herer Cookies seeds, sourced from superior breeders, discreetly packaged, and delivered to you.

How to Germinate Jack Herer Cookies Photo Fem Seeds

Weed Seeds recommends using the paper towel technique to guarantee optimal results, as discussed in our germination post. When sprouting feminized Jack Herer photo seeds they should develop a healthy taproot to be ready for planting in twenty-four to one hundred twenty hours. If the beans bought from us fail to grow, don’t hesitate to reach out about our germination guarantee. Once you have your seeds, large plates, tweezers, and paper towels assembled you can begin the germination process.

Wet a couple of paper towels, squeeze out any excess water and place them on one plate. Delicately place the Jack Herer Cookies seeds about an inch apart on the towel, then cover them using the second moistened paper towel and add just enough water to ensure it’s all damp. Check the plate and paper towels to confirm that there’s no extra water pooling on the plate, if there is, simply pour it off making sure not to spill the beans. Cover the seeds and towels with a second plate to create a moisture dome. Leave the photoperiod feminized seeds in a warm, dark place where they won’t be disturbed. A cupboard or deep drawer will work. The seeds should germinate in one to five days. Check on them daily to make sure the towels stay wet. As soon as the Herer seeds develop a healthy taproot, they can be transplanted using the tweezers into any suitable growing medium.

Is Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Strain Easy To Grow?

When started from seed, Jack Herer Cookies show promising variation, due to an intricate background and temperate balance of sativa and indica. The features of both sides of the family are evident and expressed in diverse combinations, allowing cultivators to choose mother plants tailored to taste. Photo Fem Herer seeds are incredibly easy to grow, making this hybrid a champion indoors and out. Jack produces extremely dense, resinous buds, and a respectable yield in a reasonable time. These feminized seeds are inherently resilient to diseases, mildew, bugs, mold, and sudden temperature changes, earning the title of a low-maintenance marijuana strain.

Jack tends to lean toward its sativa side as it grows, and can effortlessly reach heights over six feet. So whether you raise your crop outside or indoors, it’s paramount to provide the plants enough room to branch out. You may consider using a Sea of Green (SOG) method. The concept of the SOG is to force the plants to flower when they are very young and small, to push out a sea of marijuana. This cultivar does well with this low-stress training method and pruning to create a canopy of top branches. The enormous colas receive the right amount of light, airflow, and support using this technique. This strain thrives in a dry climate with low humidity, so it’s important to keep it between 68°F and 80°F. Cultivators maturing a well-fed crop can anticipate eight to ten weeks flowering. Support might be required to bear the added weight of bursting buds come harvest time. Expect a yield of around eighteen ounces per meter squared. Outside, when allowed the freedom to reach full potential yields, plants can deliver up to eighteen ounces a plant.

Jack Herer Cookies Seed Bank

With all the award-winning benefits that come from Jack Herer Cookies it’s no surprise it’s been cross bred like a first-class stallion. This distinguished hybrid is often chosen as the preferred strain for connoisseurs. This, unfortunately, means that sometimes supply can’t keep up with demand. Luckily Weed Seeds has more than 500 premium quality cannabis seeds just like Jack. Our versatile online seed bank has a selection of categories that require different conditions, deliver highs in a variety of flavor medleys, and offer various benefits and effects. Check out our superbly sourced, top-quality feminized, photoperiod, and autoflower seeds, or grab some high THC or CBD seeds to cater to concentrates, tailor to therapeutic use, or exceed growing expectations.

If you’re looking for a strain that owes its superior genetics to GSC X Jack herer, try our Blueberry Jack Herer. This balanced hybrid sativa brings a joyful high that keeps you going. Its indica side, Blueberry, comes from Buddhism’s birthplace and offers soothing relaxation from depression and stress. A moderate 12-16% THC level and buds bursting with sweet, fruity limonene and myrcene flavored terpenes make this resilient plant a top pick. In true homage, Jack Herer Auto Fem is the automatic version that cannabis aficionados love. This sativa-leaning strain brings a rounded mix of complementary effects, including an uplifting happy high, that pairs with a deep body buzz to increase therapeutic potential. It is modest in both its THC content between 15 and 20% and its size of just under three feet.

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If you have questions about our Jack Herer Cookies Photo Fem seeds before you buy, don’t hesitate to reach out to Weed Seeds at Call US. From 9 am to 5 pm CST, Monday to Friday one of our customer cannabis representatives will be more than happy to help with our product descriptions, inquiries, and guarantees. We understand and appreciate how busy life gets. Every day it seems like we’re dealing with something new, and that’s why you can reach Weed Seeds anytime, during the dark or light cycle, online at [email protected] Weed Seeds aims to honor the cannabis community and the marijuana enthusiasts who made it all possible, by providing reliable, top-notch, consumer care. We provide solutions focused on our valued customers and their growing success.

From sativa strains that produce cerebral effects to indica genetics offering medicinally therapeutic benefits, our seed bank is bursting with potential. Our ganja guides can help you find the perfect cultivar whether you’re suffering from pain or lack of appetite. If you’re just looking for a strain that’s capable of producing bountiful yields specific to your growing environment or setup you have come to the right place! Weed Seeds has pot posts, growing and germinating guides, and testimonials from our satisfied clients. All of our seeds are stored in optimal environmental conditions and painstakingly packaged by our experienced budtenders. From collecting to cultivating, inhaling to infusing, whatever your seed needs, you will find a robust choice of cannabis varieties and combinations.

Learn to Grow Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Photoperiod Female Strain

Ready to start growing? These plants are small to mid-sized, reaching a height of 3 to 5 feet. This makes them suitable for indoor spaces since they do not require a lot of vertical space. Their compact size makes them perfect for hiding from the public eye in an outdoor garden. Although cultivating marijuana is legal in many states, most regulations stipulate that your plants must not be visible to the general public. While these plants will do best in a controlled environment, they can thrive in almost any growing medium or setup. They exhibit the short, bushy indica characteristics, with broad fan leaves that require regular pruning to maximize light penetration and airflow. Occasionally you will end up with the sativa slender leaves. Expect your plants to develop lots of dense, tapered nugs that are covered with sticky resin. Growing indoors allows you to create the perfect environment to maintain plant health and optimize yields. If you opt to grow Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem in an indoor operation, keeping conditions warm and dry will be the ticket for success! Temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity levels between 40 and 50% will yield the best results. This strain thrives with the Sea of Green (SOG) method, where multiple plants are grown close together and their canopy broadened for better light and air exposure. If all these conditions are met, you can expect to collect roughly 1.9 ounces per square foot.

Growing these babies outdoors will be best in a Mediterranean style climate. If you reside in places like California, Australia, or Southern Europe, this strain will thrive beautifully in a garden setup. Anticipate harvesting up to 17 ounces of potent, sticky buds per plant.

Harvesting Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Photo Fem Strain

These gorgeous sage-colored flowers will mature in a short 7 to 8 weeks. As they move through their flowering stage, they will develop warm orange and yellow pistils and a thick layer of terpene-rich trichomes that go from sparkly to snowy white. Combined with deep purple sugar leaves, this stunning plant is truly a sight for sore eyes! These plants are photoperiod bloomers, which means they rely on adjustments in light intervals and intensity to flower. When growing indoors, you will need to use bulbs and timers to mimic the ideal conditions. However, growing al fresco, this happens naturally as the long summer days shift to the shorter, darker days of fall. In an outdoor grow, make sure to harvest your flowers before the first frost, as the extreme cold can damage your crops.

Jackies Girl Photoperiod Feminized Strain Medical Benefits

This exceptionally potent bud with its high THC content provides hard-hitting effects in small doses. This powerful herb offers relief to those who suffer from a variety of health challenges. The initial effects are positive and uplifting. The euphoric high has the potential to curb symptoms associated with mental health struggles like stress, anxiety, and depression. The cognitive buzz is invigorating, so it may also support conditions like chronic fatigue that can sometimes accompany these psychological challenges.

The medical relief extends beyond the cognitive into the physical realm. It offers significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties making this a go-to for those who suffer from chronic pain. Apply this bud to rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and premenstrual syndrome to keep your pain manageable for hours.

Medical marijuana is quickly gaining popularity, due in part to the shortlist of adverse reactions. Traditional pharmaceuticals often come with a long list of potential risks, while this organic alternative often has only a few that are easily managed. The use of the Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem strain commonly only results in the mild discomfort of dry eyes and cottonmouth. Both of these inconveniences can be kept in check by staying hydrated. Make sure to drink a lot of fluids before, during, and after your session! More severe symptoms such as anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia may occur, however, these are usually just a result of overuse or THC sensitivity. Keep your dose low and you should ride a pleasant high with few issues. However, if negative effects persist, you may want to switch to a strain with milder THC levels.

Flavours, Fragrance, and Effects

This mix of opposing genetic strains creates a perfectly balanced high. The potent energizing impacts of Jack Herer meet the relaxing properties of Girl Scout Cookies. Expect a strong, euphoric, and invigorating mental buzz to hit pretty much instantly, taking away worry and negativity. The effects will settle into the body as well, eradicating tension and lifting lethargy. The Girl Scout Cookies’ genetics add a sedating quality to the body stone, which helps keep the high from being overwhelming or hyperactive. This is a strain that is best used in the mid-day when you need a little boost to tackle the rest of your daily tasks. Enhanced focus and a release of creative energy can occur, making this a great option for getting into craft projects as well.

Though the effects are fantastic, perhaps the most appealing parts of this bud are its flavor and scent profiles. The aroma from these sticky nugs is a mix of sweet citrus and earth with hints of spice. Light up a joint rolled from this strain and inhale. The initial lemon flavor will enliven the taste buds and hints of pepper, sandalwood, and pine will satisfy the palate and linger on the tongue. Delicious!

Buy Wholesale Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Photo Feminized Seeds in the USA

Innovative breeders have come up with some awesome genetic marvels that offer super balanced, potent, and well-received effects. Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem is just one of these awesome options that take a sativa dominant crowd pleaser and melds it with an indica dominant aficionado favorite. This strain flies off the dispensary shelves, so if you are growing on the commercial scale for wholesale, this is a top-notch strain to have in your repertoire. At Weed Seeds, we sell bulk seeds at reduced prices, so sticking with us assures you have quality seeds with high germination rates plus a little extra cash in your pocket. When all you need to do is select your seeds, pay, and wait for them to be delivered, it really is a piece of cake to buy your seeds online. Without the inconvenience of having to visit a retail shop, you will save time. This gives you a little extra time to tend to the plants that are already underway in your grow operation, tackle that built up paperwork or to check in with your existing customers. Our goal is to make every level of production and distribution accessible. We pass savings on to you, and in return, we hope that the dispensary shelves are stocked with affordable weed so those in need can get their hands on their medicine!

Jack Herer Cookies Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds

Check out our bulk seed section to find a variety of different strain options, including Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem, at reduced, wholesale prices. Whether you are growing commercially or just want to grow on a larger scale, you can find awesome bulk seeds through Weed Seeds. Our high germination rates make it so you can confidently buy in bulk, knowing your investment of time and resources will be well compensated. Premium seeds at wholesale prices! How much better can it get, really?

Jackies Girl Photoperiod Fem Seeds for Sale Online

Wondering how you can have the Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem strain seeds in your possession? Fortunately, it has never been easier to order seeds than it is in our technological age. You can browse through our website, select your seeds, and pay, all from the comfort of your home. We have secure payment options so you can safely make your purchase. Once you have paid for your premium pot seeds, all you need to do is wait patiently while they are delivered directly to your home. They will arrive in an unmarked package, so you do not need to worry about anyone finding out what you are up to. Your home-grow operation is just a few clicks away from getting underway!

Similar Strain Seeds For Sale in the USA

While this superb bud definitely offers some awesome