Hindu Kush Seeds

This is an ancient strain, loved by cannabis consumers all around the globe. Brought to California in the ’60s, Hindu Kush has been a staple in creating many of the impeccable hybrids and indicas around today. With THC levels sitting at an average of about 17-20%, this is a subtle weed but still capable of relieving stresses and tensions of all pressure levels. She is relatively easy to cultivate, given the grower has some basic knowledge of marijuana horticulture, and is gorgeous to watch grow and mature. These seeds are feminized as well, giving enthusiasts a leg up in a job precarious by nature. These beans are available for delivery all across the U.S. and are perfectly designed to grow all the ancient landrace indica you can handle.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield350-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield400-550g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing, Sedation
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Herbal, Lemon, Pine, Spice, Sweet, Woody
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Linalool

Hindu Kush Seeds For Sale USA

Cultivated for centuries for recreational and ceremonial hash use by populations in its homeland, Hindu Kush is one of those ancient landrace strains which pretty much all other indicas have to thank for their inception. Growing up and adapting to wind-scorched mountainous environments for millennia made this weed strong and sturdy, hardy, and fairly resilient to molds and diseases. Mid-high THC levels in this strain deliver incredible highs and a crushing body-stone, and it can be reliable in laying waste to all sorts of maladies. Thankfully, you do not have to travel to the far east or be an alpine mountaineer to experience the glory of Hindu Kush. These feminized beans from Weed Seeds are available for delivery all across the country and our professional technicians are adept at ensuring nearly 100% viability.

The Hindu Kush mountain range stretches approximately 600 miles, from west to northeast, and borders Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, China, and India. This region is famous for its craggy peaks and included in the neighboring Karakorum and Himalaya ranges, respectively, are infamous monsters such as K2 and Everest. The Hindu Kush region is a famous landmark as far as trade-routes go as well, being that there are a number of gateways connecting many neighboring countries and peoples. Early Buddhist philosophers made their home in this religious green zone during some very troubling times in early Asian history. Buddhas carved into the rock and the etchings could still be observed many hundreds of years later at Bamiyan if they had not been blown up by Taliban forces during ensuing wars. Many schools of Buddhist thought and activity came out of this stretch of earth, most of which are still functioning strongly today with lineages guarded, protected, and traceable.

California is a long way from the Kush Mountain ranges so how did breeders here come across this weed? Well, after being bred for industrial purposes by Dutch and British colonies as early as the turn of the 17th century (the 1600s), it was brought to what would become America during this time. It was cultivated for generations before increases in recreational use scared the U.S. Government into forcing prohibition in the 1920s. This amazing weed did not go quietly into that dark night though, and proliferation throughout the southern states eventually brought this remarkable strain to California through the early hippie movements of the ’60s. Breeders who were otherwise used to southern sativas were amazed at this ancient landrace and took hold of its powers and prowess immediately, birthing some seriously seductive strains.

Southern California had, previous to prohibition, been a major producer of industrial hemp (approximately 200,000 pounds per year), though this was primarily through the cultivation of Mexican, South American, and South Asian sativas. By the time Hindu and Afghan Kush strains were brought to Cali, early breeders were already producing some pretty awesome weeds. These early mad scientists would be the matriarchs and patriarchs of what would become the Emerald Triangle of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties, where the war on drugs forced grows inside. Forcing growers to opt for the controlled environment would soon be recognized as a major impetus to why we have such powerhouse weeds today, and this inside job is now the go-to method of cultivation all around the world.

What Hindu Kush brought to tokers across California was the magic of indica/sativa hybrids and another level of hardiness and growability previously unknown to cannabis cultivators, especially in northern hemispheres. Said to evoke a state of nirvana when used responsibly, this strain has the ability to trip out and couch-lock when grown in ideal conditions, though this is uncommon with landrace strains. The flavors of this ancient flower are generally reminiscent of the land in which it flourished since before humankind and they deepen even further when put to flame. Overall, we are super excited to be reporting on Hindu Kush and we hope that we do it the justice it so rightly deserves.

What Makes Feminized Hindu Kush Strain Popular?

Pick any one of Hindu Kush’s traits, and chances are that it played a part in making this strain so popular. Hindu Kush’s genealogy is extensive, having a hand in thousands of different strains from some of the oldest classics to even the new-age strains popping up today. This strain is named directly after its original location of origin, the Hindu Kush mountain range. The famous strain’s native home is another reason why it gained such prevalence and is favored by so many cannabis breeders. The harsh conditions the vegetation experiences in the Hindu Kush mountain range is what causes them to become so hardy and resilient. This makes up one of the core reasons so many breeders find Hindu Kush an optimal parent for newer strains. Another reason is that Hindu OG Kush is simply some of the best old world cannabis around. With THC usually found to be around 20%, this strain does have a bit of a bite but it’s not too strong for the average smoker. A CBD content of 1% or less provides some respite for those suffering from physical pain or other conditions. Hindu Kush is the perfect example of a pure indica, so this strain is the peak of a relaxing and low energy smoke. With such a rich history, long lineage of child strains and every one of the desirable indica traits, it’s no wonder Hindu Kush has become one of the most widely recognized cannabis strains in all of human history.

OG Hindu Feminized Medicinal Application

Hindu OG is enjoyable in every way for anybody who loves a good indica strain. After all, it’s one of the reasons your favorite indica hybrid may exist today, and that’s for good reason. This pure indica strain has an extensive list of benefits that many medicinal users say changed their lives in a small way by helping them deal with pain or psychological conditions. A bouquet of aromas and flavors in this strain makes it all that much better, which consist of a strong profile of sweet and earthy smells, such as lemon, bold spices, sweet herbal notes, and a certain woody and spicy character as well. The reason for this medicinal prowess comes down to this strain’s phenotype and a good dose of THC. This results in many medicinal users saying that Hindu Kush is their go-to cannabis for relieving pain from arthritis, work-related or post-surgical pain, the pounding feeling of a bad headache or migraine, or symptoms as a result of conditions such as fibromyalgia, epilepsy, or multiple sclerosis. Many medicinal users who struggle with insomnia have said that Hindu Kush is the way to relieve worries that may worsen insomnia or anxiety and to get a good night’s rest. There has even been one user, a recovering addict, who attributes Hindu Kush to helping him live a new life by alleviating the effects of withdrawal. Cases like these just go to show the success that many medicinal users find in utilizing an all-natural remedy like OG Hindu.

Hindu OG Kush Strain Review

This original landrace strain has been the favorite child of many growers and breeders across North America and the rest of the world. Its genetics make it simple to grow while being hardy and resistant to crop ailments like mold, predatory insects, or diseases. The ruderalis genes inside of this old-world cannabis cause it to grow low and wide, allowing for a good grow operation no matter how tight on space you are. Germination of these seeds couldn’t be made easier using the classic paper towel method, which we detail later in this article. When you’ve completed your first grow of this magnificent strain, you’ll come out with a product that has a color palette much like many other strains. These buds will have vivid earth tones such as green, orange, and yellow with many visible pistils once they are cured. Terpenes including caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene will cause your stash to smell like a verdant forest or a fruit basket. Notes of herbs, lemon, pine, and other traits such as sweet berry, spices, bark, and an earthy pungency will reveal themselves even more so after grinding this bud up. The high is practically the textbook high you would expect from such a strain, as it fully relaxes the mind and body with a long and uplifting euphoria. This is a slow-burning high and usually doesn’t include any head rushing or dizziness. Couch-locking is certain not long after just a few hits of Hindu Kush, and a long night of rest can be expected soon afterward.

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Weed Seeds USA is proud to bring one of the most ancient and well-known strains of cannabis to the American public for all to enjoy. While this strain is certainly nothing new, we take pride in providing a safe and certified way to acquire high-quality Hindu Kush cannabis seeds. To start growing your own piece of cannabis history, it takes only a few simple steps on our online store. Begin by creating an account on Weed Seeds USA, which will help speed up your checkout process in the future. Choose a quantity of the seeds you would like and add them to your cart. Now would be a great time to check if your cart meets our requirements for our free shipping options. Next, pay using any one of the payment methods we’ve made available. These include options such as debit, credit, and many cryptocurrency options including Bitcoin and Ethereum. We’ve secured every one of our payment methods with the highest grade of transaction security systems, so your information is kept safe. Furthermore, any information we collect from you to complete your order will never be shared with or sold to anyone. If you usually have difficulty getting packages to your house it’s no problem, as we ship to any address within the USA. Once your order is complete, you can expect to receive your package in two weeks or less. All of our packages are discreet and unmarked for your privacy.

How to Germinate Hindu Kush Photo Fem Seeds

Do not let this strain’s substantial history deter you from growing it. Those who are new to growing cannabis may be thinking that these seeds will require a complicated process to germinate. This is quite the opposite, as germinating Hindu OG Kush cannabis seeds couldn’t be easier. It takes only a few simple steps and some items you can find around your household. These items you’ll need include paper towels, a surface such as a plate, and some water, whether distilled, purified, or tap water. Tweezers are recommended but not necessary as they will help prevent any accidental damage or transmission of pathogens to your seeds. Begin by dampening a piece of paper towel, then place it onto your plate. Take your brand new Hindu Kush seeds and move them directly from the package to the plate, preferably using tweezers for this step. Dampen another piece of paper towel and lay it over your seeds, then check to see if there’s any free-standing water underneath. If so, drain it from the plate, then cover your seeds with another plate or surface. Once this is complete, you can place your seeds in storage for anywhere between one to five days. Check on your seeds periodically and make sure they are still moist. Once you see small taproots, about half an inch long, beginning to sprout out of the bottoms of the shells, you may remove your seeds from germination and plant them to begin growing your Hindu Kush pure indica cannabis.

Is OG Hindu Strain Easy To Grow ?

Hindus Kush may not be a strain for those brand new to cultivating cannabis, but it is easy – moderate to grow for those who are inexperienced yet determined. Veteran growers who want to go back to the basics will have no problem growing this archaic strain, and may even gain some new insight on the inner workings of cannabis through doing so. The original birthplace of this strain will give you some hints as to what it will enjoy the most in terms of the growing environment. Hindu Kush may fare better outside than inside, as controlled environments leave it up to the grower to provide any nutrients, airflow, and light a plant may need. The Sea of Green (SOG) method is best prescribed for this strain, which involves training plants with low-stress training methods and trimming undergrowth, as well as growing plants close to each other. This will create a uniform canopy of vegetative growth, which will increase the number of nutrients and light your plants are capable of absorbing. This strain in particular is photoperiod, which will need to have its flowering stage triggered manually through a change in light. This can be done by reducing the available light to a schedule of 12/12, and usually only less than a month after planting. Temperatures are best kept around 70° Fahrenheit if possible, and reducing humidity throughout the growth from 60% down to about 20% at the end of flowering will keep these plants happiest.

Hindu Kush Seed Bank

Weed Seeds USA is proud to stock hundreds of seeds in our seed bank. From ancient strains like Hindu Kush Photo Fem to newer ones like Amnesia Haze, we carry so many options that you’ll never be able to grow all of them. To make this all a bit easier to digest, we provide categorization for every one of our seeds. This includes categories such as 710 seeds, which are seeds that grow plants specialized in producing high THC and lots of thick resin on the buds of the plant, which are optimal for creating extracts and oils. These 710 seeds are also available in high CBD variants as well. 420 seeds will grow into plants that are best at producing beautiful thick buds that are best for curing and consuming in conventional ways such as smoking or cooking. Feminized seeds such as these Hindu Kush seeds are sexed by our breeders so that there’s no extra work needed on the part of our customers to separate male and female plants. This ensures that all the plants you receive will grow into bud-bearing female plants. Many of our varieties offered as regular seeds will contain either male or female genetics and will allow growers with a bit more advanced knowledge of cannabis cultivation to create their own strains. Strains such as our Hindu Kush is one of the perfect strains for those interested in cannabis breeding to begin refining their craft.

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If you’d like to begin growing some of the very same cannabis that ancient humans have been cultivating for thousands of years, Weed Seeds make it easy to begin doing so, no matter how new or old you are to the craft. You can feel good about purchasing from us because we work with only American breeders and researchers to breed and source all of our seeds. This means that when you spend with us, your dollars are staying American and going straight back to those who help us provide an important service to the American people. If you still have questions about the hobby before you begin, we have a blog section on our website dedicated to providing cannabis growers young and old with the tips and tricks they need to have a successful harvest. All you have to do is go to the tab titled Seed Bank Blog to find out everything we know that can help you during your cannabis cultivation journey. If at any point during your purchase you still have questions about the process, we have a friendly customer support team for exactly that reason. To contact our team by phone, simply give us a call at 1 (844) 807-1234. Our team is available by phone from 9 am to 5 pm CST, Monday to Friday. If this option doesn’t work for you, we have callback options available, and you can also contact us through email at Create A Support Request.

Growing Hindu Kush Photoperiod Female Cannabis

Though she appreciates a Mediterranean climate, being that this incredible indica flourished for ages in a mountainous, windswept environment means that it can handle a lot of weather. Outside, this gorgeous girl can reach heights of about 4 feet and is rather bushy. Branches elongate quickly and stretch long, so some low-stress training (LST) like bending and pinning, coupled with pruning, will ensure the nodes get the light they need, maximizing the plant’s potential. This friendly flower likes lots of nutrients and will suck up whatever you put in there, so be careful to only provide what she needs. Rich, free-draining soil with plenty of micronutrients and a solid N-P-K ratio should do, and plants should only require a second dose before the last few weeks of flowering. It pays to lollipop your plants at this time as well. Whatever popcorn buds have been forming in the lower portion of the plant, get rid of that if you want to maximize the potency and yield of the colas.

Growing inside is a bit of a different story. Though this landrace strain has survived eons in the wild, growing it in a controlled environment requires a bit of know how. This strain appreciates a Sea of Green (SOG) setup coupled with hydroponics. For a successful SOG, growers will want to veg only for a few short weeks. Before the end of the first month, crops should be transplanted or moved into the flowering phase. Temperatures should be kept around 70°F for the duration of the grow and humidity should be incrementally reduced from 60 to 40, all the way to 20% by the end of flowering. It is important for hydroponic growers to flush the plants at the final stages of flowering, so all those chemicals get properly broken down and used, leaving nothing in the water or the plant’s biology. If you are growing organically, in soil, there is no need to flush. Simply apply your last dose of feed starting at the last month of flowering and the plants should use it all up. Their fade toward the end of their life cycle will show you that they are getting ready to stop working and this is usually the time when growers pay extra close attention to trichome and leaf colors, ensuring the plants are not left too long before harvest.

Hindu Kush Photo Fem Flowering Time

An inside show should give up anywhere from 75-100 grams per foot at around the 10-week mark, though results vary. Outside, these nugs are going to be ready for harvest by mid-October with yields of up to 600 grams per plant. It is important not to go too far past this point because the weather in the northern hemisphere tends to promote mold, though the drop in temperature should make for some serious bag-appeal.

Drying these buds is about as straightforward as it gets and anyone with a tiny bit of experience will have no problems drying. Make sure that temperatures are between 60 and 70°, humidity around 45-55%, and that the air is constantly moving, or you may experience some bud rot. When the stem snaps rather than bends, your buds should be ready for the jar.

It is important to trim well before jarring these nugs up as this can improve airflow and the overall look and quality of the buds. Keep humidity around 60-65, though 65 is high. When humidity detectors read mid-60’s, open up the jars for a couple of hours to let the buds breathe a bit before sealing them up again. Cures can last anywhere from 15 or 20 days, all the way up to the 6-months for those entering any Cannabis Cup. What you want is a strong smell upon opening the jar and a rock hard bud. Accomplish this and you will not be disappointed.

Medical Benefits of Hindu OG Photoperiod Feminized Cannabis

A pure indica like this one needs little in the way of advertisement. Those who know a good landrace Kush know how soothing these strains can be. Analgesic benefits include freedom from aches and pains, headaches, and migraines. The anxiolytic effects can help lift users from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and some attention deficit disorders when dosing responsibly.

When chronic pain is removed, there is an overall improvement in the quality of life for people who have been stuck in a prolonged state of agony. This sudden freeing from pain can release tension, soothe tightened and stubborn muscle groups, and is sure to bring a sense of balance and serenity to anyone who needs it.

Expected Effects, Fragrances, and Flavors

These buds are rife with fragrances reminiscent of the territory of their birth. Sandalwood and pine, herbaceous spice, and incense are all trademark flavors and aromas of landrace indicas from this mountainous region. When you put flame to flower, the pine aromas turn into a deep and rich pine sap coating over the tongue and throat. Hints of sweet and tangy spices and sandalwood are amplified, taking tokers on a trip through the East Asian backcountry.

The effects of this weed are subtle and uplifting. Though this bud can carry a high THC content, it usually sits around 19% so it will not green anyone out. As a matter of fact, landrace indica strains like Hindu and Afghan Kush are remarkably enjoyable to users of all experience levels, ushering in a sense of serenity and calm coupled with uplifting and energizing euphoria. A session with this herb is great for conversation and collaboration. Aches and pains are quickly subdued and though it does not carry the CBD necessary to take care of seizures and tremors, it is a remarkably efficient gnarly mood and achy pain medication, providing prolonged relief.

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A lot of controversy surrounds online seed shopping and the quality of the seeds one purchases has often let growers down. Weed Seeds is an American distributor of some of the finest cannabis seeds to be found anywhere and we have the experience necessary to make sure each one of our seeds is viable and ready to plant.

If you are a breeder then you know how important it is to have enough seeds to get just the right combination of characteristics necessary to produce an award-winning strain. We are happy to offer wholesale seeds so that breeders can have all the seeds they could ever need to get the latest experiment out of the workshop and into the hands of consumers everywhere.

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Hindus Kush Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds Near Me

Weed Seeds knows how to take care of our little monkeys. Our expert technicians are trained in protecting these seeds’ viability and ultimate growability. No more do commercial growers and breeders have to worry about having enough viable seeds at the right price. We stand with integrity behind all of our products and our quick and secure payment options and speedy delivery take all the worry out of the shopping and waiting process. With orders arriving in as little as a week, we recommend getting prepared to start your next crop of Hindu Kush as soon as you place your order. Your next harvest will be a great one with plenty of returns when you buy these seeds wholesale!

Hindu OG Photoperiod Fem Strain Seeds in the USA

Hindu Kush has been satisfying recreational and medicinal users for decades. The soothing and uplifting qualities of this lovely leaf cannot be overestimated and now, due to shifting regulations around the use, cultivation, and possession of marijuana changing all across the U.S., these precious pot seeds are available to you! Weed Seeds is a homegrown distributor of America’s finest strains and Hindu Kush is certainly one to be celebrated. No matter where you are across the country, we deliver quickly and quietly, so start planning your plot because these wonder beans are on their way!

Similar Pot Seeds For Sale in the USA

Growers and weed enthusiasts all across this great country are excited about the ever-loved Hindu Kush, so much so that we can run out of this popular strain. Though we attempt to be on top of restocking and supplying all the Hindu Kush seeds anyone would like to grow, shortages can happen. For those times, here are a few Kush family friends we recommend to anyone looking for a great weed.

Lemon Kush Photo Fem, bursting with rich lemon flavors and aromas is a true treat. Some breeders have crossed Lemon Joy with OG Kush and still, others have crossed Lemon OG with Afghan to create this instantly remarkable, high-THC 50/50, fit to please.

Master Kush Photo Fem is that good old sweet and tangy, piney and spicy blend, famous for generations of tokers. Snoop Dogg himself has given this multiple award-winner his stamp of approval and it continues to excite tokers everywhere just as much as it did on day one. Also great for pressing rosin, Master Kush lives up to its name.

Nicole Kush Photo Fem is another high-THC gift from the breeding gods. This cross of Nicole and Kosher Kush delivers a euphoric and somewhat psychedelic high which has been deemed a must try weed on more than one occasion.

OG Kush Photo Fem is the ocean grown original gangsta. Mother to many well-loved strains out there, OG is one of the most famous hybrids in weed history and is still capable, all these yea