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This bad mamma jamma is certainly a kickass trip through the galaxy, much like the silver surfer himself on crack. Among the hybrid sativa category, this one is one of our favorites for outdoor adventure days or prompting a jam session with your mates. At a cruisy altitude of 21 to 22% THC, the Super Silver Haze and Green Crack combination is a solid choice for any recreational or medicinal weed lover. Green Crack is an almighty sativa head zinger, which you may have also heard marketed under the name Green Cush or Green Crush. The Super Silver Haze strain is an equally trippy one, capable of sending its consumers on a cosmic journey lasting a couple of hours. This is a unique hybrid that every sativa fan should try at least once. After you grow this strain maybe you will be hooked and it will become your high-yielding forever strain.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 22%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield350-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Focus, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Tropical
TerpenesOcimene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene

Green Super Haze Seeds For Sale USA

Green Super Haze Photo Fem has all of the features of your favorite regular sativa strains, but with a lot less growing hassle. Planting Feminized Seeds in your garden has a big advantage. Feminized seeds are specifically bred seeds that only produce female plants so they will save you the anxiety of detecting males early enough before they destroy your crop. Feminization eradicates the need to weed out males to avoid accidental pollination and seedy yields. You will not have to worry about these trivial details when you buy an all-female cast of characters from Weed Seeds. Instead, just feed, water, and keep an eye on the most common pests, such as aphids, fungus gnats, or spider mites. Buying seeds should be the easiest part of the growing process, so we have partnered with the best local seed breeders to ensure we have a steady and consistent supply of America’s favorite weed strains.

Green Super Haze Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

Most people coming into the legal market to buy cannabis for themselves are typically gravitating towards strains within the 21-22% THC range. Although many users are mistaken in thinking that they need weed this strong to feel anything, it certainly can’t hurt to have a few extra horses under the hood. You just need to know your own limits and not share too much of this strain with your friend who may be a first-time beginner. Weed can be fun to share, but when you are packing a wicked strain like Green Crack x Super Silver Haze, you have to do it responsibly. If you know someone who is a talented cannabis grower and you want to surprise them with a stellar and thoughtful gift, pick up a ten or twenty pack of these hearty hybrid seeds to grow and test out with you. The gift of green can truly keep on giving if you know how to find a good steady supply. Buy chronic seed from Weed Seeds USA and grow some fun.

Growing Green Crack x Super Silver Haze From Seed

Many cannabis consumers dream of the day they can rake in their own supply, but they often procrastinate learning the skills that would allow them to grow from seed. You don’t need to be a master gardener to keep your plants healthy. Most of the information you will need specific to growing sativa plants like this either indoors or outdoors is available online in the form of free encyclopedias or growing blogs. Weed Seeds has tons of cultivating tricks and tips garnered from years of growing hippie lettuce. When our recommended germination instructions are followed, and you can maintain the ideal environment and feeding schedule for your plants, you can see up to 350 to 500 grams of bud harvested per square meter of indoor growing space. That’s a whopping 12 to 17 ounces. But wait, there’s more! If you grow this glorious lady outdoors in well-aerated organic soil, she can produce up to 500 grams (17.5 ounces) in a single plant. Keep in mind that like many sativa-dominant strains, this one has a flowering time that is a little on the longer side, 8 to 10 weeks. Buy Green Super Haze Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds and experience the rewards when picking an easy-to-grow high-yielding strain like this.

Is Green Super Haze Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Even if you are the kind of person who kills your houseplants on the regular, there is still hope for you in becoming a successful weed producer. Plants like the strain we are featuring are designed with the beginner grower in mind. Simply water it fully once the soil becomes completely dry, and the plant grows according to the lighting schedule you keep it on. When you have reached the desired size, shorten the light cycle to 12/12 and watch as the buds begin to sprout and open up right before your eyes.

What Makes Feminized Green Super Haze Strain Popular?

Aside from the ease of setting this strain up in your home grow, this particular cannabis plant offers users a pretty amazing assortment of benefits. Each of the parent strains responsible for this lineage has been popular in their own right, so how can you expect this love child to let you down? We would say the very same about a strong mashup like Green Crack X AK 47 Fem which happens to be another top-selling sativa-dominant hybrid on our menu. Buy some Green Super Haze from Weed seeds to see why it is so popular!

Medicinal Application of Green Crack Super Haze Feminized

Oftentimes, people buy THC Seeds strictly for recreational purposes, but the marijuana strain we have featured here offers medicinal value as well. People with anxiety, arthritis, depression, and stress all appreciate this strain for its ability to smooth over the bumps in one’s day. Even serious acute pain episodes like migraines can be relieved with sativas like this which promote blood flow to the brain. The respite from pain can give you the motivation to complete your impending task list. When you grow from seed, that practice in itself takes a lot of work, and Green Super crack haze is the kind of strain that can light the fire under your but in the morning to get out and meet the needs of your plants.

Effects of Green Crack Super Haze

Sativa Seeds are well known for giving users a racy and trippy high that can be experienced like a halo or a headband of positive vibes. Creative, euphoric, and relaxing are just a few of the common words users choose to describe the fun and flowy effects this strain imparts on its subjects’ psyche. Don’t risk being shipped the wrong strain from an international seed bank. Instead, buy Green Super Haze Photo Fem seeds online in the USA, from Weed seeds and get your order quickly and discreetly.

Fragrances of Green Crack x Super Silver Haze

Most ganja strains have a similar underlying skunky smell, but the wide array of terpenes present in each strain create a very unique fingerprint that tells a story of how it may taste as well. This particular strain is rich in the terpenes ocimene and limonene, and will therefore have the dominant smells of citrus, with fruity and woody notes.

Flavors of Super Silver Haze x Green Crack

For the best-flavored weed that you can enjoy when it is dried and ready, you need to grow from seed. Complex flavors of gassy pine and earthy lemon will cause you to take another puff just to clarify that there is a party going on in your mouth. If you are a fan of fruity sativas that also bend your mind with great mental stimulation, then you simply have to buy Female Green Super Haze online right here today at Weed Seeds USA.

Microview of Green Crack x Super Silver Haze Seeds

Of all the plants you could practice growing, pot has a way of inviting you in to appreciate the science of it up close and personal. The Green Crack Super Haze strain has a combination of delightful odors and shiny diamond-like trichomes that tantalize your senses and have you lingering a little longer in the greenhouse in appreciation. It will be hard to leave your grow op once you buy Green Super Haze Photoperiod Feminized online from Weed Seeds and get it germinating in your home.

Buy Green Super Haze Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Grow operations big and small have been seeking a way to get large plants that also finish with nice tight quality buds. The careful breeding that went into the Super Green Haze strain results in a big plant that delivers superb flavors, aromas, and positive mental effects as well. Buy Female Green Crack x Super Silver Haze online from a reliable source such as Weed Seeds so that you get your order quickly and are not surprised with any unwanted duties or other shipping costs. We handle all orders swiftly so don’t delay and hit that checkout button with your favorite strains like Green Crack x Pineapple or Green Crack X Somango Fem.

Buy Green Super Haze Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

Many states permit Americans to grow between 4 and 12 plants, but you should check with your own state laws first to be sure of your local allowances. Some folks have the option to apply for a medicinal growing license, which may allow them to grow several dozen to a few hundred plants. Commercial operations rely on wholesale weed seed suppliers that can deliver the most dynamite chronic seeds available. Weed Seeds offers excellent rates on wholesale orders. If you buy Green Super Haze Feminized online one season you want to try something different the next season. We can ship you a thousand seeds of a similar, but different, variety like Green Crack X Core Fem.

Green Crack x Super Silver Haze Strain Seeds in the USA

Home grown buds are the way to go. Finding laced marijuana on the black market isn’t all that common but you still don’t know when buying from a street dealer if your product has been properly flushed, dried, and cured. If you grow your own, you are sure to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Finding a strain like Green Super Haze that you can affordably buy yourself is a real blessing. It may take a bit of money and long days setting up in the beginning, but the efforts will be well worth the huge jars of cured flowers you will have just three to four months later that can keep you smoking good weed through the remainder of the year.

Green Super Haze Seed Bank

420 and 710 growers alike want the same things in general, high THC seeds that flower in a reasonable window of time and are resilient against common problems like pests, humidity, and common plant diseases. America’s grow ops are full of plants that originated from American-born seeds and many seed collectors have dedicated their lives to this plant. There are many advantages of going this route versus starting from clones. The seed bank approach offers a low-cost option to developing strong-rooted plants that can sustain the weight of many large bud-wielding branches. The added benefit of using a seed bank with extensive selection is that we have such a wide range of similar flavors for you to try. Go back a step in history and try the original Green Crack Fem or be a little more daring and walk the wild-side with an unknown new hybrid like Green Crack X Amnesia Haze Fem. Whatever motivates your buying choices, this Weed Seed bank is here to provide you with options, and reasonable shipping rates across the entire USA.

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If you have been on the fence about what to grow, we hope that Green Super Haze Photo Fem has shown you the advantages of trying a sativa-hybrid that is as reliable as this. Whether you plan to grow at home or manage a large grow operation, our Weed Seeds USA representatives are ready to take your call at Call US during weekday business hours. Happy growing and we look forward to fulfilling your next order of quality seeds.

Green Super Haze Seeds For Sale USA

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