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Grape x Killer 99 is a perfectly balanced genetic blending of Killer Queen and the infamous Cinderella 99. This hybrid strain delivers a profound mental and physical high that is both stimulating and relaxing. Relatively high THC levels, between 18 and 20%, are complemented with around 1% CBD to offer tokers a psychedelic experience paired with out-of-this-world medicinal properties. The plants themselves are small, dense, and branchy, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor operations. They are heavy yielding plants that take on a purplish hue when cold snapped in their late flowering stages. They are also covered with sticky resin, which alludes to their incredible potency. When you buy Grape Killer 99 Photo Fem seeds online in the USA through Weed Seeds and receive genetically pure, superior seeds, you can confidently cultivate these plants at home and keep your home grown stash abundantly filled with beautiful buds.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Balanced
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield350-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield400g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Sleepy
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Flowery, Lemon, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

Grape Killer 99 Seeds For Sale USA

Grape Killer 99 Photo Fem is both a treat for the senses and a joy to cultivate at home. When you are looking for premium pot seeds with pure genetics, you should buy marijuana seed from Weed Seeds USA. Our company is committed to finding exceptional pot seeds from experienced breeders and storing them in the top drawer environmental conditions to keep them strong. Thanks to our unwavering efforts, we can offer germination guarantees on the majority of our products, allowing you to start a grow from seed with the assurance that your efforts will be well rewarded! We also have a passionate support team that is excited to help you as you navigate the trials of a home grow!

Grape Killer 99 Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

If you would rather avoid travel time, long lines, and unnecessary chit-chat, simply log into Weed Seeds to buy Grape Killer 99 Photoperiod Feminized online. Our extensive, and exclusive online catalog is easy to navigate and the virtual shopping experience we provide is safe! We provide secure payment options to complete your purchase, and discreet packaging to guard your privacy. Our shipping fee can be avoided too if you build your order up with strains like Killer Fem and Grapefruit Fem to surpass the minimum to be eligible for free shipping! A few clicks are all it takes to have your seeds en route to your front door!

Growing Grape Killer 99 From Seed

When you want to buy Grape Killer 99 Feminized online to grow from seed, it is nice to have the promise that your seeds will germinate. This is one of the luxuries offered through Weed Seeds. Regardless of how you go about busting life from your new seeds, you will see results in your grow op in as little as 24 hours. While there are several ways to go about bringing your seedlings out of their shells, the paper towel technique is popular. All you need to do is space your seeds out nicely inside two damp paper towels and then contain them between two plates positioned face to face. In a short day or two, the humidity content in this contraption will encourage growth!

Is Grape Killer 99 Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Grape Killer99 is a mold-resistant strain that harbors enough indica genetics to be small and bushy in stature. Because of the size and natural resiliency, the plant grows well in indoor and garden setups. The use of techniques like the Sea of Green (SOG), where plant branches are expanded for better light penetration, and hydroponics, where abundant nutrients are carried to the roots with running water systems, will boost the production of an indoor grow operation. You could end up harvesting anywhere from 350 to 400 grams per square meter. You can also successfully cultivate these babies outdoors and yield roughly 400 grams per plant in a warm, sunny environment. While the shock of colder temperatures at the end of their flowering period can bring a beautiful lavender hue to the leaves and buds, you will want to make sure to harvest by early October, before the extreme first frost has the potential to damage your well-earned crop!

What Makes Feminized Grape Killer 99 Strain Popular?

Before breeders discovered that they could stress a female to produce pollen, and pollinate other females to generate yields of all Fem Seeds, home cultivators were left to monitor their crops and discard the detected male plants. This extra step has been eradicated, thanks to the efforts of innovative gardeners, and many strains on the market today are available in the feminized form. This is optimal for beginner growers or anyone who wants to maximize their grow space and receive the most generous yields of curable nugs. However, if you want to produce your own seeds for future grow ops, you will need to purchase regular ganja seeds. These evolve into the mix of males and females that have the potential to generate a massive crop of seeds!

Grape Killer99 Feminized Medicinal Application

Low, but powerful CBD levels, high THC content and the mingling of the terpenes caryophyllene, terpinolene, and a-myrcene create an influential medical cultivar that has shown amazing results when applied to symptoms of several commonplace health concerns. The uplifting, yet calm mental space that is acquired from taking a puff of this 710 friendly herb can eliminate worrisome thoughts and support mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and stress. A similar balance of energy and sedation that is brought to the physical body can help manage hypertension, migraines, and chronic fatigue.

Effects of Grape Killer99

Inhale the smooth smoke into your mouth and lungs to experience the delicious flavor and mighty effects. The initial hit will go straight to the dome instilling a sense of euphoria. A chatty, energetic buzz ensues and is quickly followed by a creeping calm that washes through the body relieving tension and stress. This happy high comes with few risks, aside from dry eyes and mouth. If you keep a beverage on hand, you can keep these discomforts at bay and enjoy the pleasant stone that this herb delivers without issue! Do keep in mind that pot with high THC content is best used in moderation, as those extra puffs could overwhelm the user and instill paranoia or anxiety.

Fragrances of Grape x Killer 99

The rich terpene profile and awesome genetics of Killer Grape contribute more than the plethora of effects and benefits. They also bring a delightful, and complex aroma to these sticky nugs. As you bust the buds and release the oils from their folds, your nostrils will be brought to life with the scent of citrus fruits with undertones of earth and wood. Notes of peppery spice and invigorating pine also captivate the olfactory system and invite a puff!

Flavors of Killer Grape

The complexity of the aroma is also evident in the flavor profile of this delectable herb. As you set fire to your joint and inhale its rich smoke, your palate will be overwhelmed with the musky taste of earth and wood. Bright citrus and fresh pine needles rouse the taste buds, and a peppery spice stimulates the urge to have a second puff!

Microview of Grape Killer 99 Cannabis Seeds

Weed Seeds customers who buy Grape Killer 99 Photo Fem seeds online in the USA report that they collect copious world-class nugs. The heavy, green colas are covered with a gorgeous layer of glittering trichomes, which not only appeal to the eye but are full of healing terpenes. A hit from your vape will taste like the forest and fruit. Buds harbor potent effects and profound therapeutic capabilities. You can grow this powerful herb at home with little fuss and amazing results, thanks to these premium feminized seeds from Weed Seeds that are guaranteed to germinate.

Buy Grape Killer 99 Strain Seeds Online in the USA

If you have an indoor setup and decide to buy Female Grape Killer 99 online from Weed Seeds you will need to prepare your space to nourish plants that rely on light to move into their 8-10 week flowering period. These plants are photoperiod bloomers, so they depend on shifts in light cycling to mature. This might feel a little intimidating, but all that is required is a little extra attention. Whether you set your bulbs on timers or make a point of checking in on your plants to flick the switch yourself, your babies will move along swiftly with a little extra TLC. You could also opt to buy a strain like Auto Grapefruit Fem. This might be a better choice for a brand new cultivator, as the plants will flower automatically in almost any condition and the 420 plants are naturally more resilient to other beginner blunders!

Grape Killer 99 Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

It turns out that the obvious recreational benefits of smoking weed are paralleled with amazing therapeutic benefits that can be applied to various health conditions. Thanks to the research being done to strengthen the case for marijuana as natural medicine, the use is slowly being legalized or decriminalized around the country. Despite this newfound, fast-evolving legal leniency, growing at home is often not a possibility for folks who rent or have strict strata rules. These tokers rely on commercial growers to keep the dispensary shelves stocked with awesome weed strains, like Grape Killer 99, Grapefruit Zkittlez Gum Pot Seeds, and Grape Ape Fem. If you have been thinking about delving into large-scale grow operations, choosing to buy your bulk seeds through Weed Seeds allows some financial relief, as we offer large quantities of seeds at wholesale prices!

Grape Killer 99 Strain Seeds in the USA

Diving into a grow from seed without first doing a little research could lead to squandered time and wasted money. When you buy Female Grape x Killer 99 online through the Weed Seeds virtual shop, you gain easy access to some great information to assist you as you grow. Our blog includes articles and advice on all types of home grows with various seeds, equipment, and techniques. We also provide tips and tricks for avoiding common issues, maximizing your plant health, and amplifying their production. Left with questions? Our team of customer service representatives is here to address any other concerns you may have!

Grape Killer 99 Seed Bank

Weed Seeds can help you acquire Grape Killer 99 seeds with just a few taps on a device and a little patience. However, our seed bank offers so much more! We have 450 different cannabis strains to choose from, each with a detailed portfolio. This depth and clarity can assist you in finding the strain to match both your needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for auto-flowering, photoperiod, feminized or regular seeds to suit your level of growing comfort, or THC Seeds or CBD heavy seeds to provide a specific high, we have you covered. We also have a selection of strains that fall into the subdued indica range of effects, the elevated sativa realm or the beautiful balance of Hybrid Seeds. All these options are clearly categorized for easy shopping!

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Grape Killer 99

If you are feeling any doubt, uncertainty, or insecurity about any part of the shopping or cultivation process, know that you do not need to go through any of it alone. When you purchase through Weed Seeds, you can reach out to our team for support whenever you need it. We are available between 9 am and 5 pm CST on Monday through Friday and can be accessed through the posted online contact form on our site, or by phone at Call US. If you are already overwhelmed by your schedule, take advantage of our callback option to fit us in whenever is convenient. If you are eager to get your hands dirty, and your mind lifted, plant some Grape Killer 99 Photo Fem seeds today!

Grape Killer 99 Seeds For Sale USA

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