Gorilla Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds

This genetic mix of Gorilla Glue #4 and Zkittles Fem results in a massive plant that yields superb results with minimal experience or effort. The high THC content, sitting at 18-20% brings on a euphoric cerebral buzz before the indica effects start to soothe the body. You can expect a clear and focused mind that is further grounded by the relaxing physical stone. The scent of the buds and their flavor profile is a heavenly mix of chocolate and fruit, making for a dessert-like experience that is optimal for after dinner use. When you choose to purchase your premium seeds through Weed Seeds, you are investing in seeds with high germination rates!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield450-500g m/2
Outdoor Yield60-90g per plant
Flowering Time10-13 weeks
EffectsPowerful, Balanced, Euphoric, Relaxation
Flavors & AromasSweet, Citrus, Fruity
TerpenesAlpha-pinene, Limonene, Humele, Linalool, Beta Pinene, Terpinolene

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GGZ is an exceptional hybrid – indica strain for your home grow operation. The best part is you have the option to buy GGZ in our always popular 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack, or opt to order just a few seeds to get your operation underway. Despite the indica dominant genetics that you would anticipate would lead to small, bushy plants, these relatively cheap seeds grow into beasts that hit upwards of six feet tall and produce mammoth yields when grown indoors. You can end up with about 500 grams per square meter, which will keep you stocked for your sessions throughout the off season. A garden grow offers a little less, but it is still worth the effort to have these buds on hand! The fact the seeds are feminized and autoflowering contributes to unparalleled ease with the growing process, as they flower without a perfectly curated light environment and every seed will produce a bud bearer without the extra step of weeding away the male plants. The mix of heavy THC, < 1% CBD, and abundant terpenes held in the folds of the massive nugs makes for an herb that packs a serious punch for the recreational toker alongside the delivery of a myriad of therapeutic benefits that are well loved by the medical patient. The happy, clear-headed high that comes from a session with this fruity bud can assuage the swirling negativity that comes with psychological issues like depression and anxiety. At the same time, the relaxing effects on the physical form come with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can also soothe common discomforts like arthritis, migraines and PMS. Plus, it is not uncommon for the high to culminate in a relaxation so deep that sleep is inevitable, so evening sessions are optimal, and you will want to make sure to stay close to your bed!

How to Germinate Gorilla Zkittlez Auto Fem Seeds

Gorilla Glue Zkittlez are easy to grow from seed, especially when you order high quality genetics that are sure to germinate. Few things are as rewarding as nourishing a plant from their first emergence from their hard shells. The most popular method for assisting the sprouting of your seedling is the paper towel technique. This is a simple procedure that can be done with a few household items, likely at no extra expense. You will want to give your seeds a quick soak in distilled water while you prepare their germination bed by placing a damp paper towel on a dinner plate. Using gloves or tweezers to place your seeds on the towel will make sure no oils, or other harmful contaminants impact your operation. Place the seeds about an inch apart so they can grow without tangling with their neighbors and then cover them with a second towel. Placing a second plate lip down over top will create a dome that holds the optimal moisture content to assist your plants to burgeon. It will likely only take a couple of days before the taproots form and are ready to plant. Make sure to keep an eye on the edges of the paper towels and to give them a spritz if they are drying out. The humidity level is key, you want moist but not wet! The only downside to this method is that the taproot is fragile and needs to be moved very carefully to avoid damaging your young plant. Slow and steady handling should allow your baby to flourish, but if you are concerned about your ability, you could try buying soil cubes instead. With these tools, you press each seed into a cube and keep the soil damp. When you can see the sprouts of green, you can transplant the whole cube without handling the plant itself.

Growing GGZ From Seed From Seed At Home

The GGZ plants are relatively easy to grow from seed, whether you are an experienced grower or this is your first home grow. The addition of autoflowering genetics means they do not require a complicated light schedule, and they are feminized, which means that every seed you plant will grow into a female plant. These ladies are responsible for producing the curable buds that you can smoke, so you can be confident your efforts will be met with the most abundant results possible. You need not fret about identifying males or getting them out of the mix before they potentially pollinate your crop and turn your desired yields into seed. When you grow inside, you could end up with a generous 450-500g/m2 of big, dense nugs. Using bud boosting techniques, like the Sea of green, will ensure more impressive results. By dispersing the canopy of your plants to allow air and light to penetrate the lower leaves, you can enhance the bud production. You could also employ the Screen of Green method, which involves the same practice except the top layer is spread out horizontally along a screen. Growing outdoors under the watchful eye of mother nature, will produce less impressive yields of 60-90g per plant. The quality and potency of the buds make it worth the effort though, and if you have a big garden space, you can grow enough plants to increase the size of your homegrown stash to suitably sustain you through the winter months. Opting to plant in organic, nutrient rich soil will assist your plants in producing the generous terpene content that is responsible for delivering the far-reaching therapeutic potential and profound recreational enjoyment. This terpene development also generates the enticing scent and delectable flavor that this herb is known for!

Flowering Time For Gorilla Glue Zkittlez Autoflower

One of the many beautiful traits of these particular marijuana seeds is that they are autoflowering. Auto plants, like Gorilla Skittles, have ruderalis genetics in their makeup which allow them to flower without really specific light environments. The alternative, photoperiod plants, embark on their flowering journey through the encouragement of light adjustments. They tend to soak up as much light as possible while they are developing their height and breadth through the vegetation stage, but only move into their flowering period when equal lengths of light and dark exposure are introduced. Autoflowering strains do not need this careful attention to lighting details and will just thrive with as much light as you can provide, whether through the variety of mother nature’s shifting seasons or a flood of full spectrum light from indoor lamps. Autoflowering genetics also add a built-in resilience to your plants so they can more effortlessly handle other beginner growing blunders like over trimming. They are also able to handle more turbulent weather conditions making them an optimal choice for a first-time grower. They are strong plants that are capable of flowering regardless of their light environment. Having said that, they do prefer plenty of direct light. Long hours of light exposure during their vegetation stage will assist them in hitting their optimal height and breadth, and if maintained, they will carry on to produce yields of sticky, potent buds rich with a thick layer of healing terpenes. It takes about 10-13 weeks for the flowers to bloom and reach maturity. You can tell they are ready for collection when the sparkling trichomes move from translucent into milky white, as this is the moment when their cannabinoid and terpene levels are at their highest and you will end up with the most powerful buds.

What Makes Gorilla Skittles Strain Popular?

There are many wonderfully alluring qualities of the Gorilla Skittles strain that bring it to the top of the list for a personal stash. It is no surprise that recreational tokers and medical patients are stocking up on this healing bud, but the easy growth patterns make it equally enticing for the new, or veteran, home cultivator. The feminization of the seeds means that you will fill your space with all female plants and not have to manage the risks of growing regular seeds. Natural seeds pose the threat of losing precious growing ground by weeding out half your crop or of ending up with your ladies being accidentally pollinated resulting in a bunch of seedy buds instead of a collection of curable buds. The fact these plants are born from auto flowering seeds is a big contributor to their popularity as well. The plants that blossom from these noteworthy seeds are easy to nourish and will flower without a lot of extra effort or expensive equipment. When grown indoors they can provide some impressive yields and the fact that the layer of trichomes that coat the dense buds are full of powerful cannabinoids and a long list of terpenes further adds to the appeal of this particular herb. The candy-like quality of the scent and flavor delivered from these desirable nugs builds on the already impressive repertoire and the fact that enjoying the mouth watering experience leads to a perfectly balanced mental and physical high makes this plant an obvious selection for your home grown stash. It is not uncommon for this all-encompassing stone to melt into a deep need for sleep, so save a session with this phenomenal herb for the evening or a lazy weekend when a nap is entirely appropriate.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Gorilla Zkittlez Auto Fem

As the dense flowers develop on the cannabis plant as it matures, a sticky layer of resin starts to coat their exterior. This shiny layer is made up of tiny mushroom shaped trichomes that hold a myriad of terpenes. These molecules hold profound therapeutic potential and are also responsible for the scent and flavor of the buds. Gorilla Zkittlez has a unique and abundant terpene profile which consists of Alpha-pinene, Limonene, Humele, Linalool, Beta Pinene, and Terpinolene. This vast constitution makes the herb a far-reaching therapeutic tool, and a delectable treat to be enjoyed by the senses. As the glittering coating forms, the scent of sweet and sour fruits will fill your grow space. If it becomes too overbearing in your indoor space, you can install carbon filters to reduce the intensity and keep it from wafting over to your nosey neighbors. Once the buds are dried, you can use your fingers of some sharp scissors to bust them up for a session. During this process of dissection, you will again experience the odor of invigoratingly zesty citrus and sweet berries. Once you roll your herb, light up and inhale, your taste buds will be met with the same combination of sweet and sour that were experienced in your nostrils. The tongue will be brought to life with the flavor of tangy lemon and the rich, sweetness will linger long after you exhale the creamy, thick smoke from your lungs. The dessert-like quality of the experience further adds to the ideal smoking time being evening. Between the sleepy high and the confectionery flavor, this is definitely an herb best used after dinner when you can revel in the sweetness and let the sedation carry you off into a blissful night’s sleep.

Effects of GGZ Autoflower

The mix of cannabinoids and terpenes in the Gorilla Zkittlez Auto Fem strain are responsible for the plethora of powerful effects and benefits that come from smoking this herb. The recreational smoker will revel in the ability of one strain to deliver a balanced blend of both a euphoric mental state and a deep bodily relaxation. A single puff is enough to bring on this pleasant mix of effects, and in fact, indulging in much more than that could lead to some less than desirable effects. Due to the high THC content, overdosing could bring on bouts of paranoia and anxiety, so staying with the suggestion of minimal use will give you all you need and save you money in the long run to boot! The terpene profile offers more than just a fun stone though, this herb packs some powerful therapeutic benefits for medical patients as well. The experience is primarily psychoactive, so it is more commonly used as a tool for managing psychological issues, although it has proven helpful in bodily issues as well. The uplifting, happy cognitive high can help mitigate the negative thought patterns that those suffering from mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder notoriously experience. The body stone can help temporarily eradicate pain from arthritis, muscle tension, premenstrual syndrome or other inflammatory aches. A session with this bud has also been shown to instill a case of the munchies. This can be a helpful tool for folks who suffer with various eating disorders, or those who are undergoing other medical treatments that impact their ability to eat or keep what they have eaten in their systems. It is commonly used in tandem with chemotherapy by folks battling cancer.

Overview of Gorilla Glue Zkittlez Auto Fem Stats

The THC levels hitting upwards of 20%, with a modest but powerful CBD content of less than one percent, blended with the impressive list of terpenes combined in something coined the entourage effect to bring the plethora of healing potential to this strain. The balanced psychological and physical effects are enjoyable for anyone looking to rest at the end of a busy workday or long week, but this creation that resulted from innovative efforts from breeders also offers a wealth of value to the medical patients who struggle with a myriad of different conditions. The happy mental high is superb for folks with psychological issues like depression and anxiety, while the body stone, with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can assuage physical aches and pains. The healing potential is just one of the offerings from the terpene content, it also contributes to the sweet fruity flavor with its bursts of uplifting citrus. There is no doubt that having this fruity herb on hand is wise, and the optimal way to make sure you always have access is to grow it at home. It is easy to cultivate, thanks to its hardy, autoflowering genetics and the feminization of its seeds. It would be wise to reserve these for an indoor operation where you can provide the optimal environment and implement the various techniques that will increase your yields, but if you have the space to grow a lot of plants or are okay with a smaller collection of these nugs in your stash, then watch them thrive in the garden and settle for their more modest yields. You can buy a single seed, a few seeds or invest in a 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack and make this just one of the many strains you try tending in your grow space.

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  1. Jimena White

    My partner and I are finding that the balanced hybrids are both easier to grow and they have richer colors and flavors. This little fem is awsome!

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Gorilla Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds

This genetic mix of Gorilla Glue #4 and Zkittles Fem results in a massive plant that yields superb results with minimal experience or effort. The high THC content, sitting at 18-20% brings on a euphoric cerebral buzz before the indica effects start to soothe the body. You can expect a clear and focused mind that is further grounded by the relaxing physical stone. The scent of the buds and their flavor profile is a heavenly mix of chocolate and fruit, making for a dessert-like experience that is optimal for after dinner use. When you choose to purchase your premium seeds through Weed Seeds, you are investing in seeds with high germination rates!

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