Gorilla Purple Autoflower Seeds

An incredible combination of three very different high THC strains, Purple Gorilla is a strong and sticky hybrid that will take your cares away before knocking you out for the night. With 20-24% THC and a delightful mix of berry tastes and dank smells, this strain is highly praised by people who smoke to improve their appetite and the quality of their sleep. Recreational users love the taste of this smoke as both a flower and a concentrate. It’s a great strain for beginner indoor growers, so let Weed Seeds USA welcome you to the jungle with these serene autoflowering seeds!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 24%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield500-550g m/2
Outdoor Yield70-100g per plant
Flowering Time10-13 weeks
EffectsRelax, Euphoric, Creativity
Flavors & AromasSweet, Fruit, Earthy
TerpenesAlpha-pinene, Limonene, Humele, Linalool , Alpha Humulene, Terpinolene, Beta Caryophyllene

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With a minimum THC percentage of twenty percent and < 1% CBD, Gorilla Purple combines the best of both Gorilla and Kush lineages. The child of a Gorilla Glue and OG Kush cross bred with Auto Purple Amnesia, this strain delivers the resin content of GG4 and the pain killing qualities of Kush genetics. A great evening strain for letting all the aches and worries of the day slough off, GG Purple is popular with both chronic pain medical users and recreational stoners. Yes, this strain has a lot of grape and berry flavors, but it’s more complex than that. A terpene profile high in limonene, caryophyllene, and humele give it a sweet earthiness. This is a remarkably easy strain to grow, thanks in part to its autoflowering genes that make it unnecessary to switch photoperiods to get it to flower. GGP is also very resilient against mold and pests, and only requires a little bit of pruning and a steady supply of nutrients to thrive. Plants get four feet high and bushy, with a large central cola accessorized by numerous other bud sites, which fill out branches. This is a stellar strain for first time indoor growers looking to learn the ins and outs of hydroponics or LED lighting arrays. It can net a skilled grower upwards of a pound per square meter in as little as thirteen weeks. Boutique professional growing spaces that focus on small batches might want to buy Purple Gorilla in our always popular 120 Seed Any Strains Mixed Pack. If that doesn’t seem like quite enough, we also do 120 Seed Any Strains Mixed Pack, which can hold up to twelve individual strains picked by you to meet your growing needs. Gorilla Purple is especially popular right now in western states, where your crop will sell out in no time!

How to Germinate Gorilla Purple Auto Fem Seeds

The easiest way to germinate Purple Gorilla seeds is to use the paper towel method. This is a low-tech and very reliable way to germinate seeds that has a ninety percent rate of success. Start by collecting a few supplies, including your seeds, some paper towels, two plates or a small plastic case that’s not airtight, sterilized water, and some tweezers or gloves. Get a piece of paper towel wet but not soaking with the clean water. Using a spray bottle to apply it will help to spread it out evenly as well as control how much water is being applied. You don’t want to get the towel wet enough to drip, just wet enough to be totally damp. Place the wet paper towel on a plate, or in the plastic case, and arrange the seeds with the tweezers or gloves so that each seed has around an inch of space between it and the next one over. Place another wet paper towel over the seeds and cover them with the other plate or with the lid of the case. Place the top plate upside down on top of the other. There should be a little bit of air space between the seeds and the top of the plates, so don’t stack them like you would if you were putting them in a cupboard. Leave your seeds in a warm, dry, dark place. Check on them at least once a day, rehydrating the paper towels when needed. Make sure they don’t dry out between visits, or the seeds will have a hard time germinating and might even die. In one to three days there should be little sprouts coming out of ninety percent of your seeds. They’ll be ready to transfer to a seedling nursery space or pot within a week.

Growing Purple Gorilla From Seed From Seed At Home

Purple Gorilla plants are very easy to grow and resistant to mold and powdery mildew. They like full, intense light for eighteen to twenty-four hours a day. PG plants thrive in a range of climates, from temperate and continental to dry Mediterranean. All they really need is enough room to spread out and the nutrients to make it happen. Indoors they can grow up to 500-550g/m2 in ten to fourteen weeks. They’re less rapid flowering than other autoflowers, but the results are worth waiting for. Start seedlings off anywhere between seventy-five and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit, and once you find a temperature that your plants like don’t change it much. Prepare these plants for the nighttime chills that will give them their purple hues by dipping temperatures into the mid-sixties at night. This plant likes steady temperatures and low humidity the entire way through. Keep relative humidity between fifty-five and forty percent for most of your plants’ life cycle. GG Purple also likes more basic soil and solution than other cannabis, with a pH between 6 and 6.5. This strain can be grown in both hydroponic solution and in soil. Coco coir, a growing medium made from the husks of coconuts, is popular for growing autoflowering seeds like these. Plants will get between two and three and a half feet tall, but will gain most of that growth in the flowering stage. Autoflowering plants can have very short vegetative stages, and they don’t often like a lot of nutrients until they start to flower. This strain might be an exception in both regards. Its vegetative stage can take anywhere from two to six weeks. If its growth is looking shrubby you might try giving it just a little of a nitrogenous fertilizer and some calcium-magnesium mixture.

Flowering Time For Purple Gorilla Glue Autoflower

It takes 10-13 weeks for Purple Gorilla Glue Auto to become ready to harvest. Experienced hydroponic growers might be able to get five hundred grams per meter squared out of these plants in as little as twelve weeks from germination to cutting. In that situation, these plants might start flowering after only two weeks. However, this strain really thrives when it’s given the support to produce on its own schedule. In the early flowering period, your plants might want up to a gallon of solution per day. It’s important to add more potassium and phosphorus to the solution once the plants begin to flower. They will shoot up quickly after being flipped, from roughly six to twenty inches in as little as two weeks, so be prepared to move your lights if you’re using traditional grow bulbs. Keep the soil pH at around six throughout, but temperatures can be anywhere from eighty-six to seventy-two degrees in the daytime, depending on what you’ve gotten your plants accustomed to. PGG autoflowering plants can handle a twenty-four hour schedule the whole way through. Buds will pop up on multiple sites if you use low stress training to expose multiple nodes to light. Simply tie tall stems and branches to grow sideways and watch them bloom. Humidity can be turned down to forty percent coming to the end of the growing session. This plant will usually have a large main cola surrounded by shorter but still dense bud branches that can add up to 70-100g per plant. Shock the plants late in the flushing period to get the purple to come out of them. You can avoid shocking the plant too much by getting it used to cooler night time temperatures early on. Pruning and tying this one just a little bit can yield beautiful results.

What Makes GG Purple Strain Popular?

GG Purple is not to be confused with the legendary strain of a similar name. Legendary Gorilla Purple are American seeds, created in the Bay Area with Mendocino Purps and some other mystery strains. Our GG Purple was originally created in Spain by Short Stuff Seedbank in 2017, but all of our seeds are born and raised in America. People love GGP for its delicious concentrates and its blend of Gorilla Glue and Kush powers. These plants produce massive amounts of sticky resin with a wide range of pain killing abilities. Its artificial grape flavor is tempered by fuller, more mature notes of black pepper, musk, citrus, and earth thanks to its diverse terpene profile. Dabbers will be impressed by the versatility this strain shows when vaporized at different temperatures. This strain is also becoming famous as a medical weed thanks to its ability to banish both minor acute pain and deep chronic symptoms with minimal negative side effects. It’s useful as both a mental and physical balm, helping calm both pain and anxiety to increase quality of sleep and relaxation. It’s also incredibly easy to grow, which can be a boon to medical growers who themselves are chronic pain sufferers. A little bit of pruning and proper feeding goes a long way, and it can provide a steady supply of medicine when treated right. GGP is also known far and wide for its bag appeal, with large dense and sticky buds in an array of colors. Deep purple phenotypes are common, and cold shocking these plants at the end of their growing cycle can bring out everything from indigo, lavender, and grey to more vibrant colors, reminiscent of its Purple Amnesia parent. With all these strengths, this strain is having no problem coming out from the shadow of its legendary homonym strain.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Gorilla Purple Auto Fem

Plants of this strain will start to release their fragrances almost right away. They smell both earthy and citrus-y, which is not surprising given the amount of alpha humulene and limonene produced by its trichomes. Once cured, buds are musky and dank in the hand. When ground up, the smell dilutes to become reminiscent of grape soda. Beta caryophyllene shines through on a dry toke, with pepper and musk the main notes. The smoke itself is dense and earthy, and can inspire a lot of coughing thanks to the alpha pinene in it. Sometimes, surprisingly floral thanks to the presence of linalool, the sweet flavor of the inhale is cut with tartness through much of it. Fruit is the major theme of this smoke, with plums, pineapples, cherries, lemons, and grapes all making appearances. When vaporized at three hundred and sixty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, the terpinolene inclusion gives the grape flavor a pungent and sour kick to its aftertaste. Terpinolene and pinene are responsible for the occasional mint and fennel tones in the exhale as well. Dabbing enthusiasts who want to take themselves on a tour of this strain’s terpene profile can start at three hundred and thirteen degrees with a fresh forest of pinene and then dive down into the humulene soils at three hundred and thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit. At three hundred and forty-nine, limonene creates a breath of fresh lemon air that evolves into a high and fresh blast of terpinolene at three hundred and sixty-nine. Linalool adds even more floral notes just above it, at three hundred and eighty-eight degrees. Finally, turning the vaporizer up to four hundred and ninety-three will release the spicy musk of caryophyllene. This roughly corresponds to the grounded but serene opening notes of this high that slowly melt into a pain killing and sedative nightcap.

Effects of Purple Gorilla Autoflower

First of all, the alpha-pinene in this strain might make you cough quite a bit, so keep some water handy. This has the added benefit of getting you higher from just a few tokes. Pinene also has a lovely ability to keep heads clear even while high, which explains the lack of haziness in this strain’s effects. It can take up to thirty minutes for the full body impacts of Purple Gorilla to hit, but it’s not a creeper. It begins as a throbbing in the temples and pressure behind the eyes, spreading to a goofy smile and a profound compulsion to relax. As a spacey couch lock takes hold, a tingling sensation is felt all over the body. This is a great strain for folks who worry about the anxious, paranoid side effects of certain strains as there is absolutely none of that here. The first hour of the high is euphoric without being too intense, just a gentle ocean of serenity to wash away pain and stress. Expect to lose some time staring off into space, enjoying the incoming body buzz and the lightly psychedelic sensory effects. Creativity can be heightened at this time as well, as can conversations. This part of the high is ideal for folks who deal with symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and mood swings. The onset of munchies and contentedness at this point is also beneficial for users who have lost their appetite due to medication, chemotherapy, and eating disorders. After an hour or so, the Purple and Kush parts of this strain start to shine through. Excellent for all kinds of pain from cramps, muscle spasms, back pain, and inflammation to phantom limbs, this insomnia battling portion of the trip will have you getting the kind of rest you’ve always dreamed of.

Overview of Purple Gorilla Glue Auto Fem Stats

Purple Gorilla Glue are autoflowering and feminized marijuana seeds that grow plants yielding more than a pound per square meter, or four ounces per plant when grown outdoors, of high quality flowers. Those flowers have a THC content of twenty to twenty-four percent, and a CBD content of less than one percent. PGG is the result of a cross between Auto OG Kush and Gorilla Glue 4 being crossed again with Auto Purple Amnesia. This strain is not to be confused with the legendary strain known as Purple Gorilla, available only as clones at the moment. They’re both used as potent painkillers and sedatives, combatting everything from workday stress to chronic nerve pain. But unlike the legendary strain, GG Purple plants are incredibly easy to grow in a wide range of environments, and require only a little pruning, nutrients, and space to thrive. These plants love both living soil and hydroponics, and can handle outdoor climates ranging from temperate and continental to warm and dry Mediterranean. They typically produce a yield within ten to thirteen weeks of germination. The harvest can be a wide range of color phenotypes, from sage and almost black olive green to lavender and burgundy with pistil hairs in any orange shade from marigold to ochre. The high of Purple GG comes on initially as a peaceful journey through the stars, a little bit trippy and definitely relaxing. As it wears on, the body high takes hold and profound pain killing effects can be expected. Medical users with conditions ranging from depression to cancer swear by this strain to help them ease their pains, while those with mental health concerns use this strain as a mood balancer and a nerve-calmer. This strain is highly recommended for medical users with a high THC tolerance looking to grow a delicious crop.

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Gorilla Purple Autoflower Seeds

An incredible combination of three very different high THC strains, Purple Gorilla is a strong and sticky hybrid that will take your cares away before knocking you out for the night. With 20-24% THC and a delightful mix of berry tastes and dank smells, this strain is highly praised by people who smoke to improve their appetite and the quality of their sleep. Recreational users love the taste of this smoke as both a flower and a concentrate. It’s a great strain for beginner indoor growers, so let Weed Seeds USA welcome you to the jungle with these serene autoflowering seeds!

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