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Goji OG Kush is a super strong strain that tastes like its namesake Himalayan berry. It has a 18-26% THC content, and a reputation for making seasoned stoners feel like they’re smoking for the first time. Not just easy to grow, it’s also a fast-flowering plant that can go from germination to harvest in twelve weeks. This strain is recommended for daytime smokers who suffer from depression and lack of motivation, as the intense and uplifting high has a tendency to cheer up its users. Weed Seeds couldn’t be happier to be able to offer these berry delicious seeds to our customers!

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 26%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield600g m/2
Outdoor Yield800g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks 8-10 weeks
EffectsHappines, Relaxation, Creative
Aromas & FlavorsBerries, Cherry, Hawiian punch, Licorice, Strawberries
TerpenesAlpha Cedrene, Alpha Terpineol, Borneol, Camphene, Citral, D-Limonene, Eugenol, Fenchol, Linalool, Nerolidol, Orange Terpenes, Phytol, Terpinolene

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Originally made by Bodhi Seeds, who crossed Nepali, Snow Lotus, and OG Kush, this unique and potent strain was born and raised in Los Angeles. Its children include Black Raspberry and Alien Breath. With a THC content of somewhere between eighteen and twenty-six percent, and CBD at < 2%, Goji OG is a potent strain that should be given a lot of respect. Seasoned users suggest two puffs at a time, and people who are new to cannabis might want to steer clear of this one until they’ve built up their tolerance a little. The good news is that potent weed tends to last dedicated stoners much longer than lower THC varieties. This is an excellent wake and bake strain, clear-headed and active but euphoric and strong. Users get a distinct sense that anything is possible, and that they have the potential to do whatever it is they set their minds to. Often recommended medically for people who suffer from low moods and loss of appetite, this strain is also surprisingly good for those who have chronic pain. There are plenty of relaxed, social feelings here. Bring this strain to a summer cookout and watch your list of friends grow. The taste is an intense mix of berries and sour fruits, likened to Hawaiian Punch with anise added. This strain is pretty easy to grow provided it’s kept away from excess humidity, and it can deliver up to eight hundred grams per plant when grown in ideal conditions outside! If you’re an industrial grower or concentrate producer, you can’t go wrong if you buy Goji OG Kush in our always popular 100 Feminized Variety Pack. You can combine up to ten strains in our 100 Feminized Variety Pack and have a whole field of Goji and other high yielders in no time!

How to Germinate Goji OG Photo Fem Seeds

OG GoJi does best when germinated using the paper towel method. This is one of the easiest and most sure fire ways to germinate seeds. Wet a fresh and clean paper towel with pH balanced, distilled water. Place it on a waterproof surface, many people use dinner plates. Place seeds on this towel using tweezers or very clean hands. If you’re germinating more than one strain at a time, don’t forget to label the seeds on the towel and let the labels dry before getting the paper towel wet. It’s best to provide enough moisture that the towel will stay wet for a while, but it shouldn’t create puddles on the surface. Get another paper towel the same amount of wet and place it on top of your seeds. Place another plate or identical waterproof surface on top, being careful not to squish the seeds at all. No parts of the paper towel should be visible when the two waterproof surfaces are put together, as this will cause the towels and the seeds to dry out quickly. A large freezer bag can be used to keep moisture locked in for longer in places where the heat or air flow makes the towels dry out faster. A seedling heating pad can be added to the mix in places that are too cool. Check on your seeds at least once a day to make sure they’re not molding or drying out. A clean spray bottle can be used to rehydrate the paper towels when they dry out, as this will give you more control over just how much water is added. In one to three days there should be some signs of sprouting, with small growths coming out of the seed casings. Sprouts will be ready to transfer in a maximum of a week.

Growing Goji OG Kush From Seed From Seed At Home

Goji OG Kush is a hybrid – sativa. It can be quite simple to grow, provided you keep it away from moisture and pests and support its possibly large growth. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse and thrives in both living soils and hydroponic mediums. Thankfully our selection of Goji are feminized seeds, meaning you won’t have to worry about rooting out males ninety-nine percent of the time. There are two reported phenotypes of this plant, one more typically sativa-looking and the other more indica. The sativa variety shoots up quickly and might need to be supported with a stake even as a seedling. Many people use plastic straws for this, which can be sterilized first with isopropyl to avoid infecting the soil with any microbes. The indica variety gets bushy instead of tall, and has been likened to a strawberry plant by more than one grower. Leaves of this plant get very dark green, and their wide-set stance can cause the plant to appear twice as wide. In later stages of growth, it’s helpful to prune some of these back, especially if air flow is lacking. Start seedlings out at a temperature in the high seventies Fahrenheit with a nighttime temperature around five degrees lower. It likes a relative humidity of sixty-five percent to begin and a soil pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Give your plants sixteen to eighteen hours of daylight, with some added blue LEDs if you’d like them to stay a little shorter and bushier. Over the course of the vegetative stage, you can slowly be turning down the relative humidity by five or ten percent a week until it’s closer to fifty percent. The longer you let this plant vegetate, the stronger the taproot and the higher the yield.

Flowering Time For Goji Kush Feminized

When your roots are nice and strong and your plants are looking robust, it’s time to flip them. This often happens around four weeks after Goji Kush has sprouted. Keep your daytime temperature in the mid-seventies, but flip the photoperiod from sixteen or eighteen hours of daylight, to twelve or slightly less. It’s also beneficial for the plant to add some red LEDs during this stage, to encourage the growth of flowers. After a few days, once the plants have recovered from the switch up in lighting, gradually increase the light intensity during the day and reduce humidity to somewhere between forty and sixty percent depending on how your plant responds. It’s also important to feed your plants really well during this phase, and to switch from a diet of predominantly nitrogen and micronutrients to one that has more phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium in it. Especially in the first few weeks of flowering, your plants will want to eat a lot to help them bulk up in preparation for supporting their big flowers. It takes between 8-10 weeks for Goji Kush to be ready to harvest, and in that time the taller plants get up to six feet in height. If you’re growing indoors, make sure that your lights are always at least a foot away from your plants. Outdoors you can harvest this plant as late as mid-October. Pea green buds with colorful red and orange pistil hairs will often spiral around the main shaft of growth, turning into long thick staffs of inflorescences. Keep air flow high around these sites, as that’s the best way to bring out the delicious resin this plant produces. And does it ever love to produce! Goji will grow up to 800g per plant in soil or 600g/m2 when grown hydroponically.

What Makes OG GoJi Strain Popular?

This much raved about strain is frequently called the full package. Goji Kush is known for making long time stoners feel like they’re smoking for the first time again, and has won a couple of awards for its delicious and potent concentrates. It took second place in the non-solvent hash category at the 2014 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco. It also won First Place in the concentrate division, and third for hash, at the 2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Seattle. This strain is famous for being really delicious, with deep and sweet smells of berries, a smooth licorice-tasting smoke, and a sour cherry and herbal aftertaste. It has a complex terpene profile that includes such rarities as orange terpenes and borneol among many others. The reputation of this strain for being quite potent is well-known. While other strains with a lot of THC might be disorienting, long-lasting knockouts, GoJi is more like a cup of fruit juice. The high hits quickly and optimistically, filling users with motivation before fading off into nothingness only a few hours later with very little burn out feeling or fatigue. These pot seeds are highly sought after by novice growers who want to experience the deep flavors and astounding high for themselves. It’s quite an easy strain to grow provided cultivators have enough space for its sometimes tall growth. It often needs a bit of staking from an early age, and will soak up calcium and magnesium in its early flowering phase. The only truly famous parent of this strain is OG Kush, which is sometimes even left out of the tracing of its lineage altogether. The other two, Nepali and Snow Lotus, are much lesser known but go far in explaining how this berry Kush got the name of a Himalayan superfood.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Goji OG Photo Fem

Goji OG is one of the most distinct and delicious smokes on the market right now, up there with Gelato in terms of its popularity with concentrate makers and smokers alike. The fragrances start early on the plant, with the dominant terpene d-limonene showing up first to make the air fresh and lemon scented. As the crop grows it adds a chemical, piney dank to the melange thanks to alpha terpineol and its cousin terpinolene. Cured buds have more of a floral and herbal yet sweet smell, with eugenol and fenchol giving woodier smells to both the buds and the aftertaste of the smoke. Grinding the flowers reveals camphene and alpha cedrene that add a fresh earthiness to the developing scent of berries. A dry toke is reminiscent of Hawaiian punch, the popular nineties fruit beverage. The smoke itself is very smooth, with red berry, floral, and licorice flavors thanks to inclusions of nerolidol and phytol. Exhaling reveals the sour cherry backbone that has been permeating the buds this whole time, with notes of wild strawberries and the continued edges of woody herbs and anise smoothness. The smoke that hangs in the air is clean but fruity, citral and linalool making it smell like a container of dry fruit juice crystals and lavender. The combination of a smooth inhale and sour punch exhale leads many people to go back for more, causing them to smoke more than they intended just to experience the flavors again. This strain has amazing concentrate and dabbing potential. Start at three hundred and forty-nine degrees to experience limonene, stopping at three hundred and sixty two for terpinolene. Slowly go between that and four hundred and thirty to visit linalool, fenchol, borneol, and terpineol. Getting as high as six hundred and thirty-seven will express the herbal phytol notes.

Effects of Goji OG Kush Feminized

Goji OG Kush is a great morning strain that leaves users with a profound sense of happiness. Folks with depression and PTSD will love this strain for getting them up and moving at the start of the day. It starts with a headrush and a full-body tingle that turns into an insatiable urge to move and accomplish things. Creative energy is the theme of the day. If you’re creating with others, this is a great strain to share before getting down to business. However, bring some snacks as munchies are quick to kick in. It’s a motivational high, but the energy isn’t jittery. The focus is deep because of the relaxation this strain inspires in people whose minds are used to moving at a mile a minute. Perfect for people who struggle with procrastination due to anxiety, this strain can help to boost confidence and silence vicious inner critics with its hopeful optimism. Goji OG is also amazing for people who suffer from nausea or loss of appetite due to either medication or eating disorders. Its combination of stomach settling and mood enhancing qualities is thanks to limonene, which also adds a clear-headedness to the high. While the CBD in this strain is pretty low, and this strain is not one that people associate with easing chronic pain, many users report that Goji has helped ease their back pain, migraines, arthritis, and inflammation. It can also be helpful to balance moods in people with bipolar and borderline personality disorders, and soften tremors for people with Parkinson’s. A little bit of this potent smoke can go a long way. Many veteran stoners say just two hits of this weed has them feeling as goofy as the first time they ever smoked. After two to three hours, though, it’s like you didn’t even inhale.

Overview of Goji Kush Photo Fem Stats

Despite its Himalayan name, Goji Kush are all-American seeds with origins at Bodhi Seeds in California. The result of crossing Nepali and Snow Lotus, likely also with OG Kush, this twenty percent indica, eighty percent sativa-dominant hybrid is most well-known for its potency and delicious taste. It boasts a THC content of eighteen to twenty-six percent and a CBD percentage of less than two. The intense cherry and strawberry scents are augmented by notes of licorice and woody herbs like cinnamon and nutmeg. Many users have likened its taste to that of a fresh berry pie, spiced to perfection. Smokers who are familiar with this strain recommend giving it space to hit, taking only a few tokes at a time. The high hits fast, rushing to fill the body with a vibrating energy and an urge to be productive. Far from the edginess of other wake and bake sativas, the energetic effects of this strain hit less like a shot of espresso and more like a well-balanced breakfast full of fruit sugars and proteins. The brain wants to be creative, and negative thoughts and hesitations vanish for a few hours. Users identify this as a lovely mood balancing strain for those suffering from mental health issues thanks to its combination of optimism and relaxation. However, other users recommend this strain for nerve pains, muscle aches, and inflammation. The high is clear-headed enough to encourage cerebral work, but this strain wants you to move your body. Going for a hike or chatting with friends is highly recommended. Growing this strain is suggested for novice growers who are familiar with nutrients, soil composition, and low stress training techniques, all of which can produce a fabulous crop of eight hundred grams per plant, or six hundred grams per square meter, in as little as twelve weeks.

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Goji OG Seeds

Goji OG Kush is a super strong strain that tastes like its namesake Himalayan berry. It has a 18-26% THC content, and a reputation for making seasoned stoners feel like they’re smoking for the first time. Not just easy to grow, it’s also a fast-flowering plant that can go from germination to harvest in twelve weeks. This strain is recommended for daytime smokers who suffer from depression and lack of motivation, as the intense and uplifting high has a tendency to cheer up its users. Weed Seeds couldn’t be happier to be able to offer these berry delicious seeds to our customers!

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