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Weed Seeds is proud to provide some of the most potent and uniquely flavored cannabis seeds you can find in North America. Purchasing our G.M.O seeds will lock in an order of pods that contain the highest THC concentrations on the market, at levels of up to 28% THC or more. These high amounts of THC go together with enormous yields of up to 400-500g/m2 if growing indoors, and up to 600-700g per plant, if outdoors. To make it even sweeter, your plants can be ready in a short flowering period of only 8-9 weeks. Buy yours today!

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 28%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield400-500g m/2
Outdoor Yield600-700g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Body Relax
Aromas & FlavorsEarthy, Sweet, Coffee, Fruity
TerpenesBeta Caryophyllene, Alpha Humulene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Nerolidol, Beta Pinene, Geranyl Acetate, Alpha Pinene, Terpinolene

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It’s no wonder how these cannabis seeds got their name, as they’re a perfect example of outstanding genetics in cannabis. These seeds do everything well, from a high strength to a huge harvest in a shorter life cycle. The potency is the main attraction for many, and it can be found at levels of up to 26-28% THC. As with any strain, if you’re looking for the strongest weed possible, make sure to feed your plants regularly and provide them with very high amounts of light. The CBD levels of GMO seeds are much lower at only about < 2%, but this doesn’t stop them from being a very valuable resource to medicinal users. The yields will give you too much bud than you know what to do with, and if you’re growing indoors, you can expect a harvest of up to 400 grams to 500 grams per square meter. Growing your chronic seeds outdoors can give you an even larger harvest with the natural power of the sun, with yields as high as 600 grams to 700 grams per plant. The huge harvest is helped even further by the feminization of our seeds, which will cause you to receive only female seeds. This guarantees that you’re getting nearly the maximum possible harvest, making for seeds that have an incredibly high value at the checkout. Buy G M O in our always popular 100 Feminized Mixed Pack to make the most out of the marvels of feminized cannabis seeds. These are also photoperiod seeds rather than autoflowering seeds, so you will have to track your plants as they grow to determine when will be the best time to begin their budding stage. A very broad flavor profile will give you different aromas to inspect every time you open your stash, as terpenes create flavors of citrus, coffee, spices, herbs and diesel notes.

How to Germinate GMO Photo Fem Seeds

If G M O seeds are the seeds you’ve chosen for your next grow, the first thing you’ll have to do is germinate them to begin cultivating. This is very easy to do, and you need only a few different materials to do it. After germination, your pot seeds will have sprouted their first small roots, which will prepare them to be permanently planted into the growing medium that you’ve chosen. To start germinating, you must have some paper towel, somewhere to place your seeds such as a dinner plate or tray, and some plain water. For the first step, dampen a couple pieces of your paper towel, and place it onto your surface. Make sure that they’re only damp, as too much moisture may kill your seeds. Place the paper towels on the plate, then you can move your seeds onto the paper towel. You can do this with a set of tweezers in order to prevent any accidental damage to your seeds. After this, you can dampen another few pieces of paper towel, which can then be laid on top of your seeds. Ensure that your paper towel isn’t releasing any excess water that your seeds will be standing in. You can then choose to add a nutrient mix before covering up your seeds for germination. When this is all done, you can cover your seeds with another surface so that they will be in complete darkness. You can then move them somewhere that will stay a temperate and humid, and the germination process will take anywhere from about seven to ten days. Check on your seeds often during germination, and once you see them growing small white taproots, they are ready to be removed and fully planted in the growing medium.

Growing G M O From Seed From Seed At Home

Despite the absolutely phenomenal yields and very high potency, GMO is still an easy seed to grow and can be done by the most inexperienced growers as long as some preparation is done. One of the main things to note about these seeds is that the plants create an incredibly pungent aroma while growing, even more so than the regular pot plant. This makes it a good idea to ensure that you have strong airflow if you’re growing your seeds indoors. It may also be recommended to purchase a carbon filter, which will help reduce the amount of contaminants in the air so that the smell isn’t as offensive. Due to the large size of these plants and their buds, you should also try to trim it regularly to incentivize more growth of buds rather than vegetation. The dense vegetation may make it difficult for lower buds to receive enough light and nutrients to produce their high amounts of THC. Growing GMO seeds outdoors will require a climate with long, sunny days until late into the year, so while it’s possible, this variety may be easier to grow indoors. You should give plants up to 24 hours of light per day until the time where you decide to begin the flowering stage. Temperatures should be around 76 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, maintaining a warm and humid climate to grow in. Keep your eye on the humidity, as too high of a humidity can cause problems with the development of leaves and buds. Humidity should be reduced significantly during the flowering period to stop the formation of mold inside the flower buds. You can take advantage of the huge yields of feminized seeds by purchasing a 100 Feminized Mixed Pack, which will give you an extremely large harvest of any strain you choose.

Flowering Time For G.M.O Feminized

As these are photoperiod seeds, a bit of extra maintenance will have to be done in order to bring your plants to full maturity. Because you will need to reduce lighting hours manually, you will have to keep track of your plants’ age throughout their lifetimes. This can help you determine when exactly might be the best time to reduce the lighting your cannabis plants are growing in. The typical time that you might let photoperiod marijuana grow for before switching it to the flowering phase is anywhere between four to eight weeks. This will give your plants enough time to grow ample amounts of vegetation, and large amounts of foliage directly equals a higher harvest when your plants are fully grown. If your plants seem to be lacking in vegetation, you can continue giving them full light and nutrients, for anywhere between two to four weeks later than the usual vegetative growth time. This can help your whole plant develop a bit more before it’s harvested, which can be very useful for undergrowth. As they are large plants, lower growth may not get as much resources as higher growth, causing your weed to be slightly uneven in terms of potency, flavor and quality. You can fix this by extending the vegetative growth period, as well as harvesting the top half of the plant about a week or two before the bottom half. Using these practices during the cannabis flowering stage will help create a more even and high-quality weed, reducing the amount of variation between smoke sessions. When the time to harvest has come, you’ve come upon another easy step in the process. Simply chop your plants right from the bottom, trim the leaves and hang them in a room to dry for one to two weeks.

What Makes GMO Bud Strain Popular?

There are several different traits that make up why this strain has become so popular among smokers. It has an incredibly unique flavor profile, and it’s much different from many of the sweet tooth strains you might find on the market. GMO bud is known for its bold and pungent flavor profile that can provide just the right taste for those who like the more uncommon flavor notes. Inside this bud you’ll find tastes and smells of assorted materials such as rubber, chemical or diesel. This isn’t because these buds are made of plastic, but because of the distinct combination of terpenes that the buds grow. The sequence of terpenes creates a tangy and bold smoke that can fill a certain niche flavor that you might have difficulty finding anywhere else. What also makes it a trendy strain is the intense potency. These seeds will produce incredibly strong buds with THC levels being measured as high as 30% or more. THC concentrations this high will cause buds to give an extremely strong range of effects, with the head high off of the initial smoke possessing psychedelic properties. You can get the full potential potency out of your plants by providing them with high amounts of light, nutrients and minerals. This variety has won several awards, most often for its extremely high THC. It has often beat out other strains as the strongest genotype available, making it a must try for chronic smokers. Growers love that the yields of GMO pot seeds are just as high as the potency, with just a small number of plants producing possible kilograms of bud to a harvest. The enormous yields make these highly valuable seeds as they can produce some of the biggest returns on a relatively small investment.

Fragrance, and Flavors of GMO Photo Fem

The flavors and aromas that these plants produce can be staggering, and just like many ciders and wines, they can be described using a number of materials rather than plants. Where the terpenes in cannabis will typically produce more natural smells, GMO weed seeds have been said to produce aromas similar to manufactured products like diesel, or chemicals. As you don’t taste these aromas directly, they will end up providing more of a sweet, tangy and earthy flavor, somewhat different from how they smell. Due to the varying ways in how terpenes can affect different people, other smokers report GMO smelling of fermented fruity flavors or citrus fruits, as well as dark ground coffee. How you grow your plants will also have an effect on how they smell once your buds are harvested and ready to be smoked. Among some of the terpenes in these seeds are many citrus flavored terpenes, such as limonene, that give these plants a tangy and sweet flavor. One of the most common types of terpenes in GMO weed are woody terpenes, such as beta pinene, which originate from many different types of trees. These can also include terpenes such as alpha pinene and terpinolene. Some terpenes that might create a more spicy or herbal experience include beta caryophyllene, a terpene often found in black pepper and cloves, as well as alpha humulene, which can be found in sage and ginseng. Nerolidol can also be found in tea trees and ginger, and linalool will give off aromas of jasmine or rosewood. Geranyl acetate is a rarer terpene, which lends scents of geranium or palmarosa, and this is one of the only strains that contains a significant amount of it. Finally, myrcene carries a sweet and earthy flavor, often present inside mangos and basil.

Effects of G M O Feminized

Thanks to an astonishing THC concentration, GMO effects are very strong and will last a long time. These seeds will create buds that are perfect for the chronic smoker, as most regular smokers will only be able to handle a couple hits of this potent pot. The session will be marked by an extremely heady and euphoric high as your brain begins to process the high amounts of THC. The hybrid – indica genetics of GMO seeds are extremely dominant on the indica side, with indica genes likely making up 90% or more of the lineage. This translates into an extremely calming experience from the minute you decide to light up. The super strong high will stay around the head for quite a while, and before it wears off it will move into the body, creating a full body relax sensation. You may also feel very hungry not long after consuming some of these buds. GMO pot has a high tendency for couch locking, so be sure this is a weed you enjoy only after you’ve taken the rest of the day off. While it may make you feel a bit more creative and uplifted, you’ll find it hard to do much as the THC settles into your bones and makes it difficult to even stand up. Because of the intensely calming effects, many smokers will make the best use of this weed during the nighttime after a long and busy day. It is a great strain to use to fall sleep quickly, as it can settle you into a relaxed state and allow you to get a long night of rest. This strain is one of the favorites among smokers that have problems with insomnia, as it provides them a natural solution to have a restorative sleep each night.

Overview of G.M.O Photo Fem Stats

The stats of these seeds are absolutely fantastic, making it a highly valuable strain for any grower both residential or industrial. The extremely high yields combined with massive potency makes for weed that will last a long time no matter who you give it to. The strength of GMO seeds can reach highs of 30% THC or more, designating these as chronic seeds. THC concentrations of these amounts will result in extremely psychoactive effects, so this variety should be consumed with caution if you are less familiar with the effect marijuana has on your body. CBD levels are much lower at levels of only about 2%. You can secure massive yields as long as you provide your GMO plants with enough resources to create foliage and buds from. A full harvest of GMO plants can provide you up to 400 grams to 500 grams per square meter if you grow indoors. If instead growing GMO seeds outdoors, you can gain up to 600 grams to 700 grams per plant, which will be much more than enough to fill anyone’s stash. Since these are feminized seeds, all plants grown from these seeds will be female plants. This will guarantee a maximum harvest for our growers, as the female plants are the ones creating such high amounts of potent weed. The flavors will begin to develop during the vegetative stage and will become much more strong and pungent during the flowering stage. If you provide less minerals and nutrients, this can contribute to a less full flavor profile, which may leave your buds feeling a bit lacking. The best way to ensure a robust and complex flavor profile is by always feeding your plants and giving them more than enough light throughout their growth.

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Weed Seeds is proud to provide some of the most potent and uniquely flavored cannabis seeds you can find in North America. Purchasing our G.M.O seeds will lock in an order of pods that contain the highest THC concentrations on the market, at levels of up to 28% THC or more. These high amounts of THC go together with enormous yields of up to 400-500g/m2 if growing indoors, and up to 600-700g per plant, if outdoors. To make it even sweeter, your plants can be ready in a short flowering period of only 8-9 weeks. Buy yours today!

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