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Combinations of Chemdawg and GSC are always potent and delicious, and this one is no different! With a 22-27% THC content and yields of up to five hundred and fifty grams per square meter in eight to nine weeks of flowering time, Girl Scout Chemdawg is a wild ride of high tastes and low-key moods that will have users focusing on creating masterpieces before bed. A uniquely delicious strain with a massive resin content, these buds sell out fast. Many crosses of these two legends exist but finding seeds can be tough. With Weed Seeds USA, you can have a steady supply!

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 27%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield400-500g m/2
Outdoor Yield500-550g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
EffectsCalming, Creative, Euphoric, Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsDiesel, Earthy, Fuel, Petrol, Pine, Sweet
TerpenesBeta Caryophyllene, Alpha Humulene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Nerolidol, Beta Pinene, Geranyl Acetate, Alpha Pinene

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Girl Scout Chemdog is a hybrid – indica, with a reputation for having some of the most interesting flavors on the market. This strain can get up to twenty-seven percent THC, putting it up there with the dankest of strains in terms of intensity, and < 2% CBD. Unlike other intense and active hybrids, DT managed to get people high without making them paranoid. The high resin production of this plant makes it a favorite of concentrate producers and vapers alike. The taste of this strain is out of this world, with fumes of diesel and citrus on the buds turning into rich pine and coffee hints when smoked. Notes of sweet vanilla confections come out when the smoke is held for longer. Exhaling reveals an herbal and woody aftertaste. Plants of this strain need dry and warm climates, but they produce pretty consistent results of five hundred to five hundred and fifty grams per plant or per square meter. Plants flower from eight to nine weeks, which is pretty quick for photoperiod plants. They’re somewhat susceptible to mold and mildew, so the warm dry climate is not just a suggestion. Strong anthocyanin presence in this strain gives it a really unique bag appeal, with buds that can be almost black. Combined with bright, neon pistils thanks to its GSC genes, this is a truly unique strain that makes friends wherever it goes. If you’re an industrial producer, we recommend you buy Dawgy Treats in our always popular 750 Feminized Mixed Pack. These are customizable packs, so pick up to seventy-five of our over five hundred strains to fill a 750 Feminized Mixed Pack and wait just five to fourteen days for delivery. For growers on a budget, we also have a wide selection of cheap seeds to fill your gardens with.

How to Germinate Girl Scout Chemdog Photo Fem Seeds

The easiest and best way to germinate Girl Scout Chemdog is to use a wet paper towel and some dinner plates to create a warm, dark, and humid environment for them to sprout in. Use only clean tweezers or gloves to handle your seeds, and use only clean and distilled water to germinate them. Paper towels should be new from the roll, not ones that have been kicking around your house for a while. Using a spray bottle to disperse the water helps to keep the application of moisture even and to a minimum. It’s important that the paper towel not be soaking wet, just damp. If it drips a lot or causes puddles to form on the surface of the plate when you put it down, it’s too wet. If you’re going to germinate more than one strain of cannabis seeds at a time, write on the paper towel with a waterproof pen before getting it wet. When the paper towel is ready and on the plate, place the seeds so that each one has enough space to sprout in any direction for about an inch without touching another seed. Place another wet paper towel on top of the seeds, and then place a second plate upside down on top of the first one. Leave the seeds alone in a warm, dark place that stays over seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit all the time. A seedling heating pad can ensure that your little sprouts are always nice and cozy. Check on the seeds every day and rehydrate them if necessary. Also, make sure they’re not drying out between visits. In one to three days they should sprout, and will be ready for transport to larger containers once they are half an inch to an inch high, in about a week.

Growing Dawgy Treats From Seed From Seed At Home

DT loves warm and dry growing spaces. It’s easiest to control your climate indoors, where these plants can produce 400-500g/m2. Keep the temperature between sixty-eight and eighty-six degrees from morning to night. These plants will love some cooler temperatures at night when they are older, so train them for that by maintaining a six to ten degree temperature difference between night time and day time. Dawgy Treats plants don’t like any kind of moisture, so only grow them outdoors if you live in a dry and warm Mediterranean climate. If you live in California or Arizona, you can get between 500-550g per plant growing it in living soil and using organic fertilizers. These are feminized seeds, so we guarantee that ninety-nine percent of your sprouts are going to be female plants. It’s appropriate to start the vegetative phase at between fifty and sixty percent relative humidity, turning it down slowly until it’s in the forties by the time flowering begins. This strain responds well to low stress treatments. Growers can maximize their yields by bending and tying stems to trellises and weaving bud sites through wide mesh screens. This strain does excellently in a Sea of Green, with many seedlings crowded into a small space to grow intertwined. Flipping these plants after only two to four weeks of vegetation can cause each plant to grow a bud cola nearly the same size of the plant. This strain also likes the Screen of Green technique, where fewer plants are vegetated for a normal amount of time, but a mesh screen is used to suppress their canopy in order to let bud sites rise above the leaves and expose themselves fully to the light. This technique requires pruning of the undergrowth to ensure that airflow is high, preventing moisture buildup and rot.

Flowering Time For Dawgy Treatz Feminized

Wait at least two weeks after stress training to flip your plants to the flowering phase, to avoid shocking them too much all at once. Begin by switching the photoperiod from sixteen to eighteen hours of light, to a maximum of twelve. After allowing a few days for the plants to adjust, slowly change the temperature, humidity, airflow, CO2 availability, nutrients, and light intensity. Humidity can get down as low as thirty percent during the flowering period. Keeping humidity low is one of the most important parts of growing Dawgy Treatz and will ensure that both buds and resin are growing healthily. Slowly increase the light intensity during the daylight hours, making your full-spectrum lights a little more intense and adding more orange and red lights to your LED array. Switching from a highly nitrogenous fertilizer to more phosphorus and potassium is important, as is giving your plants some extra calcium and magnesium. Start slowly at first to make sure you don’t overfeed the plants and accidentally give them nutrient burn, which can significantly delay the crop. It takes between 8-9 weeks for flowers to become ready to harvest. Giving a little bit of extra time is just fine. During the last week or two before harvesting, stop feeding the plants and give them only water. This is called flushing, and it makes sure that the crop is delicious, and the terpenes are able to really come through. Dawgy Treatz will turn beautiful shades of purple, blue, and dark pink if exposed to cooler temperatures at night during this time.  Buds can even get dark mauve and purple, with dramatic orange pistils like many other Cookie Fam varieties.  Some growers also believe that adding more blue light to their LED array during this phase helps to increase THC production.

What Makes Doggy Treatz Strain Popular?

Doggy Treatz is popular for being delicious and potent. The flavor of this strain is incredibly unique, raved about by almost everyone who tries it. The traditional Chemdawg tastes of lemon and diesel come out on the buds, but the smoke itself is much richer and sweeter, like GSC. It makes dank concentrates that can be vaped at various temperatures to reveal the all-star terpenes in its resin, from fresh and acrid pinene to sweet and floral nerolidol. The high itself is also very popular with users who like to smoke weed to relax and unwind. The potent THC combined with diverse terpenes makes this a psychedelic strain with virtually no edginess. Recreational users love the creative silliness of the come up, while medical users appreciate the way it addresses pain and anxiety without haze effects. Doggy Treatz is a combination of Chemdawg 4 and the Forum Cut of GSC. Mixes of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg have been popular for years, but are hard to keep on the market as seeds. Chem Scout, a famous related cross of Chemdawg 9 and GSC, was a fan favorite in the mid 2010’s that’s now only available as rare clones. It won a Cannabis Cup in 2014, its first year in production. Fans of other GSC and Chemdawg mixes love this DT for its dark, dense, resinous buds and buffet of flavors. Chemdawg is a legendary strain that has been the backbone of many American sativas since it was first founded by two Deadheads in 1991. Girl Scout Cookies is a newer strain from legendary hip hop breeders the Cookie Fam. Rumor has it that the actual recipe for the original GSC is known only to six people, the founder Berner, his wife April Martinez, Jay-Z, and two of their drivers.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Girl Scout Chemdog Photo Fem

A combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdog is bound to be a really wild ride of tastes and smells. GSCD doesn’t disappoint, and somehow manages to become something entirely different. The dense buds are slick with resin, and give off petrol fumes from the jar. The ground up flowers become vanilla and spicy, but still ride a wave of diesel exhaust. Taking a dry toke of the joint is sweet, the flavors so concentrated they’re hard to tell apart. All of the grounded, earthy tasting common terpenes are here in abundance, including beta caryophyllene, alpha humulene, and myrcene. Together they take on a nutty, earthy range of flavors that tantalize the tongue. The more floral and fresh terpenes pop out here and there as accents. Smoking this strain is like having a decadent high tea in a London boulangerie. It tastes of freshly roasted coffee, nuts, and chocolate, with hints of mint tea, lemon zest, fruity cakes, and clove cigarettes. The fuel smell on the buds is joined by pine and a host of flowers. The linalool and geranyl acetate combine with nerolidol to make a complex tea shop and pastries melange, complete with sour dough courtesy of this strain’s Girl Scout Cookie genes. Chemdawg’s citrus and gasoline tang becomes more natural in this company, getting decidedly woodier. Beta Pinene brings the smells of an all hardwood interior, as if this tea shop were made from old growth logs in the Victorian era. Alpha Pinene brings a fresh, coniferous sap and fir needles aroma, like the waft of an astringent tea from the next table over. This is all a very elaborate way to try and describe how this strain’s intense vapors in the jar translate to a much more elaborate and complicated symphony of discordant notes when smoked, becoming something familiar yet entirely novel.

Effects of Dawgy Treats Feminized

Dawgy Treats starts out with a buzzing and tingling in the head that spreads to the face and on through the whole body. It’s light-headed and silly at first, with plenty of giggles and random smiles. After a short time, this lightness becomes downright euphoric. It’s as if all of your cares and worries have been blown away in the smoke. A very creative high, chatting with friends or reading a good book become heightened by the vivid imagery that this strain inspires. Not a couch locker, at least not at first, it’s easy to get inventive in the kitchen or break out the new art supplies. The calming effects of this strain help those with perfectionist tendencies or creative blocks to move past their hesitancy and get on with the work. These qualities make it a wonderful choice for people with ADHD who use cannabis to help them focus on tasks. The combination of high THC and pleasing indica effects makes this strain ideal for people with neurodegenerative disorders, hypertension, stress, back and muscle spasms. The high levels of alpha humulene and myrcene also make this a perfect strain for people who struggle with inflammation and insomnia. Both myrcene and limonene are also known to help enhance the psychoactive effects of THC, which is probably why this high becomes so trippy. Limonene is also a fabulous stomach-settler that can help with nausea and lack of appetite due to chemotherapy or eating disorders. The pleasing calmness of Girl Scout Chemdog makes it a favorite of folks who struggle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. After a few hours of creative focus and calming cerebral effects, the body high has kicked into overdrive. Pain alleviation and sedation can take over at this point, and it’s easy to snuggle down into bed for a good night’s sleep.

Overview of Dawgy Treatz Photo Fem Stats

Dawgy Treatz is a potent mix of Chemdawg and GSC that has from twenty-two to twenty-seven percent THC and less than two percent CBD. It can grow 500-550g per plant outdoors and around the same amount per square meter indoors. It likes dry and warm climates and hates humidity. Its flowering time is between eight and nine weeks, making it pretty quick for a photoperiod plant. Plants can get quite tall, though not as tall as the original Chemdawg. They benefit from low stress training indoors and like a lot of nutrients. Buds get quite dark if exposed to cooler night temperatures during the flushing stage just before harvesting. Flowers are large and thick, with blue, pink, lavender, grey, and even black showing up depending on what the anthocyanins do. Pistil hairs are bright yellow and orange just like other GSC crosses. The smell of the buds is typically lemon and fuel in the jar, but becomes sweeter, spicier, and more vanilla in a grinder. The smoke is an entire experience, with the astringent notes jumping off of a deeper, nuts and chocolate mix that becomes a fruity pastry dough the longer it’s held in the mouth. Exhaling reveals more mint and herbal notes, with accents of dry wood and pine needles. The high resin production of this strain combined with its unique flavors make it a favorite of concentrate creators, when they can find it. Girl Scout Chemdog is a hybrid indica that brings a series of calming, inspiring, and creative effects before melting into a comfortable body high that then becomes a relaxing sedative. Medical users smoking for everything from nerve pain to depression use this strain to wind down and relax at the end of a day. It’s not recommended for beginner users, as it’s pretty potent and psychedelic.

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Girl Scout Chemdog Seeds

Combinations of Chemdawg and GSC are always potent and delicious, and this one is no different! With a 22-27% THC content and yields of up to five hundred and fifty grams per square meter in eight to nine weeks of flowering time, Girl Scout Chemdawg is a wild ride of high tastes and low-key moods that will have users focusing on creating masterpieces before bed. A uniquely delicious strain with a massive resin content, these buds sell out fast. Many crosses of these two legends exist but finding seeds can be tough. With Weed Seeds USA, you can have a steady supply!

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