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Froyo is an elusive up and coming strain with famous parents and a beautifully balanced profile. And we have it at Weed Seeds USA! With a THC percentage between seventeen and twenty one percent, this indica dominant hybrid boasts both cerebral and somatic effects and an ensemble cast of terpenes. The offspring of some complicated Sunset Sherbet and GSC crosses, FY creates dense and colorful buds that smell like dank, taste like a fruit and nut chocolate bar, and pack on resin! These easy to grow little plants can create between 400-500g/m2 indoors in just nine to eleven weeks.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 21%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield400-500g m/2
Outdoor Yield70-120g per plant
Flowering Time10-11 weeks
EffectsCreative, Euphoric, Relaxing
Flavors & AromasEarthy, Fruity, Woody, Berries
TerpenesBeta Caryophyllene, Alpha Humulene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Nerolidol, Beta Pinene, Geranyl Acetate, Alpha Pinene, Eucalyptol, Alpha Phellendrene, Caryophyllene Oxiyde, Δ-3-Carene, Terpinolene

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This strain was one of the most hotly anticipated autoflowering plants of the last decade. It blends the potent and delicious bouquet of Gelato with the growing ease of an autoflowering plant. A mix of Cookie Fam and Alien Technology genetics, Fro Yo’s densely built and sticky buds host between 17-21% THC and < 1% CBD. Due to its expansive terpene profile and high resin content, it’s also a favorite of dabbers and people who enjoy exploring the different facets of cannabis with a vaporizer. Its multicolored buds shimmer with trichomes, giving them an iridescent appearance that compliments the pastel flowers. Seafoam, aqua, lavender, and sage are all colors capable of showing up on Froyo’s flowers, accentuated by burgundy pistil hairs. This strain can give indoor growers yields of up to a pound per square meter in as little as twelve weeks from germination to harvest. Its buds are very dense and compact, with a smell like the soil under a lemon tree. The taste of the smoke is surprisingly closer to a milk chocolate bar with bits of fruit and nuts in it, and notes of caramel and herbs on top. These plants are ideal for folks who have smaller growing spaces who are looking for a quick and impressive crop. If you’re producing in larger amounts, we’d suggest you buy Froyo in our always popular 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack. These packs make it possible to sample a variety of our top of the line cannabis genetics without having to commit to massive amounts of the same strain. Simply order a 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack online and specify to us which of our seeds, with a maximum of seventy-five different strains, you’d like to try. At Weed Seeds, we love helping you discover your new favorite strains!

How to Germinate Fro Yo Auto Fem Seeds

Froyo seeds will thrive when germinated using the paper towel technique. This is one of the most accessible and beginner-friendly ways of germinating your seeds, and really just requires a little bit of diligence and patience. To begin, get some clean, pH neutral water. Get a paper towel damp and place it on a waterproof plate. Spread out your seeds on the paper using tweezers or gloved hands, and put another damp paper towel on top. Place another waterproof plate on top of those towels, and make sure any pieces of the damp towel are secure within the plate sandwich. Place this arrangement in a large Ziploc bag if the space you’ll be leaving them is quite warm or has a high air flow, as you want the paper towels to stay damp the whole way through. Watch them carefully, possibly rehydrating once every twenty-four hours or so making sure the towels don’t dry out between check ins. The place you leave them should be dark and warm, with very little need to move the works once they’ve started. If you’re worried about temperature fluctuations, using a seedling heating pad to maintain a temperature of seventy-two degrees, or just above, is advised. It should take anywhere from twenty-four to thirty-six hours for your seeds to crack open and begin growing little plants. Once their little sprouts are around a half inch to an inch in height, they can be transferred to a growing station. Autoflower seeds don’t like to be transferred more than they have to be, so many growers will place these seedlings in a small nest of coco coir and place that nest in a three-gallon pot of soil right from there. You can also use that nest in a seedling tray for a few weeks first.

Growing Froyo From Seed From Seed At Home

Some folks drop their Froyo seeds directly into a three-gallon pot once they’ve germinated. A mix of coco coir, perlite, and soil is recommended for this strain whether growing indoors or out. Plants get around three feet high on average thanks to their hybrid – indica genes. Well-fed ones can reach four feet tall. In the seedling and early vegetative stages, you can give it as much as twenty-four hours of light. Seedlings like it hot, humid, and slightly more neutral than other autoflowers, with a pH of 6.5, a temperature of eighty degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity in the high sixties. These plants will grow a lot of ruderalis-like three finger leaves, so don’t be worried if that’s what you’re seeing. Nighttime temperatures in the first and second week can be slightly warmer than usual, around seventy-five degrees. Start adjusting the relative humidity in the second or third week, fifty percent is ideal. Dropping the temperature at night to create a seven to ten degree gap is acceptable after the first two weeks, and the plant will thrive if you give it some actual darkness as well. Six hours without light will give it time to focus on bushing out a little bit. Low stress training techniques like tying branches to get them to grow sideways to increase light exposure can have fabulous results. Don’t prune it too much before week three or four, when defoliating some of the lower growth or bigger leaves will help increase airflow to bud sites and keep the plant happy. By week four, have the temperature down a little bit more at seventy-five or so, but you can ride the fifty percent humidity into the flowering stage. Autoflowers don’t generally want nutrients until week four, just before they flower.

Flowering Time For Frooyo Autoflower

Plants will start to look more sativa in the first part of flowering. Leaves will get very long and skinny. Keep the light at eighteen hours, with daytime temperatures in the mid-seventies, dropping to the high sixties at night. You can ride fifty percent relative humidity and slightly-basic soil of 6.5pH virtually all the way through provided your plant doesn’t give you negative feedback like drooping and moisture collection. Start feeding your plants between weeks four and six, and continue until flushing. Give them some extra nitrogen in week four and then more phosphorus and potassium, as well as some extra calcium and magnesium, until harvest. This plant also thrives on getting some extra micronutrients, which will help it to grow all that beautiful and terpene-rich resin. It also benefits from a little bit of pruning in its early flowering stage, mostly in the lower reaches that might suck energy from higher up bud sites. Don’t go too overboard, as there are really only 10-11 weeks in this strain’s growing period and any overzealous pruning can affect your yield. If you find the resin is looking too moist, turning the humidity down is good. Turning up the temperature a little bit again during flowering is also nice for this plant. Creeping it back up to seventy-eight or so by week eleven is ideal, and giving it cooler night times during the flush will bring out its Cookie Fam colors. Buds will turn lavender, baby blue, pink, and deep purple with dark red pistils. They’ll grow dense and thick on the branches, with sparsely-trichomed sugar leaves but very dank flowers. While this plant only really produces 70-120g per plant outdoors, it can get you closer to a pound per square meter when grown indoors with more light.

What Makes Fro Yoo Strain Popular?

Fro Yoo was ranked as one of the top ten most exciting new strains of 2020 by thanks to its high resin production and famous parents. What sets it apart from others with similar genetics are the mysteries surrounding its exact parentage, its incredible color schemes, its growing ease, and its high production of resin. Froyo’s creation is usually attributed to G13 labs, who say it’s a cross between GSC and Sunset Sherbet. However, that’s the original recipe for the strain called Gelato, which is already famous for being one of the most delicious and well-balanced weeds of the last decade. But another Froyo on the market made by Umami Seeds claims that this strain is, more specifically, a cross between MacMints GSC and Sunset Sherbet, or MacMints GSC and autoflowering Gelato 33. The difference is the Alien Technology genes, which would explain the even higher resin production capabilities of this strain compared to other Cookie Fam strains. This aspect of Froyo Auto makes it very popular with folks who are new to growing but familiar with 710 products. While its famous parents and the mysteries around its lineage are what make it notable to weed nerds, those who like to grow are attracted to this strain for more concrete reasons. Its colorful buds in soft hues of pink, purple, and even aqua, give beautiful bag appeal when paired with its deep red pistils. It’s easy to grow reputation makes it a favorite of those who specialize in autoflowering marijuana seeds, which traditionally require a little less coddling than other seeds. Autoflowering plants are made using a splash of genes from the lesser-known ruderalis variety of cannabis. These plants don’t need intense periods of darkness to produce flowers and are also generally more mold and pest resistant than their photoperiod sensitive cousins.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Fro Yo Auto Fem

In the first few weeks of flowering, Fro Yo plants start to smell dank. They’re earthy at first, with a note of herbal spiciness as a result of their high beta caryophyllene content. The closer the plant gets to harvest time, the stronger and more complex the smells become as the terpene profile diversifies and matures. Hints of skunk and diesel make appearances along with a sweet woody aroma as caryophyllene oxide becomes a larger part of the profile. This scent is joined by limonene and geranyl acetate as the buds mature, adding more floral citrus notes to its bouquet. Once the buds are harvested and cured, the high and strong chemical smell of terpinolene is joined by a fresh and forestry group of scents, courtesy of eucalyptol, among others. A damp, earthiness anchors these scents thanks to Δ-3-carene, a terpene that also has some forest scents. This creates a heavy and complex waft that sometimes reads as fresh herbs and cut grass and other times smells like diesel and soil. Buds of this strain, both on the bush and in the hand, have a pungency to them that makes one expect that the toke will be all sharpness and citrus. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. All that gasoline and pine smell becomes berries when inhaled, possibly the effect of linalool and myrcene. It’s when the smoke sits in the mouth for a while that the real flip happens, as the fruity aspects give way to a deep and solid milk chocolate with salted caramel taste. Still sweet, with chunks of dark berries, the grounded and pleasing nuttiness revealed on the tongue throws you for a loop. Exhaling, a cinnamon pong with a little bit of caramel is strong in the aftertaste, bringing the spicy woods back.

Effects of Froyo Autoflower

The high of Froyo comes up slow and steady, with a euphoric onset not unlike many of its Cookie Fam relatives. Its effects are well-balanced, with equal parts cerebral and somatic aspects that keep users upbeat, yet mellow. It can be quite strong, so newer users are advised to start slow and take it one toke at a time. While not as intense as some other high resin stains, it does have some mild psychedelic aspects thanks to the terpene myrcene, which is known to enhance the psychoactive qualities of THC. Music appreciation is a common activity for solo stoners, while couples might enjoy the way this strain enhances touch sensation. At the same time as it might amplify the experience of certain stimuli, the loads of alpha pinene and beta pinene in this strain mean it’s much easier to keep a clear head while in it. Pinene is an excellent anti-anxiety terpene, and that shows through here as well. This strain is recommended for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, nausea and loss of appetite, chronic stress, and muscle tension. While it might be alright for psychosomatic pain and mild aches thanks to an abundance of nerolidol, it’s not often recommended for more severe or nerve-based conditions. The alpha humulene adding to this strain’s funkiness makes it appropriate for anti-inflammation concerns, while the alpha phellandrene can help to reduce mild pain while increasing energy. After a few hours of the upbeat, creative effects of this strain, a more relaxing side of it starts to shine through. Like many of its relatives including Wedding Cake and Gelato, this strain becomes more introspective, sedative, and calming as the high wears on. For that reason, it’s an excellent afternoon and evening smoke to take the edge off a day without wiping you out right away.

Overview of Frooyo Auto Fem Stats

A potent yet easy to grow strain, Frooyo Auto Fem has a THC content in the high teens and a CBD content of less than one percent. Whether it’s a cross between traditional GSC and Sunset Sherbet, just like Gelato, or the result of MacMints GSC meeting Gelato 33 is a matter of some debate. Either way, its ancestors are award winning super stars in the world of American cannabis and American seeds. As an autoflowering plant, this strain is less fussy than others in its family in terms of feeding and humidity requirements. It’s also quite a quick crop, with harvests possible in as little as twelve weeks if you feed it right. Although it’s outdoor yield is less impressive at only three or four ounces, indoors it can get up to over a pound per meter squared. The plant itself is quite pungent, with a lot of headier, chemical-smelling terpenes showing up first before a deep funk takes over during the curing process. The taste of the smoke is surprisingly smooth and creamy, with hints of berries and chocolate among its more herbal notes. The buds are also beautiful, with splashes of mint green, baby blue, lavender, and even dark grey showing up to offset its rusty red hairs. The resin production of Frooyo is off the charts, with a large cast of terpenes to match. This makes it an ideal dabbing weed, with flavors as varied as gasoline and chocolate. The high comes in gradually, and starts off as chatty and sociable with plenty of activity enhancing qualities. A few hours into the trip, the high mellows out some and can provide some gentle sedation. This is a perfect strain for people with anxiety and stress who want to keep a clear head while relaxing.

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Fro Yo Autoflower Seeds

Froyo is an elusive up and coming strain with famous parents and a beautifully balanced profile. And we have it at Weed Seeds USA! With a THC percentage between seventeen and twenty one percent, this indica dominant hybrid boasts both cerebral and somatic effects and an ensemble cast of terpenes. The offspring of some complicated Sunset Sherbet and GSC crosses, FY creates dense and colorful buds that smell like dank, taste like a fruit and nut chocolate bar, and pack on resin! These easy to grow little plants can create between 400-500g/m2 indoors in just nine to eleven weeks.

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