Dream Queen Female Seeds

Buying Dream Queen seeds from the WS seed bank will leave you with high quality seeds of a hybrid sativa type. These seeds are incredibly easy to grow for most, making them a superb pick for novice or first-time growers. They come with a satisfyingly high potency of up to 23% THC, along with a moderate CBD level of about < 2%. Growers will be astounded by the high production of these seeds, bearing up to 900 grams per plant should they be grown outdoors. This is also a feminized strain, helping take the work of identifying male plants out of the calculations of any potential growers.

Order Queen Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 23%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor YieldUp to 500m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 900g per plant
Flower Time7-9 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing, Anxiety, Stress, Happy, Relaxed
Aromas & FlavorsPine, Orange, Skun
TerpenesAlpha Pinene, Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, Beta Phellandrene, Camphene, Linalool, Humele, Beta Farnesene, Alpha Bisabolol

Dream Queen Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

For a strain that’s good at relaxing the mind, providing massive yields and a considerable potency, you should always look to Dreamy Queen fem seeds, available at the WS seed bank. These seeds naturally produce a decently high amount of THC, at levels of up to 20-23% THC. A result of a mixture of Green Crack x Skunk #1 x Mazar Star, this variety will provide a potent stone while still being manageable for those who are less familiar with cannabis. These seeds will also provide a harvest of astonishing size with somewhat little labor, and growers can expect to get up to 500 grams per square meter of chronic when they’re grown indoors. Anyone who grows these seeds outdoors in the ideal conditions can expect even larger yields of up to 900 grams per plant. The sativa hybrid genetics are not too much for any indica lover, as they still give the user a very low buzz. It won’t give you any couch lock, but it won’t wire your brain either, making it a remarkable choice for an evening of relaxation. The flavor profile is complex but delightful to the senses, consisting of notes of pine, sweet herbs, menthol, baked goods, citrus fruits and more.

Germinate Queen Dream Female Weed Strain

Queen Dream seeds will be a great way to improve your grow operation, but it’s even better to start by germinating your seeds. This process is just a way of giving your marijuana seeds a head start in their life cycles. It gives them a chance to sprout their roots in a controlled environment, because even a pot with dirt can sometimes be hostile to seeds when they’re in their earliest stages of life. You can choose one of a few different options that many growers like to use, and try to pay attention to your seedlings to see how well they receive your chosen method. If you’re noticing more than just a couple duds, it may be best to try another option. One of the popular methods of germinating is taking two layers of paper towel, dampening them with regular water and laying your seeds between them. This takes about a week, and while some growers use this method all the time, others prefer a different option. There’s also the choice of using rooting cubes, which are regarded as one of the most reliable ways to germinate cannabis seeds. Be sure to do some research and see what method might work best for your specific grow operation.

Grow Dream Queen Sativa Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

Anyone who chooses to begin cultivating the WS Dream Queen sativa seeds will be in for a laid-back experience. These seeds are easy to care for, and as they grow into plants, they won’t ask for much more than the growing basics; lots of light, nutrients and water. Despite being a sativa dominant strain, which are known to be a bit pickier, these plants handle adverse conditions pretty well. As the seeds develop and your pot plants start to grow foliage, you may have to do some training to keep them under control. The sativa genetics of this strain will cause the plants to grow to massive sizes, though this is only very likely if you’re growing outdoors. When growing DQ seeds indoors, you’ll likely need to trim and top your plants somewhat regularly to keep them from growing into your ceiling. These seeds are capable of producing massive yields indoors, at up to 500g m². Outdoor growing will usually always provide somewhat higher yields, given that you’re growing in the right conditions. Cultivating Dream Queen outdoors in good heat and light can give you a harvest of up to 900g per plant.

Why is Fem Dreamy Queen Marijuana Seed Popular

Dream Queen fem seeds have a host of traits that makes them desirable to any grower young or old. There are some things that certain pot strains excel at, and our DQ seeds are no exception. This strain is a favorite of many thanks to its highly desirable effects when you decide to take a few hits. It’s known for a strong euphoric feeling off the top, which slowly converts into a more calming and pleasant feeling. This variety isn’t known for serious couch locking, but as you might tell from the name, it’s a perfect strain for helping you get to sleep. The high is typically not overwhelming, and helps the smoker get ready for bed by fending off negative thoughts and energy with a comforting feeling. This is an especially useful quality for users who might suffer from insomnia or just regular sleeping troubles. It’s also a chosen strain for its absolutely massive potential yields. With harvests upward of a kilogram from just one plant when grown outdoors, growers stand to fill their entire stash with only a few Dreamy Queen indica seeds. This is made even better by the feminization of these seeds, helping to further increase maximum yield potential.

Flower Time For Dream Queen Feminized Weed Seed

When you grow a cannabis seed, there are several stages of growth involved. After you’ve passed the initial seedling stage and are in the foliage growth stage, it’s time to transition to flowering. While many plants are capable of doing this themselves, our Dream Queen photo seeds will require a bit of help. These seeds need to observe a change in their environment to trigger flowering, which comes in the form of sunlight. When your plants are ready to begin the budding stage, you should reduce their lighting in order to emulate an environmental change. Reducing their lighting to about twelve hours per day is usually enough to make the switch. It’s best to keep in mind that this is typically only absolutely necessary if you’re growing indoors while on artificial lighting. If you’re growing indoors in a sunroom, or growing outdoors, your ganja plants will usually be able to do this on their own. When you’ve switched your plants to the flowering period, the flowering time is usually around 7-9 weeks. When they begin showing signs of maturity, such as browning or curling of pistils and the trichomes frosting over, you can harvest them for the greatest results.

Dream Queen Feminized Sativa Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Harvesting your Dream Queen sativa plants will provide you with buds that possess the ability to give you a whimsical experience. Much like the name suggests, the buds of these seeds will have you feeling like you’re floating on the clouds, with a strong emphasis on relaxation. This makes it much easier to fall asleep, which is one of the primary benefits of this variety. It’s most popular among smokers that suffer from insomnia, PTSD or other conditions that make it difficult to get to sleep. If the calming effect doesn’t help you then the THC will, as some additional hits of the buds containing up to 23% THC will have a very potent effect. Alongside the airy and uplifting feelings this strain provides, you’ll also feel a buzzing head high and likely some strong hunger. This variety is also said to be a perfect appetite stimulator, great for users who have regular nausea or a weak stomach. Some medicinal users can benefit from this strain as well, with the addition of a bit of CBD at levels of around 1%. This may help users who suffer from chronic pain or arthritis, as well as some health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia or regular muscle spasms.

Dream Queen Photo Fem Review

Dreamy Queen photo fem is one of the finest strains that both novice and experienced growers can buy. These seeds are typically easy for even brand-new growers to cultivate, because it will give you little trouble if conditions aren’t quite right. It requires only the regular amounts of water and nutrients, and it’s nearly effortless to get at least a generous yield out of your plants. The buds that come off of these plants will be somewhat chunky and exhibit hues of dark green and light orange. The pistils take on a bright to dark orange hue, complementing the green colors. They have a complex flavor profile that takes on a sweeter direction, smelling of notes such as citrus flavors, menthol, bubble gum or cake. Grinding up and smoking the buds will give you a strong euphoric surge, which will slowly come down into a much more relaxing buzz. The sensation is a perfect choice for a sleeping aid, as many smokers have said that it allows you to release some of the negative energy in your mind. Purchasing your Dream Queen photo seeds from WS also ensures that you’re going to get high quality seeds, free of any duds or genetic defects.

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