Do Si Dos Autoflower Seeds

These absolute gems of cannabis seeds will have your mind reeling with their effects after they’ve been harvested. The very high potency of up to 18-20% THC will give you a fierce stone off only a few hits, with the effects creating a completely relaxing, numbing and dreamy experience. Possible yields of these seeds are very high, with indoor plants producing up to 550-650g/m2, and outdoor plants creating a slightly higher amount of about 8-120g per plant. Purchasing Weed Seeds Do Si Dos seeds will give you a weed with a complex and fruity flavor profile, making a bud that’s just as strong as it is delicious.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield550-640g m/2
Outdoor Yield80-120g per plant
Flowering Time9-11 weeks
EffectsBalanced, Stimulating and euphoric, Physical and relaxing.
Flavors & AromasSweet, Kush, Earthy, Citrus
TerpenesLinalool, Alpha Pinene, Limonene, Menthol, Beta Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Alpha Humulene, Terpinolene

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These American seeds are an outstanding pick for any cannabis enthusiast, whether you just smoke casually, or you’ve been growing for years. You can always get a great harvest out of these plants, as they’re relatively easy to take care of and they do well in less optimal conditions. This opens them up as an option for a first time grow, and they make a perfect first strain to try your hand at cultivating your own pot. This strain will deliver a fairly high THC concentration of up to 20%, giving you a ganja that’s on the higher end of the strength scale. The potency will be far more than enough for anyone that isn’t one of the most chronic smokers, so you should be able to make a harvest of these seeds last quite a long time. While the THC levels are fantastic, the CBD levels are less so at a level of only about < 1%. The lower CBD concentration will give Dosidos a lesser therapeutic value, however many medicinal smokers still choose this strain as their number one for relaxation and pain relief. They make for a perfect way to end a long evening, as they will have both the body and mind feeling fully calm and ready for a good night’s rest. When growing Do Si Dos auto fem seeds, you may grow them both inside or outside, if your local climate allows, with an equal effect. You can expect yields of up to 550-650g/m2 when growing indoors, and up to 8-120g per plant when growing outdoors. Buy Dosidos in our always popular 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack for seeds at an exceptional price that will provide you with an astounding amount of product once the time to harvest has come.

How to Germinate Do Si Dos Auto Fem Seeds

There are many easy ways to germinate any plant seed, and the process of germination is one of the most simple steps in growing your own marijuana plants. This is the step that requires the least attention to detail and maintenance, and it takes only a couple things that you already have around your house. To germinate Dosidos seeds, you should prepare some paper towel, a surface like a dinner plate and some normal water. For the first part of this process, you should dampen the paper towel and place it onto the plate. Make sure that the paper towel isn’t dripping wet, as too much excess water will cause your seeds to rot rather than sprout. Just enough water to wet the paper towel will be good enough to keep your seeds moist. You can then transfer your seeds from the package onto the paper towel on the plate. If you’d like to ensure the safety of your seeds, you can do this using tweezers to stop the risk of accidentally crushing any of your seeds. Place the seeds with about an inch or two of space between them so they have space to sprout their first roots. Now, dampen another piece of paper towel and place it on top of the seeds. Cover the plate with another surface like another dinner plate or tray, and keep it somewhere dark and temperate for up to ten days. Check on your seeds periodically to make sure they’re still in good shape and that they haven’t dried out. Once you see tiny white roots sprouting out of the seeds, you can be sure that the taproots have started developing. When this happens, you can plant your seeds into your chosen growing medium and start cultivating them.

Growing Dosidos From Seed From Seed At Home

Dos I Dos seeds are typically easy to grow and can be cultivated by anyone with some basic experience growing cannabis plants. If this is your first grow, Do Si Dos are a fantastic option for novice growing as well. As long as you make sure you have a plan to keep them happy, these pot seeds should be no problem for a first-time grower. These seeds will prefer a warm and bright location, whether you choose to grow them indoors or outdoors. They also prefer lower humidity, so your grow room may have to be a bit drier than usual for this variety. You can grow these plants at a temperature of around 74° Fahrenheit, but try not to go any lower than 68°. With plants that have a lower preferred humidity, you can keep the moisture in your grow room anywhere between 45% to 55%. This can be further reduced during the flowering period to avoid the risk of molding occurring. With this strain, you should utilize the Sea of Green method to get the best possible yields out of the plants. In order to do this, you need to suspend a trellis of cord or rope above your plants. As they grow to a larger size, attach them to the trellis in order to force them to grow more laterally. This will give your buds much more space to grow, making for an overall higher yield. These seeds will do equally well both indoors and outdoors, so you may choose to grow wherever works best. If you live in an optimal climate for cannabis growing, you can expect to receive naturally larger yields if you grow your pot outside, as the natural sunlight and environment will encourage faster development of your plants.

Flowering Time For Dos I Dos Autoflower

When your Dosi Dos plants enter the flowering phase, there will be a slightly different set of requirements in order to keep them satisfied. These are auto flowering seeds, and they provide a much easier growing experience than you might get from a photoperiod plant. Our autoflower seeds will begin their flowering stage at a predetermined point that is set by their genetics. They will start budding automatically, so there’s no need for the grower to adjust the lighting like they would have to for a photoperiod variety. This allows you to have a bit of room when doing things like tracking the age of your plants and preparing for the flowering period, as there are little changes needed to carry out the process. You will be able to tell that your marijuana plants have begun their budding stage by the sudden increase in the development of flowers across the plant. Vegetative growth will slow down, and you will see many more buds appearing as well as growing in size. The whole process will take anywhere between 9-11 weeks before your plants are fully matured and ready to be harvested for their bud. You will see buds beginning to take on colors of deep purple and dark green as they mature, and the THC begins to increase. The buds will take on a frosty appearance as the huge amounts of trichomes start to scatter across the young flowers. This time is also where you’ll be able to pick up on the highest amount of aromas before your buds are harvested. Terpenes such as limonene and alpha pinene will begin developing, giving this variety some of its signature flavors. Aromas of citrus, pine and kush will become abundant inside your grow room, pleasing the senses as your plants come to harvest.

What Makes Dosi Dos Strain Popular?

There are a few different things that Do Si Dos are simply fantastic at, and these are what make this strain so popular. Smokers love this strain because it’s a straightforward indica hybrid that’s incredibly strong. The huge THC levels of up to 20% make it extremely potent, and it’s known for providing a head high that’s intense and long lasting. However, it will slowly taper off into a more manageable drifting high, making it a good candidate for a smoke later in the night. Growers also love this variety for its relatively easy grow, as it requires little in the way of maintenance, nutrients and proper growing conditions. These seeds are very flexible and can even grow in unfavorable conditions, still producing a significant harvest in spite of this. They also grow in a rather small fashion, making for an awesome strain to cultivate indoors, especially if you have some constraints on space in your growing situation. Another part of what makes Dosi Dos a trendy strain are its flavors and aromas. The huge mix of terpenes gives this variety a very complex flavor profile, and you’ll find notes of many different types on the buds. This is because it is carrying the award-winning flavors of its famous parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. Some of the most characteristic aromas you’ll find are tangy citrus, as well as fermented fruit and earthy flavors. The distinct kush flavor can also be detected once these plants begin maturing, giving it a rather bold aroma once the time to harvest comes. Do Si Dos has won countless awards, including the Leafly 2021 Strain of the Year, for its irresistible flavors and the outstanding effects it can provide to the user.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Do Si Dos Auto Fem

One of the main qualities that this renowned strain is known for is its ability to create an enticing flavor and aroma wherever it grows. The huge range of terpenes will facilitate a complex flavor that you will likely continue to find new aspects of as you smoke through it. By the time they reach full maturity, the dark purple and green buds will have your entire grow room smelling sweet and earthy with flavors of fruits and citrus with a strong earthy quality. These autoflower seeds will enter their flowering stage automatically, so that potent fragrance will start appearing as soon as the plants decide they are ready. You may be able to detect some of the unique terpenes on the scent of the buds, such as linalool. This terpene is very distinct, and is typically found in fragrant herbs and spices like rosewood, basil and lavender. Beta myrcene is common in many sweet and earthy plants and herbs, such as lemongrass, citrus fruits and hops plants. Among many of these terpenes you may notice a specific woody element, which is contributed by several different terpenes. Alpha pinene is one of them, and it often originates inside the barks of many evergreen trees, lending a flavor of pine or cedar to the strain. Beta caryophyllene and alpha humulene provide a bold flavor to this variety, as they are typically found in spices and herbs like black pepper, clove oil, ginseng, ginger and spearmint plants. The flavor is similar in some aspects to menthol, which is found primarily in spearmint and peppermint plants. These terpenes together can give Do Si Dos buds a strong minty aftertaste. Finally, terpinolene provides its own earthy, herbal and floral twist, and it can be compared to lilac, nutmeg or sage.

Effects of Dosidos Autoflower

You can expect to feel a broad range of effects when indulging in Dos I Dos buds, as they are complex not only in flavor but in composition. The extremely high THC levels of this strain can be found at up to 20%. This will intensify the effects of the stone significantly, causing the high to be very strong and long lasting. It’s best to ensure that you have at least the rest of the day free if you’d like to partake in this potent bud. Your session will start off with a stimulating and euphoric head high that will bring on almost psychedelic properties. The headrush will get your blood moving and make you feel like you’re floating for a while. As your brain begins to process the high THC, you can feel disconnected from your body briefly as you settle into the stone. Once the initial effects of this hard-hitting weed start to wear off, you’ll feel many of the characteristic indica traits beginning to take over. Your first couple hits will begin to taper off into a more balanced experience, with a physical and relaxing high coming on quickly. This will likely turn into a full body stone, locking you down wherever you decided to land after putting your joint down. You can expect a surge of happiness and creativity, and if you’re able to fend off the weighty feeling, you may even find it easier to express yourself creatively. A small hit of Do Si Dos can be great as a conversation starter, as it will have you feeling more relaxed than ever. The hybrid – indica can give you a strong boost in social energy, making it much easier to chat with a few friends.

Overview of Dos I Dos Auto Fem Stats

Do Si Dos autoflower feminized seeds are good at many things, and this is what’s made them a favorite to grow by many seasoned cultivators. The relatively high THC levels can reach up to 20% THC or more, creating a strong and euphoric sensation when one first smokes these buds. The THC content can easily be improved by providing your plants more than enough nutrients, water and light, as long as you are not giving them too much. Lower CBD levels of only about 1% will make this variety less viable as a medicinal strain, however this hasn’t stopped many medical users from making this their go-to choice. The full body relaxation these buds provide can help many with ailments such as chronic pain or arthritis. If you suffer from the effects of depression, anxiety, PTSD or bipolar disorder, you may find relief in this strain as it will quickly uplift the mood and help the user to loosen up both the muscles and the mind. The yields are very significant no matter where these seeds grow, as they are highly adaptive and easy to keep happy. Possible harvests can reach up to 550-650g/m2 when being grown indoors, and up to 8-120g per plant when being grown outdoors. The aromas can range from floral and fruity flavors, to notes similar to bold spices and herbs. A distinct flavor of pine can also be detected, as well as undertones of kush and mint. The extremely relaxing effects of these plants’ product make it an amazing strain for use any time during the evening, as using during the daytime may cause you to feel laggy or lethargic due to the strong indica genetics. Our 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack will provide you with enough productive plants to last you months to come.

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Do Si Dos Autoflower Seeds

These absolute gems of cannabis seeds will have your mind reeling with their effects after they’ve been harvested. The very high potency of up to 18-20% THC will give you a fierce stone off only a few hits, with the effects creating a completely relaxing, numbing and dreamy experience. Possible yields of these seeds are very high, with indoor plants producing up to 550-650g/m2, and outdoor plants creating a slightly higher amount of about 8-120g per plant. Purchasing Weed Seeds Do Si Dos seeds will give you a weed with a complex and fruity flavor profile, making a bud that’s just as strong as it is delicious.

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