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Those looking for an OG sativa marijuana seed generally stop in their tracks when they hear the name Diesel. This high-octane, funky and fuelly flower is the lovechild of Afghan indica and Mexican sativa landrace strains and is a standalone in a fruity, woody world. This seed grows fast and strong, delivers large and buds are rich with pungent diesel flavours and aromas. The long-lasting euphoria and engaging energy of the MX is accompanied by the healing prowess of the Afghan and the focused drive consumers experience is only surpassed by this strain’s ability to soothe and sedate cranky muscles and joints, and to ring in uplifted perspectives. A perfect toke for the track or any other high-energy activity, when you want to turn this engine on and take her for a spin, buy cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA and you will see for yourself why the Diesel family has been crushing it for generations.

Order Diesel Photo Fem Seeds Online

Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 21%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield400-450g per square meter
Outdoor Yield950g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress
Aroma & FlavorsBerry, Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Pine

Diesel Seeds For Sale USA

Buy Diesel Photo Fem strain seeds online from Weed Seeds USA for a 14-21% THC, sativa-heavy hybrid with euphoric relaxation at its core. Plants can grow up to ten feet tall and outdoors they can produce up to 950g per plant by the end of October. Indoor gardens can see 400-450g/m2 in 8-10 weeks from the flip and buds are notoriously stinky. Growers hoping to cultivate on the DL will want to employ filtration systems, but that sweet and sour diesel stank is nothing to turn one’s nose up at. If you want these seeds for your grow, buy online from Weed Seeds USA. We love these early strains and landrace crosses, and we offer personal or bulk purchasing and speedy delivery all over the country. When you want a strain designed to get you and your circle going for hours, before releasing you cozily to the land of snooze, you want Diesel photo fem.

Diesel Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

Start your grow op engines and get ready for a weed capable of anything. If you are darkened, depressed, lethargic and fatigued, Diesel is a strain which can get you up, get you out and keep you boosted for hours. This 60/40 sativa heavy beast boasts no burden and, if you want to buy Diesel Photo Fem seeds online in the USA, Weed Seeds is your answer. We collect the best from reputable breeders, so growers need never fear that the seeds they order aren’t going to sprout, that they aren’t going to be strong and as advertised. We offer ongoing client support, and you can always check out our germination and grow guides for a more in depth look at how to manage a grow. Weed Seeds USA is here for all growers and Diesel photo fem is a prime example of what the cannabis world has to offer.

Growing Diesel From Seed

Diesel is a beautiful cross of two spectacular landrace strains and, for this reason, it is relatively simple to parent for anyone who wants to grow from seed. Outdoor growers must have a few things in place: rich soil, full sun and some protection for the fall in northern hemispheres. Inside, this power-packed strain requires a Screen of Green (ScrOG) if the grower is to see the best possible yields. Topping and weaving branching throughout a screen promotes a horizontal growth pattern and makes it possible to evenly light bud sites, therefore generating impressive and balanced yields. Temperatures between 68F and 80F are ideal and humidity levels should mimic natural spring to summer and fall shifts. Soil or hydro is up to you, though we always recommend a good, organic, living soil. This type of medium supplies the plant with everything it needs, root-balls remain manageable and little extra nutrient care is necessary.

Is Diesel Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

To home grow this fuelly diesel pot is easy and, within 10 weeks of flowering, the home cultivator can see massive harvests of high-grade, sticky and stinky buds. Though this strain will do very well in an indoor ScrOG setup, it is highly recommended, if you have the space and the sun, to place these girls outside. Sativa strains love a good full-sun location and starting seedlings early indoors and letting them out of the cage when they have put on some good growth and the weather is cooperative means the grower can enjoy working this strain in its natural environment. Soil should include a generous dose of mycorrhizae so that cation exchange capacities can work at their peak and some minor pruning for light, or spreading out the branching will improve yields and balance bud-health. Buy Diesel Photoperiod Feminized online from Weed Seeds USA and dig into cultivating this beautiful specimen al fresco!

What Makes Feminized Diesel Strain Popular?

If there is someone who doesn’t love a good Diesel strain, we haven’t come across them. This plant is big, it’s beautiful, it grows fast, strong and requires little extra care. Grow ops, inside or out, enjoy fast yields of top-shelf toking material which consumers everywhere place in high demand. Instant euphoria and relaxation, accompanied by energy and curiosity, make this strain a winner right away. The germination rate of these seeds is high, and parenting is simple. Buy Female Diesel online for a one-in-a-million experience and, for those interested in making tinctures, extracts and edibles, check out our 710 category. This collection is packed with resinous and high-THC buds which are perfect for any cannabis cook-off. Come on down, access your account and make your next grow rich with Diesel photo fem.

Deisel Feminized Medicinal Application

Cannabis has proven itself time and again to be the most chemically varied and beneficial plants on Earth. This is certainly true for the healing world, and Deisel feminized has numerous medicinal applications for those suffering a broad diversity of afflictions. Anxiety, arthritis, migraines and stress are all things of the past through a regimen that includes Diesel strains. The terpene array is another aspect of the natural world which contributes greatly to the efficacy of marijuana’s healing capabilities and this strain has the compounds critical to fighting microbial and bacterial infection, combating lethargy and fatigue, and improving depressed outlooks. All weed has a medicinal application of some form and, though this beast isn’t going to cure seizures or fight glaucoma, it boasts many other impressive promises.

Effects of Deisel

Diesel is a timeless 420 flower. For generations, puffers have been using this tasty treat to carry them effortlessly throughout a busy day, taking them to the top of the mountain and back again. The euphoria is hazy and giggly and, just about the time that the relaxing and rejuvenating happiness takes hold, the consumer witnesses loosened joints and relief from cerebral pressure. When the Afghan indica tags-in, consumers know it and are often in for a lazy evening.

Fragrances of Diesel Bud

Diesel Bud smells just like it sounds. A strong and pungent hit of fresh diesel fuel comes on strong with a hint of lemon and, for those who want to cook this beast, it is best to pair it with something which takes well to chemical overtones. Buy Female Diesel Bud online and grow this beast under filtered extraction, so you don’t end up bothering the Jones’.

Flavors of Big Diesel

To delineate all the flavours inherent to Big Diesel may take a minute or two, as Diesel is not the only flavour present in these leaves. Earthy lemon, all-spice and pungent pine mix brilliantly, becoming family, blending and weaving their way throughout each puff. On the exhale is where the diesel really shines through and tokers are left with a fuelly sap coating the tongue.

Microview of Diesel Weed Seeds

Diesel weed seeds come to us from a royal lineage and to take a micro view of this strain is a wise move, especially if your intent is to find balance in this life. The terpene array in this weed is so strong that just a little of this leaf will balance some systems, so we recommend switching it up or, using only a single strain, consumers may see rapid imbalance. Sweet and woody, Ocimene brings with it anticonvulsant, anti-tumor, decongestant and antifungal properties. Sweet, bitter and citrusy Limonene houses the recipe for fighting weight gain, preventing and treating cancer and lung issues, and is and anti-inflammatory while also stress-relieving. This is just a quick view of our feature leaf, and we recommend taking a close look at all your favorite strains, so that you, too can find balance.

Buy Diesel Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Buy Diesel Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds for a seed which is all but completely guaranteed to produce a ganja you can be proud of. Grows of all types enjoy the selection we house, for through it they can find every seed they could ever hope to grow, and Diesel photo fem strain seeds are right up there with some of our favorites. We have tonnes of these seeds, so whether you run a commercial operation or are looking for some summer fun, these Diesel seeds are hand-selected, well-preserved and ready to go whenever you are. For a killer seed which is designed by US breeders for US soil, trust Weed Seeds USA to deliver the Diesel seeds you need in order to see success.

Buy Diesel Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

Where we are overjoyed when the average American citizen wants to dig into their lawn and turn it into a garden, we are specialized in providing massive orders to places of mass cultivation. Purchasing your seeds wholesale means a better price-point, it means having what you need on hand so there is no need to stop planting, and it means a healthier bottom line. Weed Seeds USA makes it our business to promote the business of growing and we take great care to nurture our professional on and offline relationships so that America’s beloved proprietors of large operations can grow stress-free and get the ROI they aim for.

Grow Diesel Seeds

If we have convinced you to plant some Diesel seeds and grow this chronic, congratulations, your pistons are firing on the right track. Whatever the type of grow operation you are looking to manage, these seeds will do well. Outside, harvests can be nearly a kilo per plant, the only effort necessary being some support and light balance. Inside, these ladies like a screen of green and can really shine when balanced effectively. Soil will add a whiff of terroir to the buds and, though not as tasty, hydro grows can create a bit more weight. If you have chosen to parent these pods in your home or commercial soil, know that Weed Seeds USA has your back through all stages of your grow.

Diesel Seed Bank

Sometimes our feature strain isn’t exactly what growers are looking for, and that is why we like to take a little time to offer a few different strains with similar genetics. If you have decided you’d like to try some similar strains to grow from seed, our Diesel seed bank is sure to have what you need. All of our clients have access to High THC% Seeds, regular and Fem Seeds, landrace, indica, sativa and Hybrid Seeds, and we have numerous variants, so everyone is sure to get the genetics they require for their particular circumstances. Cheese Diesel Fem, Ny Diesel Fem and Sour Diesel Feminized Pot Seeds are all fantastic examples of what US breeding can create. We also boast a number of medicinal Diesel strains, including the powerful Cbd Diesel Fem, and the 1:1 healer, Cbd Black Diesel Fem. If you live in America and want seeds, trust the American cannabis seed distributor with our citizens’ best interest at heart – trust Weed Seeds USA.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Diesel Strain Seeds

If you want to enjoy this seed home grown or in your commercial grow operations buy Diesel Feminized online. Diesel Photo Fem can’t help but be a winner as it embodies impressively transformed characteristics of her parents, making her a wonder to behold by any grower. Weed Seeds can be reached by phone at Call US from 9-5 CST, Monday to Friday. Clients are welcome to access their free and secure accounts at any time and enjoy a selection that keeps growing and service which leaves no soul left behind. Call or click today to get started with this awesome Diesel photo fem strain and know what a true OG weed can do!

Diesel Seeds For Sale USA

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    My payment was lost initially so it delayed the sending of my seeds for a week or two BUT the staff were consistent in being supportive and helpful. Threw extra seeds in my first 5 germinated within 24 hours.

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    was really concerned about paying by check but it all went really smoothly. It understandably took a few days for my check to get there and to clear, but as soon as the status changed to “complete” I knew it must be on the way. Sure enough I got it two days after that. I’ve dealt with a few other seed banks and this purchase was way better than those other guys. Quicker and better pricing. I’ve yet to sprout any, but they look good to me. Thanks weed seeds!!

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    The thing that stood out to me the most was weed seeds clear and concise/easy to use interface and super friendly customer service team. Big thanks,

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    Will always come back to buy seeds from here only”

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    such an amazing strain always been a favorite of mine!

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