Crystal Candy Autoflower Seeds

Much like the glistening crystals found in caves beneath the earth, our Cristal Candy will have your grow room reflecting dazzling rainbows as the lights reflect off the frosty giant nugs. This hybrid – indica will make your mouth start watering once the rich candy-like aromas begin to dance with your senses. This autoflower will have your grow room smelling like a candy store. The intense aromas won’t last long, though, as once it has begun flowering, it will be over in about seven weeks on average so soak it in while you can. When you need seeds that shine bright, make sure you buy from Weed Seeds USA.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 19%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield400-600g m/2
Outdoor Yield50-300g per plant
Flowering Time7-9 weeks
EffectsPsychoactive, Relaxing
Flavors & AromasStrawberry, Melon, Bubblegum, Fruity, Sweet
TerpenesMyrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Beta-Pinene, Alpha-Pinene

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Crystal Candy Auto Fem is one of the most beautiful strains to grow. It might only have 14-19% THC, but this strain feels much stronger thanks to its complex terpene profile. As for CBD, it has < 1%, so users who are looking for a less psychoactive strain might want to look elsewhere, but for those who are willing to take the plunge, their courage will be rewarded. This shining strain will happily produce anywhere between 400 to 600 grams per meter squared when cultivated indoors. When looking for auto-flowering seeds, you can expect many of them to be on the low end of the spectrum with regards to yield outdoors. But Crystal Candy is a little different, with outdoor cultivators being able to harvest 300 grams per plant when growing conditions are optimal. The blinding light of these buds won’t last forever in your grow room, though, as the flowering time is relatively quick, with the phase ending in seven weeks in most cases. The lineage of this strain is two unknown hybrids, but that doesn’t mean that the aroma and flavors of this flower are unknown. While growing, many farmers who have grown this bud have reported a strong candy-like aroma wafting through their grow room, which lends to the appropriate name this strain has been given. This confectionery fragrance transfers over into the cured buds, so each puff will have you tasting the maximum sweetness possible. The effects of this hybrid leaning indica are what you would expect, a gentle relaxation paired with a somewhat stimulating high that will uplift users and allow them to do most tasks while under the influence. One of the best ways to try growing this strain is to buy Cristal Candy in our always popular 120 Seed Any Strains Mixed Pack.

How to Germinate Crystal Candy Auto Fem Seeds

Germinating your Crystals Candy seeds is a simple task that is easy to do as long as you follow our instructions. Make sure you have the following items on hand to start the process. You will need a flat surface, tweezers, a couple of sheets of paper towel, and of course, your potent cannabis seeds. The first thing to do is make sure the surface is nice and clean, as any dirt or bacteria might cause your seeds to not germinate properly. Once the surface is clean from dust and dirt, get the paper towel somewhat wet. You don’t want it to be dripping with water, just a bit damp. Once you have made the paper towel moist, lay it on the surface. You will want to use tweezers when placing the seeds on the paper towel, as the oils in your hands might kill your seeds. Now place the seeds on the paper towel no less than an inch and a half apart. Once the seeds are all ready and neatly arranged, take your other paper towel and dampen it with water until it’s the same moisture level as the first one. Now gently place it over your seeds, making sure that each one is covered by both paper towels. Then find a nice dark space in your house to keep the seeds while they undergo their transformation. On average, it will take around two to seven days until they have successfully germinated. You will know they are ready when the taproot has emerged from the shell, and they will look like the sprouts you buy from the grocery store. You will want to check on the seeds daily, making sure the paper towel hasn’t dried out during the process. A couple of squirts from a water-only spray bottle will fix the problem if it seems a bit dried out.

Growing Crystal Candy From Seed From Seed At Home

Growing Cristal Candy from seed to glistening plant is a prosperous and rewarding experience. For an autoflower, this plant yields incredibly well. Indoor grow environments should expect to obtain 400-600g/m2, while outdoor farmers can bank on accumulating a whopping 50-300g per plant. Since these little beauties are autoflowers, they can be planted nearly anywhere in any condition and will happily enter their flowering phase automatically regardless of light conditions. This makes Crystal Candy the perfect strain for those who need to fill out their grow. You can sneak these little divas into a space with other plants regardless of whether the plants are in their vegetative or flowering phase, and CC will start to produce lush buds in no time. Even if you are somewhat low on space, these plants will only reach a height of 4.5 feet. This means you won’t have to worry about them stealing light from your other flowers. Since autoflowers have been crossbred with ruderalis, you get the added benefit of disease and pest resistance for no extra charge. Growing CC is, for the most part, very stress-free. While autoflowers will grow in any condition, that doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from the right lighting for their phase. While your auto plants are in their vegetative state, it’s recommended for them to be exposed to more cool colors, such as blue or purple lighting. This will allow the plants to acquire the needed energy to grow and transform into short, wide bushes with buds all over. No matter if you desire to buy cannabis seeds or mainly stick to autoflower seeds, Weed Seeds has the vast selection that you need. With over 500 various strains to choose from, you can build a massive army of premium strains that will fit any grow.

Flowering Time For Crystals Candy Autoflower

With Crystals Candy being a potent autoflower, you can expect their flowering period to be on the quick side. Autoflowers are fantastic when they flower with their buds shooting out from every angle. And while these little ones might grow into the massive, tall cannabis plants you are used to, they will bush out with each stalk sporting buds for you to clip easily. Once Crystal Candy enters its flowering phase, it will only take 7-9 weeks for it to finish. This means you could squeeze two harvests in one growing season since they will flower regardless of what the light spectrum is. If you live in a modest climate, you could potentially keep autoflowers going all year long. While this strain is in its flowering mode, there is not much you need to do. If you have a proper indoor growing setup, you can always treat them as if they were regular cannabis seeds. This means when they are flowering to use a red light or even far-red light. While this strain doesn’t require it, it will help the buds become bigger as they receive the proper nutrients from the light. This strain is a blast to flower outdoors as you can truly just leave them alone, and they will do their best to sprout and bloom into giant buds. You can always help them by adding proper nutrients to their soil, making sure not to overfeed them. Some autoflowers can be delicate when it comes to feeding since they seem to be able to retain more nutrients than the classical cannabis styles. If you have never seen an autoflower enter its flowering phase before, it’s truly a sight to behold, with almost every area on its stalks covered in buds.

What Makes Candy Crystal Strain Popular?

Crystal Candy Auto is one of our more popular pot seeds. Not only does this strain have an incredibly quick flowering time, with most being able to start picking at seven weeks, but it also is one of the most beautiful to grow. The trichomes on the flowers are plentiful as they grow. It will look like a fresh frost has fallen, reflecting so much light that you might need to wear sunglasses when you enter the grow room. As the buds start to mature, they will almost look as if they are dripping glowing water. The buds will start to take on an eclectic green color that is complemented by brilliant orange hairs running through the strain. These flowers are so packed with flavor that even before they are properly cured, your senses feel overloaded by the sheer potency of the terpenes that are hiding in the bud. As the flowers cure, it seems like the aroma only gets stronger, making this one of the ultimate strains for bag appeal. Not only will the buds be packed with fragrance, but the trichomes on this flower will make the big emerald buds almost look white. Taking a bud out of the bag to show your friends will leave them impressed and impatient as they will most certainly want to sample it. They will be glad that you shared these otherworldly flavors with them. They’ll be even more impressed that the effects are a perfect blend between strength and taste. Not many strains out there have this many trichomes, so it makes sense that this strain would be named Crystal Candy. As the crystals on this flower are plenty and the aroma and flavors are rich, Crystal Candy is your best bet when you need the next strain to show off.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Crystal Candy Auto Fem

There’s a reason why this strain is named Crystal Candy. The crystal comes from how covered in trichomes these plants become, but the candy comes from the rich and potent fragrances and flavors that are tucked away in this hidden gem. The Sweet flavors hide away while growing, with the prominent scent being close to strawberry. This berry scent will dance around the grow room for a few weeks, and as the plants enter their flowering phase, the aroma will slowly change into a more melon fragrance. This combination of berry and fruit will make your mouth water as you tend to the plants. Once you have cropped down the plants and begun to cure the flowers, the aroma only becomes more intense, with most of the fruity notes becoming quite pronounced. These smells will stick around for the finished product, turning into intense flavors instead. Once you get the chance to sample your hard work, one of the most shocking aspects of this strain is how much the flavor changes. On the inhale, you will notice the flavors mentioned above, such as strawberry, but on the exhale, it will leave your mouth feeling like you just chewed some bubblegum. This bubbly flavor will glide over your tongue and enlighten your taste buds, and suddenly you will realize why it’s called Crystal Candy. The sweet scents and fruity flavors make this strain great for bag appeal. With such a unique fragrance profile, you might not even recognize that it’s weed from the smell alone. If you are a grower and a toker who appreciates somewhat rare combinations of aroma and flavors, you will not want to pass up the opportunity to try growing this strain. It will satisfy the stoner who seeks out potent tastes.

Effects of Cristal Candy Autoflower

The effects of our Candy Crystal auto flower are not anything to laugh at, but once you get to sample this strain, you might just start laughing at anything. As this strain is a mainly balanced hybrid, you can expect a wide range of sensations and feelings to take hold. This flower is extremely psychoactive, leading many users to question if it really is only 20% THC. There is a sense of stimulation felt while the effects are in their infancy. As the toker continues to puff on this flower, more of the indica aspects will begin to show themselves. One of the first indica hallmarks to reveal themselves is the relaxing effects that are felt right away after first consuming this crystalized strain. The stimulation effects begin a dance with the relaxation as it takes hold. The sensation that becomes the more predominant influence will mostly have to do with what the user is doing. If you are busy with work, this strain will give you the energy needed to continue and finish the task you require, but if you are done with the day and hoping to relax, then that is what this strain will reward you with. This strain is a great all-day smoke with minimal burnout, perfect for medical users who need indica to help them with pain management but don’t want to commit to a fully indica strain that might knock them out. When looking for strains to add to 120 Seed Any Strains Mixed Pack, Crystal Candi fills the void for strains that won’t leave you feeling tired unless that is what you need. It’s a versatile strain perfect for any occasion. Why not roll the dice and try your hand at growing a strain with mysterious origins.

Overview of Crystals Candy Auto Fem Stats

Crystal Candy is an illuminated strain with renowned stats for any grower who is looking for a quick flowering, high yield autoflower. This flower has roughly 20% THC and is just shy of 1% of CBD, making it perfect for first-time users and veteran tokers alike. Since this strain is an autoflower, you might expect to get low yields, but luckily that isn’t the case. Indoor cultivators should be able to harvest 500 grams per meter squared on average. While outdoor, you can expect to be able to pick 300 grams per plant in optimal conditions. This strain is very psychoactive and will leave users feeling a sense of relaxation for many hours. This strain will leave you feeling like a kid in a candy shop with the rich and sweet aromas contained within its elaborate flavor palate. This is thanks to the loaded terpene profile that is found in this delicious strain. The first significant terpene you will surely notice is one of the more well-known ones. Limonene is a terpene found in citrus peels and will help users who need a strain to lower anxiety levels, not to mention its naturally refreshing nature. Myrcene, which is found predominantly in mango, has been used by holistic doctors for centuries thanks to its outstanding properties that help users with managing their sleep schedule. Caryophyllene is one of the terpenes that is found in nearly every cannabis strain. It is also found in basil and hops. It has been reported to help manage pain and function as a mood enhancer. Beta-Pinene comes from the pine tree and has an extensive range of benefits. Much like Alpha-Pinene, these two terpenes are great for helping users with lung issues as they will open the airways as well as help with anxiety.

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Crystal Candy Autoflower Seeds

Much like the glistening crystals found in caves beneath the earth, our Cristal Candy will have your grow room reflecting dazzling rainbows as the lights reflect off the frosty giant nugs. This hybrid – indica will make your mouth start watering once the rich candy-like aromas begin to dance with your senses. This autoflower will have your grow room smelling like a candy store. The intense aromas won’t last long, though, as once it has begun flowering, it will be over in about seven weeks on average so soak it in while you can. When you need seeds that shine bright, make sure you buy from Weed Seeds USA.

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