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There is no better way to put it, this strain lives up to its name. Shantibaba knew what he was doing when he gifted the world with Critical Mass. When polled, 9 out of 10 home cultivators agreed that the strain is one of the best they have ever grown. Do not even ask us about the 10th grower, no doubt they were at a loss for words. Making it an even more attractive strain to grow is the fact that it is a feminized autoflower variety, virtually eliminating any concern about male plants or missed flowering cycles. All eyes will be locked on its humongous buds as it grows, and you may just find yourself rubbing your hands together and chuckling quietly in anticipation of the harvest that is yet to come. Soon though, Auto Critical only takes about 9 to 11 weeks to be ready. If you ordered today, you could be harvesting your own huge nugs of Critical Mass in less than 3 months.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield350-450g per square meter
Outdoor Yield100-150g per plant
Flower Time10-12 weeks
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Inflammation, Pain, Stress
EffectsRelaxing, Sedation
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Honey, Skunk, Sweet, Woody
Terpenesa-Pinene, Linalool, a-Myrcene

Critical Mass Autoflower Seeds For Sale USA

When your situation turns critical, turn to Critical Mass for relief. Auto Critical Mass Feminized seeds are a must for your home growing operation. At Weed Seeds, we are pleased to offer you seeds for this hefty budded beauty delivered right to your door anywhere in the nation.

Critical Mass is a strain originally developed by the Swiss company Mr. Nice Guy Seeds. Seasoned cannabis enthusiasts may recognize the name of the seed bank but more importantly, Shantibaba, its founder. Shantibaba is one of the most talented cannabis cultivators alive. His strains and exploits in the cannabis world have gained him legendary status. It is he who is responsible for such strains as White Widow, Super Silver Haze, and of course, Critical Mass. More to the point though, Shantibaba crossed the infamous Skunk #1 and Afghani strains and Critical Mass was the result. Rumors do abound though that the strain may actually be a re-work of the acclaimed Big Bud. Regardless of the lineage. one thing is for certain, Critical Mass is a proven performer that reveals huge buds that can weigh its own branches down to the point of breakage.

Further down the line we arrive at the autoflower version of Critical Mass. Achieving this involved crossbreeding the strain with a ruderalis, then raising several generations to bring it forward as a feminized strain. This pair of traits make Auto Critical Mass one of the easier and most reliable producing strains to grow at home or in larger venues. Bud production like this makes Critical Mass an excellent choice for cash crop growers who seek large yields from reliable growth. Auto Critical does not disappoint with a top-shelf THC percentage of 20 percent and a CBD component of around 1 percent making it highly desirable to medicinal marijuana patients.

The strain is known to be indica dominant in nature, however, in small doses, it does possess similarities with sativa dominant hybrids. A couple of puffs on a joint delivers a refreshing, sharply focused happy high and mild body buzz. A few more puffs and the full power of the indica nature comes out and smacks you down into the couch with heavy limbs and lazy thoughts before you pass out for a very enjoyable snooze. It’s not just its effects that make the strain such a joy. The flavor and aromas presented are a near match and quite memorable. The first puff delivers notes of honey and citrus reminiscent of a sweet cough drop, and when exhaled, the smoke takes on a pungent, sugary taste. As the smoke rises, it delicately clings to the air and throws wave upon wave of a lemony skunk scent down into the olfactory senses lasting just long enough to please without overstaying its welcome.

Auto Critical Mass delivers in every way possible. It is potent, tastes remarkable, and smells great. Coupled together with stable growing traits and heavy yields it makes for a go-to strain that novice and professionals will appreciate. Even better, the seeds are easy to order and arrive fast, so you can get your grow on. Check out Weed Seeds today to get your Critical Mass.

What Makes Autoflower Critical Mass Strain Popular?

When it comes to strains that are high in yields, with a wide range of enjoyable effects and a great aroma and aftertaste, you can’t go wrong with Critical Mass. This well-known bud has a rich history and an impressive portfolio and can be enjoyed by both growers and smokers of any experience level. Originating from the mad mind of Scott Blakey, a brilliant and renowned breeder otherwise known as Shantibaba, this strain is a Jack of all trades and a delight to grow. There are many reasons why this strain has become so popular. Its parents, Skunk #1 and Afghani Kush are already known around the world for their highly enjoyable effects. This strain also delivers a classic indica high, with a heavy, sofa-locking action, deep relaxation in the mind and body, and an inclination to snacking. Critical Mass Bud is a potent smoke with high THC levels, up to 22%, and a minimal CBD presence, around 1%. It will appeal to the most dedicated medicinal or recreational smokers. Critical Mass was named after its ability to grow exceedingly massive yields, reaching past the point of critical mass where, if not harvested soon, the buds will quite literally start to break the branches right off the plant. For these qualities, it has won several awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup. When it comes to truly good weed, Critical Mass likes to set an example.

Critical Masses Autoflower Medicinal Uses

Crtical Mass Bud has a wide range of lovable effects, and they all lend themselves to either medicinal smokers or recreational smokers equally. No matter which one you consider yourself, you will appreciate the unmistakable flavor and aroma that will keep you coming back for more. Notes of sweet and sour lemon, syrupy honey, and an earthy, pungent aroma on the exhale make this strain a tasty smoke. Recreational users can expect some typical traits of an indica strain after a session. Users may experience a light pressure on the head and a lowering of the eyes, followed by a strong euphoria that drags into a long, full-body relaxation. The sedating effects will have you sitting still through any documentary or movie. Medicinal users will find all of the above, including relief from anxiety, stress, and depression. Some users have reported strong effects that counteract the consequences of such ailments as chronic pain, migraines, and even an improvement from the daily struggles of disorders such as fibromyalgia and epilepsy. Critical Mass can have you running for snacks so those who struggle with a weak appetite may find relief. Reviews of this strain are positive. Some medicinal users say Critical Mass has changed their life for the better by helping with such side effects. Coupled with being such a high-yielding and relatively simple plant to cultivate, many recreational and medicinal users alike regard Critical Mass as the dream strain sent from the heavens.

Crtical Mass Bud Strain Review

Mass Critical does it all, but it starts with a viable seed. First off, this particular variety is an auto-flowering variety, which means that there’s no change in lighting required for this plant to begin flowering on its own. This quality, paired with its enormous yields means that no matter how diligent you are at growing or what method you use, you will always end up with a large bounty. Being an indica strain keeps the growth compact, and can be done indoors in the spare room, a grow tent, or outside on the balcony or in the backyard. Buds will come off the plant in the classic colors of bright green, and orange and you will even sometimes find purple laced between the two. The flavors and aromas are best described as sweet and pungent, with a cross of lemon and honey. Those who fill their pipes with this herb enjoy the light, airy smoke that goes down easily, hardly inducing any coughing. It delivers a staple indica high, giving you a cheery, calming, and completely relaxing effect. This is not the strain you want for getting your daily errands done! After a session, you will soon find all your muscles loosening, and all your worries fading away. Insomniacs will find a good friend in this strain, as the high THC and the effects of both this strain’s parents will tell you that deep sleep and a full night of rest are sure to come.

Buy Critical Mass Auto Fem Seeds in the USA

This strain is one of the most renowned new-age breeds, so we knew we had to keep this one in stock for our customers. Weed Seeds USA is the place to buy high-quality seeds like Critical Mass and so many more. When you purchase easily through our online checkout, you’re helping support American breeders and researchers who love what they do. Many Americans rely on our services to enjoy a new hobby or to help treat their medical problems, and we appreciate our customers’ assistance in bringing those services to the people who need them. After you’ve made a purchase on Weed Seeds USA, your package is shipped in less than two weeks no matter where in America you are ordering from. It will arrive straight to your house in discreet packaging that won’t let anybody know what you’re up to other than you. You can use any payment method we list on our checkout, whether debit, credit, or even Bitcoin, and you can do it with peace of mind knowing that all of our payment systems are protected by the most secure platforms in the world. We pledge to ensure that your information will never be shared or sold to anyone. If cannabis is not yet legal in your state, you can still purchase seeds. Cannabis seeds are legal as long as they remain ungerminated and if you keep them in the proper environmental conditions there should be no issue with storage.

How to Germinate Critical Mass Auto Fem Seeds

Germinating seeds is an easy undertaking on its own, and we try to make it even easier. For Critical Mass Auto Fem we suggest the paper towel method, which requires only a few household items. For this method, you only need some paper towels, a surface such as a dinner plate, your seeds, and some water, whether tap, distilled, or purified. If you’d like to add an additional layer of protection to your seeds, you can use tweezers to move them, which will reduce the chance of accidentally breaking or transmitting pathogens to your seeds. First, you should wet the paper towel just enough that it is not dripping. Place it onto your dinner plate, then move your seeds from the packaging onto the paper towel. You can then add some fish emulsion or rooting supplement to help your seeds along, but this is not necessary. You can then place a plate upside down on top of your seeds, and place your germination station into a dark, warm place such as a drawer or cupboard. Check on your seeds every so often to make sure they’re still moist and once you see taproots you have succeeded in germinating your seeds. When the small, white roots sprout out of the bottom of your seeds they are ready to be planted into your medium of choice. Your seeds should be ready to plant no longer than five days after beginning the germination process. We offer a germination guarantee on every seed we sell so if you accidentally get a dud, we will replace it.

Is Critical Masses Strain Easy To Grow?

While some may consider Critical Mass moderate to grow, this strain contains many traits that can ease the growing process for those with less gardening experience. Being an indica variety, this strain will grow dense and lower to the ground than its sativa cousins and will therefore be much easier to fit into a tighter growing space. Auto-flowering qualities will cause it to do much of the work on its own, beginning flowering in an allotted period of time rather than having to be triggered by the grower manually. You can expect to see flowering around ten weeks and usually no later than twelve weeks after planting. As we’ve mentioned, Critical Masses is the cream of the crop and will produce monster buds that grow in tremendous quantities, so much so that you may even experience branches breaking off at the height of their growth. Some growers have spoken of anywhere between 20-25 ounces of product per square meter after harvest. This strain has a natural defense against mold, but you should still be diligent about too much moisture collecting in the flowers. Feminized seeds will ensure that you are only going to grow plants that bear those monstrous buds, without any males getting in the way of your operation. This plant will do well in a large growing container, with a balanced soil pH. Plants are happy when they are grown in a warmer, slightly drier climate that emulates the climate of the southern states and South America.

Critical Mass Seed Bank

If we haven’t sold you on this incredible strain, we’re sure to have something else that you’ll love. In our seed bank are over 500 other strains for you to choose from, with many varieties having multiple different qualities. These range from auto-flowering strains, which require much less work and supervision, to photoperiod varieties, which will give you more flexibility to tweak and adjust your growing regimen. Feminized varieties come sexed by our breeders to only grow female plants with flowering cycles and will be best suited for those looking to grow only for the finished product. Regular seeds are also available for many varieties. These seeds will allow you to begin breeding your very own baby strains if you choose to do so. All of our seeds come with a lengthy description and guides on how to germinate and grow so that you’re never left with any questions. A germination guarantee is included with every pack sold so you can feel confident in your purchase. If you’re still browsing and need to get a better idea of the situation, we categorize every seed variety we have available on our website through our search engine, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. With over 50 filters to choose from such as THC or CBD concentration, your growing environment, or even medical conditions that the said strain has been reported to treat, there’s something for everybody, and we’re happy to help you find it.

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If you’re ready to experience the strain of a lifetime, we’re here to get you started. Grade-A cannabis seeds begin here, and all of our staff, from our breeders and geneticists, to our online and customer satisfaction teams, are ready to help any American grow their dream strain. These seeds are of the highest quality, and we wouldn’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t plant in our own greenhouses. The team at Weed Seeds USA also makes it a priority to provide you with an online purchasing experience that’s one of the fastest and most secure in the industry. After you have created an account and submitted your order if there are any problems with your experience we would love to hear about it. We also understand that if you’re a novice grower or smoker, the information given for any one of our strains may be a lot to digest. Our customer support team is here to answer any questions you may have about the ordering process, so shoot us an email through the contact form on Weed Seeds USA or at Create A Support Request.

How to Grow Critical Mass Autoflower Female Marijuana

Because Critical Mass is a feminized autoflower variety there is no need for expensive or complex lighting systems to aid in triggering the flowering cycle. You will not have to worry about unwanted male specimens either, as the seeds are feminized. With that out of the way, it is time to get down to the dirt.

Germinate your Auto Critical Mass seeds the way you would with any other seed. Once the sprout is about an inch or 2 long, transfer it to a 10 gallon or larger pot containing PH balanced soil. Water sparingly until the seedling has reached about 4 inches high. If you are growing outdoors, this should be done around the end of May when ample sunlight is available. As the plants enter the vegetation stage, make certain to feed at least once a week with organic fertilizer. This stage lasts about 4 weeks, and during that time you will keep watering, feeding, and trimming excess foliage to allow for good airflow and light penetration. Due to the size of the buds, Critical can be prone to mold so trimming is a requirement and its importance is not understated. The strain will enter the flowering stage on its own when mature enough and not require a change to light exposure hours. Feed up until 3 weeks before harvest and then flush out your crop with water to clear away any residue. Flushing will allow your cannabis plants to use up any extra nutrients still lingering in the plants. When you remove the leftover nutrients, it will allow the full flavor of the plant to be experienced. It’s those extra nutrients that can change the flavor profile and smoothness of your buds in a negative way. It only takes about 9 to 11 weeks before your plants will be ready for harvest.

Harvesting Critical Mass Auto Fem Marijuana

Now that the time has arrived to harvest your Auto Critical you will want to make certain you sharpen your trimming scissors and clean your pruning shears. Make sure to glove up and keep the buds clean. Start by pruning the individual branches from the bottom up. Cut the individual branches into smaller more manageable pieces then trim all the sugar leaves from the buds. Do not over trim the sugar leaves as they typically have good crystal development. Once all the excess foliage has been removed, you can dry the buds by hanging them in a cardboard box. These boxes are easily made by punching holes in the side and running string through to create a sort of clothesline, and while you are at it, punch a few more holes for ventilation.

Place the box in a cool, dark place for a few days allowing the buds to dry slowly and naturally. You can check its readiness by folding the stems over themselves. If they snap cleanly, the buds are dry enough to be cured. Now that the bud is ready for the curing process, remove the stems used to hang it and transfer the buds to a sterilized mason jar. Only fill the jar about 3/4 full then tightly seal it and put it back in the cool dark place. Come back once a day for 30 days to open jars and allow for air exchange. This step is called burping and must be done to avoid moisture build up. Patience is needed over the 30 days but properly curing your bud will improve everything from potency, flavor, and aroma, to its smoothness when being inhaled, and is well worth the wait.

Critical masses Autoflower Feminized Strain Medical Benefits

Auto Critical Mass shines brightly in the eyes of medical marijuana patients because of its CBD content. It is beneficial in relieving anxiety, depression and stress when used in light doses. The strong analgesic qualities have the ability to rub out aches and pains. In higher doses, the strain can aid in treatment of painful conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Patients undergoing cancer treatment like chemotherapy will find the strain highly effective at stimulating appetites as well as, preventing nausea after eating. As an end of the day medicine, Auto Critical does deliver a strong sedative effect and can be used safely as an anti-insomnia therapy.

Normal Flavors, Fragrances, and Effects

Auto Critical has a threefold effect in regards to its qualities. Beginning with the flavor, which onto itself is incredible, with bursts of honey and lemon hitting the taste buds when inhaling. It cools the pipes with a robust but sweet, pungent exhale that will make you want more. Mirroring the flavor is the scent of the strain with a slightly skunky addition, perhaps resulting from the Skunk #1 lineage. The smoke is light, airy, and hovers like lace in the room while continually delivering the pungent, sweet, dankness to the smokers sitting below the cloud. True potheads see this strain’s aromas as an air freshener rather than something to be pushed out of the window. The effects can come on fast and strong, starting with the familiar tightening of the temples, glazing over of the eyes, and a sly little corner of the mouth smirk that advertises your highness. Happy, relaxed, and focused is how it starts to make your feel, but with every pull off the joint the sedative effects take hold. Keep going and soon enough you may just find yourself couch-locked with a gaming controller in your hand and any potential of completing important tasks will vanish. The high lasts a while and can be enjoyed all day if the amounts are kept measured. Make certain you have some munchies on hand because they hit hard with this strain, and keep in mind, the more Critical you smoke the quicker you will fall asleep.

Buy Wholesale Critical Mass Auto Feminized Seeds Online

Commercial cannabis growers have more to concern themselves with than home growers do. More specifically, their bottom line is front and center. When growing the green is your business, then you must make sure you have the capital needed to keep it going. This is where Weed Seeds can really help you out. We offer wholesale seeds at deals that other suppliers cannot match and to be frank, our seeds are better. We source them directly from a select pool of cultivators who strive to develop the strongest genetics and most reliable traits. Top shelf cannabis seeds at wholesale prices make it pretty hard to resist and there is no need to hold back. Save yourself and your company some big bucks by ordering wholesale Auto Critical Mass seeds and get your operation growing to new highs.

Mass Critical Auto Feminized Bulk Seeds

No one ever wants to finish a harvest and then realize they are out of seeds to start the next cycle. Buying bulk seeds can prevent that from ever happening in the first place. Our Auto Critical Mass is available to buy in bulk, keeping you from having to wait for your next seed delivery and saving you a few dollar bills along the way. That savings can be passed along to purchase better equipment like grow lights, fabric growing containers, or just stocking up on good quality soil. Why waste your money buying small amounts of seeds at inflated prices from a store when you can get the same if not better quality and variety by buying in bulk.

Critical masses Autoflower Fem Seeds For Sale Online

It has been mentioned many times at this point that Auto Critical Mass is an easy and highly rewarding strain to grow at home, however, it gets even easier when you buy those seeds online from Weed Seeds. We stock the Critical you are looking for along with many other strains. Regular, feminized and autoflower seeds are available in sativa, hybrid, and indica all at the best prices from its most reliable seed bank. Check us out today, you will be glad you did. Once you have ordered, we will carefully package your choices in a specifically designed envelope that protects their viability and your privacy. Your parcel will be shipped right to your home in a matter of days, giving you just enough time to get your grow setup before they arrive. Save yourself the time and added fuel cost of going to the store and maybe finding the strains you are looking for. Order your Auto Critical Mass feminized seeds online and prepare to grow seeds that will have you wondering where they have been all your life.

Similar Pot Seeds For Sale in the USA

The pleasure of cultivating cannabis at home should not be limited to growing a single strain at a time. By growing multiple strains, you get to experience the myriad of flavors, fragrances, and effects that can only come with a variety of seeds. Check out the following strains that will make good complimentary plants to your Critical Mass.

Critical Fast Bud Auto Fem is for cultivators who want to speed up the process and turn faster crops. Usually ready a couple of weeks ahead of its parent and sporting hefty yields, averaging around a pound make this strain perfect for the time challenged cultivator looking to build up a large stash. It has a lower THC percentage of 15 percent but makes up for it with strong analgesic effects and uplifted euphoric properties.

Yumbolt Auto Fem earned it