Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Seeds

A sweet and spicy lemon-pine surprise awaits anyone who grows these Critical 2.0 seeds from Weed Seeds USA. The consumer is uplifted and relaxed through this strain’s sedating vapours and are transported to a higher dimension of calming euphoria. Medicinal patients can enjoy freedom from bodily discomfort, aching joints and muscles, and the torture of chronic muscle spasms and migraines. Due to the calming and seductive nature of this strain, stress, anxiety, depression and the ensuing mental fatigue can all become things of the past. The growability of autoflowering strains cannot be denied and 300-500 grams per m2 indoors in 10-12 weeks of a 15-17% THC medicinal monster is nothing to scoff at. Outside, where this one requires balanced temperatures and low humidity, Critical + can deliver 100-300 grams per plant of dense, colorful and sticky buds. Call or click today to contact Weed Seeds USA and get growing this recreational and medicinal giant faster than you can say autoflower!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 17%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield300-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield100-300g per plant
Flower Time10-12 weeks
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Stress
EffectsCalming, Relaxing, Sedation, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsLemon, Pine, Spice
Terpenesa-Humulene, Limonene, b-Myrcene

Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Seeds For Sale USA

Critical + 2.0 Auto Fem is a true treat of the weed world and, when you buy cannabis seed from Weed Seeds USA, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We care deeply about preserving America’s greatest marijuana strains and are proud of our collection, especially since it boasts strains like Critical 2.0. With a mid-high THC count, delightful user-friendliness, a haul of extreme proportions and a sweet and spicy delivery system make this a superior strain in many ways. To buy Critical + 2.0 Auto Fem seeds online in the USA is easy with Weed Seeds. Simply call or click, create an account, and peruse our selection of hundreds of high-value strains, designed to pack any type of punch you require. We are happy to work with individuals and professional operations to figure out just the right recipe for success. Call or click today and see what Weed Seeds USA is all about.

Critical + 2.0 Auto Fem Seeds For Sale

Grow op and personal home grow alike can plant this cannabis seed and realize the benefit of Critical + 2.0. Autoflowering and feminized, these seeds do not require a flip in photoperiod and are sure to sprout a female nearly every time. We house, of course, autoflowering and feminized strains, but we also carry regular, fast, indica, sativa and hybrid. We carry high THC seeds which make wonderful extracts, and we carry medicinal CBD varieties, certain to soothe an extraordinary array of afflictions. When you buy Critical + 2.0 Autoflower online, you are not only getting top-notch seeds, but you are getting top-shelf customer care and service. With these Critical 2.0 + autoflowering, feminized seeds for sale at Weed Seeds, your garden can flourish.

Growing Critical + 2.0 From Seed

Not much beats good weed you grow from seed. There is something special about parenting a little pocket of potential to maturity and enjoying the rewards of your efforts. Autoflowers don’t like to be transplanted, so it is a smooth move to germinate your seeds in a 5-10-gallon pot of your favorite super-soil. Since there is no need for a flip, these plants can be grown on any one of three light schedules: 18/6, 20/4 or 24/0. It is recommended that autos be grown at either 18/6 or 20/4 so that your plants can get a bit of a break. Controlled environments should remain standard -75F/55% rH for veg and 75F/40% rH for flowering. Feeding schedules should be light and dictated by the plant, not a calendar.

Is Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Autoflowering pot plants, in addition to being picky about transplanting, are also averse to being heavily pruned. Because they flower when they mature, rather than because of a sensitivity to light, they do not have the energy to heal from topping – they require that energy to grow and flower. Therefore, we suggest LST (low-stress training) as soon as your plants can be bent and tied. This can be accomplished through the same measures as a ScrOG (Screen of Green) setup, by placing a screen over the plant while young, and weaving the branchy growth throughout. These plants are not going to take over any space, so they can be left on their own as well. Just after pre-flower, there will be quite a stretch and, as the buds stack up, you’ll see why they call this strain Critical.

What Makes Autoflower Critical + 2.0 Strain Popular?

These seeds, home grown, can produce some of the sweetest, spicy, piney weed, and it can come in some very large packages. Autoflower characteristics make this strain a little simpler to grow and buds of Critical strains are notoriously large, dense and heavily frosted. The effects of Critical 2.0 are remarkably soothing, winning it international recognition, and the sweet and zesty lemony aroma and the spicy pine lungful speaks to its ancient roots. That these seeds are feminized is another reason for this strain’s vast popularity – no males makes gardening much less stressful and the huge yields are sure to please. In addition, it is usually a fun anecdote to tell of how your weed needs some support going into the latter stages of flowering due to the epic colas.

Critical 2.0 Autoflower Medicinal Uses

Aside from its obvious 420 experience, there are many medicinal benefits to autoflowering Critical 2.0. Chronic muscle spasms are one affliction which can be eased by these leaves, along with migraines, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. Terpene profiles consisting of Caryophyllene, Linalool, Pinene and Eudesmol, among many others, deliver anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antiepileptic, anticonvulsant, antitumor and anticancer properties. Also present are antidepressant and antipsychotic properties, sleep-aids and infection-fighting compounds. Taken apart, these benefits are miraculous enough, but grown together from these capable cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA, they can be life changing. Contact us today to find out for yourself just how wonderful this beast is to watch mature and to realize just how beneficial a medicinal Critical 2.0 can prove to be.

Effects of Critical 2.0

Enveloping the user in a warm and calming blanket of sweet and dreamy sedation, Critical 2.0 washes over the body, easing-away pesky aches and pains and ushering-in a new sense of serenity. As tension is released, the mind is transformed into something a little more pliable and a go-with-the-flow sense of relaxation ensues. Uplifting and euphoric, couch-locking and utopian, Critical + is definitely one of the greats.

Fragrances of Critical +

These massive buds are rich with olfactory representatives. A swift lemon burst, followed by sweetwoods, incense and pine hang in the air. As the nose of the puffer detects a hashy, pungent presence, the nostrils of passers-by are gifted with a sweet and spicy tang, reminding them why they, too, enjoy puffing this magic dragon.

Flavors of Critical 2.0 +

Sweet and lemony on the first inhale, the exhale drives sweet and smooth with a lingering sour lemon spiciness. Incense and pine are prevalent flavours with this strain and compliment the tanginess of the lemon perfectly. Consumers have reported sandalwood, and nutmeg as trademark to this strain, indicative of its mountain indica donors. Overall a sweet and spicy, woody and floral toke, Critical 2.0 is right up there with the tastiest hybrids out there.

Microview of Critical + 2.0 Strain Plant

There is much to celebrate when having the Critical conversation, but let’s take a closer look at just what goes into making a strain as stunning as Critical + 2.0. Critical is generally thought to be a cross of the ever loved and highly prized Afghan landrace indica with an early Skunk phenotype. The spicy, incense-infused sandalwood flavors of the mountain strain is a clever compliment to the pungent tang of Skunk to create the monster we know today. Getting the resin perfected and then raising the yield up to where they wanted it to be, breeders then crossed this beast with the autoflowering strain to decrease flowering times and to deliver the magical medicinal offered through Weed Seeds USA. Prepare your garden and get into our Critical selection to see what all the fuss is about.

Buy Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Seeds Online in the USA

Grow ops of all kinds are welcome to help themselves to as many seeds as you need in order to realize increased returns and ongoing company efficacy. Home horticulturists are enjoying these seeds all over the country for its growability, its heavy yields and for its soothing and sedating stone. We pride ourselves on helping Americans all over the country to grow the medicinal garden of their dreams, so that they and their communities can enjoy rich, full and happy lives. Luckily, Critical + 2.0 is right up there with the most calming and alleviating strains alive to date. We make it possible for everyone who wants them to buy Critical + 2.0 Auto Fem seeds online in the USA. We are driven to see you succeed so we take great care to ensure every last one of our seeds is stored properly and with love. Contact us today to start these little seeds at home in the USA.

Buy Critical + 2.0 Auto Fem Bulk Seeds

We know how much it means to professional grow operations to have a seed supplier they can rely on and just how important it is to have them available on demand. That is why Weed Seeds USA supplies cultivation houses with Critical + 2.0 auto fem seeds in bulk. We work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need, how you need it and we are happy to package your wholesale order for your convenience. This can help operations flow smoothly, with minimal effort. These seeds are also good for breeding for the genetic characteristics you are looking for. Buy Auto-flowering Critical + online from Weed Seeds USA and support your home-grown, American cannabis seed distributor.

Grow Critical + 2.0 Seeds

To plant some seed and grow a garden of your favorite ganja is a liberating experience. The cannabis plant is one of the most diverse and beautiful specimens in the natural world. Striking colors, varied shapes and sizes, myriad flows of flavor and aroma and a plethora of beneficial effects. It is clear by citizens and communities all around the world that cannabis is one sweet weed and Critical 2.0 is a fine example of just what can be accomplished with a little effort. We can thank feminization for part of this ease of cultivation. Feminization is the process of shocking young female plants into producing flowers and pollen. This pollen is used to fertilize the seed room and the subsequent harvest is of nearly 100% female seeds, all completely free of Y chromosomes.

Weed Seeds USA is here for you and Critical 2.0 is one reason why everyone across America ought to plant up and grow from seed this feminized, autoflowering marvel of a marijuana.

Critical + 2.0 Seed Bank

We house many strains of Autoflowering Seeds such as our original Critical Autoflower weed seeds and Auto Critical X Gorilla Glue Fem, a true crowd-pleaser. We have hundreds of feminized Hybrid Seeds, enough to keep you going for a lifetime. Names such as Critical Plus Fem and Critical X Somango Fem have a spot in our collection and breeding enthusiasts can buy regular nuggets and 710 or High THC% Seeds like Critical AK seeds online to add a level of calm and sedation to any experiment. No matter what your position, no matter what type of blend you are looking for or where you are in the country, buy critical + 2.0 Autoflower Feminized online or any number of Critical seed bank strains from Weed Seeds USA and get growing!

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Autoflower Critical + 2.0 Strain Seeds

Critical + 2.0 Auto Fem is perfect for home grow or professional grow operation. Though we are aware that autos are not necessarily popular for commercial grows, the ease of cultivation and the incredible harvest of these weeds makes them a shoo-in for anyone who likes lots of killer weed at minimal expense of energy. Contact us 9am-6pm CST, Monday to Friday by phone at Call US. Create a secure account and buy Auto-flowering Critical + 2.0 online any time you like. We have hundreds of strains to choose from, so there is no shortage of strains to try once you give Critical 2.0 a shot. Trust Weed Seeds USA today and reap the rewards of partnering with a top-shelf American cannabis seed supplier.

Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Seeds For Sale USA

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  1. Reilly Lynch

    I had been growing critical strians for years before even trying any autos. This caught my eye a few months ago and I forgot to tell you how kickass they were.

  2. Natasha Fields

    I liked the lemony/citrus flavor of this strain. The smoke is not too thick. I usually cough my brains out, but not so much with the Critical 2.0

  3. Braydon Townsend

    Good growth with the new seeds after only 7 days.

  4. Zander Conner

    I dont ever leave reviews of strains, but this one is worth mentioning. Really good indoor yield and the mold resistance will be great this fall when i do my last grow of outdoor plants for the season

  5. Beau Downs

    Placed an order for the first time today. Ordering process was easy, and i get 6 free seeds

  6. Coleman Becker

    i have 3 happy little plants. They have their 3rd set of leaves and are thriving.

  7. Stacy O’Ryan

    Nice strain, got me nice and buzzed. Produced well indoors, I’ll get the final weight after curing

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