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A rare find in recent decades, Columbia Gold is the perfect wake and bake strain. With 16-19% THC and < 1% CBD, its sativa dominant buds will be the jewel of your grow room and make you the envy of your stoner friends. This tropical mountain plant has a reputation for being a bit of a diva, but it just wants the kind of hot and humid, but well-ventilated environment it thrives in. Get in on the revival of this classic, and check out our autoflowering and photoperiod Columbia Gold seeds at Weed Seeds USA!

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 19%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield350-400g m/2
Outdoor Yield450-600g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Cerebral
Aromas & FlavorsSweet, Fruity
TerpenesLinalool, Limonene, Terpineol, Trans-nerolidol, Alpha Pinene

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Columbian Gold is a classic hybrid – sativa with a strong THC inclusion in the high teens. It’s a descendant of landraces that are naturalized to the remote mountains of northern Columbia. CG was popular during the sixties and seventies, when it was widely available in America and considered one of the most potent sativas on the market at that time. CG can be very difficult to find in dispensaries, so if you’re a commercial grower looking to take advantage of our cheap seeds, we recommend you buy Columbia Gold in our always popular 100 Feminized Variety Pack. These packs can be mixed and matched to suit your specific growing needs, so long as you buy at least ten seeds per strain. If you fill one of these 100 Feminized Variety Pack orders with a mix of Columbian and Acapulco Gold and grow them organically, you can charge premium rates for your rare and wonderful crops! It can be somewhat finicky to grow at first, but once you figure out what it likes you’ll be rewarded with 350-400g/m2 when it’s grown indoors. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm, you can get more than a pound per plant if you grow them outdoors or in a greenhouse. The high of Columbia Gold is a stellar mix of motivation and relaxation. Users with depression and anxiety find it perfect for pushing through procrastination, fatigue, and low moods. The plants themselves are very stinky, with a lot of terpineol and pinene creating a fresh but pungent chemical waft, not unlike a certain citrus wood polish. The flavor is closer to woody herbs and fruity black tea. This is a legendary strain for very good reasons, and growing it successfully earns you eternal bragging rights and the gratitude of your friends.

How to Germinate Colombian Gold Photo Fem Seeds.

The easiest way to germinate Columbian Gold seeds is by using the paper towel method. This is also one of the most low-tech ways to germinate. To do it, all you need is a warm, dark and safe space, some seeds, a few pieces of clean paper towel, a pair of tweezers, distilled water, and two plates. If you’d like to be even more precise, we suggest using a spray bottle, a large freezer bag, and a seedling heating pad to augment the process. Some people begin this method by soaking the seeds in water for twelve to twenty four hours, but it’s not really necessary. Take one piece of paper towel and get it wet. You want it to be evenly moisturized, but not so wet that it drips when you hold it up. It’s helpful to use the spray bottle so you can have more control over how much distilled water you’re adding. Place the towel on a plate and your seeds on the towel. Arrange them with the tweezers so that each seed has a radius of one inch of space around it. Wet another paper towel and place it on top of the spread out seeds. Arrange the towels so that they’re not hanging off over the plate. Cover this with the other plate and place it in a cool, dark place. Put the plates in the freezer bag and on the heating pad if you want to be extra careful. Check on your seeds every day, rehydrating when necessary. Ninety percent of them should start sprouting in the first two days, and will be ready to transplant after a week. Don’t be afraid to baby Columbians Gold seedlings a little. They like it hot and humid, with eighteen hours of light and lots of fresh air.

Growing Columbia Gold From Seed From Seed At Home

Columbia Gold is not as easy to grow as some other strains, but when grown indoors by someone who knows what they’re doing it can be more than worth the effort. Our fem seeds take the guesswork out of finding females, as males will decrease the potency of your crop. If you live somewhere humid and tropical, this plant will give experienced growers a whopping 450-600g per plant. This article is specifically about our photoperiod Columbia Gold seeds. Growers who don’t live in the optimal space but still want to grow this strain might have more luck with the autoflowering variety, as it doesn’t require the same stringent conditions. Baby seedlings can be placed close under regular full-spectrum household bulbs for eighteen hours a day. They like temperatures between eighty and sixty-five degrees. Once the seedlings are a little bigger you can up the temperature somewhat, to between seventy-five and eighty-five degrees. The humidity will need to be slowly tamped down to somewhere between fifty and sixty percent for the later parts of the vegetative phase. Some folks seem to have success keeping the relative humidity low during the earlier phase, like forty-five percent low, but we don’t recommend this. It’s much more common to see seedlings being reared in upwards of sixty percent relative humidity. They might grow dense and compact at first, and these phenotypes especially will love a little bit of pruning once they’re well-established. CG can handle a slightly steeper drop off in temperatures at night, so a ten degree spread is ideal. Start adding nutrients slowly in the fourth or fifth week of vegetation once the root system seems to be well developed and you’ve transplanted the seedlings once. This strain does best in organic living soil, but can adapt to hydroponics.

Flowering Time For Columbians Gold Feminized

Columbians Gold has a flowering period of between 9-11 weeks. During the flowering phase it’s important to step up airflow, turn down relative humidity slowly but steadily, and provide plants with more phosphorus and potassium and less nitrogen. This strain will also need some extra calcium and magnesium, especially at the start of the flowering period. This is all, of course, in addition to the switch from eighteen hours of light and six of night to a schedule of twelve hours of intense light and twelve hours of total darkness. Outdoors, it’s vital to protect plants from any light disturbances, be they from LEDs, nearby buildings, or streetlights. This strain does really well in greenhouses, where it can be much easier to create light proof spaces that are also temperature and humidity controlled. When first flipped to flowering, plants might double in size in as little as a week! Depending on the phenotype and feeding regimen, this can mean both bushing out and shooting up in height. Plants that are slightly more sativa dominant, like our genetics, can easily get six feet high, and some have been rumoured to get as high as twelve. If you’re growing indoors, make sure you’re either prepared for that kind of height or are comfortable with topping the plant by cutting off its highest growth. This will encourage lower branches to pop up and take advantage of the newly accessible light, giving you an array of towering colas.  As buds become ready to harvest, their pistils will turn golden yellow. While the colas themselves have that tall sativa look, individual nuggets are more square shaped, with long calyxes in hues ranging from forest green to gold. This one gets very fragrant near the end, so be ready to filter or mask the smell.

What Makes Columbias Gold Strain Popular?

Thanks to generations of selective inbreeding by local horticulturalists, original Columbia Gold was one of the purest sativas available in the Americas in the sixties and seventies. The descendant of landrace plants from the Santa Marta Mountains, Columbias Gold has become much rarer than it used to be thanks to years of hybridization and conflict in its original growing area. In much the same way as its Mexican cousin Acapulco Gold, CG was used to found many modern American sativa lines, including those of Ak-47, Haze, and Skunk #1. Considering how far these three have taken sativa genetics in the last fifty years, this makes Columbian Gold one of the most prestigious grandparent landraces of the modern American cannabis landscape. CG, also called Santa Marta or Santa Marta’s Gold, is also a direct parent of Harlequin and Orange Bud, who have also gone on to sire other famous strains. Finding pure versions of Columbian has been difficult in the last few decades, but it’s been making a comeback with the influx of professional seed houses like ours. After decades of being a rare bird, thought nearly impossible to get in its original forms as anything other than clones, Weed Seeds is really excited to be able to carry cannabis seeds of Columbias Gold. The fact that it hasn’t won any awards doesn’t mean much when you consider how long it’s been out of the spotlight and hard to find, but modern growers and smokers are starting to see what the legend is made of. This is one of the absolute best wake and bake strains out there, with much less jittery or anxious energy than a lot of other high THC sativas. It’s up there with Lamb’s Bread in terms of effects that keep users energized but not anxious.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Colombian Gold Photo Fem

Near the end of its growing cycle, plants of Columbian Gold get quite stinky! They’re very earthy, with a lot of citrus notes thanks to an abundance of the terpene limonene. It can smell like gasoline spilled into a bag of potting soil, depending on how the terpineol and alpha pinene inclusions express themselves. Both of these terpenes will give an astringent waft to plants, with terpineol on the chemical side and pinene more of a fresh, coniferous forest smell. Pinene also opens up the lungs when inhaled, and it’s not uncommon to cough a lot when smoking Santa Marta. A dry toke of this strain tastes a bit like a dry toke of a double bergamot earl grey tea bag, with lots of wood and citrus notes. Lighting up, that richness becomes somewhat tarry and the smooth flavor of blonde finger hash is released. Think of the tastiest organic hash you’ve ever had, but add a little citrus kick. Holding in the smoke totally changes it. On the tongue the flavors become sweet as the citrus wood turns into ripe, dark berries before going herbal, sort of like a candy that’s meant to taste like an entire blueberry plant. The fruity notes stick around during the exhale, though they’re tempered by a complicated herbal and floral drydown as the smoke hangs in the air. Depending on how you’ve treated the plant during its life, Columbian Gold can have potent inclusions of linalool, which might explain some of the cleaner citrus and flower notes in the dry toke. Trans-nerolidol is also here, adding its more complex lemongrass and jasmine essence, likely creating some of the fruitier aspects of the taste and scent. Contrary to what the overpowering and pungent plant might have you expect, smoking this strain feels smooth and sophisticated.

Effects of Columbia Gold Feminized

A classic wake and bake strain, Columbia Gold brings a euphoric blast of energy and inspiration. It’s somehow both uplifting and relaxing, making it popular with folks who suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety that use cannabis to get some distance from their problems and stay on task. The head-clearing and mood balancing combination of linalool, trans-nerolidol, and pinene makes the high cerebral without being too spinny or fidgety. It gives users just the right amount of energy to do what needs doing without any hesitancy. SM Gold can be a little bit of a creeper, so smoke it just as you begin a task. Before you know it, you’ll have been focusing and getting things done for the last hour without getting distracted. The serene peppiness of CG is perfect for a sunny Sunday fun day, or taking a hike with friends. While the high is more cerebral than body focused, it’s not the kind of weed that gets you really stuck in your thoughts. It’s a daytime strain for people who have mental blocks around getting active. Baking projects become fascinating explorations of texture, and tinkering with small machines is a fun learning experience. This is the kind of weed that you smoke to make yourself interested in homework that you just can’t seem to get into otherwise. Columbia G can help people find inspiration and joy in little things throughout the day, which is why it’s suggested for people with depression and anxiety or other mental health conditions that suck the pleasure out of living. While calming and deeply relaxing, this isn’t a strain that’s recommended for chronic or severe physical pain. It might distract you from hurt, but this is much more of a mental health and recreation strain than it is a pain killer.

Overview of Columbians Gold Photo Fem Stats

Columbian Gold gets an undeserved reputation for being difficult to grow. In reality, it just has some very specific heat and humidity needs, and it soaks up nutrients. Growers familiar with orchids or other delicate hothouse plants will have no problem sussing out the needs of CG. Novice growers might find it to be a great plant to learn on, as it’s quite communicative when something is going wrong. A best practice is to let these plants vegetate for quite a while before switching them to their flowering phase, which can last between nine and eleven weeks. How you feed them with light, moisture, heat, and nutrients will determine how tall and fruitful your plants become. There are examples of neglected CG plants that only get about three feet tall, and rumors of outdoor plants grown in the southern United States that got up to twelve feet! Provided you give this plant plenty of nutrients and the right environment, it can net you a yield of more than a pound per plant, or nearly the same per meter squared.

Columbians Gold is a stoner legend. With a THC percentage of 16-19% and less than one percent CBD, this sativa dominant hybrid is notorious in old time grower’s circles for its relaxing but motivating high and powerful mood lifting capabilities. It was most popular in the mid to late twentieth century, when it was abundant in American weed circles. This is the ganja to smoke to make big chores around the house, or somewhat daunting creative projects, seem manageable. It smells astringent and earthy on the plant, like a skunk covered in wood varnish. As a smoke it’s surprisingly sweet, with notes of fruit and berries tickling the taste buds. The smell of woody herbs hangs in the air after the exhale.

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Colombian Gold Seeds

A rare find in recent decades, Columbia Gold is the perfect wake and bake strain. With 16-19% THC and < 1% CBD, its sativa dominant buds will be the jewel of your grow room and make you the envy of your stoner friends. This tropical mountain plant has a reputation for being a bit of a diva, but it just wants the kind of hot and humid, but well-ventilated environment it thrives in. Get in on the revival of this classic, and check out our autoflowering and photoperiod Columbia Gold seeds at Weed Seeds USA!

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