Cinderella Somango Seeds

Boasting tropical citrus and mango flavors, brilliantly-hued buds, and a swirling, euphoric, cerebral experience, Cinderella Somango is one indica hybrid guaranteed to please. This seed grows short and bushy with a perfect indica structure, produces masses of rust and candy-hued buds and delivers an uplifting and energizing high which can keep you creative for hours. Focusing up attention deficit disorders, soothing spasmodic muscles, and releasing consumers from the bondage of pain and stress, this magical little seed is not just recreational. As the high is razed by the sword of the stone, weighty limbs and hazy eyes indicate nap time and the night calls out in a voice crystal clear, I am Cinderella and you are the pumpkin! If you want to grow the seductive Cinderella Somango, get in touch with Weed Seeds USA, and order up some of these magical little pips and get growing something truly remarkable.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Balanced
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield280g per square meter
Outdoor Yield280-340g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsADD / ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress
EffectsCreative, Focus, Happiness, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Mango, Tropical
TerpenesLimonene, a-Myrcene

Cinderella Somango Seeds For Sale USA

Cinderella Somango Photo Fem is an indica-heavy hybrid that has 18-20% THC and less than 1% CBD. There are several reasons to get excited about planting this marijuana. This plant grows to about 3 feet and is ready in just 8-10 weeks from the flip. Growers can enjoy 400-500 grams per m2 indoors and 500-600 grams per plant in ideal outdoor conditions. Sweet, fruity, citrusy, and flush with fleshy mango, the tropical bouquet of Cinderella Somango is pure joy to puff, and her effects leave no one disappointed. Buy Cinderella Somango Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds and see what all the fuss is about. We offer secure shopping and payment services, a selection of over 450 strains and we make ourselves available for any assistance you may need. Get into Weed Seeds today and grow with the professionals.

Cinderella Somango Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

If you like the sound of Cinderella Somango and wish to plant some of these killer seeds in your grow op, let us assure you that you are in for some pretty stellar cannabis. Feminized for a fury-free grow, taking well to cloning and delivering huge yields, this is one strain that is not only euphoric, focusing, and fun, but is a perfect plant for anyone’s grow. Weed Seeds USA makes it our business to source and preserve fan-favorite strains so that growers all across the country have access to top-quality seeds, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Contact Weed Seeds today to buy Female Cinderella Somango online through our secure web platform and enjoy developing a relationship with a company that has the best genetics in America.

Growing Cinderella99 x Somango From Seed

Every weed garden in the USA is a gift from the gods. Those who grow from seed the magic that is Cinderella99 x Somango are blessed. Germinating easily on a moist paper towel or by sowing into starter or rock wool, seedlings take fast. A high-humidity environment is important for the early stages, ensuring that seedlings have the moisture they require while their roots take hold. Once your seedlings have reached the four-node mark, they can be flipped to flower and packed together with their siblings to create a glistening Sea of Green (SOG). This is a technique used to generate fast turnarounds of thick, dense colas. This strain takes well to cloning so that perpetual crop rotations can be achieved for a never-ending supply of top-shelf weed.

Is Cinderella Somango Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

To home grow this pot is easy, as long as you pay attention to a few critical points. As far as temperature goes, it pays to wait to put plants outside until nighttime temps are consistently above 58°F. Inside, temperatures between 68 and 78°F are ideal to aim for and humidity should be 70-80% for seedlings, 50-60% for veg, and 30-40% for flower. Always maintain ample ventilation and, with this stinker, filtration will be appreciated by the neighbors. Minor pruning of the lower regions come flower will ensure that the plants’ energies are directed rightly toward the top and away from creating larfy stuff underneath. Feed appropriate to the stage of growth and water when dry. When you buy Cinderella Somango Photoperiod Feminized online from Weed Seeds USA, you get the goods designed to grow and we always have your back.

What Makes Feminized Cinderella Somango Strain Popular?

Cinderella Somango ganja is favored for many reasons and to simply say this pot is popular doesn’t do it justice. Where there is Cinderella Somango, there is fun, happiness, giddiness, and an ability to focus where once there was only the chaos of an unruly mind. Medical patients can live free of pain, muscle spasms, daily stress, and general lack of interest when they dose with this holistic medicine. As a 420 flower, this strain performs just as intended. It can induce calming, relaxing, and sedating effects helping consumers find their Zen throughout a lazy evening. Grow ops great and small benefit from the ease of management and the massive yields this strain provides makes sure houses of en masse cultivation see the ROI they hope for. Order these seeds, grow this gorgeous girl for yourself and find many more reasons to boost the Cinderella Somango ego.

Cinderella x Somango Feminized Medicinal Application

If you think that just because this chronic doesn’t contain much CBD, it isn’t medicinally beneficial, think again. Though legal definitions of medical cannabis are still a little archaic, consumers know the efficacy of high-THC weeds in treating many maladies and Cinderella x Somango takes the cake. Torturous migraines, muscle spasms, and physical pain can all be subdued through consuming this capable cannabis.ADD/ADHD, stress, anxiety, and depression are all wooed away, never to be heard from again after a bong session with this princess. We aren’t saying that this is a cure-all strain but the medical research behind cannabis for medical use is astounding! Weed acts differently in different people but we do find that the benefits outweigh the negative. What we can assure you is that there is no doubt that this strain is designed to impress, both recreationally and medicinally.

Effects of Cinderella x Somango

Cinderella x Somango is designed to please, but these effects are more than just a good time. Instantly game-changing, this beautiful beast is trippy and seductive at first, tingling throughout the body, and, as the high matures, it induces happiness and joy, exciting creativity, and focus. Lulling users off to the land of the lost, a good night’s sleep is all but guaranteed.

Fragrances of Cinderella99 x Somango

Cinderella99 x Somango smells sweet and fruity and fresh buds are earthy and exude whiffs of sharp citrus and ripe mango. Growers would be wise to employ a filtration system in their spaces so that the overwhelming stench of top-shelf weed doesn’t upset the neighborhood. Smoking these flowers generates a sweet and woody aroma, rich with tropical fruits.

Flavors of Cinderella99 Somango

The flavors of this indelible strain are simple and rich. Citrus, earth, and mango arrive in droves and the tropical hashy hues dance of the exhale like Cinderella at the ball. Sweet and sour, fresh and fruity, Cinderella99 Somango has the flavor profile fit to match the favorable fragrances and effects.

Microview of Cinderella99 x Somango Marijuana Plant

Weed Seeds USA is proud to offer these impressive little pods for delivery to all corners of the country, but to take a closer look can only serve to heighten the understanding of cannabis-consuming citizens everywhere. The compounds found in this lovely leaf are not just the cannabinoids responsible for the trippy buzz and sedating stone. The terpenes limonene, a-myrcene, and humulene are in part responsible for the vast array of health and wellness benefits this strain provides. Pain-killing anti-inflammatory properties, smooth and sedating anti-insomnia compounds, and cancer-fighting anti-tumor components make sure that there is well-rounded relief for patients who need a punch with their potion. This is a remarkable strain, able to heal ills and all but completely cure darkness. Dig into growing Cinderella99 x Somango and parent a true wonder of the world of weed.

Buy Cinderella Somango Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Home grown green is satisfying. Whether it is the fact that you have parented a plot of primo puff to its full potential or are simply happy to finally be smoking, there is no doubt that growing weed in the USA is a rewarding enterprise. Buy Cinderella Somango Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds and grow this marvel at home or wholesale. We are available by phone or in-person five days a week and our online storefront is never closed. Give us a call, swing by or simply create an account and enjoy multiple payment options through a secure eCommerce platform. Weed Seeds USA is filled with people and products you can trust, so call or click today and see what makes Cinderella Somango strain seeds the wonders that they are.

Cinderella Somango Photo Fem Bulk Seeds

Commercial grow operations looking to grow from seed can safely place their faith in this capable cannabis capsule. The future looks bright for any grow employing this seed. Seeds germinate fast, plants make for a perfect Sea of Green, and take well to cloning. Mothers last for a few months before degradation takes over and the genetics are stable. Harvests of nearly half a kilo make each plant a pure gem, dollar-wise, and consumers will always enjoy the incredible balance and benefit inherent to these flowers. When you choose to buy Cinderella Somango Feminized online, in bulk, Weed Seeds USA works with you to ensure you have all you need. We will ensure that your order is packaged how you like it and we are here to assist in your ongoing satisfaction so that you always know which distributor you can rely on.

Cinderella99 x Somango Strain Seeds in the USA

American seeds delivered to American citizens so that you can grow American plants on American soil is what we at Weed Seeds aim for. We want to help all of our fellow citizens grow the best weed in the world and we all know where that comes from. This country has been famous since the ’60s for breeding some of the finest herbs. In the ’80s when the War on Drugs campaign forced grows inside, we developed indoor cultivation techniques, such as sinsemilla, and now we are quickly becoming the land of the free to flower. When you buy Female Cinderella99 x Somango online from Weed Seeds, you get the selection, the seed, and the service you require to grow the best. Trust Weed Seeds USA for the starts you need to get your red, white, and blue garden growing.

Cinderella Somango Seed Bank

The Cinderella Somango seed bank at Weed Seeds USA is filled with genetics similar to our feature strain and which can please any type of consumer. We have medicinal strains and 710 Huge THC Seeds, Fem Seeds, and Hybrid Seeds. We sell faster-flowering versions like Cinderella99 Fast Fem and Cinderella99 X Blueberry Fast Fem. You don’t have to worry whether we have powerhouse strains for you to grow. Weed Seeds USA offers Cinderella99 Tangilope Fem, Cinderella Kalimist Fem, and the gorgeous, sweet, and doughy Cinderella Pie Fem. We carry all sorts of auto, fast and feminized, indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds. We offer heavy-hitters and high-yielders, landrace, rare, and strains beloved by bud botanists all over the globe. Come on down and check out our seed bank today and leave knowing that our seed pantry is always stocked with the seeds your garden needs to flourish.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Cinderella Somango Strain Seeds

Cinderella Somango Photo Fem is perfect for the professional or home grow operation. It is small and easy to manage, can handle an array of conditions and the yields are suitable for any-sized production to see healthy returns. Weed Seeds USA prides itself on selection and service and can be reached Monday to Friday, 9-5 CST at Call US. When you want a collection you can sink your teeth into, as well as expert service with a smile, buy marijuana seed from Weed Seeds USA and know you’ve found the best.

Cinderella Somango Seeds For Sale USA

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