Chocolate Thai Seeds

Chocolate Thai cannabis seeds provide the perfect mixture of delicious terpenes, high potency and fantastic hybrid – sativa genetics that will bestow a marvelous high upon the user. The notes of sweet chocolate and coffee flavors are complemented by a potency of up to 18-22% THC, giving this variety a strong effect when being smoked. The yields of this strain are always astounding, with indoor plants bearing up to 550-600g/m2 and outdoor plants producing up to 900g per plant. Purchasing the Weed Seeds Chocolope Thai seeds will create a strong and tasty weed that will give any smoker a cerebral boost in energy and mood.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 22%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield550-600g m/2
Outdoor Yield900g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
EffectsPowerful, Body-Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsSweet, Tropical, Lemon
TerpenesAlpha Cedrene, Alpha Terpineol, Borneol, Camphene, Citral, D-Limonene, Eugenol, Fenchol, Linalool, Nerolidol, Orange Terpenes, Phytol, Terpinolene

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The many fantastic aspects of Chocolate Thai photo fem seeds make it a great buy for anyone that has some experience growing cannabis. Making sure the correct research is done will contribute to some outstanding yields but having some actual experience in the field will always be beneficial. The Weed Seeds genotype of this strain provides amazing potency at up to 22%, where the native varieties of Chocolate Thai seeds typically only produce about 12% to 16%. This makes for a much stronger bud than you would usually find, and this is the work of the fantastic breeders and geneticists that we source our seeds from. The high THC levels are in comparison with a much lower amount of CBD, at around < 1%. You can buy Choco Thai in our always popular 120 Feminized Mixed Pack, which will give you an absolutely enormous harvest. These will be all feminized seeds, so every single plant you grow will be producing large amounts of harvestable bud. Additionally, purchasing feminized pot seeds will completely eliminate the risk of all those valuable females being pollinated, which can pose a large risk to your yields. The total harvest you can expect from just a handful of these seeds can be anywhere up to 550 to 600 grams per square meter if you grow them indoors. While these plants are typically difficult to grow outdoors, if you can manage to keep them happy, they can produce at much higher rates of up to 900 grams per plant. With our 120 Feminized Mixed Pack, you can receive many times your initial investment, making Chocolate Thai seeds very valuable if you are growing to harvest large amounts of bud for yourself, friends and family, or others that might be interested.

How to Germinate Chocolate Thai Photo Fem Seeds

When you purchase Weed Seeds premium marijuana seeds, they can be germinated like many other common plant seeds. There are many ways you may choose to do this, but the certified way to germinate our seeds is by using the paper towel method. This is an incredibly easy method of germination that is used by many growers for germinating all kinds of plants. You need only a couple household items to germinate your seeds with this option, and they include some paper towel, a surface like a dinner plate and some regular water. You can start by dampening a few pieces of paper towel with water, then placing them onto the plate. Then, place your seeds onto the damp paper towel, preferably with a pair of tweezers. This will help make sure that you don’t accidentally damage your precious seeds while moving them. Many growers add a nutrient additive at this step to help their seeds sprout and start growing strong. This can include fish emulsion, seaweed mulch or another nutrient-dense, soft fertilizer. Dampen another couple pieces of paper towel and place them over top of the seeds. You can then cover them with another plate or other object and store them somewhere dark and humid. Check on your seeds every day or two to make sure that everything is in order and that they are staying moist. If your seeds dry out, they may end up stopping germination and dying. The germination process can take a length of anywhere between seven to ten days, and you will be able to tell that your seeds are germinated when you see taproots begin to appear. These small, white roots will pop out of the bottom of the seeds, and this means they’re ready to be planted.

Growing Choco Thai From Seed From Seed At Home

These seeds may be particularly difficult to grow, as this strain has had a long history of needing to be preserved in order for it to be available today. Despite this, you can still grow it at home as long as the proper precautions are taken, and the necessary research is done. Because of the origin of this variety’s parent strains, this plant will prefer a very warm and humid climate similar to the tropical monsoon regions. For this reason, Chocolate Tai is nearly impossible to grow outdoors in most regions, and it will have to be grown indoors. Even if growing indoors, you should make sure to keep a close eye on the conditions to keep your cannabis plants happy. It’s likely that for every grow of Chocolate Thai, there will be different conditions that work best for those specific plants. For a general idea, you should be growing in conditions between 72° and 82° Fahrenheit, which will give your plants more than enough warmth to stay alive while actively developing. A higher humidity will be needed due to this strain’s tropical origins, which will be easier to manage due to the smaller bud size. This will help the buds from growing mold in the moisture, giving the plant an overall lower risk of dying from molding. Humidity should be anywhere from 55% to 70% during vegetative growth, which should always be reduced during flowering growth. Once you have begun this variety’s flowering period, which will have to be done through reducing lighting hours, you can reduce humidity to anywhere between 40% and 55%, which will keep the threat of mold low. The drier air will also help develop the potency and terpene profile, making for a stronger and tastier weed at harvest.

Flowering Time For Chocolope Thai Feminized

One of the contributing reasons why Chocolate Thai seeds are known to be picky is due to a specific trait, which is a particularly long flowering time. Through generations of breeding the best genetics, our growers have managed to capture a lower flowering time for this particular variety. The fantastic genetics of our seeds can give you a flowering time as little as 9-10 weeks, which is much faster in comparison to the typical observed flowering period. Some more traditional Choco Thai seeds have been said to take up to ninety days or more to fully flower, much longer than the typical industry maximums of twelve to fourteen weeks. This change will help you receive a huge harvest in a much shorter time, because the yields have been increased as well. These genetics make for cheap seeds that can both provide larger yields and grow significantly faster. You may begin to harvest your plants about nine to ten weeks after the flowering period has begun. Since these are a significantly taller variety, you may choose to harvest the top half about a week or two before the bottom half of the plants. This change will give lower vegetation and buds a bit more time to develop before they are harvested, giving you a more consistent experience smoking it. One of its most popular traits among hobby growers becomes visible during the flowering phase. Buds can begin to take on a much darker brown color as well as dark orange or brown pistils. This is a rather uncommon color scheme for cannabis, so it’s fascinating to see it develop. The flowering time is also where you will notice some of the distinct aromas of sweet and earthy chocolate and coffee beginning to grow as well.

What Makes Chocolate Tai Strain Popular?

The WSUSA Choco Thai seeds are some of the most unique seeds in the industry. They have several uncommon traits that make them a favorite among hobby growers, specialty growers and smokers alike. They’re popular because they’re considered a unicorn strain in the cannabis industry, and one of the traits that makes them special is their flavor. These seeds will grow into tall plants that will begin early production of a cocktail of different terpenes including linalool and borneol. These terpenes can give the buds a distinct flavor that can appear differently from person to person due to the complexity of the profile. Some notes you may pick up on include smells of chocolate and coffee, with secondary notes of wood, spice, nutmeg and cinnamon. The flavors make for an incredibly savory variety that will fill any grow room with an uplifting fragrance. Another quality that makes Chocolate Thai so attractive is the appearance of the plant itself. These seeds sport rare colors of deep brown and even some reds, as well as golden orange or brown pistils. Such a coloring is uncommon in the cannabis world that’s typically full of bright greens, blues and reds, so they make for an eye-catching and interesting plant. On top of all this, the Weed Seeds genotype has a much stronger potency, as this variety is usually found at a lower strength of anywhere from 12% to 16%. Our seeds boast a potency of up to 22% THC, making for significantly stronger seeds thanks to our professional breeders. The yields have also been increased over prior generations, so if you can get your plants to thrive in an outdoor setting, you may be capable of collecting up to a kilogram of product per plant.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Chocolate Thai Photo Fem

Chocolate Thai cannabis seeds carry such a complex flavor profile that it’s grown by many growing and breeding enthusiasts for its characteristics. The dark brown buds and nutty, earthy flavors make it a perfect pick for those that love to grow elusive or exotic strains. Because these are feminized seeds, you will only be growing female plants with this product. This will help produce many more large buds, which will generally improve the fragrance and flavors of Chocolope Thai plants. These aromas are created by an abundance of different varieties of terpenes, the chemicals that give all things in nature their smells. Many different combinations of terpenes contribute to the unique flavors of chocolate and coffee, but some of them provide specific qualities that enhance the flavor. Some of those savory terpenes can include fenchol and eugenol, which contribute flavors of spices and bold herbs to this broad range of smells. A few of the most distinct terpenes in nature come from trees, which have made their way into cannabis strains as woody, cedar or pine notes. These can include alpha cedrene and camphene, which are typically always present in cedar, and alpha terpineol, which can be found in pine trees. Nerolidol will also provide a woody flavor, but in a brighter and tangier sense. Other terpenes are directly related to citrus fruits, like citral and d-limonene. These orange terpenes are always found inside oranges, lemon trees and other citrus fruits, giving a strong, tangy and tropical flavor to the buds. Phytol produces a much more grassy, earthy aroma, and is often found in tea plants. Terpinolene is a very common sweet terpene in cannabis that can also be found in plants such as apple trees, lavender, nutmeg and lilac, bestowing a floral and earthy flavor on your plants.

Effects of Choco Thai Feminized

This sativa hybrid will give you effects that take some of the calming parts of indica plants and adds them to a powerful, cerebral sativa high. The stone will be very strong particularly on the first few hits, where most of the high will be felt right from the beginning. These high THC cannabis seeds will give you a strong heady sensation at the beginning of the smoke, leaving you buzzing for a few minutes with an intense euphoria. You may even feel a profoundly relaxing sensation from the smell and flavor of the terpenes as they are broken down and processed by your brain. Terpenes have been known to provide such a calming feeling because of their presence in many therapeutic plants like lavender, sage and lilac. This can cause Chocolate Tai buds to have an effect similar to essential oils when they are broken down and ground up. After you’re a few tokes deep in your session, you will feel a strong body-relaxing feeling as the indica genes allow you to loosen up. Despite being a sativa dominant hybrid, it can give the user a very sleepy feeling toward the end of the session. This is less due to the indica genetics and more due to just how serene the buds can have you feeling throughout the entire experience. This can possibly make Chocolate Thai a good strain for getting a good sleep if you know exactly how it will affect you. The high potency stone will last for the better part of the day, so make sure you have some time out to enjoy this strain. The buds of these plants will make a great companion for a relaxing day off or after you get home from a long day of work.

Overview of Chocolope Thai Photo Fem Stats

Chocolate Tai seeds make for an amazing choice no matter what your preferences in cannabis may be like. These plants provide tasty and savory weed that gives a highly enjoyable experience when smoked. The high THC, at up to 22%, will make for a heady high that will take an extended amount of time to begin wearing off. Lower CBD levels of only about 1% will make for a limited medicinal experience, although many users will find that the THC provides more than enough relief. If you are looking to grow for natural pain relief, the WS high CBD seeds may make for a better choice for medicinal growing. The yields you will find from these seeds will always be substantial if you can ensure the proper growing conditions are met. Yields of up to 550 grams to 600 grams per square meter, as well as up to 900 grams per plant, can be expected in healthy plants. You can increase yields of any marijuana plant by providing it with ample nutrients, specifically NPK nutrients, as these make up the building blocks of the cannabis plant’s structure. This weed has a nutty, earthy, chocolate and coffee aroma, which can be observed much more strongly from the ending of the vegetation phase. The high will last a longer length of time thanks to the huge THC concentration, so you should keep this in mind before consuming. Chocolope Thai effects are wholly calming but can be fairly dreamy in the first little while after smoking, so be sure you have somewhere to relax while the stone begins to wear off. Despite being a sativa hybrid, there has been very little sign of this strain causing anxiety or paranoia, even if smoking more than you might be used to.

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Chocolate Thai Seeds

Chocolate Thai cannabis seeds provide the perfect mixture of delicious terpenes, high potency and fantastic hybrid – sativa genetics that will bestow a marvelous high upon the user. The notes of sweet chocolate and coffee flavors are complemented by a potency of up to 18-22% THC, giving this variety a strong effect when being smoked. The yields of this strain are always astounding, with indoor plants bearing up to 550-600g/m2 and outdoor plants producing up to 900g per plant. Purchasing the Weed Seeds Chocolope Thai seeds will create a strong and tasty weed that will give any smoker a cerebral boost in energy and mood.

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