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With a THC content of 18-20% and two famously pungent parents, Chemdog Diesel is the ultimate vaporizer strain. Perfect for creating dabs, or just experimenting with tasting flowers, this pungent lemon and fuel strain will pick you up before knocking you out. Finally available as an autoflower, this shorter variety can get you anywhere from three ounces to more than a pound in as little as twelve weeks. At Weed Seeds USA, we pride ourselves on taking good seeds and making them better, and we’ve really outdone ourselves this time. Get some of this revamped classic for your garden today!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield300-450g m/2
Outdoor Yield60-100g per plant
Flowering Time10-12 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting
Flavors & AromasCitrus, Diesel /Earthy
TerpenesAlpha Cedrene, Alpha Terpineol, Borneol, Camphene, Citral, D-Limonene, Eugenol, Fenchol, Linalool, Nerolidol, Orange Terpenes, Phytol, Terpinolene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Cadinene, Eugenol, Farnesene, Humulene, Myrcene, Ocimene

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Chemdog Diesel seeds are a fabulous investment on their own or as part of a 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack. This is a full-flavored and potent afternoon smoke, with eighteen to twenty percent THC and < 1% CBD. In ten to twelve weeks, these plants can grow more than three ounces per plant, or up to a pound per square meter indoors. This combination of two of the most beloved American sativas in history creates a citrus and chemical strain with a pungent pong and more flavor than you’d anticipate from its acidic smells. The high starts with a lot of heady euphoria, but a body buzz creeps up over the duration of the high, aiding in focus and pain management. Recreational users love this strain for its all-star terpene profile that makes vaping it at any temperature a journey. Medical users appreciate the way Sour Chem is able to address pain, nausea, and low moods without causing the kind of couch lock and sleepiness that other potent strains inspire. Autoflowering genes make our seeds more resilient to mold, pests, and humidity than the photoperiod variety of Chemdog Diesel. Our genetics also prevent some of the problems the photoperiod seeds have with weak stalks and plants that get too tall to manage their yields, making it easier to grow for novice gardeners. Also known as Sour Chem in some circles, these seeds are highly sought after by sativa lovers and people who like to get stoned in the daytime. If you’re interested in stocking up on some of our over five hundred varieties of cannabis seeds, buy Chemdawg Diesel in our always popular 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack. Weed Seeds USA loves American cannabis genetics, and this high-profile hybrid combines two of the greatest strains of all time!

How to Germinate Chemdog Diesel Auto Fem Seeds

Chemdog Diesel flourishes when germinated using the paper towel method, which is as surefire a method as you’re bound to find given its ninety percent success rate. You’ll need to find a stable and dark place that stays steadily above seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit day and night to place the seeds. You’ll also need a few ceramic or glass plates, distilled water, some fresh paper towels, and gloves or tweezers to handle your seeds with. If you’re intending to germinate more than one kind of cannabis at a time, label the paper towel with a waterproof marker before you begin. Get a paper towel wet enough to be covered but not wet enough to be drippy and place it on the plate. Give each seed about an inch of space in any direction from the other marijuana seeds. Protect your seeds from contamination by only using clean gloves or tweezers to handle them. Once the seeds are placed on the paper towel, add another wetted paper towel on top. Tuck any extra edges of paper towel in, so that they don’t hang over the edge of the plate and cause your seeds to dry out between waterings. Put the other plate on top of the first one upside down, so that there is a bit of air space between the two surfaces. Secure the plates together in a way that makes it easy to take them apart without disturbing the seeds. Place the two plates in a warm, safe place and check on your seeds at least once a day. If the towels are drying out, rehydrate them using a spray bottle and more clean distilled water. In one to three days, sprouts should begin to appear. These sprouts are ready to place into your seedling setup once they are around half an inch long.

Growing Chemdawg Diesel From Seed From Seed At Home

This hybrid – indica strain of autoflowering seeds is flexible enough to be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. When grown outdoors, CD can produce between two and four ounces per plant, while indoors it can pump out a pound per square meter. It will need between two to six weeks of vegetating to get going, and will be ready to harvest another ten to twelve weeks after that. While more robust and resilient than its photoperiod relatives, Chemdawg Diesel has a few particularities that make it best suited to novice or experienced growers who have grown a few rounds of cannabis before. It might be necessary to stake these plants early on to help them develop strong, woody stems. Seedlings like temperatures in the mid to high seventies to start and a relative humidity around sixty-five percent. This strain is not fond of heat, and should never be placed in temperatures above eighty degrees for any extended length of time. Once the stems have become strong and there are more than a few pairs of true cannabis leaves on the plants, start to gently bring down the heat and humidity five to ten degrees and percent per week. Autoflowering plants are very sensitive to being transplanted, so it’s often a good idea to wait until they’ve gotten over the shock of being transplanted from their seedling homes to a three to five gallon pot before proceeding to change the environment. This plant likes living soil with an addition of coco coir and perlite, like many autoflowering strains. It will also enjoy a soil or growing solution pH right around six. While some growers swear by cutting the main growth from this plant early to encourage bushiness, it’s risky to do this to an autoflowering plant with a shorter life cycle.

Flowering Time For Diesel Chemdog Autoflower

While Diesel Chemdog doesn’t need any kind of photoperiod switch to start flowering, it’s still important to keep the humidity lower during the flowering phase to support the production of healthy resin. These plants are more resistant to mold and pests than photoperiod Sour Chem, but they’re not invincible. While plants will usually increase their height by at least fifty percent during the flowering phase, the autoflowering genes of this plant mean it won’t get much higher than four feet, despite its photoperiod siblings getting upwards of six feet tall. Nevertheless, be prepared to adjust the height of your lights in case it does the unthinkable, as Chemdog genes can be very tall and persistent. This plant can take between 10-12 weeks to finish flowering, and like most autoflowers it produces its best work when given plenty of nutrients and light to make its job easier, which also includes having a suitable amount of time to flourish. Autoflowering plants like fewer nutrients, but they love extra calcium and magnesium when they start to flower. Growing this strain in living soil with organic fertilizers added to the top of the pot will bring out some fabulous flavors. Plants are a vibrant kelly green, while buds are paler and more khaki colored due to their dense layer of trichomes and red hairs. Flowers are fluffy, with loosely curling calyxes. This strain likes to be put in a Screen of Green, where vegetation is repressed to isolate bud sites in order to give them more access to light. This technique can help to maximize the 60-100g per plant that can be obtained using organic methods of cultivation. You’ll know that your flowers are ready to harvest when their trichomes are around three-quarters milky. Exposing these plants to colder temperatures during flushing can bring out purple coloring.

What Makes Diesel Chemdawg Strain Popular?

The result of crossing two award winning classic strains from the twentieth century black market, Diesel Chemdawg is famous for combining the best of both of its legendary parents. Both Chemdawg and Sour Diesel are in the top five of High Times’ 2014 list of the greatest strains of all time. Chemdawg is known for its cerebral sativa effects and potent chemical pong. Sour Diesel is a popular wake and bake strain from the mid twentieth century that has gone on to sire a large portion of modern sativa hybrid American seeds, most obviously the ones with fuel in their flavor profiles. Chemdawg is actually the only confirmed parent of Sour Diesel, making this cross an amplification of its phenotypes rather than a whole new strain. This means that the acidic pong of both parents is extra apparent here, and the smell of these buds is as close to chemical lemons at a gas station as you can find. Growers love Diesel Chemdawg for being considerably easier to grow than both of its parents, especially as an autoflowering variety. It becomes much more resistant to mold and humidity without losing any potency, and can be kept to a manageable height without high stress pruning techniques. Recreational smokers love Sour Chem for getting them high without incapacitating them entirely. Medical users appreciate the way DCD can manage multiple mental ailments and pain concerns without putting them directly to bed like many other indica dominant varieties will. What sets DCD apart from all of its relatives and competitors is its incredibly strong lemon and diesel flavor and complicated terpene profile. The taste of the smoke is a mix of earthy and spicy notes that blend multiple citrus and herbal notes to perfection. This strain is a favorite of dabbers who love a sour toke.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Chemdog Diesel Auto Fem

Chemdog Diesel has an overpowering smell of citrus and fuel that fills the nose and causes lips to pucker. While the lemon and pine of d-limonene and alpha pinene are well represented here, there’s also a lot of diesel smell in the smoke. The flavors are a dense mixture of its two parent strains, with stronger citrus and herbal notes offsetting skunky depth with a powerful spiciness. The earthy base of humulene anchors the chemical and citrus flavors together. The packed terpene profile of Chem Diesel makes it ideal for vaporizing. The fresh pinene and camphene that help give this stain its clear-headedness is at the bottom, with boiling points of three hundred and thirteen degrees. A step up from that at three hundred and thirty-three degrees Fahrenheit is myrcene, a musky, fruity pain-reliever and sedative. The aforementioned humulene can be tasted in all its IPA goodness just one degree higher. Limonene and its orange terpenes can be found at three hundred and forty-nine degrees. The tropical ocimene is just three degrees higher. At three hundred and sixty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, things get more lime and pine focused with the energizing terpinolene. Linalool creates a floral citrus flavor at three hundred and eighty-eight, while fenchol brings the pine and grass back at three hundred and ninety-seven. The clean and fresh chemical and herbal tastes of borneol, alpha terpineol, citral, and eugenol top out the vape in the low four hundreds, before it hits combustion at four hundred and fifty-one degrees Fahrenheit. Above that level, woody beta caryophyllene and alpha cedrene blast inflammation up to five hundred and five degrees. Farnesene, cadinene, and nerolidol create a mix like apple wood at five hundred and twenty-seven. And finally, phytol gives green tea and fresh cut grass at six hundred and thirty-seven degrees!

Effects of Chemdawg Diesel Autoflower

This is a good afternoon strain for chronic pain sufferers. The beginning of a Chemdawg Diesel high is euphoric, with plenty of cerebral stimulations and upbeat thoughts. The body high begins as a throbbing in the temples that slowly melts down the rest of your body. This is a perfect strain for enhancing social atmospheres and the arts, a wonderful party favor or concert buddy. While not incapacitating outright, this strain does have a tendency to suck users into the couch if the opportunity arises. CDD doesn’t zap energy, it wants to lock in to whatever you are doing at the time you get high. Begin any activity planned before you start smoking, so that the transition from sober to high activity is smoother. When deployed in this manner, Chemdawg Diesel can inspire hours-long house cleaning sprees, fabulously trippy nature walks, and uplifting dance parties. Using Sour Chem, it’s very easy to forget your cares and focus on long and meticulous projects. Some folks find fabulous results using this weed to study or complete household projects. Keeping your mind occupied is the main urge with this strain, it’s not one that is very conducive to just relaxing and doing nothing. As the high continues to develop, the energetic euphoria of the beginning becomes a peaceful bliss. The end result is a deeply relaxing sedative that sends users off to dreamland. Diesel Chemdawg is helpful for mood disorders, fatigue, loss of appetite due to nausea, and muscle pain. It’s most commonly mobilized against depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Due to its high THC content and ability to bring peace to restless minds, it’s also recommended for seizures, hypertension, eye pressure, muscle spasms, and spinal cord injuries. It can also help with loss of appetite due to mental blocks and nausea.

Overview of Diesel Chemdog Auto Fem Stats

The result of crossing Chemdawg and Sour Diesel, these autoflowering feminized seeds take the sour lemon candy and gasoline flavors of its parents and doubles down. With a terpene profile that includes phytol, pinene, and just about everything in between, this indica dominant hybrid is a favorite of vapers and concentrate creators. Vaping it at low temperatures releases a host of fresh, earthy, lemon, and tropical fruit flavors. Higher temperatures reveal the more clean, floral, and chemical notes. Above the combustion threshold, flavors become herbal and woody. These autoflowering seeds create plants that are smaller and easier to care for than the photoperiod variety, with fewer problems related to heat, moisture, and stalk strength. This strain thrives when it’s allowed to take its time in living soil indoors. It can be coached into delivering 300-450g/m2 of growing space in as little as ten to twelve weeks. Both parents of CDD are sativas, but the addition of autoflowering genes makes it less edgy and more indica dominant, which can be a boon for medical users hoping this strain will beat low moods and anxiety. While it’s best when deployed to fight depression, nausea, and low motivation, this strain’s relatively high THC content means it’s also fabulous at combating all kinds of aches and pains resulting from inflammation, muscle spasms, and seizures. The high starts out as a rush of happiness and optimism, with a lot of social and activity-based applications. A calming body high slowly spreads from the top of the head down through the whole body, leading eventually to sedation and deep peacefulness. Whatever you were doing when CDD entered your system is what you’ll be doing for hours to come, whether it’s thinking on the couch or dancing with your friends, so choose wisely!

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