CBD ACDC 1:18 Photo Fem is one of those strains, not only we wish would have fewer syllables but is of the sort to be truly beneficial to any medicinal marijuana consumer. With next to no THC, users will experience little to no intoxicating effects. They may experience elation after they are no longer suffering. Wonderful and enchanting are this weed’s fragrances, reminiscent of the eons which have gone into producing the soil of her ancestry. Sweet sandalwood and pine, smoked lavender and peppercorn, mixed berries, spice, and hash are so prevalent you can almost taste the passage of time. Easy to grow and beautiful to watch mature, this strain requires very little in the way of extra attention, though basic knowledge of marijuana horticulture is always a plus. After approximately 11 weeks of flowering cultivators will see at least a few ounces of homegrown love.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 1%
CBD Percentageup to 18%
Indoor Yield500-600g per square meter
Outdoor Yield450-550g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Inflammation, Migraines, Nausea, Pain, PMS, Stress
EffectsEnergizing, Focus, Happiness, Relaxing, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsHerbal, Lemon, Pepper, Sour, Woody
TerpenesOcimene, a-Humulene, Limonene, a-Pinene

ACDC CBD Seeds For Sale USA

Weed lovers and pain sufferers alike have been hearing a lot about CBD over the past few years. Advances in pharmaceutical medicine, though profound, are just not considered safe by the majority of the American population, though some medicines are necessary. For those who want an all-natural alternative treatment without the high, CBD ACDC 1:18 Fem may be the answer and, as a high-CBD phenotype of Cannatonic, you know that this one is going to have some serious medicinal flower power.

The original Cannatonic is a cross between the mighty MK Ultra and a male G13 Haze, both incredibly powerful and infamous government strains. It should be fitting then that they form the base for something that will help the government’s public, rather than cause the damage often associated with sadistic human flagrancies like the original MK Ultra mind-control experiments. Known as a wonderful medicinal in its own right, Cannatonic has a fresh flavor reminiscent of some ancient Kush strains that are earthy, spicy, sweet, and mossy. As a phenotype of such a wonder as Cannatonic, ACDC has become a go-to medicinal for all sorts of patients across America. Similar in performance to the world-famous band and the pride of Australia, ACDC kicks in fast and continues to pulse strongly, bringing relief from whatever ails you for hours. Because of the 18:1 CBD:THC ratio, little to no high is experienced. Even that last 1% of THC is curbed by the incredible medicinal power of the CBD and her accompanying medicinal terpenes.

That these seeds have been feminized for growers’ enjoyment makes this weed even more of a winning bell ringer. Feminization is the process through which all-male genetics are screened out of the seed. This is made possible by shocking a female pot plant into producing pollen. How breeders manage this, is through early and heavy doses of colloidal silver. When the plant’s health is threatened, it goes into survival mode, creating pollen in order to help the species survive. When this female pollen is used to fertilize subsequent females, the result is an all-female seed, almost all the time. Growers do not have to worry about sexing their crop or fussing about removing male plants which only serve to make more seeds. Seeds are great for breeders but horrible for bud cultivators.

We understand the trauma of ongoing chronic psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical conditions. We are also hip to the idea that not everyone likes to get super baked when all they really want is to be free from pain or experience a bit of a sunny day where generally they are faced with darkness. Weed Seeds is an American cannabis seed distributor, fully equipped to deliver all the seeds you require to grow yourself a medicinal garden, designed to get the pain away, no matter in what form it presents itself. Marijuana seeds are legal all across this great country so there is no reason to fear your collection of them. At Weed Weeds, we will guide you through the seed buying process and our secure payment options will give you peace of mind. We handpick every order and seal it all up for freshness and viability, so you can be sure that you are getting quality seeds, every time. Our prompt delivery will get your seeds to you in as little as a week, so get your growing room ready because here they come!

What Makes Feminized CBD ACDC Strain Popular?

Much like how the band ACDC took the music world by storm, our CBD ACDC has taken the cannabis world by storm. It has some unique traits that set this strain apart from others. The intense flavors of moss mixed with a combination of pine and sandalwood are rarely found in a CBD strain. It also has a wonderfully potent amount of CBD, measuring up to 18% and as little as 1% THC. What makes this strain very popular besides its massive CBD content is that it has been noted by various growers to be a huge producer of massive buds. You might have seen cannabis buds before, but you have never seen buds as big as this one produces, sometimes being as big as an adult male’s arms. Many people have reported these nugs are so big that they need to add strings to the stalk of the plants to make sure they are held up. One of the best things about these seeds is how they are already feminized, so you won’t need to spend hours seeing if a plant is a male or a female. As the plants grow you will be able to gander into your garden and see these stalky sativa plants growing tall, and looking as if you are staring into an emerald with how deep and rich the green is, and with a strain like this, you might just be.

Wellness Application of CBD ACDC 1:18 Feminized

If you have been living under a rock for the past few years you might have missed what’s been going on with CBD ACDC 1:18. CBD is one of the cannabinoids that is found in ganja plants. Recent scientific evidence continues to support the incredible healing benefits of CBD. Since CBD ACDC is non psychoactive, it will not impair those who use it for wellness. CBD ACDC has been shown to help people manage an array of mental health issues. If you have depression, CBD ACDC might help lessen some of the mental burdens that are associated with the condition. It has also been noted that this strain can help take care of aches and pains, and can help with inflammation. Many people who have been using prescription drugs from the doctor find they don’t need to use them anymore after having a little puff on a CBD spliff. The most famous example of CBD’s wellness benefits and the discovery that put it on everyone’s radar was its ability to help people deal with their epilepsy symptoms. Research indicates that some people, especially children, when introduced to a high CBD strain, such as ACDC CBD, were able to stop taking their medication and have been seizure-free ever since. Besides the amazing breakthroughs that CBD is having in the world, it is also known to be very good for people who suffer from acute panic attacks. When smoked, it helps calm people down very quickly allowing people to feel the instant calming effects of CBD ACDC.

ACDC Strain Review

This strain might not be winning any Grammys, but it is winning the hearts of the American people. With the numerous benefits this strain delivers, it’s no wonder people are turning to CBD. No longer are people only smoking weed to get high. Now thanks to numerous scientific undertakings to better understand this strain, people have started to clue into the wonders of ACDC. Fans of the Australian rock band now have a strain that they can rock out with and not feel as if they are under the influence of THC. When you have MK Ultra and G13 as your parents, the bar to reach is already almost at the ceiling. ACDC CBD doesn’t disappoint though, coming in with a very nice CBD to THC ratio of 1:18. This strain will make sure that you never have another day of freaking out because you lost your keys, wallet, and the car got stolen! It might not take all the stress away, but it will most certainly calm you down and let you relax for a few minutes. When grown indoors this strain can produce up to 600g per square foot, while outdoors it will give you about 550g per plant. The flowering time is on average around nine to ten weeks. If you just want to puff on some of the super tasty terpenes and not commit to a few hours of being high, then you owe it yourself to not pass up the chance to get to know this strain from seed to flower.

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When you are looking for the ultimate CBD strain and have looked all over and just haven’t found the strain that tickles your fancy, you will want to check out our ACDC CBD. When you order our ACDC CBD 1:18 you are not only getting some seeds that have been bred to perfection by growers who have mastered their craft, you are also supporting an American company and helping rebuild the American economy after such a turbulent few years. Our company and our seeds are all homegrown in the USA. Being an American company we understand how important it is to be discreet when we ship our seeds, and as such we have made sure that our packages are super sneaky. With no advertising on the parcel, no one would be the wiser, not even the nosiest of neighbors. When you order from us you can sleep well knowing that our shipping won’t be making anyone want to investigate. We also have multiple payment methods. We accept credit cards via Mesh, but if you are more tech-savvy and have some cryptocurrency, we accept Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. In today’s day and age with companies all over the world harvesting its users’ data, we aim to stand apart from that, which is why we give you our word that we will never share your data with anyone. Our packaging and privacy-focused approach make us a completely different strain of seed banks.

How to Germinate CBD ACDC Photo Fem Seeds

The process of germinating ACDC CBD is pretty straight forward but just in case you don’t know or need a quick refresher course we will explain it here for you. Germination is the process of getting your seeds ready for their big debut. If you have ever been to the farmers market and seen sprouts it’s pretty much the same thing. Except instead of alfalfa, it’s magical cannabis. Germination is a way of taking the seeds and giving them a push so that they are fully prepared for the journey from seed to flower. The first thing you will want to do is clean up the area where you will be working. It might get a little wet so you will want to make sure that nothing important is around. Once your area is clear you will grab a plate and two pieces of paper towel. Get one piece damp, not soaking wet otherwise it might hurt the baby seeds. When the paper towel is ready, place it on the plate, then grab your seeds and line them up about an inch apart. They will need space to grow so make sure not to place them too close. Get the other paper towel damp as well and then cover the seeds with it. Take the plate and place it in a dark room or area for a day or two. Once you see a taproot emerge from the shell, the germination journey is complete and now you are ready to begin the growing journey.

Is CBD ACDC 1:18 Strain Easy To Grow?

This strain is considered by many to be moderate to grow. If you are just starting out growing it might not be the best one to start with but if you feel a really strong connection to this strain, then you should still be able to figure it out. This strain will do well indoors or outdoors. Able to survive harsh environments such as mountains, this strain can take a beating. When you think of a weed plant, you don’t happen to think of a lone plant dangling on the edge of a clifftop but with this strain, you can. Given that a majority of us don’t live on mountains, when this strain is given extra attention it begins to step into its own. If you are choosing to grow in a somewhat colder climate, a greenhouse will do you wonders. Keeping the plant protected from the elements even though it can withstand them is wise. A little TLC allows the plant to focus its energy elsewhere, like producing enormous buds that you can show off to your friends as if you just caught a big fish. A word to the wise, if you choose to grow this plant, it seems to be very sensitive to overfeeding so keep an eye on what you are feeding these hungry beauties. These plants will help you take a step up in the cannabis growing game and will most certainly not let you down.

CBD ACDC Seed Bank

CBD is amazing, and we all love to have a puff of it now and then, but if you are looking for high THC strains then you might want to check out some of our other listings. We offer more than 500 different strains of flowers, so that you can build your garden the way you want to. Our seed bank is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of amazing and interesting strains and styles of seeds. If you are looking for an indica that will knock the socks off your old weed smoking uncle, make sure you browse a list of our high THC indicas. When you are looking for a little pick me up during the quiet of the mid-day, nothing will work better than a sativa strain and a cup of coffee. We don’t cover coffee seeds here, but we do offer sativa seeds, so you can take a look and pick some out for yourself. We also have scoured the far regions of our site to compile a list of strains that will be very great additions to your outdoor garden, if that’s what you’re into. Our 420 and 710 seeds will make you become the star of the neighbourhood. Some people may not like the idea of stinking up an entire block with that timeless classic smell of fresh flowers budding, but we think it’s pretty cool.

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When CBD reintroduced itself, we all knew that it was going to change the cannabis community forever, and boy did it ever. Now we have little old ladies rolling up spliffs of CBD and puffing it while they play bridge with their friends. We are sure if you asked some people back in the 1970s what the future of pot would look like they would have a completely different picture of what it is today. Now with a click of a button, you can have feminized CBD seeds mailed right to your front door. At Weed Seed USA we have been slowly growing our company from our humble beginnings to what you see now. We have never been happier with our products, and we cherish our customers. To get started on your journey with us and with one of the most magical plants on the planet, first, make an account and then pick if you will buy wholesale or if you want personal use. Once you fill out the form you can add as many seeds as you need to your cart. We are always learning and growing and sometimes there can be growing pains. If during your order you encounter any errors, we encourage you to contact us. If you wish to call us over the phone, we can be reached at Call US from the standard hours of 9-5 pm, Monday to Friday, or via email at [email protected] We hope you have an easy-going time buying from us but if you do have any hiccups just know that we are happy to help you.

Growing CBD ACDC 1:18 Photoperiod Female

Some species lend well to the outdoors and this is one of them! Because of the hardiness of her mountain roots, the CBD ACDC Fem strain can handle most weather situations, pests, disease, and temperature fluctuations. It is recommended that those in northern regions provide some form of protection, just to be on the safe side. A full sun location with rich, free-draining soil will do just fine and, as with most marijuana strains, it is important to have some basic knowledge of pruning and energy direction. Take out the lower, weaker growth in order to redirect the energy to the top, where this strain does its best work. In places where the weather can turn quickly or which have very short growing seasons, a greenhouse will allow for a longer season, as well as provide some added protection from rain and frost. In cases where added protection is necessary, it may help you to plant into 5-gallon pots for ease of movement and nutrient management. Any way you choose to grow your pot, you can be sure that these feminized seeds are going to give you the strongest start.

Inside, this one will flourish, given that a number of technicalities are looked after. This plant is very sensitive to overfeeding so be mindful to keep your nutrient levels below the max, though extra boosts of calcium and magnesium will help. Soil or hydroponics will work well, however, because the flavors are already delicate in this bud, organic soil may be recommended for those who enjoy a tastier puff. Note that the leaves of this strain are very thin and soft, and already allow much light penetration as well as air circulation, however, some basic pruning is always necessary, and ventilation is recommended to be strong. Temperatures should be kept between 70 and 80F and RH levels should be kept on the lower end of average. Like many strains of marijuana, this one grows best at the top, so some high-stress training should be practiced. That means, cut away the undergrowth in favor of upper, more powerful buds. This practice, coupled with a Sea of Green (SOG) should work wonders. SOG is a practice whereby plants are kept small by vegging for only a couple of weeks before flipping into flower. Apical dominance is sustained through clipping the undergrowth, resulting in a thick canopy of colas, when grown in close proximity.

Overall, this is a fun plant to grow, and proper care and attention could see any sufferer saying a sweet goodbye to whatever is hurting in your body. So have fun, be safe, and take good care of yourself. Growing one’s own herb requires a bit of work, but the payoff is undeniable!

CBD ACDC 1:18 Photo Fem Flowering Time

As with most marijuana, this is a beautiful specimen to watch flower. Dark and beautiful, this strain is sturdy, hardy and fresh, and invigorating on the nose. Buds may take on a purple hue, due to the presence of anthocyanins in her veins, though not always so, who knows, you may be the lucky one. Buds cure well, taking on a dusty brown hue, circled in dusky red hairs. Any way you choose to slice your buds, in 9-10 weeks, any successful indoor cultivator can expect to see up to 650 grams per square yard of some really beautiful, bright, and fuzzy medicinal buds. Outside, in that perfect Mediterranean climate, growers can expect to see around 400-500 grams per plant by the end of October, given all has gone according to plan.

Medical Benefits of CBD Accadacca Photoperiod Feminized Pot

CBD and other active cannabinoids and terpenes do much for the body and, when chronic conditions of the body are met with effective treatment, the mind can be just as soothed. Medicinal marijuana legislators have brought much change in America in just a few years and most of our United States got the memo and are finally starting to take care of their suffering citizens. Many places even allow their people to grow their own, legally, but it can never hurt to do the research for yourself. Some municipalities do not look too kindly on anyone who grows weed so, even though it may be legal, some discretion is always recommended, just for peace of mind.

The analgesic effects of ACDC are vast, conquering everyday offenses like headaches and migraines, pain and stiffness due to Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, and general aches and pains. This potent pot is also responsible for easing the plight of those who suffer from MS, Epilepsy, and Parkinson’s. Relief from tremors and seizures allows for an elevated quality of life where once there was little to speak of. These incredible, almost magical outcomes that result following just a few puffs of homegrown weed can mean the shining of a new day for millions, which leads us to this strain’s anxiolytic qualities.

Being suddenly freed from such an enormous weight one has been carrying for so long can have many positive side effects on quality of mind. It is important to remember that, though there may be moments divine, getting too excited has been shown to be the precursor to a crash. Whereas high levels of THC can release so much serotonin that users often experience a crash or a psychological burnout from getting a bit too recreational, a brain used to feeling imprisoned may react wildly to sudden freedom. That is why we recommend users to remain mindful and take it easy. CBD does not work for everyone, but it will not hurt you to try and, no matter what happens, remember that the nature of all things is temporary, happiness as well as suffering.

Expected Effects, Fragrances, and Flavors

To break open a fresh bud of ACDC CBD strain brings with it quite the bouquet, similar to those of the ancient landraces. You will notice the smell of earth, moss, sandalwood, and berries, with a hint of citrus. Fire up some of these special buds and get the thick reek of pine sap and spice, even a bit of peppercorn or lavender.

Because this plant is medicinal, users experience little to no intoxicating effects, though the relaxation and freedom that this strain ushers in may generate vast elevations in mood, resembling an intoxicating euphoria.

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Wholesale is a process through which consumers or retail distributors buy large bundles of an item in order to pay a lesser price point per unit. To the purchaser, this means savings for them. Time and energy are 2 areas positively affected by purchasing in bulk. We are fully aware of the enormous efforts that go into a successful commercial operation and, for those growing magical medicinals for the masses, we salute you. Our bulk deals are offered to make your super important job just a bit easier, just a bit more energy-efficient, and just a bit cheaper to run.

Why be stuck searching for seeds when all you need in order to maintain your business is just a few clicks away? We have all the seeds you need. Weed Seeds is your American distributor of the finest seeds in the land, packed and sealed for integrity and viability, just waiting to be hand-picked for the next order. Call or click today and step into freedom.

Buy ACDC CBD Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds

Any retailer knows how important the bottom line is and, when it makes sense, they buy in bulk. Whether you are a commercial grower or retailer, or maybe you are one of our dedicated breeders we prize so highly, it may make sense for you to buy in bulk. Why pay $10 when you can pay $2? Well, we are here to help you with that. Too often, mass cultivators are stuck without the weed seeds they need and too often have great medicinals gone to pot because of a weak link in the chain. Let us reforge the chain of life between your grow room floor and the medicinal consumer by providing you with all the top-quality marijuana seeds you require. Call or click today and pump some blood back into those veins.

CBD Accadacca Photoperiod Fem Seeds Online

Buying seeds online has never been easier than it is right now! We at Weed Seeds understand the importance of having the right tool for the job and sometimes that tool is weed. If you are a medicinal marijuana consumer who likes the sound of CBD ACDC 1:18 Fem, we are with you! Let us know how many seeds you would like, and we will guide you through our simple and secure payment options. Clients normally receive their orders within 7-10 days from the time of processing and all arrive in nondescript packaging so as to ensure anonymity. For any questions, concerns or if you would just like to chat with one of our happy experts, we are open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, central daylight time, at Call US.

Similar Pot Seeds For Sale in the USA

Alright, so sometimes we run out. That is just the nature of the game and we do apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. For those inevitable times, and we hope it does not happen to you, we must recommend some alternative strains, similar in characteristics. Here are some wonderful medicinals many people have found beneficial.

With wonderful flavors of mango and spice, with a hint of sweet musk, CBD Harlequin 1:18 Photo Fem is a tasty medicinal, embodying the essence of her ancient parent strains. This weed is known for its soothing qualities with zero intoxication.

Cbd Jack Herer Photo Fem is another fantastic medicinal strain. Its parent strain, Jack Herer, is a mix of Haze, Shiva, and Northern Lights and is an award-winning strain unto itself and the magic of the CBD really shines through this potent strain.

Boasting equal levels of CBD and THC, CBD White Widow 1:1 Photo Fem is not just another medicinal. Its parent strain, White Widow is a powerhouse star of the silver screen, not to mention a multiple cup winner. This is a great medicinal for those who like a little kick in their cream.

Though there is little information on CBD Ratio 1:20 Photo Fem, with such a massive CBD count, this one is almost certain to knock out any memory of physical suffering. This is the weed that presents effects that resemble a cure for MS, Parkinson’s, and Epilepsy. As of yet, these are incurable maladies. While research continues into finding a cure, this weed will most certainly help those afflicted to cope.

We really do, wholeheartedly and truly, hope that this has been helpful and that growing your own CBD ACDC 1:18 Fem strain seeds will be a fun and exciting enterprise. Until then, take good care, be safe, and have fun!

ACDC CBD Seeds For Sale USA

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