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Overall, Candyland Peyote is a hard-hitting, uplifting, and euphoric blend of Candyland (Grandaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies) and Peyote Purple. Relatively simple to grow inside or out, this strain is striking in its unique brilliance. Dark, deep green foliage dawning hues of black and dark purple give way to deep, dark flowers with long, red pistils reaching for the heavens. Well cured, the buds look like they have been professionally frosted and dipped in resin. She only takes about 10 weeks to get there and can deliver as much as 800 grams per plant! Get your hands dirty with this one and her complex bouquet will overwhelm like a box of chocolates without a map. Available online in small packages or by wholesale, this is a wonder weed to get on top of.

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THC Percentageup to 24%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield400-650g per square meter
Outdoor Yield800g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid-Sativa
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Crohn's Disease, Depression, Fatigue, Inflammation, Multiple sclerosis, Pain, PMS, PTSD
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Relaxing, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsBerry, Citrus, Coffee, Pine, Vanilla

Candyland Peyote Seeds For Sale USA

There are a million strains out there. With so many to choose from, trying to find a good weed that’s easy to grow can often be overwhelming. Candy Peyote is a diamond in the rough. This sativa heavy blend of Candyland and Peyote Purple packs a punch that hits hard and lasts for hours. THC levels have been measured anywhere from 20-26% and though she is not known to couch-lock, laziness is almost guaranteed, accompanied by a euphoria which seems to increase the further along you go. Simple to grow, easy to enjoy, this strain brings many reasons for Americans to get excited about growing weed when Candyland Peyote is on the scene.

Candyland is the 75/25 sativa people search for as a great wake n’ bake on a day off. This strain seems to be a perfect blend of her parents’ best characteristics. With folks like Grandaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies, you cannot go wrong. Grandaddy Purps is a mix of Big Bud and Purple Urkle and is a true Westcoast wonder. We mention these weeds because of their importance to contemporary consumers. They appreciate the spirit of history and lineage and it is important to know where things began. Platinum Cookies is a variant of the original Girl Scout Cookies, known to recreational and medicinal communities everywhere and claiming multiple awards. Platinum Cookies was created by adding a third, undisclosed strain, and boy, what a weed. Candyland has a pretty rockin’ ancestry and overall vibe, so it makes sense that she gets picked for this blend.

Not only is Peyote Purple one of the strongest and most sedating weeds we have come across, but she would also win any beauty pageant she entered. With dark green fan leaves and flowers darker still, boasting deep purple and black all over, fiery pistils exploding out of the depths and reaching for the sky, this strain is a swell looker. THC levels range anywhere from 18-28%, so you know that she likes a controlled environment and that some minor adjustments or additions can produce dramatic results. The dense buds smell of coffee and fruity vanilla. On the tongue, there is an ashy vanilla latte experience with sour citrus zest.  Peyote Purple adds a next level complexity to Candyland, making it a perfect number two.

This combination is already pretty stellar, but there is one more aspect to this lovely creature that makes her even more exciting. These seeds are feminized. Taking the guesswork and anxiety out of the early days of your gardening experience, these seeds will grow an all-female crop nearly all the time. Feminization happens when breeders apply large doses of colloidal silver early on the female vegging cycle. Out of this process, she is stressed into producing pollen which is then used to fertilize others. The result is an all-female seed.

If this sounds like something you would like to grow and see flourish in your favorite spot, then all you have to do is visit, a homegrown U.S. company dedicated to bringing you the very best in quality cannabis seeds. Since restrictions around marijuana’s cultivation and consumption are ever-changing, it is always a good idea to check your local regulations surrounding our favorite leaf. However, one law remains constant throughout the entirety of our country, seeds are legal. Considered by the federal government to be a souvenir or collectible item, marijuana seeds are legal for purchase, sale, collection, and trade. Visit Weed Seeds today and start your journey with Candyland Peyote Fem!

What Makes Feminized Candyland Peyote Strain Popular?

There are many sweet reasons Fem Candyland Peyote Photo is so beloved. This award-winning strain only requires moderate experience to cultivate dazzling electric purple flowers with a sumptuous coat of glistening trichomes that are sure to make your mouth water and your eyes widen. The 0.7% CBD level lends itself nicely to medicinal applications already possible with the strain’s 22 to 26% THC levels. The effects are concentrated and vivid thanks to its elevated indica dominance, making this strain one of the most popular in recent years. The cross of Candyland’s old school, lush genetics integrated with an indica hybrid monster, leads to a delicious royal plum colored cultivar that will keep consumers coming back for more. Harvests are generally ready for reaping after eight to ten weeks of flowering, typical of an indica. These plants average a height of four feet, making them perfect for small shows. Their vigorous growth forms multitudes of violet foliage and trippy flowers.

Candy Land Peyote seeds are desired for the plants’ heady potency and luscious returns. The flavors are reminiscent of coffee, pine, and citrus, blended with sweet berries, earth, and vanilla fragrances. A sweet, creamy, light diesel tone comes out as it flows from the nostrils. Candyland develops into a medium sized shrub of delicious fruity buds with tremendous amounts of resin. This is the definitive strain to start a growing journey with because it’s very forgiving if you space out, and make a not-so-sweet mistake.

Candy Land Peyote Feminized Medicinal Application

Candyland Peyote is known for its recreational side, but it also has a valued medicinal profile. CBD’s healing potential is constantly being discovered and applied every day around the world. It’s undeniable that marijuana in its various states is useful in treating and alleviating many conditions varying from gastrointestinal to inflammatory, and new laws around medicinal marijuana are making CBD more accessible. Along with THC, CBD is one of the main active medicinal ingredients in cannabis. Candyland’s irresistible terpenes, cannabinoids, and potent percentages may assist consumers with the treatment of a hodgepodge of discomforts from benign to acute. Although not a pain cure, it may make life more bearable for those suffering from chronic pain. For terminal patients, the uplifting euphoria may take some of the weight off of a heavy situation. There’s no question the perfect cultivar can help with physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual maladies. That’s why Candy Peyote is considered a sacred strain in some medicinal circles.

The strong anxiolytic effects of this indica hybrid can work well in combating depression, PTSD, paranoia, ADD, ADHD, and everyday anxiety. These potent plants are packed with analgesic attributes and may show some assistance when dealing with a pounding headache, a meddling migraine, or possibly the side effects of more serious afflictions like MS, Parkinson’s, and other forms of epilepsy. Pharmaceuticals can be expensive and may possess some malicious side effects. Growing all-natural, organic medicine is a better alternative. Because cannabis is intrinsically connected to our endocannabinoid system, which is in charge of bringing the body into homeostasis it makes sense that cannabis can help keep the mind and body find the perfect balance. Bringing this holistic medicine to the mainstream not only saves money but also improves general health and well-being overall.

Candy Peyote Strain Review

If you’ve been smoking marijuana longer than you’ve been growing it, Candyland might be the strain for you. This fairly new breed delivers trichome-covered sweetness in around eight to ten weeks. Consumers report a sweet high that starts rather optimistically and is full of coffee creativity, followed by an indica factor that tiptoes in causing complete relaxation. The earthy pine aroma of the dense purple buds makes it one of our most popular preferences in feminized seeds. The first whiff charms your nostrils with its fruity bouquet, but as you toke away, flavors of subtle citrus, pungent pine, and vivacious vanilla will play on your palate.

This berry delicious purple plant gets its 22 to 26% THC content from crossing Candyland with Peyote Purple. And these impressive levels make it a favorite among seasoned smokers and connoisseurs in need of serious relief. Our Candyland Photo Fem’s indica genes create a bushy, sturdy plant that produces buds heavier than it can hold! This heavy hitter packs a punch, so steer clear of these powerful purple buds if you’re not looking to experience the psychoactive side. This strain can be difficult to find in dispensaries that’s why growing your own is the best bet to secure a stable supply. Candyland doesn’t get too unmanageable size-wise but does need consistent pruning to avoid future problems. Do that and this forgiving strain can be producing fruitful females with sweet yields of 1 to 2 ounces of frosty flowers per square foot and up to 28 hefty ounces per plant!

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Weed Seeds USA’s Candyland Peyote hand-picked, homegrown seeds can make growing a garden of the cannabis of your dreams a reality. Troubling times full of uncertainty call for calm and self-sufficiency. That’s the parallel beauty past the chaos that comes from growing this magical herb. Americans across the country are benefitting from our souvenir seeds shipped anywhere in the US. The tax dollars alone from the manufacture and sales of cannabis and its related products are a huge boost to the economy. Marijuana legalization nationwide is headed the right way. Americans need a break from a broken system and Candyland Peyote is one strain to take those troubles away.

We make it simple to get started. Just create an account on our site and flip through our collection of cannabis varieties until you have everything you need in your cart. Our checkout process requires basic information that we’ll never share, transfer or sell to other individuals or third parties. Our secure payment platform accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, all major credit cards, debit, Venmo, and Zelle. We pledge to only take the information we need to complete your order. Once your transaction is confirmed our top-quality seeds are hand-packed and shipped to your doorstep in two weeks. We know how important privacy and viability are, that’s why Weed Seeds ships our painstakingly sourced seeds in reinforced, nondescript packaging. You no longer have to worry about damaged parcels or prying eyes coming between you and your collection or cultivation.

How to Germinate Candyland Peyote Photo Fem Seeds

Germination might be the most crucial step of a cannabis plant’s life stages. Cannabis seeds are quite delicate and need a little nurturing before planting. Your Candyland Peyote Photo Fem seeds will have the greatest shot at success by using the paper towel method. All you need are your marijuana seeds, two dinner plates, a few paper towels, some purified water, and a pair of tweezers. Make a few right moves and you’ll be planting your Peyote Candyland seedlings in just a couple of days.

Dampen two paper towels making sure to squeeze out the excess water. Place them on the plate. Arrange the marijuana seeds on the towels about an inch apart from each other. Moisten the other paper towels and lay them over the seeds. Cover this plate with the second plate. Pour off any free-standing water that may be pooling on the plate, before placing it somewhere dark and warm, such as in a closet or deep drawer. Let the seeds sit for twenty-four hours, but keep an eye on them to make sure they stay moist. After one to five days, you should spot healthy white taproots, which means your seedlings are ready for transplanting. Carefully move the delicate seedlings to the growing medium or soil of your preference. There are many germinating methods and each has its success rates, advantages, and drawbacks. If your Peyote Candyland seeds don’t sprout, send us a photo and we’ll replace them.

Is Candy Land Peyote Strain Easy To Grow?

Photoperiod seeds require a shift in light to trigger flowering. Naturally, over the season the long days full of sunshine cause the moderate to grow Candyland to shoot vigorously upward. That’s why pruning early on is paramount to producing substantial yields of up to twenty-three ounces a meter squared and twenty-eight ounces a plant that this strain is capable of. By the end of summer, these lovely ladies should develop into the brilliant fragrant flowers this strain is famous for. Indoor growers will see the most success from this strain in a hydroponic setup or implementing a Sea of Green (SOG) technique. By keeping the plants shorter and closer in proximity the SOG saves space and time while pruning the undergrowth will support apical dominance and a canopy that develops larger main colas of buds. Placing lighting overhead will distribute it evenly across this thick growing surface creating optimal bud formation. Regular feeding and watering are always necessary and will also help with maintaining a PH level of six.

Outside, this cultivar prefers a warm, dry, California climate. For those who don’t live in the sunshine state, a greenhouse with adequate ventilation is suggested. Greenhouses can significantly extend the growing season but tend to become humid quickly in the summer months, so it’s crucial to have access to electricity for a fan or two. Trim your plants to improve health and light penetration and they’ll thank you. Guidelines around growing change constantly throughout the country, so if you can’t cultivate now, you can still start collecting our premium souvenir seeds.

Candyland Peyote Seed Bank

Weed Seeds USA is all about quality choices and exceptional variety. That’s why we carry tasty yet hard-to-find Candyland Peyote Photo Fem and over 500 other unbelievable marijuana strains that make any grower’s goals achievable. We assemble our categories into similar genetics featuring superior indica, sativa, and hybrid strains from the best breeders available. We have hundreds of feminized, auto-flowering, and regular seeds to suit our customer’s unique cultivation needs. And our collections of high THC, high CBD, 420 seeds, and 710 seeds are all outstanding examples of creative breeding, with numerous applications beyond simply smoking.

Sometimes other cultivators get just as excited about Candy Payote seeds as we are, and regrettably, we run out. Should that happen there are similar spectacular strains just as potent as our sweet feature. With THC levels around 18-24% but tested up to 32% THC, Gorilla Glue #4 Photo Fem is almost terrifying. This sativa-heavy hybrid strain has multiple awards to go with its record-breaking potency. White Widow Photo Fem has been taking Cannabis Cups for a long time and is renowned for its potent resin production, making this amazing arachnid ideal for hash and extracts. Purple Kush Photo Fem was produced by breeding two of the oldest, most highly valued indicas in the world together. On top of blowing minds, it’s the antithesis of what a proper indica should be. You don’t need to be a bride or a groom to appreciate Wedding Cake Photo Fem! This strain has been called one of the strongest in the world, with experiences that take consumers to the heights of the cosmos.

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Look no further for the remarkable Candyland Peyote Photo Fem seeds you need at the best possible prices. Weed Seeds USA has the volume to get any grower’s project up and running, regardless of the size. We guarantee the viability of our seeds because we store and preserve what we select under the most optimum conditions. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a collector, breeder, or commercial grower, who’s looking for an industrial, medicinal, or recreational application. Weed Seeds has the first-rate seeds to help you cultivate success. Our online shop has detailed information about our strains to make selecting the correct cultivar easier. While our website features blogs and posts full of tried and true tips and techniques to boost yields, improve germination rates, and bring you the best cultivation experience possible.

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Learn to Grow Candyland Peyote Photo Fem Strain Seeds

As the name suggests, this plant requires a shift in photoperiod and light temperature in order to flower. What does that mean? In the wild, the warm orange glow of spring wakes up all the flora and tells it to grow. Throughout the season, long days, high sun and warm temperatures allow the plants to harness the sun’s energy, driving growth upward and outward through a process called photosynthesis. This vigorous growth is exactly why pruning is so important early on, utilized to produce back budding. By the end of summer, as we move further away from the sun, days get shorter and the light temperature spectrum shifts from vegging red to flowering blue. This is the stage of our lovelies’ lives we see on the cover of High Times Magazine, taking the Cup!

In order to mimic this natural phenomenon, indoor growers must supply the right lights in order to ensure success. Throughout the vegetative phase, Candyland Peyote Fem strain requires either an 18/6 or 24/0 lighting schedule. That is 18 hours on and 6 off, or 24 hours on and 0 off. Sometimes, as is the case with the Sea of Green (SOG) method, plants are tricked a bit earlier into flowering by introducing a shift from red spectrum to blue spectrum and applying a 12/12 light schedule. SOG whereby plants are kept shorter by flipping early and placed in close proximity to one another. Undergrowth is cut out in favor of apical dominance and the development of what are known as colas or large main apical buds. Lighting is placed overhead and, in order to distribute light evenly across all growing surfaces, reflector shields are often used. It is important to feed and water well and maintain a PH level of 6. Ventilation is always required and, if you are going to pack in extra ducting or rewire your control box, make sure you do not get caught without a permit. Some states are pretty ruthless about these types of things and not having permission could land you in a world of trouble.

When growing outside, this strain prefers a warm, dry, Mediterranean climate, however, not everyone has access to that type of climate. For those who are not basking in the sun all year long, a greenhouse with good ventilation is recommended. Greenhouses can greatly extend growing seasons, but they tend to get wet really fast, so make sure you have access to power just in case the summer months bring the necessity for a fan or two. Prune for health and light balance and feed well. In a few weeks, you should know whether you are going to have a couple of pounds or a couple of popcorns.

Guidelines around growing are constantly evolving throughout the country and, if you cannot grow now, you will be able to soon, so it never hurts to start planning and collecting. If you already have lots of experience with growing your own, we are not going to tell you anything you do not already know. Overall, have fun with it, experiment with different methods of cultivation and techniques in order to get the most out of your plot. Wave that weed banner high and share it with your friends. In many states where possession is legal, it is also legal to give it away!

When to Harvest Candyland Peyote Photo Fem Pot

In approximately 8-10 weeks, depending on your method of cultivation, you can expect anywhere from 400-650 grams per square foot from your indoor show. Leaving these girls outside is a marvelous experience and, given you have placed them in full sun with hot, dry days and lots of nutrients, you could see up to 800 grams per plant come mid-October. This is an absolutely gorgeous green to watch flourish and equally as enjoyable to smoke. The process in between is called curing and it is a very important stage to get right. Grow this weed as healthy as you can, harvest and clip according to its needs, and dry well and you will be filling your stash box with some dank weed.

Medicinal Application For Candyland Peyote Strain Seeds

Candyland Peyote Fem strain is known as quite the recreational, but what about her medicinal side? CBD is taking the forefront in many healing circles. Research into its healing potential is being conducted every day in universities around the country. It is indisputable that cannabis in its various forms is effective in treating and alleviating a host of illnesses ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to arthritis. Because of the many proven benefits, new legislation around medical marijuana is making its way to various state legislatures. CBD is the primary active medicinal ingredient in your weed. Along with terpenes and other cannabinoids, CBD has been proven to assist in the treatment of a variety of afflictions from mild to acute. Although it is not a cure for pain, it can make the lives of those who suffer from chronic pain much more pleasant and for those who are terminal, it takes the weight off of something that is very heavy.

There is no question that a great weed can help with all sorts of ailments from physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual and we are happy to report that Candyland Peyote strain is considered righteous in medicinal circles. She is a strong anxiolytic, so she gets tough on depression, paranoia, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and general anxiety. She is also packed with analgesic qualities and has been shown to assist with headache/migraine, MS, AS, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy. Medications can be very expensive, not to mention come with nasty side effects. By growing your own natural tonic you not only save money, you feel better about your quality of life, self-efficacy and you improve your general health and well-being.

Expected Flavors, Aromas, and Flavors

Candyland Peyote’s fresh nugs smell of sweet earth, spicy berries, and mossy pine. Touching lighter to leaf will open a pandora’s box of flavors. Fresh vanilla, coffee, mixed with nutty, fruity, and sour citrus hues give way to deep wood ash and burnt, nutty grapefruit on the exhale.

Following closely behind all the thick and complex flavors and aromas are the hard-hitting stone of that 26% THC. Rich terpenes supercharge an already euphoric ride through psychedelia. So, uplifting and soothing are her effects that some less experienced tokers are near-instantly lulled off to sleep. For those who love their weed on the regular, Candyland Peyote is purely and simplistically uplifting, clearing the mind of clutter and ushering in a sense of calm and ability. This is a great energy-boosting weed, perfect for artistic endeavors and otherwise creative thinking. A few hours later, on the back end, the indica side shines through, bringing with it a gentle sloth of motion, fogginess, and sometimes the munchies. Laziness ensues and off to the couch you go.

Buy Wholesale Candy Peyote Photo Fem Strain Seeds in the USA

There are a lot of marijuana regulation changes happening all over the country. If you live in a place where mass manufacturing is allowed for medicinal or recreational purposes, or if you are a commercial grower looking to lower your bottom line, we have you covered. We have all the Candyland Peyote Fem strain seeds you could ever hope to harvest always just a few clicks away.

Larger grow-ops take a lot of time, energy, resources, know-how, and dedication, and, as the process of feminization makes the whole thing easier from the start, we would like to make it that much easier for you to continue. At Weed Seeds USA, we strive to bring you only the grandest ganja seeds from the most dedicated and reputable breeders. There is no question about our seeds’ viability because we seal them and store them according to strict guidelines and we back each order with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you want wholesale weed seeds online, you want Also, for a more personal experience, our staff is available Mon-Fri, 9-6 (CDT) to answer any and all questions you may have.

Find Candy Payote Photo Fem Bulk Seeds

If you are looking for Candy Peyote Photo Fem seeds wholesale, you have found them! We have the volume you require in order to get any size project up and running. We guarantee our seeds’ viability and the process of feminization has taken the male born early-onset paranoia out of the growing experience. Whether you are a breeder or