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For the dankest weed out there, Candy Do Si Dos may just be the ticket to dreamland you’ve been searching for. In Candy Do, the effects of its Do SI Dos ancestry shine with its heavily sedating, and pain killing abilities. A session with this strain can induce a creeping joy that guarantees a change of face. It is not wise to drive or operate heavy machinery after a bong session but swinging your partner round and round the dance floor could be interesting. Candy Do Si Dos is so strong that giggle fits often accompany a body stone which can leave one overstimulated to the point of sexual arousal. Overripe and rotten pitted fruits, mossy earth, and pungent, floral skunk barely begin to describe this strain’s bouquet. The simple growability of these feminized seeds from Weed Seeds USA is sure to have all growers dancing with joy come harvest time.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 22%
CBD Percentage< 1%
Indoor Yield450g m/2
Outdoor Yield450-550g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea, Pain , Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Happiness, Relaxing, Sleepy
Aromas & FlavorsFruity, Earthy, Flowery, Pungent, Spice, Sweet
Terpenesa-Humulene, caryophyllene, Limonene

Candy Do Si Dos Seeds For Sale USA

Buy Candy Do Si Dos Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds for a strain certain to transmogrify the terrible, maraud the mundane and leave the consumer in a state of utter relaxation. Candy Do Si Dos Photo Fem ganja plants can produce 350-450g/m2 in the right indoor conditions. This strain also does exceptionally well outside, where the well-managed garden can grow 450-550g per plant. This all in 8-10 weeks in the flip or by mid-October. Buds boast 20-22% THC and a broad diversity of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, all aimed at increased health and wellness. Sweet and pungent skunky fruit and rich terroir bless the airwaves and extraction endeavors are potent. If you want a real-deal, lazy Sunday 420 treat, guaranteed to lay waste to pain, buy 420 seeds from Weed Seeds USA and enjoy the sweet sedation of Candy Do Si Dos Photo Fem.

Candy Do Si Dos Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

When you want indica-heavy cannabis seeds for your grow op, look no further than Candy Do Si Dos Photo Fem. These high-impact feminized seeds are professionally bred for ease of management and each plant can deliver upwards of half a pound of Grade-A Maryjane. Those who buy Candy Do Si Dos Photoperiod Feminized online from Weed Seeds US can choose from an array of payment options, and individual or wholesale packaging. and. With Weed Seeds USA, home of every cherished strain, no grower will ever be left in want. Take a few minutes and sign up now, and with our speedy and direct shipping, you’ll have your seeds faster than you can say dance monkey!

Growing Candy Do Si Dos From Seed

It is fun and rewarding to grow from seed. The control a grower has over the marijuana they will eventually put into their bodies is something everyone should experience. Candy Do Si Dos is an indica-heavy hybrid with a short, branchy structure and it responds well to Sea of Green practices. SOG methodology can be generally described as vegging fast from clones and flowering plants close to each other, both maximizing space and minimizing rotation times. Temperatures in the mid-seventies and mid-range humidity, plenty of fresh air, and appropriate lighting will guarantee that your crop enjoys a healthy atmosphere. The grower can opt for soil or hydroponics and, either way, monitoring for pests and diseases, though this plant is fairly resilient, is a wise move for any grower. Buds are trichome-laden and resin-coated, so watch closely for that frost to milk over and they’re done!

Is Candy Do Si Dos Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

As far as indica-hybrids are concerned, Candy Do Si Dos photoperiod weed is the bomb and these hardy Female Seeds are easily home grown. The home horticulturist has only to sow seeds, add a couple of drops of water and parent their babies through to the veg cycle. You can opt to transplant into a vegging mix or to go directly into a flowering pot. If you have transplanted, allow your trees a few days to settle, then flip. High-powered HPS or full-spectrum LED systems are the norm and, because all plants process CO2, fresh air is key. Once your trichomes are mature and you decide to chop, hang plants in a ventilated darkroom with a 60rH/60°F atmosphere and aim for ten to fourteen days. Cure in airtight jars and show your friends why they should buy Candy Do Si Dos Feminized online from Weed Seeds USA.

What Makes Feminized Candy Do Si Dos Strain Popular?

With a name like this strain’s got, you have to know that these high-THC Seeds make for some seriously popular pot. Those who are into extractions, edible creations or otherwise seductive 710 adventures are always pleased with the punky products these genetics provide the basis for. Feminization and a simple indica nature make it easy for any grower with a bit of understanding to score waves of wonder-filled weed. Hard-hitting, this green gives way to a world of arousal. Tingly and tickly sensations, a high-flying giddy nature, and sedated euphoria are on your dance card. Medicinal patients are also treated well because this wonder seed is inherently anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and painkilling.

Do Si Dos Candy Feminized Medicinal Uses

Hybrid Seeds tend to ease a broader array of chronic afflictions and Do Si Dos Candy boasts a wide range of highly beneficial medicinal uses. Though this attack may not deal directly with causes, such as certain landrace or early strains may do, there is no doubt that Do Si Dos Candy is a killer of things painful and infectious. The tedious anxiety and stress dealt with by a large percentage of the American population can be redirected into creative energies. Depression brought on by pain and insomnia, nausea and lack of zeal associated with pharmaceutical cancer treatments, and the ferocity of muscle spasms, tension, and inflammation can all be razed in short order. Buy Female Do Si Do Candy online from Weed Seeds and find out for yourself why this herb has been hailed as one of the great medicinal recreational strains.

Effects of Do Si Dos Candy

Do Si Dos Candy delivers such a heavy hit that it should come with a warning. It is physically stimulating and sensually arousing. A session can catapult consumers into engaged and trippy euphoria, calming the caged and confused and inducing such a deep state of relaxation that there is no escape from the nest. Do SI Dos Candy is no joke.

Fragrances of Do Si Do Candy

Do Si Do Candy grows exhibit a floral pungency. When you take a whiff you will smell herbs and spice, mixed peppercorns, and sweet and tart candies. For the ganja guru, this sweet treat is a bit of a puzzler. There are so many different notes floating around that to pluck just one out of the mix is a tough task.

Flavors of Candy Do Si Do

Candy Do Si Do is fruity, earthy, and sweet. The combination of Girl Scout Cookies, Candy, and Face Off OG shines through, providing sweet, minty overtones and a deliciously spicy, doughy afterbite. All taste buds are different though, so you’ll have to try this strain for yourself to be sure.

Microview of Candy Do Si Dos Seeds

The broad range of physical and emotional effects, the rich and sultry bouquet, and the woodsy and wondrous fragrance array are not all that’s promised with Candy Do Si Dos seeds. These little growers are therapeutic, thanks to the terpenes, a-humulene, caryophyllene, and limonene. The chemovars in this weed lay such waste to inner afflictions that they should be considered scientifically medicinal. On the Candy Do Si Dos hit list are cancer and tumor growth, muscle spasms and tremors, tension and inflammation, and pain. This strain’s penchant for disrupting microbial, bacterial, and fungal activity makes sure pulmonary and lymphatic systems see increased health and wellness.

Buy Candy Do Si Dos Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Buy Candy Do Si Dos Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from your trusty distributor, Weed Seeds, and home grow plants bursting with just the type of indica-heavy potential necessary for a complete cannabis regimen. Our country is a busy one, and if you need help sleeping or are simply run off your feet to the point of fatigue and physical and mental exhaustion, this is the strain for you. America is also a place in need of a smile, and the bright and engaged euphoria experienced by consumers is just the tip of the iceberg of happiness when dancing with Candy Do Si Dos. Weed Seeds USA is here for all who wish to grow and we offer top-shelf client information security, and we accept crypto, credit, and debit through platforms designed to take care of everyone.

Buy candy do si dos Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

The professional or large-scale grow operation needs a good seed now and then, and our wholesale purchasing, custom packaging, and ongoing support options ensure the pro grower gets the returns they need to see. These professionals keep top-shelf weed flowing throughout our nation’s dispensaries so that consumers both recreational and medicinal are granted quality and selection. If you hold the charge of cultivating cannabis for the masses, get in touch with Weed Seeds USA today and start rotating this dreamy Candy Do Si Dos strain through your commercial operation. Call Call US or keep it simple and click through your account.

Grow Candy Do Si Dos Strain Seeds

Buy Female Candy Do Si Dos online from Weed Seeds plant some seeds and raise some good old American homegrown in your indoor or outdoor garden. This plant is short, bushy, and indica-heavy. These seeds are easily germinated and take well to many forms of training, including Sea of Green, and, for outdoor growers, LST or scrogging methodology delivers in droves. Add some water and some nutrients and watch as your space turns into a lush jungle of brightly colored, heavily perfumed, and hard-hitting herb. If this sounds like the kind of experience you would like to take part in, these feminized seeds from Weed Seeds are your tickets to cola kingdom.

Candy Do Si Dos Seed Bank

Grow ops great and small need seed, and if our strain du jour doesn’t quite do it for you, we offer an à la carte selection of Do Si Dos strains, each one of them capable of flattening those who dare take a dance. The 30% THC Cup crusher, Do Si Dos Photo Fem, and lineage bound backcross Do-Si-Dos Cookies Photo Fem are about as close as we get without going too far back into the GSC/Face Off OG lineage, and both are fantastic examples of high powered cheeba. Do Si Dos is also a partner of fond memory for breeding with other mighty, supercharged strains. Grandaddy Do Si Dos Photo Fem takes growers on a trippy ride through color town and delivers huge hauls and resin-coated colas. If you know GG#4 and you like the hard-hitting nature of Do Si Dos, Gorilla Do Si Dos Photo Fem is the weed to beat. Alien Technology made quite the mark when it hit the scene and this Alien Dosidos Tech Photo Fem power pod is all you need to open doors to other worlds. When you want a rock star to grow from seed, you can find it at Weed Seeds USA because we have over 450 of the world’s finest strains.

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Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy Candy Do Si Dos Photo Fem strain seeds either online, or by phone. We dedicate our lives to preserving top-shelf cannabis strain seeds. If you are ready for this monster to help you grow operations, simply access your account or call Call US. We are here from 9 am to 5 pm CDT, Monday to Friday to serve America’s growers, great and small. Individual or bulk orders are easily placed and shipped as fast as we can move.

Candy Do Si Dos Seeds For Sale USA

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  1. Leonard Mckee

    Dude! This thing is hardcore and heavy. Fak! laid me out.

  2. Donny tiny hands

    Love this strain. Most amazing smell. Super relaxing chill out effects. Easy to grow, short, dense, branchy. Highly recommended.

  3. Mike

    “1st time growing this strain, started seeds inside April 1st
    Moved outside in Southern Maine, these girls are now touching 8′. And about 4′ wide, been trimming and gave a girls a good thinning last week..They look absolutely amazing.
    Most people can’t believe the forest…”

  4. Jen Miller

    I’m growing two candy do si dos at the moment and they are gorgeous. I have fan leaves on my tall girls that are wide, with 10 fingers on each leaf. Just entering flower now, can’t wait to see the buds!

  5. Narid Bunnag

    Do you ship to Australia? It would be great if you reply to my email. Thanks. Site looks top notch aye.

  6. Bevan Bird

    I have quite alot of great things to say about this company. Not only did they fix my mistake, they were also very speedy , when it came to the shipment. I felt like i was very well looked after by weed seeds. Thanks so much for the best experience. My seeds have sprouted, im so stoked!

  7. Lilian pumpernicke

    What thc and cbd % is this flower??

  8. Alphie R.

    I am a telephone person and these guys actually answer their phones so I ordered some seeds. I just received this package and had 9/10 seeds pass the germination stage. Just transplanted to grow bags and all looks good. I would say to give these guys a try if you are looking for a real person to deal with and good strains.

  9. Jeremy B

    candy kush and dosidos is a good cross

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