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Bruce Banner is a world-famous, multiple award-winning strain known for being the strongest weed ever measured by High Times. A 30% THC level hits fast and furious, just like her comic book inspirator. Expect a strong and energizing initial high that morphs into a calming, relaxed, and focused buzz. Growing this strain is relatively easy, given her ancient roots and it fairs well in a ScrOG setup. Though hydroponic growing has been known to produce higher yields, using soil will enrich the flavors and aromas and in 8-10 weeks, you should be reaping all the rewards you were hoping for. Medically speaking, she is a winner, effectively damning all low moods to the ether and ushering in a new sense of freedom and security while kicking out pesky aches and pains. Pre flame, she smells of sweet spice, strawberry, and earth. Through joint or bong, this herb will fill the room with sweet and sour fuel, strawberry, and the essence of hardwood. Take this strain in stride and enjoy her bounty responsibly because this one’s a powerhouse.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 27%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield400-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield450-550g per plant
Flower Time10-12 weeks
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Relaxing, Talkative, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsBerry, Citrus, Diesel, Flowery, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

Bruce Banner Seeds For Sale USA

Stan Lee must have had no idea that his famous comic book character would hulk out into something as hard-hitting and sensational as this. With 3 variants taking home prizes up and down the country, Bruce Banner Fem strain is definitely a monster bud to be reckoned with. Bred by Jason Holck (OG Ironlung) through a cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, Bruce Banner was a rockstar right out of the gate. Dark Horse Genetics originally bred 5 variants of this magnificent monster, however, only 3 made it to the final round and #3 itself has been tested at 30% THC, the highest testing bud in High Times history. Let us take a look at just what has gone into this killer strain.

Bred through a combination of Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel, Strawberry Diesel is a pretty special bud all on her own. This 50/50 is a perfect balance of her indica and sativa parents. The flavor of the strawberry is enhanced exponentially by the pungency of the diesel, making for an almost dessert-like liqueur flavor on the inhale with that trademark spicy sour fuel on the exhale. Users report an instant impact on both the body and mind. This strain is not for the rookie or the faint of heart. Strawberry Diesel has also been known as quite an exceptional medicinal strain, assisting with everything from headaches and migraines, to depression, anxiety, and PTSD, to easing tremors and seizures. This weed is so strong and relaxing that newbies can experience couch lock (from a 50/50) and it has been reported that experienced tokers consider it the perfect wake and bake. Overall, it is an impressive bud.

  • Strawberry Cough is an award-winner on her own. Taking home Best Flower in the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup, this happy accident is known as a wonderful sativa to get up with and get things done. Her high is reportedly as pleasing as her fragrance and flavor, no doubt due to her 22% THC content. This one will lift you up in a fruit-fuelled haze and has the ability to carry you throughout all you have to do in your day, adding in a fun and fuzzy feeling to it all.
  • Having taken home 9 different Cannabis Cup awards over the years, NYC Diesel has proven to be a superstar among the fuel-based buds out there, just watch out for those ferocious munchies. Turning anyone into a philosopher, her energizing and creativity-driven high, coupled with her pungent grapefruit flavors definitely make her a crowd-pleaser.

A fan favorite for eons and one of the most prolifically bred strains to date, OG Kush is our infamous number 2. Though this famed flower has been known as Ocean Grown, Original Gangsta is the more widely utilized moniker, probably because she’s been around so long no one really knows where she came from or what she’s composed of. What we do know about OG Kush is that it consistently tests at between 20% and 25% THC. This sativa-leaning hybrid has some true old-school flavors and aromas. Your nose will detect a skunky odor, hash, spice, and musty citrus, and the coughing she induces makes the psychedelic high that much more invigorating. Her dense and sugar-coated buds are made more attractive and appealing by the presence of anthocyanins, adding purple hues to her flowers with exposure to cooler weather and when you break them open, all sorts of wonderful scents and shimmering hues can be witnessed before the flame.

  • It is said that OG may contain some original Hindu Kush, a landrace indica from East Asia and considered one of the oldest weeds on earth. This is most likely the indica that was being grown with Mexican sativa landrace all over the British and Dutch colonies which have since become America. Any way you slice it, Hindu Kush is a timeless green with tonnes of breeding potential.
  • It has been suspected that Chemdawg is our next OG donor. Though speculation on these matters can be overwhelming, we believe it fits. Chemdawg delivers a fast-paced, energetic high, perfectly matched to the heavy sedative effects of the Hindu Kush and making for a seriously stellar blend. OG Kush is a favorite for a reason and this combination is it.

The monster these 2 intense weeds have created is a true testament to what a good weed should be. High THC levels, multitudes of medicinal benefits, glorious bag-appeal, many awards and accolades, and an even-tempered, uplifting, and euphoric high are pretty impressive. Now, she’s been feminized as well. Growers of Bruce Banner Fem never have to worry about sexing their crop, plucking out male plants, and hoping they got to them early enough. With these feminized weed seeds, gardeners can just garden, grow those buds and reap the harvest. With a special sticky, stinky, satisfying strain like Bruce Banner, it is easy to understand while the Hulk is so incredible! It is sure to deliver the high we all hope for because the potency, positivity, and potential are all amplified with these marvelous marijuana seeds.

What Makes Feminized Bruce Banner Strain Popular?

At 30% THC Bruce Banner is a Hulk of a herb with some of the most elevated levels ever tested in High Times history! This monster strain was bred by crossing scrumptious Strawberry Diesel and mighty OG Kush. Flowers emit a strong diesel aroma, while the sweet flavor comes through when smoking. Bruce Banner has taken Cannabis Cups and been dubbed one the top strains of all time, for its famous strength. Anticipate a substantial and energizing initial buzz that transforms into a relaxed, focused stone. Growing this popular pot is fairly easy, due to its versatility in most growing environments. These ancient roots fare well in Sea or Screen of Green setups where they live up to their name in yields and potency. With these training methods, you grow many small cannabis plants instead of just a few bigger plants. In eight to ten weeks expect to reap the rewards of its pungent sweet berry and floral aromas. True to their large green namesake, these marvelous marijuana plants reach a hulking ten feet outdoors.

Medically, the mostly sativa (60%) Bruce Banner is a conqueror of low moods and banisher of aches and pains. The incredible highs lift melancholy moods, ushering in a sense of security and cerebral freedom. Unlike the big green guy, its effects are calming and euphoric without the sleepy side effects. The unique lineage is one reason the spicy, sweet buds carry just a hint of mossiness and berry. When firing up flowers or dabbing extracts your nasal cavity will fill with that slightly sour fuel scent. The above-average taste and THC levels are only the beginning of what this strain is waiting to be released.

Bruce Banner Feminized Medicinal Application

Bruce Banner is considered a powerful aid in the medicinal cannabis scene because of its many healing benefits. Patients can treat chronic stress disorders even if they have difficulty in finding real relaxation. The heightened levels of THC may be a little concerning, but the truth is much different. These beautiful flowers bring on a mellow feeling that melts over you like cheese on broccoli. It might make a good pain management strategy, especially for joint pain, backaches, muscle spasms, and migraines. Another benefit is its ability to generate feelings of hunger. Appetite stimulation is useful to those who may be feeling the effects of cancer or other therapies.

Devour too much of its sweetness and you may awaken a potent beast. As with most sativas, Bruce Banner starts in your mind with a warm mental sensation. This eventually works its way from the back of your neck to the front of your head, lifting your mood and amplifying your senses. Feelings of negativity and self-doubt are wiped away, allowing creative juices to flow. The boost in energy levels is motivating no matter what time of day or task at hand. All this mental clarity keeps you focused and alert, so you can partake any time of the day. Take it easy with this powerhouse because it doesn’t render tokers sleepy, but in those with low tolerance, it may cause paranoia. This green goddess has been known to cause dry eyes and mouth, so keep a glass of water nearby, and maybe some eye drops too.

Bruce Banner #3 Strain Review

Bruce Banner #3 muscled its way into becoming one of the number one selling seeds out there, so it’s easy to understand the association with the superheroes alter ego. This heavy hitter is one that even a novice can harvest generous yields from. An average yield brings around twenty-two ounces per square meter indoors, and up to thirty-five ounces a plant outside. The sweet, soothing sativa dominance tames the elevated THC levels of this beast. The irresistible buds grown from Bruce Banner’s feminized seeds have a stunning, mighty aroma that hijacks the senses as soon as you smell it. Enthusiasts may recognize the sweet, floral, earthy, diesel bouquet from its OG and Strawberry Diesel heritage. This flavorful fragrance is due to the myrcene terpenes that dominate this offspring. Yet, the perfect balance is achieved, in providing a clear-headed levity merged with a positive perspective.

The two monster strains that created this smashing sativa produce high THC, superb bag appeal, substantial buds, and an even-tempered, optimistic, beaming buzz. Medicinal cannabis buffs may discover a multitude of therapeutic benefits with Bruce Banner. The high production of resin makes this breed ideal for making enticing edibles or choice concentrates and extracts.

Thanks to feminization, growers don’t have to worry about weeding male marijuana plants out of their grow, or accidentally seeding a crop. With our feminized seeds, gardeners can focus on burgeoning a bountiful crop and reaping the results. These stinky, sticky, satisfying sativa flowers deliver positivity, potency, and amplified potential, that’s how incredible they are.

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Weed Seeds USA supports America through our products and its people. That’s why we supply Grade-A cannabis seeds grown right here at home. Trying times in the country have many people on edge and some states still have cannabis legislation that isn’t helping matters. Luckily, our souvenir seeds have always been 100% legal to buy and collect. We put our energy into keeping US dollars here, helping where it counts, and when you shop with us, you contribute to the nation’s prosperity. Our virtual seed vault is filled with selections, and our homegrown support staff will happily help you find and order the right seeds. We respect your privacy, which is why our orders are shipped quickly in discreet, sturdy packaging. Weeds Seeds will never share customer information with anyone, guaranteed. Our secure payment methods are constantly updated to keep our platform protected.

Commercial, medicinal, recreational, and home gardeners have all enjoyed the convenience of having a consistent seed supply. Buying wholesale keeps costs down and energy saved, reducing stress and freeing up time for productive pursuits. A happy grower has all the tools they need on hand, and seeds are a very important tool. Bruce Banner feminized seeds take care of the pollinators for you, so there’s no hassle of sexing the plants or mistakes from missing a male. Weed Seeds chooses only the finest grade seeds from top breeders in America, to ship to our valued customers everywhere in the US. Offering our seeds in multitudes means you can smash your growing expectations.

How to Germinate Bruce Banner Photo Fem Seeds

You don’t have to be a doctor to cultivate a successful crop of Bruce Banner Photo Fem seeds. Just a few items, a little care, and patience are all that is required. The germination process that starts your plants to flourish can be successfully achieved in just five days. First, gather a roll of paper towel, a dinner plate, tweezers, purified water, and the Banner beans. Moisten a few sheets of paper towel and gently squeeze out excess water, then lay them on the plate. Using tweezers or your fingers if you have a steady hand, place the seeds on the towels. You need to give them space to hulk out and expand but two inches will do. Wet two more pieces of paper towel and lay them on top of the seeds. Add a little water from a bottle or sprayer to ensure everything is moist but pour off any that pools.

The plate and its precious contents must remain dark, humid and warm, all the time. Check back every twenty-four hours to make sure they don’t dry out. They won’t get irate as long as the temperature is between 68°F and 74°F. As soon as your hearty feminized seeds sprout you can plant them. Once you see a tiny white taproot measuring a quarter of an inch, very carefully plant the seedlings. Bury your sprouts about ten to fifteen millimeters deep in a nutrient-packed growing medium of your choice. Remember, seedlings are very delicate, so be careful not to handle them roughly. Check out our germination post for easy explanations, visual aids, and tips that cover all the ground to get you growing.

Is Bruce Banner Strain Easy To Grow?

Photo Fem Bruce Banner seeds from Weed Seeds USA promise a pleasing cultivation experience. This easy to grow strain can develop into hulking plants without a lot of fuss, so it is a smart selection for beginners. OG Kush genetics make this cultivar resistant to many common diseases, powder molds, and pests. Some quality nutrients will improve this powerhouse plant that grows well in most environments. Indoor growing will enhance the fascinating, ample flavors, but outdoors yields are heftier. Indoors, these monsters will need their tops pruned early on to suppress their urge to spread vertically. For optimum results, keep temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. A good ventilation system is recommended for the overwhelming smell that occurs during the flowering phase as well.

If you choose to raise this behemoth outdoors, then a warm, dry climate will be essential. Try to plant them in a protected location, because although they are mighty, they can still be damaged by heavy rainfall or strong winds. An alternative is using pots outside, so you can move them indoors if the weather becomes unpredictable. Soil contains necessary minerals, but most growing mediums require additional organic nutrients. Supplementing your Bruce Banner feminized seeds with these vital elements ensures they reach their enormous potential. A ten to twelve-week flowering time means these mammoths must be sown in April to see harvest by October. This plant can sometimes be temperamental but with a little tender tending, you won’t make her angry.

Bruce Banner Seed Bank

The popularity of Bruce Banner 1 seeds means that sometimes we even run out! But fear not, with over 500 other champion strains in our online catalog, you’re sure to find a winner. Weeds Seeds has similar sativas, invincible indicas, and hefty hybrids available in photoperiod, autoflower, and feminized choices. Our high-THC or CBD selections are perfect for producing extracts and edibles for medicinal or recreational usage. Try our Bruce Banner Auto Fem for a slightly smaller, squatter version of the original. This reboot is a superstar, with the same benefits, character, and traits, minus the tricky technique of triggering the flowering stage.

Want the same incredible beast with a shorter flowering time? Try Bruce Banner Fast Photo Fem seeds. The photoperiod version takes eight to ten weeks, while this one hulks out in less than eight weeks! Despite the drop in the duration of time spent flowering, she has all the ferocity and fury. Grandaddy Purple x Bruce Banner Photo Fem is fondly referred to as Grandaddy Bruce. And like an old comic book creator, this strain brings a smile to the face of everyone who meets it. These impressive 27% THC levels create the opportunity for marvelous medicinal applications and experiences. Lastly, but definitely, one of the first, OG Kush Photo Fem is a beloved hybrid. Rumored to be a combo of Chemdawg and back in the day Haze, this marijuana is the mother of over a dozen different strains. Expect a glorious garden of buds that will leave you content, restored, and comfortable.

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Due to the unbelievable THC content of this hardy hero, this one hits hard and fast. It is rated one of the strongest ever measured in High Times history, so it’s advised to go easy with this powerful plant. That being said, it can still be deemed useful for anyone needing a boost or change in mood. This incredible strain is a collector’s item for its ability to lighten up or enliven users. After a session with this green doctor, you’re sure to see an improvement in attitude.

At Weeds Seeds USA, we’re excited to offer Bruce Banner Photo Fem seeds and a myriad of other strains. It’s as easy as checking us out online or calling 1 844 807 1234 to reach one of our marijuana masters. We’re here to assist with any questions you have about orders. Contact us Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm CST with your seed inquiries. If you have reservations about home growing or concerns about selecting the proper strain, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team knows terpenes and a whole lot more about cannabis, and we’re happy to provide the information you need to make your weed succeed. For your added convenience we’re available twenty-four hours a day by email at [email protected] Weeds Seeds also has numerous online blogs and posts to support setting up, growing, harvesting, and curing pursuits. Follow our simple guidelines and your Bruce Banner ganja can grow to monster harvests!

How to Grow Bruce Banner Photoperiod Female Cannabis

Growing this green beast can be just as fun as smoking her. Generally resistant to molds, pests, and diseases, Bruce Banner is considered a great strain for anyone from newbies to advanced horticulturists. Though she will do well both indoors and out, indoor grow-ops tend to see higher potency and stronger resin production.

Due to her large, bushy nature, a Screen of Green (ScrOG) is the preferred method of cultivation, whereby a plant is trained, as the shoots develop, through a screen. The result is a horizontal growth plane, easy to light, and needless of support. Come harvest time, those colas will be sitting neatly in a row, ready for your shears. Maintaining temperatures is not as important as maintaining lower to mid-RH levels and a clean environment. Getting the light right is also high on the to-do list and some extra nutrients never hurt. Some basic pruning and defoliation are necessary with this strain and, though she’s got some indica characteristics, her sativa side is stronger, so some growers recommend a bit of support come the end of flowering. Expose her to a little bit of a cold-snap toward the end of her life and she may take on some purple or blue hues, but not always.

Outside, this beast likes full sun and protection from wind. Find a good spot, some great soil, and feed and water her well. If you are in more northern climes, she will do fine but, because of her bud density, it helps to have some form of protection from the cooler, wetter weather. Ventilation is important throughout the summer months and, if you are looking for ease of nutrient management, 5-gallon plastic pots or buckets will do the trick and provide an extra safety net for those afraid of the frost.

Bruce Banner Photo Fem Cannabis Flowering Time

Follow some simple guidelines and Bruce Banner Fem strain seeds will produce monster harvests. Given everything has gone according to plan, you have provided the warmth and light she loves, fed and watered according to her needs, in 8-10 weeks an indoor grow should produce a couple of ounces per square foot. Outdoor grows left to their own devices should produce up to 17 ounces per plant by mid-October, though the exact time of harvest depends on whether you want the couch-lock at the end of the high or not. Overall, these lovely flowers are beautiful, no matter what your preferred method of cultivation and, if you have followed some tried and tested guidelines, your harvest should be just as nice.

Medical Benefits of Bruce Banner OG Photoperiod Feminized Cannabis

Because of the incredible ability of Bruce Banner to uplift and energize, instantly changing the face of anyone she touches, she is considered a great medicinal herb. Combatting stress, depression, and fatigue, Bruce Banner is a go-to for anyone needing a pick-me-up or a quick mood enhancement. Though this strain is not considered a pain reliever, because of her incredible ability to brighten anyone’s day, general aches and pains associated with the grumbles tend to disappear after a session with the green doctor. Munchies can come on hard and fast with this strain, effectively curbing nausea and loss of appetite. Overall, Bruce Banner is a great sativa, delivering everything a good morning weed should, however, this strain can be overwhelming. The THC levels can really be crippling for anyone unfamiliar with a heavyweight like this one. Overdo it and you could find yourself greened-out, jittery, anxious, and paranoid.

Common Effects, Flavors, and Fragrances

Due to her high THC content, this one hits fast and hard. Psychedelia has never before been witnessed like it is with this one. As we said, she has been rated as the strongest weed ever to be measured in High Times history, so go easy. After a few minutes of creeping, that super trippy kaleidoscopic stone gives way to energy, creativity, and ambition. The heightened senses and amplified awareness morph into a relaxed and focused head high which carries the user effortlessly through complex tasks and assists in navigating a busy day. Little by little, her indica side helps to calm and relax the body and ushers in the confidence of mind, bringing clarity that is soothing and serene.

Bruce Banner’s flowers are just as much a treat pre smoke as they are in the system. Opening a jar of this stellar strain will attract the attention of even the wisest of noses. The odor will completely fill your senses and whatever room you happen to be in with a fruit-fuelled pungency. Break these buds open and smell strawberry, earth, and diesel. Put these flowers to flame and the inhale is sweet, fun, and fruity. On the exhale, her smoke runs deep into the tastebuds and sinuses, generating a spicy, earthy strawberry flavor.

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All across America, marijuana regulations are shifting and evolving. Commercial, industrial, medicinal, recreational, and licensed grows have been popping up all over the place. For those grows which require a consistent supply of seeds, we recommend buying Bruce Banner Fem strain seeds online in bulk. Buying wholesale cuts down on cost, time, energy and increases productivity and thus, serenity. The last thing any retail grower wants is males so we have taken care of that for you. Next, a happy cultivator is one who has all the tools needed at the ready, and seeds are important tools indeed. At Weed Seeds USA, we want you, the grower, to have all you need, free of happenstance outages and ensuing frustrations. We have chosen only the highest quality seeds from top-rated breeders and we offer them to you in droves so you can get back to the basics and grow us some dank weed!

Bruce Banner 1 Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds

If you are a mass producer looking to cut down on time, cost and frustration and boost efficient productivity, buy Bruce Banner Fem strain seeds from, wholesale. There is no feeling like that of freedom and, with all the feminized weed seeds you need at the ready, all you have to do is grow!

Bruce Banner OG Photoperiod Fem Strain Seeds in the USA

These last few years have certainly been trying times for Americans. The country’s leadership is split down the middle, and health care providers have been navigating through a global pandemic. Riots have torn through once peaceful streets and there does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. In times like these, it helps to support American products and personnel. That is why we offer top quality cannabis seeds grown by Americans for Americans right here at home. We wish to see an end to these trying times and keeping our energy and dollars right here where it counts can make all the difference. All you have to do is get online or call Call US and our homegrown team will be happy to assist you in finding and ordering your seeds. Our speedy and discreet delivery will get your order to you fast and our customer satisfaction guarantee will ensure you are happy as a clam at high tide. Buy Bruce Banner Fem strain seeds from Weed Seeds USA and make a difference in your country!

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