Bruce Banner x Grape Female Seeds

If you like Bruce Banner and are a fan of Grape strains, you are going to love these Bruce Banner x Grape female seeds from Weed Seeds USA. This is a new addition to our collection and one which we are happy to shout from the rooftops. This herb offers high THC hybrid sativa effects and a big-time diesel grape punch. It is easy to grow and resilient to infection, sprouts fast and stacks up huge. Live in the clouds with this colorful and intoxicating concoction and come back any time for more.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 24% THC
CBD PercentageLess than 2% CBD
Indoor Yield450-600g m²
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Happiness, Relaxing, Uplifting
Aromas & FlavorsFruity, Citrus, Lemon, Pungent, Spice
Terpenesa-Humulene, Caryophyllene, a-Pinene

Bruce Banner x Grape Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Bruce Banner x Grape feminized seeds for sale all across the USA is what we have to offer. This strain is easily one of the most enjoyable and medically beneficial recreational strains out there, and it is easy to grow. THC levels hover around 20-24%, comatose quality for anyone who knows this hard-hitting hulk. With CBD levels at < 1%, you may believe this weed can’t kill pain, but you’d be wrong. Grape Bruce is known for crushing pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and its terpene profile adds deeper meaning to the word medicinal. Flavors are intense sour citrus and grape, coffee, diesel and herbs, and there is no stopping the effects once they kick in. Relaxing to the max, Banner Grape takes top prize for intoxication, though the sativa side keeps consumers moving, despite the dankness of its delivery. Indoors or out, this seed performs, producing up to 600 grams with ease. Certain training methods will see an increase in size, density and balance, but this strain is happy to grow any way you need it to. Stick around to learn about germinating and growing this seed, what kinds of hauls to expect and why this beast is so uber popular.

Germinate Banner Grape Female Weed Strain

Germinating your Banner Grape female weed seeds is the first step any grower takes on their paths to greatness. We ship seeds in peak dormancy, and all they need to start their journey is a bit of humidity. How you offer your seeds their much needed moisture is up to you, though there are a few proven techniques. The paper towel method is the primary way for growers to germinate seeds, but it is imperative that no standing water be left in the paper or on the plate. Squeezing towels out before wrapping your seeds up in them is a wise move, one which will protect your pods from becoming oversaturated. Since roots need darkness in order to keep growing, place your germination package in the dark. A cupboard or drawer makes an apt space for germination. It is imperative that once you have started the process, not to let it dry out, as this will halt the flow. Once a small root has emerged from your seed, it must be planted so the roots can start to grow. Wait too long and you will have weak starts, so a seed may be sown the moment it cracks open.

Grow Bruce Banner x Grape Sativa Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

Bruce Banner is known for an easy grow, and the addition of Grape genetics has made it even easier. Banner is a sativa hybrid and Grape is characteristically indica. Together, these two have birthed a strain smaller than other sativas, sturdy in its development and resilient to mold. Cooler temperatures generate deep purples and pinks among the emerald greens, fostering a later bag appeal that makes mouths water in anticipation. Some phenotypes can almost go melanistic, or black, but all of them need training. Choose your methodology wisely, cater to your crop’s needs well, and you can harvest 450-600g m2 inside. Banner Grape is known to produce 500-600g per plant in the right outdoor conditions, and due to the resin content of these nugs, it’s best to keep your operation dry, no matter where you choose to plant. Coastal regions and Southern states should consider how best to protect your plants while still allowing as much light as possible to get through. Knowing when to harvest in order to best suit your medicinal requirements is important with Bruce Banner Grape, and you can always tell by the color of the trichomes.

Why is Fem Bruce Bannar Grape Marijuana Seed Popular

The photo fem marijuana seed, Bruce Bannar Grape, offers clear and immediate evidence to support her popularity. From seed to smoke, this strain continues to impress through easy manageability. It takes well to a range of growing and training methods, it is incredibly colorful, powerful and packed with medical potential. Coming to us through a cross of the global award winner Bruce Banner and sweet and tangy Grape, this purple hulk lives up to what you might expect of it. The broad palette never ceases to amaze, and that’s before the fade, where colors shift from purple, black, blue and pink to cloudy coppers. No sooner has the flowering phase set in before you are counting nugs and planning the final pruning. Buds get fat and massive and there are a lot of them, but this strain needs feeds no different from most hybrids. Effects are both energizing and relaxing, uplifting and clear minded. The high is complex and shifts with the changing scenery, making this a good strain for some afternoon exploring. We are certain you can find more reasons why this strain should top the charts, and these seeds are all yours.

Flower Time For Bruce Banner x Grape Feminized Weed Seed

We mentioned that this seed is fast, but chances are you never thought you’d be flowering a purple Bruce in just 8-10 weeks. You read that correctly. The addition of purple genetics to the Banner blend has created a hybrid that acts more like an indica than it does a sativa. It starts with a seed, and germination takes a couple days max. Sprouting takes another two and each seed should break ground within a week. Once seeds establish, Bruce Banner Grape packs on the weight quickly, and Sea of Green (SOG) growers can now pot up for a fast veg and flip schedule. Growers who enjoy putting in a little more effort to boast better buds can take their time with a Screen of Green (ScrOG) grow, though we suggest no more than two or three months. Though most growers harvest at about nine weeks, it takes a maximum of ten from the flip to see this seed through to perfection, depending on what type of effects you are growing it for. The earlier you harvest, the less impactive the high THC content and the speedier and more energizing the high.

Bruce Banner x Grape Feminized Sativa Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

As you may well imagine, Bruce Banner x Grape feminized sativa hybrid cannabis seeds crush it where effects are concerned. This strain has won awards for its incredible physical and cerebral presentation, and once it starts, it doesn’t quit. Take a couple tokes of these flowers and everything changes. Everything becomes funny and you want to talk about it with whoever will listen, so it’s good to have a friend around. This strain ripples through your whole craft, giving signal after signal that all systems are go. Many consumers report seeing shadows out the corner of the eye, they say hearing becomes amplified and everything has a living and breathing rainbow aura. Depending on how it was grown and when it was harvested, Bruce Banner Grape is sedative as well and will deliver the sleepy grower to a dreamy and restful nest. It kills pain, stress, uplifts consumers out of depression and PTSD, soothes arthritic joints and promotes inner wellness across the board. Many times, people find their Banner Grape experience is a blend of all of the above, and the genetic diversity in this seed will deliver a few phenotypes to choose from.

Bruce Banner Grape Photo Fem Review

For anyone familiar with Bruce Banner genetics, the addition of Grape is an exciting prospect. Popular for its growability, color and effects, this strain really does have it all. A hybrid by nature, phenotypes vary from indica to sativa dominant and all of them are beautiful to grow. These feminized seeds are a female only bunch, so you should never have to think of males. A grow that goes well can see up to twenty ounces or more from each plant and the fragrance is just as lovely as the visual bouquet. Sweet and tangy grapes, diesel and citrus are notes that stand out the most, and there are earthy, floral and coffee noted undertones wiggling throughout. The high is exciting, invigorating, hilarious and harmonious with whatever is happening around you. Colors and sounds are more impressive and as the stone creeps in, while pain and all forms of distress creep out. Banner Grape seeds from Weed Seeds USA are easy to germinate, they perform throughout a range of growing and training techniques and the bag appeal you get from cured nugs can be as dark and crusty as you want it to be.

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