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Who doesn’t love a sweet, juicy, blueberry flavor explosion in their mouth? Weed Seeds US Blueberry Mazar Photo Fem is all that juicy goodness and more. Like inhaling a pure berry bursting experience, one puff of this berrylicious wonder strain and you will understand what we mean. Topping out at an incredible 22-25% THC cannabinoid profile makes it a real brain blaster. A hybrid – indica heavy leaning strain, it’s got all of those blissful, couchlock, stress and pain destroying properties we love from the indicas. Also, drowning in an unbelievably diverse terpene profile, this one has so much to offer in flavor, aroma and medicinal properties.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 25%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield450-550g m/2
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
EffectsCreative, Happiness, Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsBerry, Earthy, Sweet
TerpenesMyrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Phellendrene, Eucalyptol, Alpha Humulene, Phytol, Valencene, Borneo

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Straight from the good earth, this incredibly potent, extremely high yielding hybrid is guaranteed to impress with every crop out. The complex terpene profiles and extra fruity aromas make it a true competitor in an extremely competitive cannabis market. With so much to choose from these days it takes a special strain to stand out, and this one shines above the rest in so many ways. You can buy Blueberry Mazar in our always popular 100 Feminized Variety Pack, or purchase them separately online. Our 100% feminized strains ensure it’s always ladies night at the grow show. The 100 Feminized Variety Pack lets you try out some of our Blue Mazar photo fem seeds along with a few of our other top feminized hybrids. You can relax knowing there are never any males sneaking in to mess with your scene. This powerful 25% THC juice blend is an almost 80% indica leaning hybrid that imparts a deeply relaxing, double dank, bombed out, body-buzz stone. Indica lovers will rejoice in the laid back, euphoric, chill vibe Blueberry Mazar is known for. On top of being a delicious treat to smoke, this one also produces some massive yields. This delicacy can produce a solid 600 grams per plant in the great outdoors in only 8 to 10 weeks from flip to harvest. Popular for the incredibly relaxing and creative highs, unbelievably diverse terpene profile and off the charts tantalizing taste of tart berry deliciousness, sparking one up is like capturing the sweet waft of grandma’s blueberry pies straight from the oven. Easy to grow, great in and outdoors alike, consistent high yields and resistance to molds and pests, it’s one of our hardier strains. Toss some Blue Mazar into your Weed Seeds online basket. Always a popular market staple, she’ll keep your wallet fat and your head high.

How to Germinate Blue Mazar Photo Fem Seeds.

Once you are holding that Weed Seeds packet of Berry Mazar seeds in your hot little hands, it’s now time to bring those little stones to life. There’s so much potential in such a tiny package. It’s an exciting day when those first little green shoots pop their heads out to say hello, and so begins your love affair with baby blue. With WSUS high tech humidity and temperature-controlled seed storage facilities, you know you are getting a top quality product with germination rates every time. Delivered in packaging designed to keep those babies fresh, protected and sterile on their journey, it’s best to keep them enclosed until it’s time to germinate. In fact, it’s recommended to never touch or handle your seeds with bare hands if at all possible. Always keep them safely secured in the original packaging and in a cool dry place until you are ready to plant. Bare hands carry contaminants that can affect the germination rates of your female seeds which may cause other pathogens and infect your seeds or seedlings if not careful. Be sure to wear protective gloves, use sterile instruments such as tweezers or other tools such as small scoops, or just tip them straight from the bag into the growing medium to reduce any risk. Germinating your Blueberry Mazar seeds is a simple process. Ensure you guide these little divas by the best method to get them to the medium they will be transplanted into in the future. This can include peat moss pucks for organic soil, rockwool cubes for hydroponics operations, or perlite for mass production trays. All are good germination mediums depending on what your individual circumstances are. Plant your seeds gently and securely making sure they are damp but not overly soaked. Put them in a warm, light environment like a window ledge, and wait for the miracle to happen.

Growing Blueberry Mazar From Seed From Seed At Home

Once everything is in place and your grow room is set up, all systems are a go. When you’re starting a new crop cycle and everything has been thoroughly sterilized, your Blueberry Mazar babies can take up residence. When those little white roots pop out from the bottom of their germinating medium and the seedlings have a healthy green hue and sturdy stems, they are ready for transplant. If you plan to go the simple route using a basic pots with soil method, buy yourself some quality sterilized organic soil with a high perlite content, as this is best to help with drainage and aeration. Roots are also aeroponic and take up oxygen. If they get too waterlogged your little ones can quickly wither and drown. The most common mistake made by novice growers is over watering which can lead to a multitude of issues including losing an entire crop right from the get go. Always stick with the feeding instructions. In this case, more is never better. Cannabis botany is a pretty advanced science these days and fertilization schedules have been close to perfected. Some strains may be tweaked here and there but may only be recommended for advanced growers that are familiar with the plants they are working with. Keep it stupidly simple, is a beginner ganja growers best motto. Your seedlings will be in an 18/6 light dark cycle for the first two to three weeks under blue/white LED or HSP lighting, and a vegetative feeding routine, until they reach approximately ¾ of their fully mature height. Once it’s time to photoflip your plants into flowering, the lighting will be switched out to a summer/fall, predominantly red light spectrum, placed on a high potassium flowering diet and a 12/12 day/night rotation until harvest time. In 8 to 10 weeks, it’ll be time to enjoy the blueberry fruits of your labors!

Flowering Time For Berry Mazar Feminized

When the vegetative phase of the marijuana plants cycle is complete, they will be bushy, compact, vibrant green, showing large fan leaves and have reached ¾ the desired harvest height. It’s now time to photoflip. With a flowering time of 8-10 weeks, this is where the real fun begins. Plants are highly sensitive to even the slightest changes in light. Even one 24 day of darkness can mess up their entire biological clock. Going from an 18/6 lighting schedule to 12/12 will transform your plants from fast vegetation growth into instant flowering and bud production with harvests up to 450-550g/m2 indoors. Add to that, switching the color spectrum from bright blue/white spring light to the predominantly red/blue of late summer fall turns them into heavy, dank, dense, cola producing machines. LED lighting is specifically targeted to the perfect light spectrum for each phase of plant growth, their low heat and minimal power usage made them an industry changing innovation in cannabis cultivation. Once the lights have been switched out and timers set to a 12/12 hour flip, the plants are officially in flower. The next step will be the fertilization schedule. Hopefully, you are following a schedule that gives clear, specific instructions, generally using a three-step mixing process leaning toward a high potassium and lower nitrogen salt ratio. There are also simpler two-part feeding systems. It’s up to each individual what they prefer, both are effective and will bring great results if you stick to quality products. In the end, plants are very simple creatures. They basically thrive on a few salts and minerals, no need to get too complicated with this. Now just some basic pruning and training techniques for good light and air circulation and you are on your way to a bumper Blueberry crop.

What Makes Mazar Blueberry Strain Popular?

A genetic powerhouse, this blueberry scented, indica heavy hybrid, Mazar Blueberry comes from the killer combo of Mazar and Blue Widow. With such a strikingly potent and royal lineage it’s no wonder this one is a multi-award winning strain. Her stout, dense stature enables this one to thrive in small compact spaces while still producing maximum yield and huge quantities of juicy, abundant frosted nugs. Perfect for Low Stress Training (LST) growing methods, which involves slowly and gently training strategic branches as they grow by slightly bending and tying them so as not to overstress the plant. This method trains the growth of the large healthy colas to sprout upwards from the sideways growing branches. Being a stout, hardy, compact plant, Berry Mazar is perfect for this method and can enable growers to produce much higher yields in very limited space. BM makes for a great stealth strain to get the most from tiny hidey holes and grow tents. An extraordinary 22% to 25% THC content gives one that fast-acting knockout punch you’re looking for when you just want to get away from it all and hit another stratosphere, leave your body behind, and just melt into deep euphoric bliss. Though a great indoor cultivator that thrives in small spaces and greenhouses, it’s also a hardy, solid outdoor strain. Very well rounded and non-fussy, she can pretty much take care of herself. Boasting a truly spectacular terpene profile there are too many to list right here, but to name a few there’s Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene to add that sweet bursting berry flavor and fantastic curative benefits. An undercurrent of earthiness, lemon, pepper and spice are noticed after the first fruity blast for a very well-rounded flavor profile, a true cannabis connoisseur’s dream. Find Berry Mazar in our cannabis seeds catalog and see for yourself.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Blue Mazar Photo Fem

Those big, beautiful Blueberry buds will practically reek with rich, purple, forest berry fumes. Trichomes drenched in resin soaked, frosty, crystalline, earthy goodness. There’s such a wide flavor and aroma profile, Blue Mazar just blows one away with the mind-bending display of a multitude of mixed terpenes. Starting with Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene’s pleasant piney terpene scents of evergreen trees, citrus fruits and pungent herbs like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. One whiff will take you literally anywhere in the plant kingdom where those rich earthy scents are found. Alpha Humulene is where those earthy, spicy undertones come from, for a more grounded rich flavor. Being one of the more abundant terpenes in the cannabis kingdom, Limonene is where the spectacular citrusy, berrylicious and fruity notes arrive on the scene. This is the one that really gets those taste buds salivating when blazing that blueberry bomb, hit from the bong. Sweet and spicy, clove scented, dry and tenaciously tantalizing Beta Caryophyllene swoops in with the sensuous woodsy notes. Alpha Phellandrene provides a slightly pepperminty citrus addition to the mix. Of course, everyone recognizes that lovely Eucalyptol aroma. The smells of eucalyptus trees dripping with fresh spring rain, there’s nothing more refreshing and calming to the soul, while Phytol adds a sultry sweet floral hint of heaven. The tropical mango vibe of Valencene puts in a showing with the fruity high notes, and last but not least Borneol pops up with a balsamic edge to round it all out, creating one of the most complex and interesting flavor sensations in the marijuana aficionado world. Blueberry Mazar is such a mouthwatering blast of provocative taste laden terpene profiles that it really can’t be matched. This one is worth the time taken to cure slowly and perfectly, like aging a fine wine, to be sure you experience her deep, sensual, rich complexity to the fullest.

Effects of Blueberry Mazar Feminized

Blueberry Mazar Feminized indica hybrid puts one into an absolutely lovely, dreamy, deep state of relaxation. The highly effective 25% THC indica heavy cannabinoids are some of the most powerful pain and stress destroyers. One deep pull on this berry blaster and you will forget you ever felt anything but euphoria, happiness and utter carefree bliss. This one delivers the sensual soothing, couchlock, full body stones Kush strains are known for. The 20% sativa hybrid cross shows up and blends in with those irie, creative, inspiring, good vibes, the best of both worlds, loosens you up for the day and takes the pain away. Packing one of the most complex and powerful terpene profiles on the cannabis market today gives Blue Mazar an edge over the rest with an abundance of flavor and curative benefits. At the top of this list is Myrcene, not only imparting that refreshing, juicy berry, fruity grapelike flavor that Blueberry Mazar is renowned for. Being the most prolific terpene in the genus cannabis, it’s also responsible for the next level anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. This one just obliterates those dark states of depression along with anxiety, insomnia, pain and muscle soreness Users have reported amazing effects in the battle against mental stress and mood disorders. Berry Mazar is also reported to help with inflammation, muscle spasms, nausea, arthritis and migraines. Easing your ills and tensions, relaxing and soothing your mental anxieties and taking the cares of the world away, it’s like a peaceful, pain free stroll through the garden on a summer’s day, floating along in a dank mist of chronic blueberry sensations.  Enjoy a sweet, sleepy, dreamy stone, perfect for putting one to bed at night and drifting off into dreamland, as the stresses of the world are completely forgotten to be faced another day.

Overview of Berry Mazar Photo Fem Stats

A beautiful blueberry blend of bursting bombastic flavors and knock out pain crushing highs, Berry Mazar Photo Fem just kills it on the marijuana market scene. Great for large scale cultivators and small home growers alike, but especially geared for those tight compact limited spaces that work well for LST growing methods. Its strong lateral growth and sturdy compact nature is ideal for the stealth LST cultivator. High yields of up to 550g/sqm indoors, it’s a definite winner for those looking to cash in. Also, a prolific producer outdoors at 550-600g per plant you can’t go wrong, it’ll thrive in all types of environments and growing styles. Cropping out at a decent 8 to 10 weeks flower to harvest, you’ll be drenched in massive mountains of frosted blueberry nugs in no time. This 100% feminized, indica hybrid is sure to produce only lovely ladies everytime. Check out our catalog for some deadly deals on cheap seeds and you’ll find great prices for these blueberry blasters and many others. A seemingly endless array of tantalizing terpenes gives this one unbelievable juicy berry flavors and aroma taste sensations. A pain and stress obliterating machine second to none, its CBD < 2% adds to the miraculous medicinal qualities. This one can’t quite be matched when it comes to the spectacular amount of mixed terpenes and cannabinoids not seen in most cannabis hybrids today. Some strains have just taken that next step, leading the pack in advanced genetics and new characteristics that have no end in sight. With the advanced research and development in this field, strains such as Blueberry Mazar show us what’s possible. Easy to grow, great indoors and out, otherworldly flavor profile, uncontested curative qualities, a taste and flavor sensation like no other, everyone should try this berry bomb blaze.

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Blue Mazar Seeds

Who doesn’t love a sweet, juicy, blueberry flavor explosion in their mouth? Weed Seeds US Blueberry Mazar Photo Fem is all that juicy goodness and more. Like inhaling a pure berry bursting experience, one puff of this berrylicious wonder strain and you will understand what we mean. Topping out at an incredible 22-25% THC cannabinoid profile makes it a real brain blaster. A hybrid – indica heavy leaning strain, it’s got all of those blissful, couchlock, stress and pain destroying properties we love from the indicas. Also, drowning in an unbelievably diverse terpene profile, this one has so much to offer in flavor, aroma and medicinal properties.

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