Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is sought after and world-renowned for its energizing effects, and calming relaxation. It uplifts and brings a euphoric cerebral buzz while keeping your body in a calm state, yet ready for activity. It is easy to grow and it is a pleasurable smoke. It rewards growers with bountiful harvests when the required TLC is given. It was originally bred for medicinal purposes, but it became such a hit that it is now coveted in the recreational and medicinal communities.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield500-600g per square meter
Outdoor Yield600-700g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Inflammation, Migraines, Nausea, Pain, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Happiness
Aroma & FlavorsFruity, Earthy, Herbal, Sweet, Vanilla
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Terpinolene, a-Myrcene

Blue Dream Strain Seeds For Sale USA

Even those with limited experience in the cannabis culture, have likely heard of Blue Dream Fem strain seeds. This sativa dominant hybrid provides a fantastic daytime buzz. Blue Dream strain is a great way to wake and bake and get your day off on the right foot. Who doesn’t love a big-time pick me up that will then lead right into a euphoric bliss? It sounds heavenly and those who have enjoyed it will vouch for that!

Some people enjoy a blueberry smoothie as they head out the door in the morning. Others ditch the healthy food and go for the delicious flavor that Blue Dream offers and savor the far more enjoyable benefits of a doobie snack. Users are not the only people who love this strain. Growers appreciate the minimal effort needed to grow this glorious plant. This herb hails from the West Coast and was originally bred in California. The original intent of this strain was to combat pain and depression and it firmly resides in the medicinal marijuana community as a solid healer. Before long though, the good words and vibes spread throughout the cannabis community and it became an instant hit with recreational users and dispensaries as well.

The THC range is relatively high with 17% on the low end and a peak of 24%. While the flavor and looks are going to instantly clamor for an introduction, it has so much more to offer. The CBD levels can also top out at 2% which further amplifies its crossover appeal. The buds are long and bushy with incredible blue hues that are covered with snow-covered looking trichomes. The blueberry and sugar flavors are going to linger on your tongue for an extra taste while the delightful aroma hangs around in the air!

Blue Dream’s high has taken all the best parts of its lineage and packed them all into a deliciously flavored package of greatness! It came to be thanks to the blending of Super Silver Haze and Blueberry Indica. The Haze brings long-lasting effects that are going to peak your creativity and provide a high energy cerebral buzz. The blueberry indica is going to soften these effects and provide a relaxing and calming high.

Growers love this strain for 2 main reasons. First, it is easy to grow with a little bit of TLC. Secondly, it produces high yields that are the ultimate reward for your efforts. The plant is a true cross between indica and sativa genetics and when you watch it grow you will understand. It is not as tall as many of the behemoths of the sativa world, yet it will be larger than almost all of your traditional indica plants. It will often reach heights of 5 feet which helps it fit neatly into the medium-sized category.

All in all, Blue Dream is definitely going to be at the top of many growers and users lists. It will be a strain that is brought into the growing rotation more often than it is left out. Those that have never experienced this delectable strain are going to hear rave reviews and once they try it, they will fully understand. The easy-going all day highs make it great for almost any activity you want to pursue, except taking a daydream! When you need a strain that is going to get you through the day without leaving you wilted over on the couch at day’s end, reach for some Blue Dream Fem!

What Makes Feminized Blue Dream Strain Popular?

Only a few strains throughout history have made waves in both recreational and medicinal markets and Blue Dream is one of them. Its genetic lineage has bagged accolades for its indica-heavy, sativa-heavy, and balanced hybrid versions. If there was ever a popular pot, this is it, and Weed Seeds USA has the seeds necessary for top-shelf cultivation or collection.

Originally a deadly cross of Blueberry and Haze, this desirable dank is known for its sweet and sugary berry-candy blast. With just a hint of mint, lavender, tarragon, and a tiny pang of citrus high in the nose, this bud is spectacular. Of course, this feminized bouquet would not be the dream it is without that whiff of skunky cheese. The flavors delivered are rich, intense, and enchanting as the stink wafting through the grow space. Exposure to cooler temperatures triggers the ever-popular production of vast coloration, including blue, pink, purple, and chartreuse, with the massive, dense and sticky buds curing to trichome-caked forest green, mauve, and violet marbling.

The effects of Blue Dream feminized are just as impressive as the fragrance, flavor and coloration. Though there have been sought-after medicinal, indica-dominant and heavy versions of this herb, the dream most widely appreciated is the OG sativa-heavy strain. This sexy beast cuts through stress, instantly uplifting and promoting optimistic outlooks. It is not too heavy, so it is ideal for any time of day, and never fails to take the edge off for hours afterward. If there is a better all-around bud than Blue Dream, we haven’t found it yet, and believe us, we look.

Blue Dream Feminized Medicinal Application

As many people as there are in America, there are that many reasons at least to journey toward finding just the right strain for you. A few years ago, breeders in Santa Cruz, California endeavored to find a permanent solution. What they came up with was the Blueberry/Haze super flower, Blue Dream.

Providing a balanced physical and focused cerebral experience, this botanical offers an average of 17% THC and, though cannabidiol levels in original Blue Dream are low, we do offer a 1:1 CBD strain. What our original friend carries with it is the capacity to alleviate stress, shift pessimistic perspectives, and strengthen the heart-mind connection. Physical relief comes through anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties, reportedly soothing muscle and joint discomfort, easing tension, and warming one’s inner hearth. Though these benefits may sound common or run-of-the-mill to some, those in need of this type of relief truly appreciate this strain.

Growing feminized seeds is something of a soothing experience in itself. The absence of male genetics means no energy is wasted on developing plants incapable of delivering the type of harvest you’re looking for as a medicinal consumer. With boys in the mix, gardening can become frustrating for some people and make their health issues worse. The novice or distracted grower can miss a male, therefore ensuring every bud will be packed with seeds. With Blue Dream feminized seeds, you’re safe to flower freely and enjoy the many award-winning benefits the Blue Dream family has to offer.

Dream Kush Strain Review

Blue Dream is a rock star, boasting offspring such as the well-loved and highly celebrated, Dream Kush, amongst others and, with its many charms, continues to lead the pack of popular pots. Thanks to the combination of original Blueberry and American Haze genetics, the resulting sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream is here for everyone to enjoy. At approximately 17% THC and .2% CBD, the creations these two parents unite to form are a wonderful example of what a true Blue Haze can be, and growing these genetics is both fun and rewarding.

Blue Dream doesn’t quite grow as you’d expect from the sativa-heavy genetics. A simple, fast, and colorful grow, fat buds, and the definite need for extraction are trademarks for a BD grow. A lover of either soil or hydro, this strain usually finishes in about 65 days and boasts a manageable THC count. It is ideal for patients and newcomers, and the relative CBD counts, though low, assist in delivering a stress-free experience. Berries, tart lemon, sugary candy, lavender, mint, and herbs are all common to the Blue Dream bouquet, demanding some form of air filtration.

A relaxing body stone starts in the core and ripples its way outward, slowly removing all sorts of stubborn sticks from our butts. As the eyelids start to grow ever closer, we start to feel the stone, which just gets heavier with time. Some consumers are couch-locked after one hit, though a mild lethargy is more common for experienced consumers. This is not a daytime weed, so when you’re ready to kick back and take your shoes off, bring out the bong because Dream Kush is coming.

Buy Blue Dream Photo Fem in the USA

When you want to be the Blue King, Queen, or Blue Other of your block, starting with the right Blue Dream seeds from a reputable distributor is what you have to do. Buy Blue Dream photo fem seeds online from Weed Seeds USA and within a few days, a secure and discreet package with your name on it will arrive, ready to be opened like so many presents throughout the holidays. It has never been easier to find, select, and purchase the seeds you love, and with Weed Seeds USA, you do not have to be an internet sleuth to find what you need.

Shopping American is important to our country, not just with all that’s going on, but supporting the red-white-and-blue contributes to national financial efficacy. When we work with American seed specialists to supply the American population with US-grown cannabis seeds, it means you have access to strains like Blue Dream and the Kush, and Haze family ancestry. Shopping American keeps your dollars coming back to you and ours to us, so we all benefit.

Bred in America by US seed breeders for US growers, these shells of dreamy potential are well suited to contribute much to your learning, your joy of cultivation, and your ultimate success. If you want the best you should shop with a company that cares about your final product. Weed Seeds USA has ideal Blue Dream feminized photoperiod seeds, and we also have resources so you can learn more about the differences between the various types of cannabis seeds. We provide secure payment options, and speedy delivery, so come and get in on the action.

How to Germinate Blue Dream Photo Fem Seeds

Blue Dream Photo fem is a blessing of a strain for growers and collectors alike throughout the United States and many people count on its charms. Those who need an all-natural elixir for their physical woes seek it out for relief. Some rely on it for a mental uplift. In epicurean communities, Blue Dream is a prime example of what a tasty strain can be. If you have chosen to purchase Blue Dream Photo Fem and are curious to know how a seed pops, you’re in for a treat.

This strain is simple to germinate, requiring only a couple of household components, and maybe some rooting hormone or nutrient from your local plant shop. The most effective way to germinate Blueberry Haze seeds is by soaking them in a small glass of water overnight. Growers see success with adding a few drops of fish emulsion or rooting solution because it provides just the right trace minerals necessary for early root strength.

Once soaked for 24 hours, your seeds are ready for stage two. Fold a paper towel and lay it on a plate, pour a bit of the water and your seeds onto the towel, and space those baby dreams out a bit. Lay a second folded towel over the top and pour out the rest of the water over it. make sure the towels are fully moistened and pour off excess water. Leave the whole thing in a warm, dark place for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, or until taproots emerge. Once you see your shells have cracked and little noses are poking out, lift them carefully off the towel and plant them with love.

Is Blue Dream Strain Easy To Grow?

Just as simple as germinating these seeds, the Blue Dream cannabis strain is relatively easy to grow. Given you have a bit of experience with photoperiod females and have the gear necessary to ensure consistent environmental control, the risk of hermaphrodites is low. As long as you can mimic natural hybrid environments, you can squeeze some pretty amazing coloration and incredible terpene profiles out of this sativa-dominant ganja.

A strain as versatile as Blue Dream can do well with several cultivation methodologies. Oftentimes, this strain will exhibit indica-like characteristics and a stunning color palette, allowing you to plan clone rotations in speedy seas of green. Those phenotypes which lean more toward the sativa side allow for screen cultivation, though both training options remain available to any grower. The medium is another aspect of cultivation which Blue Dream leaves up to you. This strain is reported to crush in both soil and hydro grows, and those who prefer coir report the same massive buds as anyone else.

Whether you opt for soil or DWC, sea or screen, indoors or outdoors, Blue Dream, like all cannabis cultivars, benefits from some form of training. Early topping, spreading branching out for light penetration, and defoliation are all necessary to growing award-winning BD buds. Since it is sativa-dominant, the Haze side brings out some foxtails at times and, as we mentioned earlier, it is uber important to keep that atmosphere dialed in. Lower humidity toward the end of flowering will insure against rot or other pathogenic infections later on, though protection against the usual suspects is just smart gardening.

Blue Dream Seed Bank

We can’t express the level of excitement we feel about Blue Dream without getting flagged and fined for lude behavior. That being said, we love our clients more, so in the Blue Dream seed bank of Weed Seeds USA, you don’t only find our beloved photo fem. We also have auto, fast, feminized, regular, indica, sativa, hybrid, high-THC, and high-CBD examples by the pound.

For those who like to keep it simple in the grow space, we offer a range of autoflowers, including Blue Dream auto, Blue Mazar auto, Magnum auto fem and, one of our all-time favorites, Blue Lemon Haze. Of course, we have other photoperiod strains to suit those facing a more demanding demographic. On this list are, Blue Widow photo fem and, a truly Kushy blend, Blue Badazz OG photo fem. For breeders and other strain builders, clone factories, and phenotype hunters, we have regular seeds including Cement Shoes photo reg, a fantastic, indica-dominant, OG-based beauty.

These seeds may lead you into the world of Haze, where you will find such intense and fundamental creations as Amnesia, Super Silver, Super Lemon, and, of course, Blue Haze. Maybe you head in the other direction, toward Afghan, Northern Lights, Blue Headband, and Blueberry Mist. Whatever you like, the bank of over 500 strains at Weed Seeds USA has it, something like it, or something better and, if it’s simply a Blue Dream seed you seek, we have that too.

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Cannabis communities have a lot to celebrate in the creation of Blue Dream strain sativas and indicas. The list of effects includes balanced recreational focus and creativity, relaxation, and repose from worldly pressures. It also includes relief from physical stress, tension, inflammation, and pain. This strain also grows like a dream, starting like any other and finishing as one of the greatest buds in the business.

We aim to serve up a user-friendly online shopping experience. We continue to design and redesign our online platform based on intuitive navigation and consumer feedback. It is our mission to supply American growers and collectors with high-quality genetics in an attempt to do our part to help America out a bit. We offer ongoing support in the form of product pages and grow guides and we make ourselves available so that, when you need to reach out, you have a top-rated cannabis seed distributor you can rely on.

All you have to do is create an account to enjoy a selection of hundreds of strains. The next step is choosing between personal or wholesale packages and seed specials and once that is done you will benefit from our nondescript delivery. Your Blue Dream seeds have been grown by the country’s best, packaged with care, and are viable enough for either cultivation or long-term storage. We are also available by phone at Call US, by email at Create A Support Request. However you choose to reach us, we are happy to help with all of your inquiries.

Growing Blue Dream Photoperiod Female Cannabis From Seed

These cannabis seeds are feminized which means that they are going to produce female plants. These are the ones that produce the significant majority of the weed you desire. They will begin flowering when they start to receive less light outdoors or when the light cycles indoors are adjusted or manipulated.

As mentioned, these plants are going to be taller than almost all indica plants yet not become a monster like some classic sativa strains. Many plants are going to settle in the 47 to 67-inch range in height. Their size makes them versatile and a great choice for indoors and not an issue when growing outdoors as well. These medium-sized plants are going to enjoy the Mediterranean or subtropical climate best, and who can blame them. This is easy to replicate indoors but if blessed with this as your natural growing space, be humble and enjoy! This fabulous strain is lauded for its sweetness but there are always 2 edges to every blade. This feature can attract parasites fairly easily because of the sweetness, so be aware when growing outdoors. This plant is especially prone to red spider mite attacks, so a keen eye and consistent observing are going to be beneficial.

This plant has so much to offer aesthetically, from the sublime amber pistils that adorn the trichome rich buds to the deep blue hue that really takes form when exposed to cooler conditions during the flowering stage. This killer strain is going to be the belle of the ball and the talk of the town after you crack it open with your crowd.

When growing indoors, the climate should replicate a Mediterranean vibe. These plants are going to do well in hydroponics or organic soil which means the path of least resistance will be well-traveled. Utilizing the Sea of Green (SOG) technique is going to be your silver bullet if you are trying to maximize yields. With a SOG set up, you grow a sea of several plants, rather than just a few big ones. By putting them into the flowering stage while they are still small, harvest time comes sooner. Reaping 1.9 ounces per square foot is easily within the realm of possibility when following these steps.

When you plant these in the great outdoors, know that you are going to need to give some extra attention to these beauties. The extra TLC is going to revolve around protecting them from extreme weather changes and parasites. Remember the red spider mites? They are going to want to ruin your day so be vigilant and do not allow them to do so. If growing in the optimal Mediterranean or subtropics, nearing 25 ounces per plant will not be out of the question. If growing in more northern climates, you can still achieve a good harvest but be sure that the warmth, access to sun, and protection from the wind are up to snuff.

Flowering Time For Blue Dream Strain Seeds

When left to mother nature, the amount of light is going to fluctuate depending on location. This means that a less finite time frame is going to be available, but generally, harvests are going to be ready in late September or early October. Be sure to constantly monitor these plants to ensure that you are grabbing your yield at the right time.

When they are thriving in the comfortable confines of indoor living, these plants are going to be ready after a 10-week flowering period.

Blueberry Dream Photoperiod Feminized Cannabis Medical Application

Originally bred for medicinal purposes, Blue Dream can be beneficial for those seeking relief from a variety of ailments. The uplifting effect can do wonders for those who are feeling worried, bogged down by negative thoughts, and feeling exhausted. It could be helpful for those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can be a great source of relief for those who are suffering from headaches, migraines, and chronic pain. Help restore your body to the way it felt before debilitating conditions reared their ugly heads and grab some Blue Dream Fem seeds from Weed Seeds now.

Flavours, Fragrance, and Effects

Blue Dream is known for its outstanding aromas and flavors. It brings both parents into the mix right away and offers distinctly different yet appealing aromas. The Silver Haze provides an earthy aroma while Blueberry comes with the hard-hitting blueberry intoxication that the strain has become famous for. The scent is quite powerful and will fill up your grow space before fully ripe so be sure to incorporate a ventilation system when growing indoors.

As you light up, you are going to notice the sweet scent of vanilla. As the smoke hits your lips, it begins its descent into all aspects of your palate. The blueberry flavor comes through full throttle but brings along a dash of other berries to not make it overpowering. The Haze brings along an herbal tone that offsets the sweetness to help make it a luxurious smoke. Think of sipping on an herbal tea with a nice fruit salad all the while enjoying the cerebral buzz that is taking hold.

This strain is easy for growers and is easy on novice users alike. It is not likely to overwhelm inexperienced smokers but also brings enough to the plate that veterans of the ganja game are going to be satisfied. In moderate doses, it is going to be strong enough yet not overwhelm.

This energizing strain is going to boost your mood and enlighten you with a euphoric cerebral buzz. It will help clear those cobwebs away when you wake up groggy and give you the boost you need to get your butt in gear. It is perfectly suited for morning use, as it will give you sustained energy while alleviating the worries and stresses that clog the mind all too often. Better than a few cups of coffee, this strain is not going to make you jittery, agitated or jumpy yet will keep your energy stores full and allow you to get that to-do list accomplished. The indica effects will help keep a mellow mood without interfering with the ability to remain active.

The recreational user can harness this uplifted mood, energized mind, and body all while enjoying the calm relaxation that will set it as well. The high is going to last for several hours and the comedown is extremely gentle. You are not going to experience a burn out effect as the buzz will fade away smoothly.

Blue Dream does have a few side effects, like all cannabis strains, that need to be dealt with. The typical dry eyes and cottonmouth are going to pester you. These are easily taken care of with proper hydration, before, during, and after as well as having some eye drops handy. Smoking in moderate doses is going to make these side effects less pervasive as well. If you have a low tolerance for THC, you might want to tread lightly. This moderately high THC content can cause dizziness and in rare cases can heighten anxiety and paranoia.

Buy Wholesale Blue Dream Strain Seeds Online

Whether you are buying wholesale to keep costs down for your commercial operation or if you are a breeder trying to whip up the next, great strain, we have you covered. Get your marijuana seeds in bulk from Weed Seeds so that you are never without. While we are going to always work diligently to get your seeds to you promptly, time is money, and having the seeds ready for planting exactly on your timetable can be the make it or break it moment for you. Let us help your bottom line with unbeatable wholesale prices. Come order all the weed seeds you will need to take your business to the next level.

Buy Blue King Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds

Any time you buy wholesale or in bulk you are going to keep more of your hard-earned money. Our seeds are going to remain fresh for extended periods of time, so you do not need to worry about not planting them right away. They are all premium cannabis seeds with the finest genetics that will be ready when you are.

Blueberry Dream Photoperiod Fem Strain Seeds in the USA

A West Coast strain that is known around the world and loved for the lineage, this strain is as sweet as American pie. The aroma, and flavor just as much as the robust effects make it beneficial and sought after in the medicinal cannabis community as well as the recreational landscape. These are easy to grow indoors and able to be grown outdoors with a little extra effort and planning. They can boast a moderate to potent THC level that ranges from 17-24%.

The Super Silver Haze and Blueberry Indica lovechild offer an energizing high that will not send you over the top. It blends the relaxation and cerebral buzz well and makes it ideal for invigorating your day and giving you the juice to get everything done without leaving you needing a nap at the end of it. It is perfectly suited for daytime use and a good old-fashioned wake-and-bake!

Be sure to head over to Weed Seeds to get your hands on this highly sought-after strain. It has been known to fly off the shelves at local dispensaries so growing at home is going to ensure that you are always going to have the stuff when you need it!

Similar Strain Seeds For Sale in the USA

Blueberry Auto Fem has been popular for decades. It has taken home Cannabis Cup hardware for best indica strains. Deep relaxation will be enjoyed during an ascending mental euphoria after a session with this strain all brought to you with an impeccable flavor.

Northern Lights x Blueberry Auto Fem is a small but robust and powerful plant. A mere toke or 2 of this delightful strain is going to be enough to deliver the restful and relaxing sleep that you are after all in a fruity and flavorful package.

Cinderella99 x Blueberry Fast Photo Fem is a beginner’s dream. This hybrid strain is easy to grow and descends from fantastic lineage. It is going to have you feeling happy and euphoric all while enjoying supreme relaxation and a good night’s rest as you have never imagined. It boasts a 15 to 20% THC content and it is a fast flowering plant so you will have the goods sooner rather than later!

Breeders have outdone themsel