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When looking for a new top-notch strain to spice things up in the garden, make sure you check out Blue Columbia Kush. This hybrid – indica is incredibly high-yielding, with indoor growers able to pick 500 grams per meter squared and outdoor growers able to harvest 600 grams per plant. It boasts pest and disease resistance and a fast-flowering time of eight weeks. Blue Columbian Kush is your number one choice if you seek a reliable and quick flowering strain and Weed Seeds is your number one choice for reliable phenotypes.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 23%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield500g m/2
Outdoor Yield550-600g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Aromas & FlavorsCitrus, Lemon, Pine, Kush
TerpenesAlpha Terpineol, Linalool, Limonene, Trans-nerolidol, Alpha Pinene

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If you have been browsing our feminized seeds, Blue Columbia OG might have caught your eye, and why wouldn’t it. With 15-23% THC and < 2% CBD, this strain is the ultimate strain for users who are just getting into cannabis. The CBD content will make the high outstanding and smooth. While the THC content might not be breaking any records, that doesn’t imply that this strain won’t be lifting you up. Where this strain truly shines is in the sheer amount of cannabis you can get from a single harvest. Indoor producers will be able to produce 500 grams per meter squared. At the same time, outdoor cultivators will get a yield of 550 to 600 grams per plant. Once this plant has entered its flowering phase, most growers will be able to start gathering their giant buds in as little as eight weeks. This strain has a remarkable aroma and flavor profile. While growing, your grow area will smell so much like a forest you might feel as if you are deep into the woods. This fresh scent will carry on through the whole growing experience. Expect to be tasting large bursts of intense lemony goodness on every puff that transforms into a sweet aftertaste on the exhale. As for the effects of this premium cannabis strain, being an indica leaning hybrid, you will be feeling sensations of calm as this exotic flower flows through your body. In a few puffs, a powerful euphoric energy will take hold. Perfect for users who might be a bit down in the dumps. As the effects fade away, users will be left with an overwhelming sense of relaxation. So, if you need a strain that will put you to sleep after getting some chores done, this is the strain for you.

How to Germinate Blue Columbian Kush Photo Fem Seeds

The process to germinate your marijuana seeds is not very complicated. In fact, once you do it the first time, you will never have to look up how to do it again. To start the germination process, all you have to do is acquire a few items you should have lying around the house. The first item will be a flat surface that won’t get damaged by water and a couple of sheets of paper towels, some tweezers, and of course, your high-grade Blue Columbia OG seeds. Once you have collected all the required items, the first task will be running the paper towels under some running water for just a few seconds. You will want the paper towel to be damp and not dripping with water, so wring it out if it seems too full of water. Once that is all taken care of, lay your seeds out, leaving about an inch and a half to two inches between them. It’s essential to try not to handle the seeds with your bare hands as the oils on your hands might cause damage to the seeds, which is why we recommend using tweezers to place the seeds on the damp paper towel. Once the seeds have been neatly placed, lay another damp paper towel on top of them. You are ensuring that they are fully covered. Now that your seeds are all tucked in for their growth spurt, take the surface and covered seeds and place them in a dark spot. A cupboard or a spare room will work. Leave them for a few days, usually about two to seven days. You will know they are ready when the taproot has burst forth from the seed, making them look like little sprouts.

Growing Blue Columbia Kush From Seed From Seed At Home

If you have exhausted all the classical strains and want to attempt to grow a somewhat unheard-of strain with exotic attributes, growing Blue Columbian OG will be quite an enjoyable experience. Not only will this aroma of your grow space become filled with wonderful fresh woody scents, but you will be rewarded quite well for those who take the time to get to know the plant. Cultivating indoors will net you 500g/m2 of lush, dank buds. For those who enjoy the great outdoors and are looking for a strain that will put other varieties to shame, then Blue Columbian Kush won’t let you down. When grown under the sun, this strain will yield 550-600g per plant. This strain will grow rather splendidly outdoors thanks to its disease and pest resistance. This flower seems to be relatively nutrient hungry, so make sure you stock up on some good organic fertilizer as you have a few mouths to feed now, and they will munch up nearly all the food you give them. Outdoor growers will need to ensure that their soil is filled with the essential nutrients that cannabis plants require. This strain is best grown by farmers who have a few harvests under their belts due to how high maintenance the plants can be regarding how much they will eat. This strain makes a great addition to any garden. You can find strains just like Blue Columbian in our 120 Feminized Mixed Pack. This strain comes feminized, so you won’t have to spend the time sorting through males and females. No matter what medium you choose to grow with, Blue Columbian OG will produce for you in numbers, and you will enjoy it.

Flowering Time For Blue Columbia OG Feminized

The most pleasurable time for any cannabis cultivator is the flowering period. The plants have kicked it into complete overdrive, and your room is swimming in intense fragrances. Blue Columbia OG has such intense aromas that the few growers who have tried their hand at this exotic have said they never want to leave the grow space. Once it has entered into its flowering phase, you can expect to be chopping buds in 8-10 weeks. If you are producing cannabis indoors, once this strain has flipped over into its flowering, you will want to change the light color. A red or far-red light will make this strain pop and allow the terpenes to fully develop. Some growers have chosen to use an orange light with this specific strain. Orange lights are a nice mixture between red and yellow and act as a wonderful supplement to your already red light. If you are cultivating outdoors, once this plant reaches its flowers, make sure you keep checking on the buds as they can grow rather large and might need to be propped up so that no branches break. One of the most favorable aspects of this strain is the fact that the terpenes are so pungent once it reaches its flower phase. The chance of getting bugs on it drops to nearly zero as terpenes are actually defense mechanisms on the plant to repel pests. The flowering time for Blue Colombia Kush is relatively short, making it perfect for growers on a tight timeline. Once these flowers start, they don’t stop, only increasing size and trichome development. It’s a sight to behold as the flowering phase begins to end. Make sure you are watching the trichome color as the window for the perfect bud is relatively short.

What Makes Blue Columbia Strain Popular?

Blue Columbian is a somewhat rare strain, making it exotic to many smokers. One of the primary reasons why this strain is so popular is thanks to its excellent yields. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, farmers should expect to be getting upwards of 500 grams off a plant, with indoors being able to get more depending on the size of the grow. This strain is moderately unheard of and will significantly affect those lucky enough to try it. It is gaining popularity as more users get their hands on this delicious flower. If you are a fan of intense aromas, look no further than Blue Colombia Kush. It will transform your grow room into a dense, lush jungle with its concentrated terpenes. Whether you choose to grow indoors or outdoors, this strain’s aroma is so strong you will be able to smell it miles away. Each puff will have you diving deeper and deeper into a sea of flavor. It’s truly something that not many strains will achieve. This strain is truly a sleeping giant. All it needs is the right farmer to produce a few pounds and send it to the right people. In no time, we can see this exotic strain sweeping the nation. Even if you don’t usually grow for taste, you need to try this aromatic flower at least once in your life. This strain has a mysterious origin, and not many people have had the chance to try it. It makes it perfect for growers who like a bit of mystery in their lives and are up to the challenge of charting new waters. You can be like a sea otter, holding onto its precious shells, but except instead of shells, its dank bud.

Fragrance and Flavors of Blue Columbian Kush Photo Fem

The fragrances and tastes of Blue Columbian Kush truly set it apart from other strains. As the plants begin to grow, you will notice a very faint pine aroma begins to creep into your cultivation space. This smell will only continue to increase as the plants begin to develop. Not soon after the plants have entered into their flowering stage will your whole room begin to take on the characteristics of a full-blown forest. Giant trees of weed and the fragrance of a forest will be what your space ends up looking and smelling like. After the flowering period, and as you begin to dry and cure your succulent buds, they will start to shift from piney into the classic pungent kush aroma. This kushy scent will be carried over into the finished product so that when you open a bag of fully cured buds, you will be blasted by the potent perfume that everyone loves. Once you begin crushing and rolling up the buds, one of the first things you will notice is how the kush scent transforms. This aroma will become mixed with lemon undertones. As you begin to have a few tokes, you will most certainly notice the citric aspect of this flavor become quite more pronounced. Once the flower has burned for a few puffs, the flavor suddenly shifts into much more of an earthy tone. If you are a chaser of taste, this strain is one you will not want to miss out on. Not many flowers have such a diverse transformation of flavor while smoking. If you are using flowers to make extracts, this is a strain that will bring you some of the most intense flavors you can imagine.

Effects of Blue Columbia Kush Feminized

When looking for cheap seeds, you might worry that the effects of the strain might be subpar. Well, you can rest assured that all of our seeds are just as high quality, no matter the price. The same can be said for our Blue Columbia seeds. The effects of this stellar indica leaning hybrid are nothing to scoff at. When you first get the chance to sample this delectable flower, you will begin to notice that your mood has increased dramatically. You will feel uplifted and filled with joy. This joyous effect will have you laughing at all the things you worried about before having a toke. Not only does this euphoric sensation last the whole experience, but the positive outlook will also linger until you head to bed. Since this strain is a hybrid, you will notice both the classic indica effects such as a full-body relaxation and calm, but also a slight head high thanks to the sativa aspect. Many users report the stereotypical sativa buzz lasting throughout the day, making this flower a great daytime smoke. If you are using cannabis for medical purposes, this strain will fit nicely for users who are seeking out the pain relief of an indica without much of the burnout that can come with heavy indica flowers. However, it should be said that as the effects begin to fade away, users will still feel very comfortable laying in their bed and that sleep should come easily to those who might struggle with insomnia. No matter what your purpose is for needing a good hybrid, you can always buy Blue Columbia Kush in our always popular 120 Feminized Mixed Pack. This will allow you to get a wonderful variety of cannabis strains for your garden.

Overview of Blue Columbia OG Photo Fem Stats

This is a very exotic strain that is hard to find, and while the THC might only be around 20%, that doesn’t make it any less powerful. This flower has a CBD content of around 2% and new users can feel right at home with it. Being a hybrid, the effects are a nice mixture between sativa and indica, though it does lean more into the indica side of things. Outdoor yields will be large, with most plants producing 600 grams per plant, while indoor growers should expect 500 grams per meter squared. The overwhelming pine aroma many experience while growing this strain is all thanks to Alpha Pinene, while the sweet citrusy flavor is thanks to Limonene. Alpha Terpineol is another terpene of note, which is mostly found in apples and blueberries and will help users who need to calm down and relax. The uplifting aspects of this strain are mostly thanks to the wonderful terpene Linalool. This terpene is found in lavender and can help with balancing the mood and enhancing it. One of the more scarce terpenes that are hard to come by in cannabis is Trans-nerolidol. This has a unique flavor and scent and has a large number of positive benefits such as being a sedative and antifungal. As your plants enter flowering, you will begin to see the full effects of these terpenes kick in. Soak it in while you can, as the flowering time for Blue Co Kush is somewhat short. Most plants will be finished anywhere between eight to ten weeks. Blue Columbia OG is a strain that many will not have heard of, so why not get a leg up on your friends and start to produce a flower that might just be the next famous strain.

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  1. Nathanael Zimmerman

    I thought this would have more of a berry fragrance, but the color is pretty rad. More citrus than anything..I give it a 7 out of ten

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Blue Columbian Kush Seeds

When looking for a new top-notch strain to spice things up in the garden, make sure you check out Blue Columbia Kush. This hybrid – indica is incredibly high-yielding, with indoor growers able to pick 500 grams per meter squared and outdoor growers able to harvest 600 grams per plant. It boasts pest and disease resistance and a fast-flowering time of eight weeks. Blue Columbian Kush is your number one choice if you seek a reliable and quick flowering strain and Weed Seeds is your number one choice for reliable phenotypes.

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