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This indica dominant bud with its high THC content evident from its rich, sparkling blanket of trichomes, offers some awesome benefits that are revered by recreational tokers and medical patients alike. Best reserved for evening use or when you have a free schedule and the ability to snooze as the finishing effects are deeply sedating. The slough of benefits from the use of this herb are delivered on swirls of sweet, mouth watering smoke. Though, you will likely be left wanting another puff, approach this potent bud with caution and enjoy the relaxed, yet uplifting ride! The genetic mix of two crowd pleasing parents and a fast flowering strain makes for a unique bud that is easy for even the novice grower to cultivate. It is no wonder that this strain is so popular. Anyone would be smart to add this beauty into their homegrown stash!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Flower Time7-9 weeks
Indoor Yield350-450g per square meter
Outdoor Yield400-500g per plant
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Herbal, Pine, Spice, Sweet, Woody

Blue Cinderella Fast Seeds For Sale USA

This genetic marvel is a mix of two popular powerhouse strains, Cinderella 99 and Blueberry. Cinderella 99 is known as the “happy ever after” herb. It is a sativa dominant strain that offers energizing and blissful cognitive effects while Blueberry brings some powerful body soothing and sedated qualities. The combination creates an indica dominant herb that is best suited for night time use. A few puffs after dinner will set you up for a nice evening, and the end result will be a mental and physical relaxation so deep that you will have no choice but to let your head hit the pillow while you fall into dreamland. With THC levels between 15 and 20%, you can expect the initial high to be a strong cerebral buzz that eliminates negativity and emotional tension. Between the euphoric mental high and the tranquilizing body stone, this is a great option for both recreational and medicinal use.

As well as offering a plethora of awesome effects that are delivered on sweet, delicious smoke, this strain is the cultivators dream. The plants require little fuss and produce abundant yields. You can grow this strain in or outdoors and, as the name implies, it matures with some serious speed! The addition of fast flowering genetics makes it so you do not have to wait long to collect the sticky nugs and reap their benefits. These seeds are also feminized, which contributes to their supreme growing ease. Breeders stress trained a female plant to produce pollen and used that plant to pollinate other females, resulting in yields of pure feminine seeds. This is preferred, as each seed is guaranteed to grow into those nug producing ladies we love. Plus, it eliminates the need to watch for and weed out the male seedlings, making the early stages of growing essentially effortless.

Thankfully you do not need to go far to find these seeds, you can buy them from your home through Weed Seeds. When you choose to order through Weed Seeds, you are ensuring you get the best quality, genetically pure seeds on the market. We source our seeds from reputable, educated and experienced gardeners. After a lot of research, we have found the best ways to store and transport our superior seeds. By doing so, we have maintained their integrity and are able to offer our customers germination guarantees. If this does not instill some confidence in your growing process, we also have an awesome customer service team at your disposal. If you have any questions or concerns as you embark on your journey, you can reach out via our online contact form or by phone for assistance. Our goal is to make your home grow as easy and as fruitful as possible.

Let us delve a little deeper into the effects, benefits, flavors and growing requirements of this unique bud.

What Makes Feminized Blue Cinderella Fast Strain Popular?

Blue Cinderella is a cult favourite with prestigious genes, famous for being powerful but surprisingly niche. Veteran smokers swear by it as the perfect all-day strain, while recreational and medicinal users love its unique, sunny attitude and graceful comedown. More talked about than she is seen, Blue Cinderella is considered a more energetic and social alternative to her legendary half-sister Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant hybrid is what stoners who know their weed take out when they want to impress their friends before a night on the town.

Blue Cindy, as she’s sometimes known, is the meeting of two heavy-hitters of the cannabis world. Her genetics combine DJ Short’s seminal indica, Blueberry, with the sativa-dominant Cinderella 99 from Brother’s Grimm Genetics. Those two were crossed with some extra Skunk by geneticists in the Netherlands to make Cindy. You’d think with parents that famous, she’d be more in the public eye. Instead, Blue Cindy has become somewhat of a shibboleth and a prestige for true weed nerds. Growers love this strain for its quickness to flower, ease of cultivation, plentiful yields, beautiful presentation and aromas, and bragging rights for having a rare one. The total package!

Blue Cinderella got her cult status with consumers thanks to her high THC content and socially gregarious effects, coupled with extreme analgesic properties that come into effect an hour or two after smoking. Fitting for her name, recreational users like to take her dancing, or to parties where her sativa sociability shines through. She’s the total package.

Wellness Application of Cinderella99 x Blueberry Feminized

Cinderella99 x Blueberry’s wellness applications are impressive and varied. Its strong sativa genes have made it a go-to for people looking to alleviate mental health symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, stress, mood disorders, and low-level funks brought on by bad days. Its often-potent THC content and indica ancestors give it an amazing breadth of pain killing applications including for migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, and even premenstrual symptoms! This is also a strain that really encourages attacks of the munchies, which is perfect for folks who suffer from a loss of appetite or nausea. For its exceptional blend of sativa sociability and indica analgesics, Blue Cinderella is touted as a great all-day strain for people feeling the effects of chemotherapy or chronic nerve pain. Blue Cindy’s comedown is all about helping you get a great night’s rest. Smoke it all day and then let the comedown get you home and in bed before midnight.

Blue Cinderella’s exceptional resin production and pleasant fruity taste makes it great for edible and concentrate production. Folks looking for alternative ways to use this niche strain won’t be left wanting. Any distributor carrying Blue Cinderella will likely be able to steer you towards the 710 and edible section of their selection.

As with many high THC strains carried by compassion clubs, beginner tokers should be wary of ingesting too much lest they suffer the consequences. Although this strain is well-known for its pleasant and euphoric high, inexperienced users could suffer from light headedness, cottonmouth, anxiety, and even paranoia if they don’t use in moderation.

C99 x Blueberry Strain Review

C99 x Blueberry’s THC content is between 15 and 23%, with CBD at less than one. It’s high in the terpene a-myrcene, which might explain its intense and rapidly acting high.

Cinderella strains flower for seven to nine weeks, and are well-known for growing quickly. The plants are indica-like, short and bushy. A batch of C99 x Blueberry will stay between three and six feet in height. If you grow it in soil, you’ll benefit from a richer development of its lovely bouquet. The smell of the flowering plant is likened to a pine forest splashed with citrus fruits. As the buds are cure, the deep fruity smell of her Blueberry lineage begins to come through.

Buds are large and can be either tall and thin or thick and globular. Her flowers are a deep and intense green and are covered in sugary trichomes and long red hairs. This is another strain that can get some purple in its leaves. Breaking the buds apart releases more fruity smell, likened to blueberries and pineapple. The smoke of C99 x Blueberry is thick and Christmas tree fresh at first, but matures into an herbal and citrus blend. Exhaling brings out a deep, fruity aftertaste.

The onset of the high is quick and like herbal Prozac. Expect a headrush followed by giddiness, euphoria, and sociability. About an hour later, the munchies and a body high kick in, making you relaxed and fuzzy around the edges. The end of the high is a bedtime dream. However, you could keep smoking and dance all night long, if you wanted to.

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Cinderella is the story of a hard-working woman beating the odds to become a princess. Aside from the monarchy of it all, we think her story is a shining example of the ideals of class mobility and meritocracy that makes America the country we love to be based in. All of our genetics are fairy tales come to life.

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How to Germinate Blue Cinderella Fast Photo Fem Seeds

You don’t need a fairy godmother to turn your seeds into gorgeous and productive plants. All you need is the paper towel method! This low-tech process involves keeping the seeds moisturized and warm in a dark place, which tells the seeds that the growing conditions are right for it to activate and begin growing.

For this method, you’ll need two plates, paper towels, distilled water, tweezers, and a warm, dark, safe place. Optional tools include a seedling heating pad, a permanent marker, a large sandwich bag, and a spray bottle.

Place one plate down and put a paper towel on it. Label your paper towel now with a permanent marker if you’re going to. Wait until the ink dries, and then wet the paper towel. It should be wet enough to stay moist, but not so wet that it’s creating a puddle on the plate. Space your seeds out on the paper towel. Cover the seeds with another wet paper towel, tuck the edges of the towel in and place the other plate on top. You can either place your plates on the seedling heating pad, put them in the sandwich bag to prevent drying out, both, or neither. Just be sure to check on your seeds every twelve hours or so and don’t let the towels dry out.

In one to six days your seeds should be cracked open and sprouting. Those strings you see aren’t roots, they’re baby plants! Put those babies in some nice soil or hydroponic growing medium and watch them transform.

Is Cinderella99 x Blueberry Strain Easy To Grow?

Cinderella99 x Blueberry is exceptionally easy to grow. Our fast photo fem seeds are extra fast, and Cindy is generally forgiving and adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. You’ll want to keep your plants between seventy and eighty degrees with a relative humidity of forty to fifty percent. Plenty of light, plenty of nutrients and you’re golden.

For outdoor growing, Cinderella99 x Blueberry likes the tropics, she likes the subtropics, she likes both arid and Mediterranean climates. You’ll be able to harvest somewhere between four and five hundred grams per plant by mid-September in the northern hemisphere, mid-March down under. Give her space though because Cindy really shows her sativa side outdoors and can get up to six feet tall.

Make sure to keep her photoperiod in the sixteen hours of light to eight hours of dark split during the vegetal stage, going down to an even twelve and twelve as you reach the flowering phase. You can grow your indoor plants using either soil or hydroponic solution. Cindy’s not fussy. She thrives in Sea of Green production rooms, where lots of her fast-growing plants are kept in uniform conditions and convinced to flower early so that each little cola has equal access to light and vital nutrients. You’ll be rewarded with six to nine weeks of indoor flowering, banking you around one and a half to three ounces per square foot. Indoors and not using the Sea of Green, Cinderella99 x Blueberry will typically stay at around three feet in height.

Blue Cinderella Fast Seed Bank

Blueberry C99, another name for Blue Cinderella, is just one of over five hundred strains we carry. Whether you need autoflowering, photoperiod, fast seeds, feminized seeds, or regular seeds, we have it! We carry Blue Cindy in photo feminized and fast photo feminized versions, so you’ll never be late to the ball. Blueberry C99 is a high THC strain, but we also carry specially formulated high THC seeds and high CBD seeds for peace of mind and body. Blueberry C99 is a sativa-dominant hybrid, but we also carry specifically indica seeds, sativa seeds, hybrid seeds, and ruderalis seeds so you can do your own experimenting. We also carry seeds for specific growing situations whether you need outdoor seeds, indoor seeds, or greenhouse seeds. Our massive collection includes cheap seeds, souvenir seeds, and even wholesale seeds.

Blue Cinderella is the child of Blueberry and Cinderella 99. We carry Cinderella99 in photo fem, fast photo fem, and as  reg Cindy99, plain and simple. Our varieties of Cinderella include Cinderella Pie, Haze, Mist, Skunk, Velvet, Somango, Taskenti, Tangilope, and Northern. We also carry her sister, African Princess 88. To go back even further up this side of the family tree, check out our wide selection of Jack Herer seeds. We also carry a massive variety of Blueberry genetics including auto fem, photo fem, photo regular, fast photo fem, and high CBD types. We carry Blueberry variants including Mazar, Widow, Kush, and Northern. Going back to the source, dig into our huge selection of Kushes and deep ancestral indicas.

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Growing Cinderella99 x Blueberry Fast Photoperiod Female

These plants exhibit classic indica traits. They are small, bushy and reminiscent of stout Christmas trees. They reach between 3 and 5 feet in height which makes them suitable for an indoor grow room or to tuck away in a garden grow operation. Finding a space with lots of room for lateral growth will suit them best, as they will hit their optimal production potential when they have the freedom to sprawl. Expect abundant bud production that their sturdy limbs have no trouble supporting. Basic care will include trimming and pruning to manage the dense foliage. This will allow light and air to reach the lower branches and more energy to head straight to the expanding, trichome rich nugs.

While this plant can thrive in or out, it is often grown in a controlled environment. These beauties will be happiest in temperatures between 69 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity levels between 40 and 50%. Growing in batches can be done using the Sea of Green technique. This is where the canopy of the plants is expanded to support light penetration and air exposure to the entirety of the plant. When many plants are grown like this in a small area, you can maximize yields tremendously. If these conditions are met, an indoor setup can yield 1.47 ounces per square foot.

Growing indoors will be the best choice unless you live in a Mediterranean style climate that is dry with mild temperatures. However, when these preferred environmental conditions are met, an outdoor setup can produce large harvests of 19.4 ounces per plant!

These plants are photoperiod bloomers, which means they rely on light fluctuation to be encouraged to move from their vegetation stage to their flowering process. This occurs naturally outdoors, where the longer summer days wane towards the darkness of fall. If you are growing indoors though, you will need to mimic these conditions with bulbs, timers and increased attention. This requires a little extra commitment and care from the plant owners, but it is worthwhile for the massive yields of potent, gooey flowers.

Flowering Time For Cinderella99 x Blueberry Fast Photo Fem Strain

Thanks to the addition of a fast flowering strain, these babies will move through their blooming stage in a short 6 or 7 weeks. As the beautiful clusters of dense nugs develop, they are adorned with bright, fiery orange pistils and covered in a thick layer of sticky trichomes. If you are growing outside, make sure to harvest before the cooler fall temperatures. We recommend harvesting in September to protect your crops from the potential damage of the first frost.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry99 Photoperiod Feminized

Though the Cinderella99 x Blueberry strain leaves you relaxed and lazy, it has been proven to support several health conditions. It offers anxiolytic properties that can alleviate mental worry and negative thought, making this an ideal choice for those with mental health struggles like anxiety and depression. A few puffs can temporarily eradicate stressful thought patterns leaving euphoria and happiness in their place.

The benefits are not at all limited to the cognitive realm, there are numerous physical effects that are noteworthy for medical use as well. The herb holds powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory potential. This can be helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain conditions like migraines, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and premenstrual syndrome. By easing pain and reducing inflammation, this bud busts pain at its roots and can provide ample relief from these potentially debilitating ailments.

Smoking this plant also enhances the appetite in a phenomenon referred to as the “munchies.” After the initial cerebral high fades, you will be left with a desire to eat which is useful for those with disordered eating or who are struggling with nausea and vomiting in the face of treatments like chemotherapy.

Last, but not least, the mental and physical relief culminates in a lethargy that can lull even an insomniac into a deep, revitalizing, pain free sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed after a fairy tale night with the Cinderella99 and Blueberry strain.

In light of all these awesome therapeutic benefits, you may be tempted to think more is better. However, this strain offers optimal effects with moderate use. Overuse can lead to the short list of adverse side effects this strain is capable of inducing. Things like lightheadedness, anxiety and paranoia might result from overindulging, so stick to a few puffs of this potent herb. If you wait a while and the effects are not cutting it, then feel free to explore another puff. Other common side effects are cottonmouth and dry eyes. While inconvenient, these are easily managed by drinking a lot of fluids to make sure you are adequately hydrated.

Usual Effects, Flavors, and Frangrances

Reaching for this herb to unwind at the end of a routine day will do wonders. The soaring cerebral kick that starts the ride will eliminate worry and send you into a state of bliss. A single puff will lighten the mind and relax the body, creating the perfect synthesis to ensure a restful evening. The heavy body stone will quickly put the desire to move on hold, so preparing some snacks in advance to manage the hunger that is bound to sink in is wise. Keep your nibbles within arm’s reach so you can stay snuggled into your couch cushions while floating on your happy high. As the cognitive buzz wears off, you will be relaxed, heavy limbed and ready for bed. A reinvigorating sleep will leave you ready to embark on a new day with clarity and gusto!

All this awesomeness is delivered on thick smoke that almost instantly fills the room with the scent of cut wood and pine needles. A mix of sweet and spicy notes also flood the nostrils and lure those who catch a whiff to take a puff. Upon lighting up and inhaling, the flavor profile is even more complex. The hints of wood and pine are in the forefront but the taste buds will also detect tangy citrus and earthy, herbal notes.

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For those of you who have moved beyond small scale home grows, we also have bulk seeds available. This is a superb option for people who are growing at an industry or commercial level to provide for dispensaries, or anyone who wishes to grow on the large scale. Weed Seeds has a section dedicated to bulk seeds that includes a bunch of different options. These can all be ordered with a few clicks and delivered swiftly to your place of business. All of our bulk seeds are available at wholesale prices, so you can grow in abundance within your budget. The ease of ordering and growing paired with reduced prices frees up time and resources. You can spend your time tending to the plants you have growing or delve into tasks like paperwork while we package up and deliver your seeds. This fast flowering strain is an ideal option, as you can quickly turn large yields of sticky nugs and easily keep the shelves stocked! Our goal is to provide quality seeds at great prices so that the awesome benefits of the marijuana plant are easily accessible at every level of production and distribution.

Find Blueberry C99 Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds

Check out the bulk seed section of Weed Seeds and find the best strains for your grow space and level of cultivation expertise with ease. Find popular, award winning strains as well as new to market options that may intrigue your buyers. All of these are available at great prices and come with large percentage germination guarantees. When you know you are getting superior weed seeds that are sure to produce, you can confidently invest in your commercial grow operation.

Blueberry99 Photoperiod Fem Seeds Online

Cannot wait to get your hands on some of the Cinderella99 x Blueberry Fast Fem seeds? It has never been easier to order online than it is in our technological age. You can browse through Weed Seeds and find this strain and many others. Each option coms with a detailed description similar to this one, so it is easy for you to find the strains that best suit your unique needs and levels of growing expertise. Once you have selected your seeds, you simply pay and wait for them to be delivered, all of which can be done while hunkered into your comfy couch sipping a coffee. We offer secure payment options so you can feel safe in your purchase as well as discreet packaging to protect your privacy from prying eyes. Your home grow is just a few clicks away, get started today!

Similar Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

While the Cinderella99 x Blueberry Fast Fem provides some awesome benefits, we understand it may not be the strain for you. Here we will go over a few alternatives with similar genetics that may better appeal to you or better meet your needs.

Blueberry Auto Fem takes the award winning, classic Blueberry strain and crosses it with a ruderalis strain. The ruderalis addition creates an autoflowering plant that will flower depending on where it is in its life cycle, rather than dependent on light adjustments like its photoperiod counterpart. This is a predominantly Aghani indica strain that is melded with Thai sativa strains. The result is a bud that offers an initial, energizing and uplifting high that melds into that sweet relaxation.

Northern Lights x Blueberry Aut