Black Cherry Soda Female Seeds

Black Cherry Soda Female seeds originated from some of the first landrace phenotypes. Specifically, Purple Naple mixed with AK47, cut with the rare G13, with the added Cherry C99 indica clone. These rare OG genetics have created a wonderfully well-balanced hybrid with a silky-smooth smoke. The mellow 19-23% THC content is great for that all day buzz, or a quick pick me up at work to make the day flow. In only eight to ten weeks, you will be harvesting some prime, pungent, berry-sweet, cherry bombs. With yields of around 450g m2 indoor and 550g per plant al fresco, it’s one of WSUS solidly consistent producers.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Balanced
THC PercentageUp to 23% THC
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor YieldUp to 450 grams m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 550 grams per plant
Flower TimeBetween 8 to 10 weeks
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Focus, Happiness
Aromas & FlavorsFruity, Berry, Cherry , Herbal, Pine
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

Black Cherry Soda Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Who doesn’t love a Black Cherry Soda on a hot day, full of juicy goodness? It’s like biting into a sun ripened cherry picked straight from the tree. Well maybe not quite, but close enough when you’re perfectly buzzed on a hot summer’s day. BCS is packed with fruity, cherry, herbal flavors, and undernotes of sweet and spicy pine, paired with wafting aromas of pungent earthy sweet blueberries. Black Cherry Soda is a crowd pleaser. Not only an amazing curative for anxiety, it’s also a great all day smoke. With its pleasing, mellow 19 to 23% THC content, you can actively get on with your day. Also a great toke for a little afternoon delight, Black Cherry is known to have some arousing effects if you know what we mean. A solid producer at 450-550g per plant al fresco, it’s a perfect strain for the recreational grower. Read on for more growing tips regarding flowering times and germination information. There are more unique features to this strain which makes it so popular with the in-crowd. Pick some of these sensational seeds up at WSUS today and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed; we know you will love the after effects.

Germinate Blackcherry Soda Female Marijuana Strain

Seed germination comes down to three things: dirt, sunlight and rain. As always, nature has made it as simple as can be, which is why every springtime the world comes alive. Watching and learning from nature while she works her miracles is a wonder to behold. Matching natures perfection is the challenge. We can either pop those seeds directly into the ground come springtime and let her take her course, or try a few techniques of our own. There is the paper towel method, peat moss pucks, vermiculite trays under fluorescent grow lights and even some small pots on the window sill. People have had success germinating their ganja seeds for millennia. With a little research, you can find the germination method that best fits your situation. From just a plate on the windowsill covered in damp paper towels to small seed starters that include lighting and growth medium that you just plug in and watch them sprout. There are many methods to try, and the vermiculite trays and peat moss pucks are the most popular mediums. A little rooting powder can help your seeds along, and the next thing you know those little seedlings will be raring to go.

Grow Black Cherry Soda Balanced Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

This one is a bit finicky and may be best left to more advanced growers. It has slightly lower yields and THC content than some of the more popular monsters on the commercial market today. This one is perfectly geared toward the connoisseur boutique growers that know how to get the best from this strain. Once mastered, she pays off in exemplary taste, aromas and lovely effects. A personal favorite, many people love it for its unique and light cerebral highs, combined with ultra-relaxing body stones. With a little hard work and commitment you too can coax the best out of this one and reap the rewards of your benefits. Preferring a dialed up indoor environment that enables one to keep temperatures consistent and the relative humidity in balance, Co2 burners are also a plus to boost that flower production. Feed her lots of potassium and bloom enhancers nearing the end of the cycle, being sure not to overdo it and cause nutrient lockout. Try not to overstress those finicky plants, stick with a Low Stress Training method and light pruning regime to make the best of air flow and light access. All things being on point, you will pull a solid 400-450g m2 of indoor premium smoke.

Why is Fem Black Cherries Soda Marijuana Seed Popular

The most striking and unique features of Black Cherry Soda are the eye-catching vivid colors. Immediately distinguishable by the bright vivid purple hue. This can morph from light greens with distinct traces of purple to a deep, intense, dark purple without a trace of green. Visually, it is an outstanding and spectacular looking plant, making it very popular on the recreational market. This unique beauty knocks it out of the park when it comes to the delicious cherry bomb taste experience. It is very dense, tightly packed, indica flower structure and light trichomes, similar to a bunch of grapes with the fruity flavors to match. Though an indica balanced sativa blend, the sativa definitely steps up with those heady, happy cerebral highs. Sticky and aromatic, flavorful and packed with powerful terpenes and cannabinoids, it takes you to another level. Truly tasting like a black cherry soda, the creamy aftertaste leaves you wanting more. Also, it is parent to favorites such as Ace of Spades and Black Dahlia. Black Cherry sends the soul into deep meditation and invigorates all at the same time, so who needs a yoga session! Head on over to our Weed Seeds and pop some of these arousing seed sensations before they’re gone.

Flower Time For Black Cherry Soda Feminized Weed Seed

Your plants should be at about ¾ their final size once they have reached the flowering stage. At this point, there are a few basic tasks at hand to get them going into bountiful bud production. Firstly, the plants will most likely stretch in height. If you are growing indoors and this is undesirable, prune and train using a method such as ScrOG, or Screen of Green, keeping the plant’s stature low and compact. After a 24 to 48 hour dark period, you will flip your plants into a 12/12 day/night cycle and switch to a predominantly red light spectrum. This tricks your plants into believing its late summer/fall season and to get that bud pumping. In just 8-10 weeks you will be ready for harvest time. Change your feeding schedule to a high potassium fertilizer, adding in bloom boosters nearing the end of the cycle before flushing. Boosting Co2 levels during this phase can take your crops to the next level production. Be sure you have adequate ventilation to remove any excess Co2 during the night cycle. Trim and train to open up the buds to more light and air flow while dropping temperatures and humidity levels to 40% RH.

Black Cherry Soda Feminized Balanced Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Black Cherry Soda feminized cannabis seeds offers a cerebral experience that you’re sure to find unique. After a few hits you will feel the high set in, relieving the tension in your shoulders and clearing your mind. Starting with an amazing upper body tingle that slowly blasts through the brain making short work of any anxiety, depression, or stress. Transform any low energy moods into creative, energizing, euphoric and focused concentration. You’ll feel like you’re ready to take on the world. Black Cherry OG is rumored to have descended from Ken’s OG and Grandaddy Purp, but there is nothing definitive about its lineage, though Ken’s OG is strikingly close in genetics. Great for daytime use, and when you have those projects that have been sitting on the backburner waiting for the perfect ganja strain to help get you started, think Black Cherry. Known as a fantastically effective medicinal for all sorts of ailments such as insomnia as its a highly effective sedative, many users claim it alleviates stress, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and some cases of PTSD. Definitely a powerful analgesic for muscle spasms, nausea, tension and cramps. Anyone suffering from depression, Black Cherry can be a Godsend with its great mood enhancing properties.

Black Cherry Soda Photo Fem Review

Filled with medicinal terpenes, curative cannabinoids, and a whopping flavor punch, Black Cherry has so much to offer. One of Weed Seeds top sellers, we suggest giving this one a try. Pop on over to the purchasing section with a few of your favorite selections today. This hybrid balanced strain has an abundance of those life enhancing terpenes such as Limonene and Caryophyllene, which is a powerhouse curative when it comes to depression and mood disorders. Myrcene is also great for relief of anxiety, stress and appetite enhancement. Citrus-scented terpenes such as Limonene and Myrcene are known to provide anxiety and stress relief, but also impart those delicious berry scents and flavors. With a low < 1% CBD and mellow 19-23% THC profile, this is a great strain for those looking for relief without the couch-lock body stones. BCS goes from flip to flower in eight to ten weeks, bringing indoor yields of 400-450g m2 and 450-550g per plant in the wild. With dense heavy crystalline buds reeking of that pungent, fruity Black Cherry scent at the end of the summer season, just one taste and you are gone. That warm, melty, energizing high that starts from the back of your head, working its way down to all those nervous receptors and boom, absolute relief!

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