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Big Bud is an award-winning indica dominant hybrid, stemming from 2 major victors of the weed world, Afghan and Skunk. As her name suggests, she provides yields that have been deemed the most massive in history. Her buds are dense, sticky, and near impossible to break by hand without coating your fingers in a stickiness that will go away. She is easy to grow and does well inside or outside, though an indoor hydroponic SOG method is recommended to get the best bang for your buck. Harvest this girl in 7-9 weeks, rather short considering her yields, and be sure to dry and cure well. Big Bud is just as well known for her medicinal value as she is for her recreational attributes and will almost certainly knock out users of all experience levels.

With weed laws constantly changing, evolving, and maturing, even those who have not yet seen a positive change in their state can hold on to hope that progress will come most likely sooner than later. Regardless of regulations surrounding cultivation, possession, and use, seeds are legal everywhere to buy, sell, trade, and collect. It never hurts to think ahead, and no one ever got fined for thinking and planning, so get out there, grab some seeds and see what you can do. Your life is what you make it and Big Bud is sure to make it that much more enjoyable!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid- Indica
THC Percentageup to 24%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield500-600g per square meter
Outdoor Yield600-700g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Happiness, Hunger, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Grape, Pepper, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Terpinolene, Linalool

Big Bud Seeds For Sale USA

Homegrown right here in the red, white, and blue back in the ’80s, this sedating strain has been a go-to for indica lovers since its inception. Taking home first prize in the mostly indica category of the 1989 High Times Cannabis Cup was just the beginning of this wonder bud’s career. With parents like Afghan and Skunk, there is no mistaking this monster as one of the greats and she has the effects to match. Couch-lock cannot be combatted by the swirling head highs this herb induces. Requiring little in the way of care and attention, these little packets of love from Weed Seeds, your American weed seed distributor, will grow you a garden bursting with massive colas and THC-rich trichomes. If you are an indica lover who is hip to the old school, there is no going wrong with Big Bud!

Hailing from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, Afghan landrace indica is one of those old-timers that we are always happy to see pop up as the base for any blend. This plant has been growing in the wild mountains of East Asia since before humans crawled out of the muck and stood on 2 legs. For this reason, this strain has become sturdy and hardy, resilient to pests, disease, and mold, and can handle pretty much any temperature fluctuation. Her THC levels are high and so is the stone, often leaving users couch-locked in a deep state of cerebral euphoria. Maintaining a reputation as one of the great weeds in marijuana history is a big job these days and this one has no problem keeping up appearances. Thank you for making Afghan the number one in this mix.

Following closely behind in the lineage is Skunk. Rarely do we see a hybrid as long-lived and deeply cherished as this one. Bred in the ’70s through a combination of Afghan, Acapulco Gold, and Columbian Gold, this incredible strain has always been a no-brainer for breeders to utilize in making some of the most highly sought-after strains of the past few decades. The backbone to strains such as Shiva Skunk, Lemon Skunk, and Super Skunk, and tonnes of others, Skunk is prolifically bred and stands true to her namesake, a term used to describe any super stinky bud. Skunk’s aromas are akin to sweet and sour rotting flesh with a hint of lemon and spice. Although this portrayal appears to be more like this year’s big turnoff when described to non-users, it is a highly prized combination to cannabis connoisseurs. Overall, she is a heavy hitter with the stink to back it up and we welcome Skunk to this mix with open arms.

Backcrossing Skunk with her parent strain, Afghan, was an ingenious move and has delivered us a bud fit for the gods. Boasting a perfect balance of all parents, Big Bud delivers a great high, a slow stone, and it is not going to couch-lock you too deeply. Relatively easy to grow, Big Bud is considered an ideal weed for beginners and a good one for seasoned horticulturists to take a break with. One more point which makes her that much more appealing is that these seeds are feminized. Shocking female plants into producing pollen and using that pollen to fertilize the seed crop has brought us the benefit of an all-female grow nearly all the time. Though feminized seeds do not guarantee an all-female crop, the chances of a male popping up and spoiling the bunch are slim to none.

If this sounds like the kind of weed you would like to try your hand at, or if you are a commercial grower who knows their weed and wants to offer this special strain to your retail clients, Weed Seeds has got you covered. Simply hop on to and place your order and our speedy delivery will have it out to you as early as next week with our customer satisfaction guarantee!

What Makes Feminized Big Bud Strain Popular?

The feminized Big Bud strain has been scoring points since it was first released back into the wilds of American consumer markets in the 80s. Huge buds are what this beast is known for, but there is a lot more going on in this strain than meets the eye! After all, it didn’t bag the first indica prize in the second annual Cannabis Cup for nothing. Keep reading to learn more about this stunning super bud.

Ready in just fifty-five to sixty-five days and capable of producing up to twenty-eight ounces per plant, Big Bud is a monster. Cultivators of this strain report that it is simple to grow and blunders are easily remedied. This strain is also genetically stable. Having been sent to the Netherlands where it was brought to its full potential, this strain came back a rock star. Speaking of stars, consumers report an instant and hard-hitting elation, akin to taking a trip through outer space in the safety of a warm and cozy indica bubble.

We can also find popularity points in the vast difference between its flavors and fragrances. Where Big Bud smells sweet and fruity, it tastes peppery, spicy, and piney with a hint of grape, a trademark of its ancestry. The genetic makeup of this creature, though it is suspected that over a dozen variations exist, is thought to be a blend of Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1. These are popular prizes in any circle, so any connoisseur can well imagine the broad range of benefits inherent to Big Bud.

Wellness Application of Big Buds Feminized

This is a popular pot for many cultivation and recreational reasons, but Big Buds Feminized also boasts wellness applications rather fitting of such a full-bodied beauty. Because this weed is so indica-heavy, Big Bud can assist with general tension and bodily aches and pains. This strain is known for bottoming out stress and ushering in new senses of childlike wonder and amazement, and that’s just the beginning.

Wellness applications of this marvel extend beyond the physical and enter the cerebral. Uplifting darkened states and shining a light into the shadows, this strain delivers the epitome of relaxation and freedom from depressed states and PTSD. Many say that this is because Big Bud is so instantly sleep-inducing that there is no escaping those neutral moments necessary for finding psychological relief. This weed is also a munchie monster. Minutes after you push through the sleepy fog, a driving hunger takes over, so make sure you have some snacks on hand.

There are some adverse reactions to using a strain as powerful as this one. Lethargy, fatigue, physical hangovers, and mental blank spots are common. Overuse of heavy indicas without balancing them out with sativa profiles will almost certainly result in deeper depression, so toke wisely. Weed Seeds USA wants you to be safe and have fun doing it, and for that you need balance.

Bigger Bud Strain Review

Now that we are familiar with some of the more popular and medicinal points, let’s talk business. Bigger Bud is an 85% indica of impressive lineage, and at approximately 25% THC and with a large helping of beneficial terpenes, this weed can take care of its consumers. Hard-hitting and euphoric, sleep-inducing, and able to kill pain, Big Bud is a no-joke strain that reaches through all the top names to remind you what you love about indicas.

It is rare for a chronic consumer to find something that will couchlock and pass out anyone she touches, so Big Bud is a welcome guest to any party. This is an award-winning strain boasting hoards of copycats. OG Big Bud grows easily, is done in sixty-five days max, and delivers approximately twenty-four ounces per plant of high test, heavy-duty dank weed. She likes warm weather and is resistant to pests and diseases. Maintaining a balmy Mediterranean climate in your grow space will make a big difference.

Where soils tend to bring out natural flavors a little more, hydroponics is the way to grow with this beast. Big Bud surprises many growers who think support will be necessary but who grow on to find that this five-foot botanical can easily support its own weighty yields. Grape and fruity berry are common scents associated with Big Bud, but the flavors harken back to the mountains. Spice, pepper, pine, herbs, and rich terroir tell us she’s a queen of the Kush.

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If you like what you’ve read so far and are interested in buying these seeds and giving Big Bud a day in court, look no further than Weed Seeds USA. Our continuing mission is to seek out expert US seed breeders and select their most promising products. We are proud to offer these American seeds to you through a secure online platform and to boldly take American seed distribution to places it’s never been before. Our online platform is simple to navigate and setting up your private account has never been safer.

We offer products that can be purchased for individual or wholesale pursuits. We take credit and debit through Mesh, Zelle, and Venmo platforms. We also accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. We offer speedy and silent shipping and there are deals to be made on larger bulk orders. We ship directly to any address within the US and on orders of two thousand seeds or more, we will ship everywhere in North America.

When you want a seed that makes a bang wherever it grows, do yourself the favor and check out Big Bud. When you need a distributor, you can rely upon through thick and thin, trust Weed Seeds USA. We have the seeds you need, the security you deserve, and ongoing client care.

How to Germinate Big Bud Photo Fem Seeds

Germinating your new set of seeds is easy to accomplish and, once you’ve got that down, there are only a few more steps to go before you harvest greatness. Germination requires a seed to be touched by warmth and moisture, but not heated and not drenched in water. Soaking a seed will rot it and heating it will cook it, so be cautious with the water, and if seeds are kept at room temperature the process is foolproof.

Some growers soak their seeds overnight in a small glass of water. Others add a few drops of either rooting hormone or kelp extract to the water so that the emerging taproot has access to trace minerals while it develops. After the overnight soak, place your seeds between two moist paper towels and place the package either on a plate or other waterproof surfaces. Set this in the cupboard for a couple of days and maintain low to medium moisture levels. Checking your seeds each day will allow you to get some air on them and monitor moisture content. If things look too dry, you can use a spray bottle to maintain the dampness.

After anywhere from two to four days, your seeds should break open. Once this happens, the taproot will emerge. This is a delicate little shoot and must be kept intact if your seed is to survive. Plant these little shells tip down, either in soil, coir, or rock wool, add more moisture and start getting ready for your crop’s vegetation and training stages.

Is Big Buds Strain Easy To Grow?

As massive as these colas can get, Big Bud Feminized is notoriously easy to grow. After germination, your seeds will quickly become seedlings. This is the next most important stage of development because it is during these next few days when everything must go perfectly or troubles may arise.

Reportedly a hydroponics lover, Big Bud seeds will do best planted into rock wool and utilized in either full hydroponic or deep water culture methodology. Once your seeds have become seedlings, it is imperative that humidity and light levels are kept high or your starts could dry out or become too leggy. Airflow is critical to strengthening stalks, and because Big Bud is one of the heaviest beasts out there, she’s going to need all the strength she can get. Keep the air moving, maintain high humidity and start feeding your crops your chosen vegging solution. Training is necessary to produce numerous and balanced buds, and how you choose to go about that is up to you.

Your Big Bud crop will need lots of light, first on an eighteen/six or twenty/four schedule. Then, when you are happy with your plants, flip to a 12/12 lighting schedule to trigger flowering. Drop the humidity during flowering phases and, once buds begin to develop, lollipop your plants to direct remaining energy to the tips. This strain likes it a bit dry at the end, so watch for mites and, around week seven or eight, pay attention to those male-free, power-packed trichomes so you can claim perfection.

Big Bud Seed Bank

Weed Seeds USA is in the business of providing the highest quality American-made cannabis seeds we can find. We love to offer options, variations, and similar strains, and Big budd indica has lots of family members. Whether you are into autoflowers, feminized, or fast flowering strains, or if you need regular seeds for research or breeding new wonders, our seed bank dabbles in danks of all shapes and sizes.

Big Bud is an 85/15 indica, an apt ratio for anyone looking for uplifting physical relief with a twist, and we carry every other type of strain as well. Maybe it’s a 50/50 you seek for bold balance, or an 80/20 sativa for those days that never seem to end. Indica, sativa, hybrid, medicinal, or otherwise, at Weed Seeds USA, we cater to all comers. Our online shopping center is packed with all sorts of seeds, and we offer category-specific strains. These might fall into 420 seed categories, 710 seeds, award-winners, cheap seeds, beginner seeds, high CBD, or high THC.

Whatever the combination you need to raze those woes to yesterday’s news, Weed Seeds USA is sure to have it in our seed bank. We are familiar with cannabis and all its glory, and we have extensive experience in strain hunting and consuming countless colas but we are not doctors. We are, however, some of the most dedicated cannabis seed professionals in the country, and our seed bank delivers to you on all fronts.

Contact Weed Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Big Bud

We know that this special treat sounds pretty darn good! Some of you are probably growing great green right now! If you want to buy feminized Big Bud seeds in America, contact Weed Seeds USA today. Your account is the most secure and anonymous way to shop our selection, though we are available by phone or by email, depending on how you like to do business.

Call us up at Call US from nine to five, central daylight time. We are ready Monday to Friday to answer whatever questions you may have and, if there’s an issue with an order, we especially want to hear about that so we can make it up to you. Our email address is Create A Support Request, easy peasy, and direct. Whenever you decide to reach out, you will find someone trained in weed seeds and passionate about pot to help you out. We value all growers and collectors throughout America and that is why we take such care to select the best, package with love, and discreetly ship to whoever needs seeds.

Buying these feminized Big Bud seeds or any of their numerous family members is a big step toward achieving indica greatness. Weed Seeds USA makes sure that you never have to worry about the time you spend here, about your information being leaked, or about getting crappy seeds. The truth is that we wouldn’t sell a seed we wouldn’t sow, so contact us today and dive into the deep end of indica with Big Bud Photo Fem from Weed Seeds USA.

Learn to Grow Big Bud Photoperiod Female

Known to be one of the highest yielding strains in the weed world, Big Bud is certain to knock out any competition. Indoor growers recommend hydroponics coupled with the Sea of Green (SOG) method in order to get the most out of every harvest. This is where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy.

In order to produce an effective SOG, it is imperative that plants are left to veg for only a couple of weeks before flipping them into flowering. During this time, commercial growers generally take clones to make crop rotation that much easier and to maintain consistency for retailers. Either way, prune away the undergrowth in order to promote apical dominance and place your plants in close proximity to one another. This assists in the development of that glowing canopy present in every successful SOG setup. Feed well for strength, health, and balance, and be sure to get that light as even as possible. Keep RH levels low and temperatures should remain around 75F. Ventilation is important as well as a deodorizer, depending on where you are at.

Place this lively leaf outside in a full sun location with a warm, dry breeze and she can hit up to 8 feet tall! For the overall health of the plant and for those major harvests she can produce, we suggest a topping early on and some maintenance pruning throughout. When growing this plant outside, it is important to take out all shading and unnecessary fan leaves or cross branching. This allows for further light penetration and, subsequently, a much fuller plant. Just like inside, feed this one well because she needs all the strength she can get for those massive buds. Though this girl is strong and sturdy, some support may be necessary come the last few weeks of flowering. Better safe than sorry. Have fun and see what this gorgeous green can do. Being rated as the highest yielder of all time, this bountiful bud is sure to please any grower, from novice to advanced.

Harvesting Big Bud Photo Fem Cannabis

Big Bud is notoriously dense, sticky, and hard to break by hand. But before you can enjoy big, sticky, cured buds, you are going to need to harvest. Your indoor show should produce approximately 600 grams per square foot in 7-9 weeks. This is pretty fast for such monster buds. Depending on what your climate is like, outside harvests should fall around mid to late-October and have been known to bring in 700 grams per plant or more.

Make sure your pruning tools are razor-sharp to ensure against unwanted and avoidable damage to buds. Clip to shape and hang to dry in a well-ventilated room or shed. Protect your girls from mother nature’s creatures who will all undoubtedly want to take a bite out of your buds. We suggest that you go to cure when buds are dry to the touch and their stalks snap without effort. Have fun and enjoy your weed!

Biggest Bud Photoperiod Feminized Pot Medical Benefits

Medicinal marijuana has come a long way in the past couple of decades and has certainly made a splash all across the nation in recent years. Legalized medical marijuana is a fact in many states and, with laws ever-changing and maturing, there is every reason for sufferers to get excited about growing their own medicine.

Because of the uplifting euphoria and generally elevated mood experienced after a few tokes of Big Bud, she is known to assist those suffering from depression, PTSD, and social anxiety disorders. Her soothing and calming indica side lays waste to minor aches and pains, headaches, and arthritis and can assist with fibromyalgia, tremors, seizures, and muscle spasms. Those suffering loss of appetite and sleeplessness will also find long-lasting relief from Big Bud.

With these feminized little pills from Weed Seeds, you can grow your own healing herb garden that will help you say goodbye to expensive pain medications and numerous visits to doctors who often cannot do much for you. There is no cure for pain, but marijuana can help ease it naturally. Speak with your health practitioner about medical marijuana and the potential medicinal uses of this many-sided herb. Freedom is sometimes just a couple of puffs or a few drops of tincture away.

Effects, Fragrance, and Flavors

Utilized by thousands as a great end-of-the-day weed, Big Bud hits hard and keeps creeping. It is recommended that tokers take it slow because, after all, she creeps and creeps. Users report feeling an instant hit of giddiness and a hazy, dreamlike euphoric fog after a session with this strain. It has the ability to lure users all the way to the couch and once there, the full potency of this pot shines. Munchies are common at this point, as is creativity and conversation. If it’s just you indulging, finding a good comedy and making an extra-large bowl of popcorn is always a good plan. The fragrance is much like that of her parent Skunk, stinky, piney, and musty. On the exhale is where the Afghan comes in, beaming with her trademark spicy earthiness. Aromas are so thick that it is recommended that tokers be sure they are not going to offend any passers-by if smoking in public. There is no mistaking the fact that something old and something good is being enjoyed when Big Bud is in the air.

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We know how much of a chore it can be for commercial growers and breeders to constantly have to search for seeds, spend all kinds of money, and wait for delivery when all you want to do is grow some weed. For these reasons and more, Weed Seeds offers all of our seeds, regular, feminized, sativa, indica or hybrid, auto, and fast-flowering in bulk.

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Biggest Bud Photoperiod Fem Seeds Online

Trying to navigate your way through an ever-changing and at times unreliable market just to find some seeds is crazy. Weed Seeds is an Oklahoma based, online company offering top-quality cannabis seeds grown by Americans for Americans. No more will you have to search endlessly, groping your way through the murkiness of all kinds of folks claiming their seeds are the best when you have a homegrown company right here. Simply visit our online seed bank, make your selection, and let us know. We will get back to you to confirm your order and we will help you through our secure payment options. You can trust our speedy and discreet delivery system to get your precious order to you in as little as a week with a full customer satisfaction guarantee. We know how much of a pain it can be searching for a distributor of reliable seeds, so here we are, ready to work for you!

Similar Strains For Sale in the USA

In order to serve you with integrity, we must admit that sometimes we run out of our featured strain. In times like these, we feel it incumbent upon us to provide you with some reasonable alternatives. Here are some serious indicas with similar effects and characteristics.

Purple Punch Photo Fem is an 80/20 indica bred through a cross of Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG. This bud is sweet and sticky. Her 20% THC levels rocket any user into beautiful headband euphoria while a 1% CBD content crushes aches and pains.

Wet Dreams, OG Kush, and Animal Cookies 09 come together to form Cement Shooz Photo Fem. This indica heavy hybrid, with her 28% THC levels and her earthy mint bouquet is sure to please any cannabis consumer.

Fire OG Photo Fem is the result of backcrossing OG Kush with its parent strain Afghan. This strain has consistently tested as the strongest Kush ever created. Just a couple of tokes of this monster will light anyone’s fire.

Cherry Pie Photo Fem is a 60/40 indica bred through the crushing combination of Grandaddy Purps and old-school South African sativa Durban Poison. Also known as Cherry Kush, this succulent strain is known for 20% THC bells ringing throughout a cerebral stone.

Just like our friends from other worlds, Alien Technology Photo Fem’s origins are a mystery. However, we do know that pure Afghan landrace has something to do with it. The cornerstone of all Alien strains, this one is spicy and herbal with a high which lasts for hours.

We have talked a lot about some pretty sic strains and our feature, Big Bud, is the perfect plant for all indica lovers. Marijuana cultivation laws are changing rapidly all across our great nation for medicinal and recreational users alike. When you want to get your next dream garden started with Big Bud or any others, simply call Call US, Mon-Fri 9-6 (CDT) or hop on to for all your weed seed needs!

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