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Many three-way crossed strains have come and gone but none of them have been quite like Amnesia Blue Head Band. The name alone provokes thoughts of a mind warping, time bending flavor packed herb to be enjoyed alone or with your buds. Although the strain can be challenging to grow for novices it is worth the reward to try regardless of one’s skill level. The Amnesia Blue Head Band feminized seeds from Weed Seeds are guaranteed to grow up into hefty flower producing beauties eliminating any worry cultivators have of unwanted male specimens turning up to ruin the grow. Despite the name’s implications of forgetfulness, the effects are almost the exact opposite, delivering a productive and energetic boost that eases pain and uplifts the spirit. Have a few puffs in the mid afternoon and take the dog for a walk in the park or a toke or two to generate the energy to finish off tedious household chores. The strain is enjoyable from the beginning of growth to the last puff, Amnesia Blue Head Band delivers on everything the strain promises and more.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Balanced
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield450-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Pain
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Sour, Sweet
Terpenesa-Pinene, a-Myrcene

Amnesia Head Band Seeds For Sale USA

If you’re having trouble remembering things, then Amnesia Blue Head Band won’t help the situation. It may help you forget about what you were forgetting though. Most of us could use a little check out from time to time anyway, and this green lady will do a thorough job of it for you.

Now, forget everything you just read because it’s actually only an urban legend surrounding the naming of Amnesia Blue Head Band that has become associated with the strain. In fact, some smokers may be surprised to find it delivers a smile inducing rush of positive vibes and an energy boost better than morning coffee. Okay, maybe not better than regular coffee but it’ll beat a decaf all day long.

Three highly sought-after strains went into creating this 50/50 sativa to indica cross. Beginning with Amnesia Haze, a strain well known to create fog brain that can turn half hour chores into all day projects but keep the energy levels on the up and up to do it, thanks to its sativa dominant nature and 24% THC content. Moving down the line we arrive at Blueberry, this legend of legends may just be the most commonly quoted strain when people are mentioning their favorite smoke. The fragrance and flavor produced when a joint of it is lit up can draw in other smokers from miles away. Reportedly created by famous American cannabis breeder DJ Short sometime in the 70’s, Blueberry remains a staple bud in nearly every cannabis enthusiasts stash box. The third wheel in the mix comes in the form of Headband, named for its seemingly pressurized cranial effect that delivers a sensation of a tightened ring around the top of the brain bucket and its propensity to space-out smokers quickly.

Together, the three parent strains involved in Amnesia Blue Head Band passed along a little something special that is unique to them alone but combined to give us a potent, flavorful and stable strain well suited for the home cultivator and the feminized seeds to do it can now be found at Weed Seeds. On a final note, we would be remiss not to mention the illustrious status of the parental lineage a little further. In fact, all three of the contributing strains appear on the High Times 25 Greatest Strains of all Time list, with Amnesia Haze ranking twenty third, Blueberry coming in tenth and Headband closing out the mix on the accompanying honorable mentions list.

What Makes Feminized Amnesia Head Band Strain Popular?

Amnesia Head Band Photo Fem is a strain that has something for everyone. Produced by utilizing the genetics of three exceptional and rather well known strains, it creates a heady and spacey experience that may bring some inexplicable ruminations to the user. Using a breed and another crossbreed to become what it is today, Amnesia Head Band provides a balanced and very enjoyable experience, whether smoked at noon or later at night. The three components that make up Amnesia Head Band is first Amnesia Haze, an exciting strain known for recalibrating your mind to take on a day of chores or to bring on an outpouring of creativity for a project. The second is Blueberry. Simple in both name and craft, it provides a balanced cerebral experience on the coattails of a vivid blueberry flavoring. Lastly is Headband, a sativa hybrid strain that provides another balanced and energizing experience, and is renowned particularly for its tendency to create a pressurized feeling in a halo around the head. This strain stew serves up several effects that will provide a bold yet relaxing experience with a side of mild psychedelic properties. This potent, balanced hybrid is not only delicious but the THC found in this strain is usually tested at around 21%, with some samples testing as high as 24%. Given this, the CBD remains low, at or less than 1%. With other qualities such as a delicious flavor and a manageable growing experience, Amnesia Band is a great pick for all cannabis fans.

Medicinal Application of Amnesia Blue Band Feminized

When you first take a look at Blue Amnesia, despite the name, you’ll never forget the glittery trichomes and packed, dense buds this strain exhibits. Humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years to treat the effects of many different ailments. Whether to mark a ritual ceremony or to help ease the suffering of the afflicted, cannabis is one of nature’s purest and most potent elements and Amnesia Head Band proves it. While it may not be the super pill, curative of all diseases, that we one day hope for, it certainly makes life much easier for those battling psychological or physical afflictions. Amnesia Head Band, being stronger in THC, will provide a much more heady, cranial high rather than a bodily high. The effects can assist those with psychological or emotional ordeals, although many medicinal users with physical ailments have received aid from this herb as well. Just a few puffs of Amnesia will reassure your mind of the world around you and help to fight the effects of disorders such as depression, anxiety, severe stress, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The high THC can help numb the nerves telling your brain that something’s wrong, or out of balance. Those dealing with physical problems such as severe arthritis, fibromyalgia, or multiple sclerosis appreciate this all-natural elixir. A session with Amnesia may even give back some control to those dealing with muscle spasms or Tourettes.

Amnesia Band Strain Review

Smokers love Amnesia Head Band because of its ability to provide a relaxing and carefree high. Growing Amnesia Head Band is something of a peaceful experience because it is relatively forgiving and can be grown either indoors or outdoors. These particular seeds are feminized, which means they’ve been grown in such a way to contain no male DNA. The process of feminization can be a blessing to new growers by taking out the extra labor of identifying and separating males to avoid accidental pollination. It comes with a yield of around 1.5 oz per square foot indoors, and 17 oz to 21 oz per plant outdoors, as well as a THC percentage of up to 20%, in a flowering time of only nine to eleven weeks. Amnesia Head Band is easy on the eyes, sporting deep green and orange colors with amber or brown pistils. The aromas are even more impressive, with notes of strong citrus or other sour fruits, as well as hints of cocoa bean or chestnut. The flavor is much the same with a pungent, earthy, and sweet bouquet. This strain provides a soft and euphoric high, remaining mostly in the head, giving a fuzzy feeling in waves running down the body. One good bong hit goes straight to the brain with little travel time! A light and airy sensitivity to the world around you will take hold, and the outlet for this energy can be anything you choose, such as working on a new creative project or getting into a documentary or drama.

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You no longer need to leave your house to order some of the best seeds available in the country. When you shop at our online seed bank the process is easy. You can begin by simply making your seed selection, choosing your quantity, and adding it to your cart. Weed Seeds offers free shipping in some cases, so be sure to check if your order qualifies. Once you’re at your cart, you can create an account, which will speed up the ordering process the next time and keep you posted on any special offers or sales we have on seeds. When you proceed to payment, you can choose any one of the many options we have available for your convenience. We offer an option to get in contact with our team to pay with debit, Zelle, or Venmo. For other methods, you can complete payment right at your computer or phone. We take credit through the Mesh platform, as well as several different cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash are all available for our customers. We understand that privacy is a hot topic these days, so we’re proud to say that when you buy with Weed Seeds, your information is safe. We will never share it or sell it to anyone. Once your transaction has been completed, we’ll take care of the rest of the work for you. In under two weeks, with many of our packages arriving sooner, your brand new seeds will be waiting at your doorstep.

How to Germinate Amnesia Head Band Photo Fem Seeds

Germinating our Amnesia Blue Band Photo Fem seeds takes only a few simple steps. It’s never been easier to begin germinating and growing your own cannabis, saving valuable money and time in the process. When you’ve got your new cannabis seeds ready to grow, collect a few things from around your house and get germinating with the paper towel method. Get some paper towels, a surface such as a tray or a dinner plate, and some water. The type of water doesn’t matter as long as it’s purified, tap, or distilled. Begin by dampening a piece of paper towel and placing it onto your plate. Take your new seeds directly from the package and place them onto the paper towel on the plate. Some growers like to use a fish emulsion or fertilizer on the seeds at this step to provide those necessary trace nutrients to their seeds to help them along. Make sure your seeds have about an inch or two between them, then dampen another piece of paper towel and place it on top of them. Cover your seeds with another plate, and then move them somewhere that will stay dark and at an average room temperature and humidity. Over the next one to five days, check on your seeds and make sure they’re moist. Once they begin sprouting their taproots, you can plant them into your selected growing medium, and begin growing your new pot plants.

Is Amnesia Blue Band Strain Easy To Grow ?

While it’s usually not necessary to have a fallback when working with Amnesia Blue Band, there are certainly some things growers should consider when they begin. This strain is moderate to grow. Since this variety is photoperiod, it requires its grower to make a lighting change to begin the flowering phase. This is because a change in lighting simulates the change in season, and tells the plant that winter is arriving soon. This can be done by keeping these plants in lighting hours exceeding sixteen during vegetative growth, then reducing it to a schedule of about twelve hours per day to bring on flowering. This strain will take on sativa characteristics while growing, usually no taller than five feet, so the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method may be best for growing. This method involves creating a square lattice of hemp cord and placing it above the tops of your plants. Top your plants and then begin fastening their branches to the lattice as they grow, creating a more lateral canopy. This will optimize the use of light and nutrients and heighten the maximum yield. The ideal conditions for these plants will be around 68° to 80° Fahrenheit, with a 50% to 60% humidity, that can be reduced in increments during flowering down to 40% to 45%. It will take no time to produce some fine specimens of Blue Amnesia, as the flowering time can be expected to be around nine to eleven weeks after planting.

Amnesia Head Band Seed Bank

Weed Seeds specializes in selling unique strains like Amnesia Head Band Photo Fem to Americans every day. We have over 500 different varieties available for even the pickiest growers, who we love all the same. Weed Seeds provides categorization for every single variety we have in our catalog. Some strains are stronger in THC or CBD. We let you know If it’s sativa or indica, or how much it will typically yield when harvested. We have categories for 710 seeds, which specialize in producing resin, or 420 seeds, which are best for drying and curing. If you want to grow only female plants you can also find seeds that are listed as feminized. We have a medicinal category that houses a variety of seeds our medical patients appreciate. We separate seeds by the effects they offer as well. We go through all of the effects one might experience for a certain strain, then list those effects on its page and make them available as categories to see what other seeds will provide that experience. With so many options, many growers prefer to buy in large quantities. To make this easier for our customers, we also have a bulk section, where you can see only seeds with special pricing for certain quantities. If you’ve ever wanted to buy big, now’s the time for serious savings with Weed Seeds USA.

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It takes the expertise of hundreds of professional breeders and growers to help us source our incredible seeds. The genetics that some of these seeds possess are truly unmatched, and it’s thanks to those breeders all across America that wake up every day to help Americans with their cannabis needs. Weed Seeds takes pride in providing a seamless experience throughout your entire ordering process with us, and a part of that comes from valuable feedback from our customers. If at any time during your online ordering experience you have questions, or perhaps a suggestion to make about the design or function of our website, we’re glad to hear it and happy to help. We have a dedicated customer support team that helps customers every day through various methods. We have all of these methods listed under the contact form on our website for your convenience. If you’d like to have a chat with a knowledgeable team member over the phone, you can do so Monday through Friday. Give them a call at Call US, any time between 9 am and 5 pm CST. Our team also accepts all inquiries through email if phoning us won’t work for you. You can reach out over email at Create A Support Request. If neither of these methods works for you, due to a busy schedule or otherwise, we also offer a callback option to fit into your free time.

Growing Amnesia Blue Head Band Photoperiod Female Pot

Amnesia Blue Head Band can be grown either outdoors or indoors with great success. It is relatively tolerant of novice mistakes and doesn’t require a large amount of care. It tends to grow to a mid-range height of four to five feet, making it manageable in tents with a limited vertical rise. Outdoors it can be easily tucked into out of the way spots avoiding detection, however, cultivators will need to allow space for a two to three foot lateral branch spread.

Before germinating the seeds make sure to gather up all the supplies you will need. Ten gallon growing containers, PH balanced soil and a good quality organic fertilizer. Seed germination is easily done by soaking them in a bowl of warm water for about eight hours then moving them to a wet sheet of paper towel. Put them in a dark warm place and in a few days you should notice the sprouts. Transfer them to the containers and place in a sunny, dry location or under a bright light in your tent. A few days after that the sprouts will shoot up above the soil surface and you will be off to the races. Make sure to water and feed regularly being careful not to saturate the roots. Trim any excessive light blocking foliage to ensure full light penetration to all the flowers. This also helps to preserve airflow and keep moisture related hindrances at bay.

Amnesia Blue Band Photo Fem Marijuana Flowering Time

Aside from making your eyes glitter green when viewing the budding flowers of Amnesia Blue Head Band, the size of the yield will make your heart swell with pride. Total yields of flowers from the strain vary, indoor growers can usually collect as much as four or five hundred grams of fresh flower while outdoor cultivators can haul in as much as six hundred grams. Observing the flowers during their maturation period is a sight for sore eyes, they take on vibrant blue and purple undertones accented by amber pistils and a thick frosting of creamy white trichome crystals. This trait alone is enough to fill the maximum ten-week flowering time with plenty of eye candy that will make the time fly by before you know it. Now comes the time to harvest, dry, cure and finally smoke. Enjoy, you have earned it.

Medical Benefits of Amnesia Head Band Photoperiod Feminized Pot

All three parents of Amnesia Blue Head Band have significant medical values, all of which were passed down to the strain. Being a sativa leaning hybrid it lends well to aiding in relief of low moods and mild depression. When using the strain to treat anxiety smokers should be aware that too much can actually trigger it, however, lighter doses of Amnesia Blue Head Band can help to calm frayed nerves and settle restless hearts. The anti-inflammatory qualities are surprisingly good for a sativa hybrid, this strain can be used to combat the swelling of arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as minor aches, pains and headaches.

Expected Flavors, Fragrances, and Flavors

Amnesia Blue Head Band sports what could be called a rolling flavor wave on the taste buds. Lighting up a joint or puffing on a pipe produces an escalating hash flavor that literally widens the eyes before descending down into strong notes of sour fruit like grapefruit or sweet limes. Definitely not leaving the olfactory senses out of the party, the exhaust from burning the strain is deep, dank and slightly dark. This sensation is similar to the way the scent of 80% cocoa rises through the nostrils on the first bite of the bar, triggering deep inhalation, resulting in a sense of even deeper pleasure. At the same time as these delights, the psychoactive effects begin to take hold, slowly at first but increasing in tempo as more smoke is drawn into the lungs. Everything begins to feel lighter from the head down to the toes, even thoughts become lifted and happy. A light body buzz warms the limbs and torso creating the feeling that everything is in sync and alright in the world, a sort of serenity for lack of better words. The strain does come with a warning though, the more you consume the foggier the brain can become, a trait inherited from its Haze parentage. With that thought in mind, Amnesia Blue Head Band is best enjoyed during the early to late afternoon as the day is winding down.

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For profit cannabis cultivators know how important saving money and protecting the bottom line is. Buying wholesale seeds can help with saving you those bucks while delivering a consistent result that you can put a foundation on. Those savings can multiply quickly and grant you the needed capital to upgrade equipment or purchase new. Weed Seeds is your partner in that venture, we offer wholesale prices on Amnesia Blue Head Band, as well as hundreds of other popular and not so popular strains. Saving money is good, reinvesting in your business is crucial and that can all be done with wholesale seeds from our massive online catalogue. Check us out today to see how we can help you grow in the right direction.

Blue Amnesia Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds Near Me

Not everyone is a commercial grower, but everyone likes to save money and time while still getting a reliable product for themselves. Everyone’s tastes are different as well and when a particular strain becomes a favorite you will want to be able to grow it regularly with predictable results. Buying seeds in bulk is another option we offer to home cultivators who know what they like and want to have it at the ready. Experienced cultivators know how disappointing it can be to run out of seeds of their favorite strains and not be able to find them easily. It’s easy to keep that from happening by sourcing bulk seeds from Weed Seeds. Strains like Amnesia Blue Head Band are available in large quantities so you can grow a whole bunch at a time or just always have them on hand to keep a continual growing cycle at home. No need to run out to the store every three months only to find out they are out of stock, what a waste of time that is. Save yourself the trouble and buy bulk seeds and keep on growing year-round.

Amnesia Head Band Photoperiod Fem Seeds Online

The world we live in today is infinitely more challenging than the world we lived in five years ago. Traffic has gotten worse, stores are more crowded and patience is running thin at times. Reduce the burden by buying your Amnesia Blue Headband seeds online with Weed Seeds. Our catalogue is easy to navigate, and the selection is immense. Ordering is easy too, allowing you the added benefit of time and money savings. Once you have chosen the strain or strains you want to grow, we will take it from there. We’ll lovingly package your selection in a specially designed envelope that preserves the contents’ viability and protects them from damage. There are no splashy ads listing that you bought Amnesia Blue Head Band seeds online, just a plain and simple looking envelope that ensures your privacy. In just a few days it will arrive at your door and you can get started right away because after all, this Amnesia Blue Head Band isn’t going to grow itself.

Similar Strains For Sale in the USA

If you have the space to grow more than one or two plants why not look at growing a few different strains with similar genetics to accompany Amnesia Blue Head Band? This will give you the freedom to vary the strains according to effect, potency, flavor and aromas. Something you will appreciate when you just want a little something different from time to time. Check out the suggestions below to plant some inspiration.

Amnesia Haze Photo Fem is the High Times Cannabis Cup champion in 2004 and ranks 23rd on their 25 Greatest Strains list. It is widely regarded for producing huge yields of very resinous flowers holding a THC content of 22%. It is sativa dominant producing a chatty, happy buzz along with a calm energy, however, heavy use of the strain can create the brain fogginess that garnered the strain its name. Medical marijuana patients can use this spicy lemon-flavored weed to aid in the relief of Arthritis, muscle spasms and chronic pain. Mental discomforts can also be soothed by the strain’s natural uplifting effect.

Blueberry Auto Fem descends from the global favorite Blueberry, another High Times Cannabis Cup champion, winning in 2000 and also being included on the Greatest Strains List, ranking 10th. Blueberry has captured the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts everywhere and continues to be one of the most sought-after strains in the world. The reasons why are numerous, its flavor and aroma profile are intense to say the least. Offering up flavors of sugary fruit and field berries with aromas of mint, field berries and good old fashion dankness. The THC level of 20% can cure almost any body pain and calm nerves, it is mostly indica and does have the power to put smokers to bed with just a few puffs. This particular seed is autoflower and feminized making it the easiest of all Blueberry strain to grow at home.

Blue Dream Photo Fem is a strain for the early risers reading this. Blue Dream is a true west coast original that sports supreme flavor, smokability and potency. Quite possibly the perfect wake and bake strain, it delivers fast energy and positive vibes that’ll make you want to jump on the bike for a ride down the coast. If that doesn’t sound dreamy, how about 700 gram yields when grown outdoors? Sweet vanilla, blueberry and grape flavors come with every puff and can make an instant fan out of every first time smoker.

Cinderella99 x Blueberry Fast Photo Fem is a solid positive stress buster that morphs into a sleepytime dream builder. Although only topping out at 18% THC and possessing mostly sativa genetics, C99 x Blueberry is an excellent sleep aid that with heavy use produces a sedative effect that can lure people suffering from insomnia straight to bed for a restful sleep. It has a pine flavor that transitions to sweet citrus, aromas include roasted spices and fresh morning dew. Yields average around one pound indoors with outdoor yields coming in slightly larger at one and half pounds.

Northern Lights x Blueberry Auto Fem will tuck you into bed all warm and comfy like a loved one. Both parents of this green goddess are Cannabis Cup champions, and both appear on the Greatest Strains list. The match between the two is a match made in weed heaven, nearly all indica with a 18% THC content, beginner friendly autoflower and large indoor yields make for something special. Its strong cerebral effects will put you into a calm, dreamy state that lasts just long enough to enjoy before falling asleep.

There you have it, five different strains to grow alongside your Amnesia Blue Head Band, all of which have similar genetics but very different sensations and effects. Grow some to make edibles, tinctures or just to share some fun with friends. Growing cannabis at home is a fun, highly rewarding hobby and all of us at Weed Seeds hope you enjoy planning, organizing and harvesting your grow.

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