Amnesia Haze Autoflower Seeds

The multi-award-winning Amnesia Haze autoflower variety flaunts its 18-23% THC content with panache. This hybrid sativa strain is a must-try for all connoisseurs. This easy-to-grow strain melts pain and stress away with ease and offers a clear-headed and energizing high. It is perfect for morning smokers. The cobwebs from the night before will be plowed away and it will help you prepare for the day ahead.  After 10-12 weeks of flowering, these tantalizing sweet citrus buds will be the talk of the town. Offering a reasonable 250-350g m/2 when grown indoors, this sativa lover staple has an illustrious lineage. This strain is beloved by those who grow from seed. A grow op is always better when this potent sativa hybrid is occupying space. Blessed with ruderalis genetics, it takes up less space in the garden or home grow and offers a resilience that autoflower strains have become famous for. Snag your stash of seeds from Weed Seeds today!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield250-350g per square meter
Outdoor Yield200-300g per plant
Flower Time10-12 weeks
Wellness BenefitsPain, Stress
EffectsEnergizing, Euphoric, Happiness
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Lemon, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

Amnesia Autoflower Haze Seeds For Sale USA

A fixture in the Amsterdam coffee shop scene, Amnesia Haze Photo Fem has taken the home-grown community by storm. Home grow operations are taken to new heights thanks to the high quality, premium seeds available at Weed Seeds. If you want to buy Amnesia Haze Auto Fem seeds online in the USA you have come to the right place. Sativa enthusiasts are always on the lookout for potent strains and an 18-23% THC content is perfect for those sluggish mornings when you need a boost. Just like seeing your fur baby as you walk in the door after a long day, Amnesia x Haze brings a cerebral stone that uplifts your spirit. A couple of tokes and you are likely to enjoy the blissful blend of positivity for a few hours. Its incredible popularity and potency have helped this strain claim first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup on multiple occasions.

Amnesia Haze Auto Fem Seeds For Sale

Beginner growers are often required to look for easy to grow strains for their first expeditions. These Autoflowering Seeds have become a staple for neophyte grow ops. At Weed Seeds, we only offer premium seed which is why avid growers are often looking to Buy Auto-flowering Amnesia Haze Online from us. They love the small footprint that this marijuana plant takes. With its relatively small size, it still punches above its weight class and offers yields of 200-350g depending on conditions and growing location. Due to its insane popularity, keeping it on the shelves can be a challenge at times. When it needs to be replenished, smokers and growers are satisfied with numerous alternatives like Amnesia Lemon Fast Fem and Amnesia Fast Fem.  

Growing Amnesia Haze From Seed

This strain’s predecessor, Amnesia Haze, has been enjoyed for years by smokers while growers have found it challenging to grow at times. Adding a ruderalis component has rendered many of these growing pitfalls obsolete. This chronic grows to be a bushy plant that is dark green. The plants sport magnificently large buds that are sparkling with rich trichomes. These hard, sticky, and compact nugs can be difficult to bust up by hand so scissors or a buster are recommended. It has a flowering time of 10-12 weeks and will yield 250-350g m/2 when grown indoors. This strain thrives with the Sea of Green (SOG) method. SOG refers to maturing many plants early by introducing a 12-12 lighting schedule which triggers early flowering. This helps keep the herb smaller in stature and speeds up the overall harvest time. When outdoors and soaking in the rays of mother nature, a harvest of 200-300 g per plant is easily attainable.

Is Amnesia Haze Autoflower Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Every personal grow operation is unique but typically has strains that will grow from seed easily. Thankfully, this pain and stress relief strain grows well indoors and outdoors when grown at home. To get every grow project off to the right start, pay attention to your germination method. Whatever your preference (paper towel method, seeds in water, or buried in soil) a delicate touch goes a long way in protecting the taproot. Once the seeds have been transferred to their soil or hydroponic medium, they will require little TLC. The harvests will not be record-breaking. This can be offset by the speed of yield and ability for multiple harvests within one growing season. Indoors, they are going to be ready after 10-12 weeks, and outdoors they can be started after the last frost evaporates. Starting early allows for multiple outdoor harvesters per year with the final yield needing to be plucked by the end of October. To achieve full potential, ensure that direct access to sunlight is provided.

What Makes Autoflower Amnesia Haze Strain Popular?

There are countless reasons that Haze Amnesia has gained popularity. The 18-23% THC content rolls off the tongue as the highlight for many. Others love these Hybrid Seeds for the small stature that the plants produce in the weed garden. The 10-12 week flowering period offers ample time for large and beautiful nuggets to become adorned with rich trichomes. When lit up, the moment that the sweet citrus notes tickle your palate, a love affair is born. The almost instantaneous energy hints at the euphoric journey being embarked upon. Sufferers of chronic stress and/or pain enjoy the relief that this easy-to-grow strain provides. These beautiful plants have become a mainstay in all 420 friendly situations so be sure to buy Amnesia Haze Autoflower online at Weed Seeds.

Amnesia x Haze Autoflower Medicinal Uses

Haze x Amnesia has become popular among medical pot patients. It has been a life changer for some dealing with significant stress levels. The uplifted mood that it brings can help remove the worry monster inside of you and handle life’s obstacles a little bit easier. This strain will provide relief for a couple of hours. A toke or two can often be enough to help achieve the desired results. For those who prefer the 710 varieties, these large buds are perfectly suitable. Chronic pain decreases the quality of life for far too many people. Taking a few puffs from these glorious flowers can offer significant relief from endless aches and pains. Restore the quality of life you miss when you grow from seed.


The taste profile for this strain fits with the fragrance perfectly. Smokers are delighted when the lemony tang touches the tongue. As the smoke swirls around your mouth, the tang transitions into a perfectly sweet treat. After exhaling, the magnificent, sweet aftertaste is sure to put a grin on anybody’s face. Enjoying this strain while basking in the glorious sun goes hand in hand like a cool glass of lemonade on a summer day.


Amnesia Haze has a distinct fragrance when lit up. This autoflowering version is considered by many as a perfect carbon copy. These herbs release a soothing and fresh citrus aroma. Upon exhalation, the lingering smoke contains sweet yet earthy notes that become recognizable by fellow smokers. Some smokers consider this a perfect at-home aromatherapy for those mornings when they need a little extra boost.


These Huge THC Seeds produce fantastic plants with a wide array of beneficial effects. Offering a smooth and steady stone, this has become one of the most popular strains for daytime smokers. The sativa hybrid carries a potent 18-23%THC that is hard-hitting enough for avid smokers while still allowing newbies to give it a try. It clears the mind from a night’s slumber beautifully and is often consumed for wake and bake. An energetic and uplifting high comes in fast and furious. Not long after the initial burst of energy, a full-body euphoria will descend upon you. Your worries will melt away and leave you feeling full of bliss. Many users experience a fit of the giggles as well, reminiscent of that first joyous experience with chronic.

Microview of Amnesia Haze Strain Plant

The mental clarity and invigorated body and spirit are at the forefront of this sativa hybrid. It boasts a potent 18-23% THC content, so tread carefully on your first approach. It thrives indoors and outdoors thanks to its strong and resilient ruderalis genetics. The sun worshipping strain should be in direct sunlight when outdoors to achieve optimal yields. After 10-12 weeks of flowering, 250-350g m/2 of fragrant and trichome-rich buds will be ready to pluck. When growing outdoors, begin the journey after the last frost disappears. A second harvest can often be achieved and needs to be harvested by the end of October. It is an excellent all-natural herb for treating stress and pain. It provides an energizing and uplifting high that brings a relaxing euphoria to your day. It is an ideal wake and bake strain and can launch your lazy day into an adventurous one.

Buy Amnesia Haze Autoflower Seeds Online in the USA

Buy Amnesia Haze Autoflower Feminized online at Weed Seeds when you are in search of the best quality seeds. All of our cannabis seeds are sourced from expert breeders. Our Auto Amnesia Haze strain has many relatives in our extensive catalog. While adding this dope strain to your online cart, be sure to check out Critical X Amnesia Fem and Amnesia Purple Fem as well. All of our seeds are hand-picked to maintain the highest quality standards for your order. We strive for the highest security measures in the industry so you feel confident that your confidential information remains private. Shop with confidence when buying from Weed Seeds.

Buy Amnesia Haze Auto Fem Bulk Seeds

There is a reason that Costco is incredibly popular all across the country. Buying your ganja seeds in bulk carries many benefits. The larger quantity of seeds allows you to attain more plants in your grow operation. This leads to larger yields and a stash that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Best of all though, buying your seeds in bulk ensures the best price per seed. For commercial growers, this becomes incredibly important for the bottom line. Buying your seeds in bulk gives you a competitive advantage when you purchase from Weed Seeds. Bulk seed purchases can be vital for breeders as well. The ability to find lower-cost options encourages experimentation, which inevitably could lead to the next great strain discovery in the industry.

Amnesia Haze Strain Seeds in the USA

When growers buy Amnesia Haze Auto Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds they are on the road to quality harvests. The high-quality seeds we sell come with detailed product descriptions and an easy-to-use online ordering system. We pride ourselves on creating a wide variety of payment methods to help our customers have a choice when checking out with their orders. After you place Amnesia Haze Autoflower in your cart, pop over and see if White Amnesia Fem should join it. Reach out to our knowledgeable staff with any questions that arise during your experience. If there are none, then sit back and relax as our little minions carefully package your order. Shipping times range from 1-2 weeks but many customers have received orders even faster.

Amnesia Haze Seed Bank

Every seed bank can send you cannabis seeds. The truly exemplary seed banks can provide premium quality seeds with detailed strain information at a competitive price. This is the epitome of Weed Seeds. When you buy Auto-flowering Haze Amnesia online from us you will have a seamless experience browsing our website and completing a purchase. Everything done on our site will be kept confidential and your seeds will be meticulously selected by our incredible staff. Simply sit back, light up a joint and wait for the little gems to arrive within 1-2 weeks.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Autoflower Amnesia Haze Seeds

Those in need of Amnesia Haze Photo Fem should contact us. These and all of our seeds have incredibly high germination rates and produce strong yields in optimal conditions. Our website has an easy-to-use online ordering system that makes the whole process a breeze. Before the last frost disappears or when you are ready to enjoy the homegrown marijuana journey come buy cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA.

Amnesia Autoflower Haze Seeds For Sale USA

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    the haze overpower the amnesia when you grow it from seed in Michigan but my germination record is wicked at 9/10

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    One of my favorites and its now in autoflower so givin it a try but hoping for grease monkey next times

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    sativa strains are so hard to find thanks to weed seeds for bringing this one in for me

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    Bought a 12 pack on sale with 8 bonus and for a sativa it was good. Not as bushy as the indica’s that I am used to, but who wants to smoke indica during the day anyways? Need some sativa which is so hard to find these days and it sucks having to grow for 10-12 weeks for a small yield compared to their indica counterparts. Oh well, I used my daughters secret fertilizer and got about 288 grams per plant average

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