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Agent-Orange is named for the tantalizing mix of all the citrusy goodness that could possibly be packed into one giant fruity explosion, that feels like drinking a cool, thirst quenching lemon punch on a hot summers day. This tasty but balanced hybrid – sativa heavy strain packs a whopping 21-22% THC cannabinoid profile. Those flavor drenched terpenes make for a tart and desirable smoking sensation that will have you feeling relief from any pain at the first puff. With its many medicinal properties on top of the fantastic flavor profile, this glorious ganja green is one of the most enjoyable and well rounded hybrids at Weed Seeds USA.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 22%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield600g m/2
Outdoor Yield500g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
EffectsEnergizing, Happy, Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsFruity, Sweet, Mandarine
TerpenesLinalool, Valencene, Limonene

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One of our most popular strains, Agent Orange Photofem is loved by growers everywhere for huge yields, massive dense colas and its potent, extremely flavorful cannabinoid profile. It’s a great indoor cultivator well suited to Sea Of Green (SOG) and Screen Of Green (ScrOG) growing methods. Both methods utilize a large amount of plants within a compacted area, creating a sea of plants or canopy of plants, trained along a large screen stretched over the top of the garden. Performing fantastically when cultivated outdoors, A-Orange can sometimes reach heights of over ten feet, kicking out a bomb 500 grams per plant in the more temperate Southern California climates and similar hardiness zones. Guaranteed 100% feminized seeds with the highest germination rates, A-Orange is naturally one of the go to strains for both market producers and home growers alike. Give them a try and buy A-Orange in our always popular 750 Feminized Mixed Pack online at Weed Seeds US. The 750 Feminized Mixed Pack gives you the opportunity to try out a variety of our top strains. You may just discover something new to add to your ganja garden repertoire. The very heavy, flat topped, super dense colas can sometimes reach a whopping 600g/m2 of indoor yield. This one doesn’t mess around, it’s a top producer. An easy to grow photoflip strain that’s quick to harvest with only 8-10 weeks from flower. In no time you’ll have some of the most potent, frosty, 22% THC resin drenched trichome nugs you’ve ever laid eyes on. A treat to behold, those dense buds can also turn a deep purple in lower temps for that ever so slightly seductive look. A market darling, it’s a serious money maker. Serving up a buffet of orangey goodness, some chill, irie vibes and upbeat energetic moods, this slightly psychedelic party pleaser gets you going.

How to Germinate Agent Orange Photo Fem Seeds

It’s an exciting day when those precious little magic beans from Weed Seeds US arrive in the mailbox. Now it’s time to get those A-Orange babies growing. The first and most important thing to take note of before getting super excited, opening up the package and playing with those tiny, tarty temptations, is that one should never under any circumstances handle marijuana seeds with bare hands. Dirty little fingers make for dirty little seeds. The oils and other contaminants people pick up during their daily life might not be a big deal to us, but could be absolutely detrimental to those precious little pot seeds. Contaminants may be transferred and cause lower germination rates or other disease borne illnesses, messing with the optimal quality of your new sterile, securely packaged weed seeds. Be sure to wash your hands, don latex gloves and use only sterilized instruments when handling cannabis seeds. Tweezers, small scoops or other delicate tools will work. One may even gently shake the seeds from the packaging straight into the growing medium being used. That brings us to which growing medium to choose for germinating seeds. Generally, peat moss pucks, perlite, rock wool or even damp paper towels will do the trick. It depends on the style of growing and final grow medium the seedings will be transplanted into. If transplanting outdoors or into organic potted soil, peat moss pucks are the best choice. Rockwool works well for larger hydroponics systems and perlite is a good pick for the bigger scale germinating trays when rooting a large amount of WSUS seeds all at once. Agent Orange is a great choice for an outdoor, hardy, sativa hybrid, being mold resistant and fast growing. Pop these 100% feminized beans into some peat moss pucks, keep them moist and warm under low lighting and watch the miracle happen.

Growing A-Orange From Seed From Seed At Home

Once the female seeds have germinated, becoming robust little Agent Orange seedlings, one should notice little white roots popping out through the bottom of the grow medium. This is the sign it’s time to transplant them into the next phase of vegetative growing cups. Transplant too soon, they won’t be hardy enough, wait too long and they will become leggy and weak. If using the traditional, simple soil in pots method, the seedlings will first go into smaller sized cups filled with sterilized organic soil, transplanting again as they grow larger, dense root balls. Placed under an 18/6 vegetative light cycle for approx two to three weeks using either LED or HPS lighting on the blue/white color spectrum. This mimics the early light of spring when the dense green foliage, light soaking fan leaves and strong, thick stems start to form. Feed a high nitrogen fertilization schedule for fast growth and strength as the plants get bigger. Always be careful not to over water or feed your plants. This is the biggest rookie mistake. Follow the feeding/watering schedule to the letter when starting out, more is never better in this case, keep it simple. Surprisingly, roots also take in oxygen and will periodically need a drier growing medium or you could drown your plants. In the right conditions, with optimum temperature and humidity levels, those little sprouts will be big bushy shrubs in no time. Once they reach ¾ of their final desired height, approximately 2 weeks in, the plants will be photo flipped into a 12/12 flowering light cycle. This is when those sweet, dank Orange Agent buds start to form. In 8 to 9 weeks, with some pruning and trimming for light and air circulation, the plants will have formed large, dense, THC soaked, resin laden, sticky amber trichome coated nugs, ready for harvest.

Flowering Time For Agent-Orange Feminized

This Orange Agent sativa hybrid has a flowering cycle of just 8-9 weeks from photoflip to harvest. Though, being a fast-cycling photofem strain, it will produce some solid, heavy yields and dense nugs in record time, all other factors being on point. When your plants reach a vegetative growth close to ¾ their final desired size, which should be in approx two weeks time or slightly longer, they will be ready to flip into the flowering stage of growth. This is a simple process that requires only a couple simple changes in the plant’s environment. Even small changes in light will have a huge impact on your plants. First will be the light to dark cycle, or day/night hours. The lighting timers will need to be changed from 18 hrs of light and six hrs of darkness to a 12/12 equal day/night cycle. Some growers do a drastic flip leaving the plants in a long 24hr dark period before switching into the 12/12 cycle. Some say this triggers the plant to shift from its vegetative to flowering phase quicker. Next will be changing your lighting from a blue/white color spectrum mimicking the springtime sunlight to the heavy red leaning red/blue spectrum of late summer/fall. This tricks the plants into thinking it’s time to produce those dense, juicy, frosted flowers. Agent Orange being a 100% feminized strain, will begin flowering some massive and tantalizing, crystalline THC drenched buds. Once your bulbs have been switched out and photoflipped to 12/12 that’s it, you are done. Just switch the feeding schedule to a high phosphorus flowering fertilizer, follow the feeding instructions, do some basic pruning and trimming of those big vegetative fan leaves for good light and air circulation and wait for harvest time.

What Makes Orange Agent Strain Popular?

With the abundance of five-star reviews and amazing feedback, A-Orange definitely doesn’t disappoint. People have said it is one of the best strains they’ve ever grown. Touting clearly superior genetics, there is a lot of love for this mustard gas ganja beauty. Between producing some deadly THC levels into the 22%+ range, it boasts delicious citrusy flavors and a powerful terpene profile, which are only a few of the many desirable traits of this sativa hybrid. Knowing this killer cannabis, we are not even slightly surprised by all the glowing and rave reviews. A true medicinal dream, this one wipes out depression and stress with one solid inhale of that A-Orange gas bomb cloud. Enjoy the blast of fruit flavor as you are sent into the stratosphere of sweet, calming bliss and otherworldly lightness. Relaxing but energizing at the same time, it’s a perfect combination of indica chill and sativa invigoration. A unique mix of terpene blends gives it its powerful sweet and sour lemony orange punch, a favorite among those that love the tartness and intensity that gets one’s taste buds salivating from the first waft of that potent limonene blaze. Weeds Seeds extensive catalog of pot seeds is proud to offer this gassy green grass to all the medicinal and flavor connoisseurs out there. This one is extra special. Great for easing the stresses of the day, getting those creative juices flowing and putting one in a psychedelic dream state of endless possibility. Also known for gorgeous, massive, show stopping colas, she’s a three-time Cannabis Cup winner between 2012 and 2014 she really knocks it out of the park. Outdoors, this monster hybrid can grow to gigantic tree sized heights, produce huge yields and big, dense, showy, purple tinged buds. With its great citrusy fresh flavors, medicinal mood enhancing terpenes and bombastic THC cannabinoid profile, Agent Orange more than lives up to the hype.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Agent Orange Photo Fem

We don’t think anyone will have experienced quite this level of delicious, intense citrusy flavors in a single strain before. Agent Orange really is the ultimate, agent provocateur 007 of tantalizing flavor taste extravaganzas. This Photofem citrusy sensation must be tried to be believed, dripping with sweet, tangy, tangerine nectars and notes of lemony sour zing that give it just the perfect amount of edge. Definitely a palate pleaser, the true connoisseurs among you will certainly find this one to be up to puff. An intoxicating terpene profile, mostly responsible for Orange Agents tarty taste and aroma temptations, the limonene and linalool will absolutely make themselves known. A-Orange is one of the best when looking for the zesty, fruity punch one gets from a cool glass of lemon ice on a sweltering summer day. It really does quench that certain thirst when having an intense cannabis craving, and nothing else will do other than a deep inhale of smoky smooth, mandarin scented haze straight from the bong. Imagine listening to the bubbling sounds of a crystal spring as that dank freshness pulls through the bong flows deep into your lungs. Better than a breath of even the freshest air, just don’t mistake the bong water for lemonade. You can find A-Orange in the extensive American seeds catalog, with just a few clicks of the keyboard, those little beans will be on their way. Growing this lovely, lemony lady is always a treat, not too finicky and worth the wait, you’ll be enjoying your own heady, sensuous, burnt orange blunts in no time. Let the captivating citrus fresh fragrances and smoky, charcoal haze of Agent Orange take you away to a sunny Florida afternoon at the orchard, as wafts of sensuous herb surround you in a billowy, breezy bliss.

Effects of A-Orange Feminized

Weed Seeds Agent Orange 100% feminized seed strains offer some of the best medicinal effects out there. Said to be incredibly calming and relaxing, this heavenly beauty takes you away to that blissful place. Obliterating those dark depressive states and letting one just rejoice in the lightness of being again, this sativa heavy hybrid takes the pain away. When you just need to escape the doldrums of life for a minute or two, the uplifting, energizing but at the same time calming, creative, mood enhancing effects of A-Orange enables your mind to once again find wonder in the simple things. What was once dull and draining now becomes enchanting and inviting. What was tiring and mundane, now has an alluring uniqueness you hadn’t noticed before. Just a few puffs off the magic dragon and away you go to that peaceful, happy and slightly psychedelic place. Agent Orange is known to have a bit of a fun, trippy vibe. Nothing too out of this world, but just enough to see things through some enlightened, albeit a tad twisted eyes, in a good way of course. If you want to take it to that next level and go deep and heavy with this chronic, dank mustard gas, well that’s a different dissociative story. One could easily end up in another dimension. We suggest novices take it slow on their first few go-rounds. With a powerful mix of the top five among many cannabis terpenes, its potent 22% THC and < 2% CBD content makes this one a kickass winner when it comes to its medicinal and curative benefits. The most obvious being its positive, mood boosting effects that can crush debilitating depression and anxiety disorders and may even help with severe PTSD. Why let the world get you down when Agent Orange is here to save the day.

Overview of Agent-Orange Photo Fem Stats

When Jack the Ripper married that alluring lady, Orange Velvet, so was born their love child, Agent Orange. This photo fem sativa dominant hybrid boasts a superior botanical lineage of heady, happy, energizing sativa highs mixed with lovely, relaxing states of melty indica bliss. An incredible line up of the tastiest and most aromatic citrus drenched terpenes, Limonene, Linalool, and Valencene, not only impart that intoxicating, fruity, aromatic tang but create one of the most flavorful sweet and sour, tangerine dreams on the market. A 21-22% THC and < 2% CBD potency adds those magical medicinal qualities A-Orange is known for. It provides relief from depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress and fatigue, just to name a few of the mood enhancing benefits. This is also where the Caryophyllene and b-Pinene terpenes make themselves known as an incredible pain and stress reliever. Not only is this wonder strain both tasty and curative but she’s also drop dead gorgeous. The massive, purple hued, crystalline colas are sight to behold, great for those Instagram shots and marketing photo ops, she creates a stir wherever she goes. Easy to grow, she’s great for newbies and novices, but loved by the pros alike for her consistently high yields. With a fast 8 to 10 week flowering cycle, tough hardiness and resiliency to mold and pests, it’s definitely a commercial operator’s number one choice. Just an all around crowd pleaser no one can seem to resist. Cropping out at a monstrous 600g per square meter indoors and 500g per plant al fresco, this baby can crank out some serious dank. A great ganja for the market, the fruity, mandarin flavors make her a top seller every time. It won’t sit on the shelf for long and you’ll always know she’s around by the intoxicating wafts of sweet orange and lemon scented perfume left in her wake.

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Agent Orange Seeds

Agent-Orange is named for the tantalizing mix of all the citrusy goodness that could possibly be packed into one giant fruity explosion, that feels like drinking a cool, thirst quenching lemon punch on a hot summers day. This tasty but balanced hybrid – sativa heavy strain packs a whopping 21-22% THC cannabinoid profile. Those flavor drenched terpenes make for a tart and desirable smoking sensation that will have you feeling relief from any pain at the first puff. With its many medicinal properties on top of the fantastic flavor profile, this glorious ganja green is one of the most enjoyable and well rounded hybrids at Weed Seeds USA.

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